Rick Ross – 9 Piece (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne) [CDQ]

Mon, Apr 4, 2011 by

Rick Ross 9 Piece Remix Feat Lil Wayne

DJ Envy just premiered the official remix to Rick Ross‘ “9 Piece” featuring Lil Wayne. This will be the first single from Rozay‘s upcoming God Forgives, I Don’t album, and you can stream/download the track below! Also, while Weezy is having a break from touring today, him and Ross will be shooting music videos to “John” and this “9 Piece Remix” in Miami!

Download: Rick Ross – 9 Piece (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne) [CDQ]

We will update this post as soon as we get the Dirty/CDQ version! Updated with the Dirty/Full/CDQ version!

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  • Jassy babe

    i love you sexii

  • im a pretty bitch

    hot shit… fuck where my pretty bitches

  • wEEZY


  • this shit rite hearr nicca..

  • #Reply

    Dope as fuck yooo

  • Ooohhh

    “Leave them DEAD in the LIVING room”

  • Yeaaaaaaah !!

  • Awesome!

  • Mr Xclusive

    this shit #Bang

  • snoclaf

    hahah what? this is a pic of my cousin I posted!

  • Once this song is fixed with Explicit, it will be shit tons better!

  • Asai Adame

    Someone put up the muthafucking lyricssss

  • jordanTTTTT


  • CJ

    hellz fire

  • Rg1985

    I LIKE THIS…..Weezy goin in hard….Even without Weed and Syrrup he will sing his ass off damn…. respect for that

  • zoda

    as always

  • brandon fink

    Yo, Wayne
    Its my birthday today and theres not a fuckin better way to wake up then to wake up hearin you going hard on a beat no homo! see yo ass in 4 days at the greensboro colliseum!

  • JuKee

    Only 2 min? wtf

  • Seth Gecko the UNBANNABLE

    Damn, he didn’t…get it? DID NOT have to spell out “leave them dead in the living room” first of all it wasn’t even that clever, and second of all it wasn’t…..get it? WAS NOT that clever

  • #Reply

    ^^ set gaycko hater #1

  • dawayne a irvin

    mane wayne got damn i don’t put no rapper before u cuz u da shit no homo but yeah my shout out goes to the kingz of kings one of the best at all time the feature the best rapper alive yung mula leggo (yung_memphian)a.k.a me from memphis 2 miami

  • mnjaro

    meh it was good, thought he wudv come harder but still i like it

  • im a pretty bitch

    @set gecko. i dont think you get that we could give a fuck about a hater…. GET IT?

  • Seth Gecko the UNBANNABLE

    Damn yall “fans” are doing all of this “anti-hater” shit like wayne pays you. Has it ever occured to you that it’s okay to be demanding of your favourite artist? yall some ass kissers and dick suckers, the same ones who told wayne rebirth was a good idea. The only difference is that the ones around wayne are leeching off him and getting money, while you get nothing yet still suck his dick like he checks these forums to fill wash my dishes vacancy. back to the song, this nigga gives you the most basic flow he has, does not really say shit and yall hail it? fuck outta here

  • srg84b

    aeeeeeee! I from RUSSIA! I like Lil Wayne

  • Taylor

    “Im talking keys like Ray Charles. Rack em up, pool table full of eight balls” enuf said

  • nanaz

    Rg1985 Says:
    April 4th, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    I LIKE THIS…..Weezy goin in hard….Even without Weed and Syrrup he will sing his ass off damn…. respect for that

  • Allen

    Why does this and John sound exactly the same….wtf hahahaa whateverr shits FIRE!!!! YMCMB ALL DAYY

  • LMAO

    @Set Gecko


  • aak_wfb

    Its lil Tunechi, what up doe? im talking white girl, Marilyn Munroe!!!!!

  • possses

    Tune is on the track. that’s the FIRE itself

  • chiLLeN

    Hurry up with the CDQ/Dirty..!


  • C4 FR33 W33ZY C4

    @gecko… uhm bitch first of all how ar you about to get on wayne fansite and start talkin shit sayin he only got on simple flow and all this bull shit. and second that verse was dope as fuck. how was that not clever? i didnt even think of the irony in it UNTIl he repeated it. get the fuck out of here bitch get a fucking life and stop hatin on this nigga wayne. it seems like every one hates wayne and its because they all know this fool is shittin on em.

  • tune777

    Dope song!!!!! Thnx Danny. Is this the full song though? C4 muufuckas!!!!!!

  • man where is that cdq cause the scensored shit and the dj fuckin it up to me shit still fire

  • CJ

    haters need to leave a comment and stop pissin on other peoples comments. if u dont like the song and u leave a comment about it thats straaaaight. fags and pussies are the only ones that actually wanna start some shit on here.
    #freedom of speech, stop bitchin.

  • leave um dead in the living room GET IT LEAVE UM DEAD IN THE LIVIN ROOM

  • Beast-mode

    Lmao. To hell with all these haters..ey are just lookin 4 attentio..smh

  • lanza toms riva bitches

    yo whats wid all the haters ..whats wid yall, like seriously if u gonna talk shit bout wayne just stfu why go outta ya way to post sommethin..yall just some bitch ass haters cause you know in the end tune gonna be here (get it) livin bitches ha

  • Beast-mode

    Why all these fagots on waynes butt?. If u hate the best rapper alive get the fuck outta his site!! period!

  • Beast-mode

    @cj. Whats wrong wit u ugly ass? answer me huh! Why on waynes butt? Go follow 50cent and get the fuck outta his site.

