Fabolous – That’s Not Love (Feat Lil Wayne)

Thu, Apr 21, 2011 by

Fabolous Thats Not Love Feat Lil Wayne

Fabolous just dropped his The Soul mixtape, and on the tape was a track called “That’s Not Love” featuring Lil Wayne. Most of you will recognize Tune‘s verse from the Hottest Nigga Under The Sun unofficial mixtape in early 2009, but this is the full version of the song with a few changes and a new verse from Weezy! You can listen and download the record below, which was produced by STREETRUNNER.

Download: Fabolous – That’s Not Love (Feat Lil Wayne)

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  • daknite


  • daknite

    i just wanted to do that i normally dont do that first

  •… check out my music….

    I’m kinda feeling this..

  • Alex


  • s

    probably not first, i remember dis song from a while ago, on a mixtape of unreleased shit, didn’t have fab on it though

  • weezyf

    Wayne goes in HARD’

  • s

    probably not first, i remember dis song from a while ago, on a mixtape of unreleased shit, didn’t have fab on it though.

  • bayron

    smfh i rememeber weezy did this song a while back.

  • tunefish

    thats not newww LOL

  • Ooohhh

    Read what Danny said, Wayne has a new verse 🙂

  • Game

    He said I CANT FEEL MY FACE at the beginning…..what happened to that album LOL?

  • hahaNO

    sounds too good and crisp to be a new verse by Wayne.

  • Gun Runner

    Wasn’t this supposed to be on Trae’s album ❓

  • eminem fan

    wayne re-do and the new verse this year? or was it still before jail??

  • khaled

    really not love

  • ctwins3644

    sick verse..i highly doubt this was recently recorded tho-way too intelligent sounding..but if it is..C4!!!!!!

  • Wayne goes so DEEP

  • 305boi

    can’t be new … too much thoughtful verses, not using any of his stupid punchlines.

    This is when he was good.

  • Its CeeJ motherfucker

    D4 D4 D4!!!???? MaY sIxTeEnTh!!

  • Lildrig17

    Tune re recorded his first first the first one leaked had more emotion in it

  • Lildrig17

    *His first verse

  • LMAO

    lol the jokes on you guys … go listen to the old version of this song, he re-recorded this one and made it sound EVEN BETTER.

    im not joking, listen to the old verse on Youtube then come and listen to this one and tell me which one sounds better.


  • cold

  • Chris

    “wanna know why you die the answers right under your nose” (meaning your mouth)

    wow. insane line. Wayne is killing it, all this shit is making me fucking die for C4, i cant wait any longer.

  • Chris

    What’s with the wayne dosen’t rap deep anymore? with the exception of John. Its all his been spitting since his release.

  • Blessed

    he even changed upp the first verse a bit.. shit is Deep!!! sick shit Wayne!
    “rats die ugly, die with kids” fuuuck…

    C4..cant wait!!!

  • daknite

    @ Danny M lil wayne has a snippet post it

  • Blah!!!


    Which snippet?

  • daknite

    @ Blah its called hot girl Feating jay sean.

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    @Danny M check out what the “lollipop” producer had to say

    There’s also a rumor that you’re working on Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter IV’ release. What can you tell me about that?

    We’re going to do a couple of songs [on the album]. I heard yesterday that one of the songs we did will be Lil Wayne’s next single. I can’t tell you [all of the details]. We might be changing the title of the song and so I can’t disclose what it is.

    What is the feel of the song? Are you looking to go in the same route as ‘Lollipop?’

    It has a little bit of a feel to maybe a ‘Lollipop’ but it has its own thing. It wasn’t made to be like ‘Lollipop.’ I can give you a hint of what it might be, there are three parts. Pitbull helped me write the song. I think Wayne’s going to interject, but the song goes, “She blows my brain” meaning she blows me away but then there’s an alternate meaning. There’s like three hooks in the song.

  • KKK

    Oh i remember this, nice song

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)


    the song is produced by david guetta and very bad

    maybe it’s bad because we can’t hear wayne

    i am thinkin the song will be on guettas or jay seans album
    it is mainstream but that would never be on c4!!!

    it’s more probably that the song(@james told us about that) is the mainstream single

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    dope c4 d4 legggooooo!!!!!!

  • what does he mean by “pitbull helped me write it”?, weezy writes his own shit right? or does he have writers?!

  • imma pretty bitch

    @vocker some producers send artists songs with other artists on them. its called a ‘reference’ track. basically gives wayne something to work with. this is just a guess of what i think he meant though

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    of course weezy write his own shit
    maybe the producer told tha because wayne must owes him something and thats the revenge of the producer

  • why wait

    When he said pitbull helped him write it, he was talkin bout himmself. Not lil waynes part. Duh dummy

  • Jet Life


    sometimes producers get other rappers to write the hooks. Have you ever looked inside of an album booklet ?

    look inside Tha Carter 3 credits you will see that there are co-writers for the album that don’t appear on the actual song.

  • Jet Life

    lmao @ all the fans who think Wayne thought of EVERY single verse or hook he’s sung lol.

    even rappers like Jay-Z and Eminem have had other people write hooks for them.

  • tunefish

    somebody have the lyrics

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)


    what do you mean?

  • Breeze

    Nigga can’t spell.
    Nice song doee

  • LA

    Pitbull?? Is the worst rapper scratch that worst wannabe rapper EVER! Who would ask him to help with making a song lyrics or hook? Dude is generic trash! SMH SIDEBAR: Track is d.o.p.e sound fresh! *THEY WANT THAT CIV? BITCH IT’S COMING JUNE!

  • im a pretty bitch

    @LA pitbull you’re right pitbull isnt really lyrical but he has a lot of good songs i wouldnt call them hits but he has a lot of catchy ones

  • Blessed

    man pitbull helped jim jonsin write a hook for the beat, reference track, something for wayne to go from, doesn’t mean he’s writing shit for wayne, .. wayne probably wont even use his pitbull’s hook..

    now on to this song,
    this track is ILL!!!!

  • Damn tunee Went in on this Song 🙂
    –Twitter: NyshaLovesWayne
    Follow Me &’ i’ll Follow Bck 😀

  • got money was a pitbull track so his shit aint all bad

  • Rebecca Black

    Carter 4 will be tighter than my little pussy

  • jason

    holy shit wayne geos fucking hard

  • damn wayne goes hard on this song 🙂 i love it 🙂

  • tuna


  • RigoRigo



    C4 IM

  • Kieran_Ymcmb_Canada

    Fuck. @CJ is back…

  • heepnottik

    Lyrics make this song. Sit back and enjoy this great track.

  • this fuckin fire

  • yo

    wayne owes the producer 2 lolipop 4 million for sales lol nd he meant tht as a refrence track

  • Jays

    Great track, this is how lil wayne is supposed to be

  • L.o.m,g.a That’s Good lyrics I guess Best of carter

  • this song is ill

  • young money

    lol this was on dedication 2 i think
    the first verse sounds the same as the old track, i think it was called “not love” right? @ me if im wrong

  • young money

    nvm i remember this was on “Hottest Nigga Under The Sun”

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