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Video: Lil Wayne Explains Drake’s Absense From “I Am Still Music” Tour x Confirms Touring Overseas This Summer

Thu, Apr 21, 2011 by

Above, Lil Wayne explains Drake‘s absence from the “I Am Still Music” tour and confirms that he will be touring overseas after the NBA finals this summer.

In a recent interview with MTV News’ Sway, Wayne once again explained Drake’s absence and understood from the fan’s standpoint how his protégé’s omission from the tour looked from the outside, sympathizing with the speculative remarks of Young Money supporters. “That’s just due to this world we live in today,” said the Young Money captain. “Because I remember back in the days when if someone wasn’t on tour then the first thing we’d think was they were doing a movie or they were doing something else that was productive.”

Wayne went on to add, “Nowadays if you don’t see somebody in the picture, then it’s ‘Oh, he’s leaving’ and he’s this and “Oh Wayne, you’re mad at this person’ and I don’t even deal with it man. I just get my money and call the shots.” – MTV

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