  • Dopee Ass Song !
    Waayne Killed it ! <3
    –Twitter: @NyshaLovesWayne
    Follow Me &' i'll Follow Uu Back <3

  • msmm

    tomorrow the big dayyy, cant f&*6@#$ wait

  • jc

    ok so is john really the second official single off of c4? i am just confused bcuz danny said it was then they took it off itunes…can someone cleear this up for me?

    • @jc – It’s on iTunes again, and it’s the street single from C4

  • hubim

    wayne went hard on it

  • Lilduke1

    leave em DEAD inda LIVIN room
    put tha pistol to his head an tellat nigga hava blast

  • Kyle

    @Msmm, what’s so special about tomorrow?

  • Brandon

    @Seth Gecko the UNBANNABLE The reason we like this song an the reason we defend wayne is cause other niggas sleep on him like hibernation. This is a wayne fam web site go support ur fav rapper. We wayne fans die hard till the death of us an nigga this is red nation.

  • JOEY

    yall dont pay setgecko and @cj any attention.. they always on here talking shit. but yet,they come back for more ever ypost!lmaooo BIGGEST FANS ..anyway this song goes hard

  • CJ

    @Danny M- The link just brings up a blank page for me

  • CJ

    @Danny M- Never mind lol

  • Just added the CDQ version, so it should be working now.

  • $$$

    lmao this nigga wayne is CLEVER AS FUCK..”leave him DEAD in the LIVING ROOM” fuck outta here set getcko

  • tnas11

    hahaha check this page.. 5 minutes later the CDQ drops!

  • tunechi_813

    @danny m what does street single mean??? weezy is killing these verses!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fly Dungas

    sorry but the gecko guy is completely right about some of you guys. CJ goes and says something smart to calm peopel down and some faggot goes at him and starts talking shit…he said virtually nothing about wayne. Some of you need to chill the fuck out

  • akash

    I think it is better than john

  • green&yellow

    Street single is tha single for tha hood Niggaz that dnt fuck wit main stream shit. Shit to keep us happy

  • TJ

    Leave dem DEAD in a LIVING room. Wayne z so clever, who would have thought of a lyn lyk dat? Haters are mad bcos we love Weezy. lol i feel sorry 4 u haters cos we wont stop lovin diss nigga.

  • SpencerHawes

    hmmmm a song about guns…def a fresh topic…i thought wayne just got out of jail for guns…this is better than john or if i die today or whatever the song is called

  • @msmm whats so special about 2morrow and that nigga said i put the pistol to his head and tell that nigga have a blast wheeeeeew thats fire man puttin these 2 on the same track you can tell the difference in the levels of lyricism rip rozay

  • Stach14

    his verse was nice as fuck so fuck all of u haters

  • This song is fire!

  • Symphonic Love

    I Hate Rick Ross -.-
    but Waynes verse was good

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    fuck haters tune kilt it!!!! c4 d4 leggoooo!

  • ctwins3644

    he goes hard for like 4 bars at the end of his verse..other than that its the same old boring, pointless punchline rapping thats ruining his reputation

  • ctwins3644

    t.i. version > remix

  • haters wayne killed this shit so shut the fuck up go listen to t.i version then

  • c2

    Can somebody please put weezy and tip both on the song

  • ctwins3644

    @waynec4 nm your right “your shit water whipped, you got that tan tho, look like a florida bitch” is an amazingly reinventive line, especially the one “leave you dead in the living room” that one was so good-or so retarded that it needed to be repeated..




  • Nak Nak

    put that pistol to his head and told that nigga to have a blast 🙂 damn weezy snapped on this one YMCMB

  • K-Freshz

    i hate how rick ross raps but he got da hottest beats in the game in my opinion…..Lex Luger be hookin dat nigga up!!!!! i hope he produced some shit for wayne on C4!!!!! ONLY A MONTH AND 11 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Blessed

    wow, wayne snapped on this shit, wayne on a lex luger beat = straight fire ..

    Leave Em dead in the Living room …

    put that pistol to his head and tell that nigga to have a blast!! hah whoooooooooooo FIRE!

  • LA

    YO? Where is my Dj niggas at who can put t.i. verse with wayne verse on tha same track? And ross verse to!?

  • -_-

    “Leave em dead in the living room. Get it, leave it DEAD in the LIVING room…”

    “Put that pistol to his head and tell dat nigga to have a glass”

    Wow how come weezy didn’t go dis hard on his own shit?? (John)

  • andrewnmartinez

    @LA I’m right her boy!

    Rick Ross Ft. Lil Wayne & T.I.- 9 Piece(AnM Remix) piece.mp3

    Enjoy my homes!
    no tags lol

  • Rell


  • wiggy

    i put my pistol to his head and tell that nigga to have a blast lol

  • CoCo

    “I Leave ‘Em Dead In The Living Room. Get It? I Leave ‘Em DEAD In The LIVING Room” -_________- The Fuckk Is That?! WOMP.!

  • wayne went in!!!! real-talk

  • HizzleFbaby

    @coco he ment Leave u Dead in the ((((Living)))) <<< LIVINGGG!!! DO U GET IT NOW SMH ppl slow Weezy Best Rapper

  • hard doe… nice song…

  • lil tunechikhalifa

    get it, leave em’ dead in the living room

  • its really hot and nice song of the day

  • DOPE AS FUCK!!! Haters come suck my black dick and leave Tunechi alone!!! Fans Follow me on twitter @FruittySwaqBoii

  • Ijin Download Brooo… 🙂

  • Waahhh,. Mantab,. Nice Info…!!!
    Good Job,. [Like]

  • One of the best songs from them in a while

  • Khosta

    there’s a song called Thugs cry coming out in 2014 fuys