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Videos: Lil Wayne Talks Nicki Minaj’s Success x Gets Another Lap Dance From Nicki

Wed, Apr 6, 2011 by

“I really didn’t get on my knees to give praise, but then I remembered we had a crowd out there,” Wayne playfully told Mixtape Daily. “I got on my knees to do something totally different, but I was like, we got a crowd out there, so let me just give praise.”

“I promise to God, you know what I thought about? When I saw her up there just walking and everybody singing her stuff and she making all those facial expressions, I was just like, I remember watching that DVD,” Wayne said. “When shorty was in the tub. I remember watching that and where she came from and just to know that not that I did that, that she did that. I mean, it’s a beautiful thing.”

In the video above, Lil Wayne talks to MTV about Nicki Minaj‘s success and calls it “a beautiful thing”. After the jump, you can watch Weezy get his second lap dance from Nicki on the “I Am Still Music” tour, which took place last night (April 5) in Sunrise, Florida.

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