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Jennifer Lopez – I’m Into You (Feat Lil Wayne) [Music Video]

Mon, May 9, 2011 by

Here is the official music video for Jennifer Lopez‘ “I’m Into You” single featuring Lil Wayne.

J-Lo‘s Love? album is available to purchase in stores now and if you are wondering who directed this visual, it was Melina Matsoukas.

There is also another version of this video that Weezy does not appear in, so if you wish to check that out, you can do so after the jump below, along with Lopez speaking to MTV all about Tunechi!

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  • first!

  • real_G

    Fuck dis shit dnt nobody care….. still no single


    third and shit

  • mnjaro

    bitch ass niggasss

  • real-talk


  • Maddison

    Weezy f baby

  • Tommy

    why did they delete some of weezy’s lines??????????

  • Lil Wayne’ “I Am Music Tour” Extended Until September – YOUNG MONEY BITCH!!!!!

  • Tommy

    okay wait, they moved some of weezy’s lines to the middle
    on the original all weezy’s text was on the beginning

  • Terrence Cmatta

    fuck tha features til C4 dropS,Mufucka gay hoes…we been waitin 4 real shit since 6’7….dis C4 shit is get annoying…no promo,no dick,to worsen shit Who da fuck is pitbull,dis gay needs to do his spanish hoing on his album

  • jcornwell24

    This is a desperation move by JLO to try to revive her dead career. This and American Idol might do it for her lol. YMCMB all day.

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  • jr

    William levy was in the video

  • Nak Nak

    Ummm…. Wayne how about some c4 promo? Maybe a single? Holy shit.

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    @NAK NAK HOLY CRAP!!!! your had the best idea ever!!! a SINGLE would be nice right! am sure we can all agree its been past a MONTH since “John” its time weezy next 2 weeks we better see it coming like a MILF!!!


    Holy shit if we dnt get a good weezy soon or if carter 4 iznt good iaint a weezy fan anymore and ive been a loyal fan sense day one all im saying give me something to ride 2.

  • tune777

    Fuck this. Gimme the single or something. I’m tired of features like this.

  • Matheo22

    You posted this today ? Come one this video was in net one week ago .

    • @Matheo22 – Actually, the video with Wayne IN only dropped a couple of hours ago.

  • LA

    @Terrence Reat talk nigga fuk dis faggot ass shit! And faggot ass danny post wayne new tour dates punk!

  • single should be coming soon according to weezys daughter ?!/reginae_carter1/status/67635234434322433

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    J.LO…she ruined the song by the way she switched it up…it ruined the chemistry, plus what is that guy in there…a model…couldn’t she had done it with weezy! It would hv had a much better meaning for the song!!!

    “Informate before u speculate” J.LO, she is like “i thought he was going to be, sup blalblalblblabla” bitach!

  • Sean

    “You Da Shit” should’ve been Waynes single. It would be huge on the radio.

  • ghost rid4er

    Wayne is SICKKK

  • Marquez

    @DanYMCMB4ever This video was shot in Mexico, Weezy wasn’t able to do the shoot with her, since his probation restricts him from going south of the border, such a pity :/

  • its a pretty nice video. and wanye is sick. and we need a other single man.

  • does anyone else think his glasses were sick?

  • tunechibaby

    j lo fucked this vid by not havin enough wayne in it

  • ayramis

    bruh diz shit got hella hard ayye keep it up weezy

  • KAmibseid

    yoo idc what u ppl say weezy iz so hot on diss song except i cant c tha video with him in it >:(

  • Chazz

    this video is not available in your country

  • K.K.B.B

    That’s what they call me and you da shit was his signles. Yall triping let weezy make his mothafucking money

  • This video is not availble

  • see jlo u so sweeet

  • sowbhagya

    hey baby u r blossom. stunningly cool

  • lavontaybradley

    itis so much hater on this site where is yall money at young blud i’m sac bitch blood game nothing els bt fuck with femals love them and gt off lil wayne bitches in his nut lil wayne gt biches all yall broke ass nigga need to hush that shit on me lil taytay