Tech N9ne – Fuck Food (Feat Lil Wayne, T-Pain & Krizz Kaliko)

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Tech N9ne Fuck Food Feat Lil Wayne, T-Pain & Krizz Kaliko

New record from Tech N9ne called “Fuck Food” featuring T-Wayne (Lil Wayne and T-Pain), and Krizz Kaliko! Tech‘s All 6’s And 7‘s album will be in stores on Tuesday (June 7), and this track was produced by Seven. You can listen and download this dope song below:

Download: Tech N9ne – Fuck Food (Feat Lil Wayne, T-Pain & Krizz Kaliko)

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  • John


  • T Cmata

    2Nd Dick Ass Bitches

  • Nurse 91


  • MoroccoYM

    tech niggaaa , dope shit fo sure

  • steven

    so close to first….damnit

  • JoΓ£o Felipe

    First fom Brazil

  • Gagiiiiiii

    this right here… is a motherfuckin problem !!!
    Weezy killed this shit man…
    C4 !!!

  • JayWalkinJustin

    Sick Get Em Weezy….

    (Weezy Verse):
    Now Put That Pussy On My Lip And Dip (Yea)
    Let’s Make A Movie Imma Flip The Script (Yea)
    I Wax That Ass Like A Cue Tip (Yea)
    Float In That Pussy Like A Crew Ship (Uhh)
    Cuz I’m A Nasty Motha Fucka (Yea)
    I Eat That Pussy Like The Last Suppa (Yea)
    I Beat That Pussy Like Brass Knuckles (Yea)
    She Call Me Daddy And She Scream Uncle
    Open Up The Spread
    Im Pullin Her Hair, She’s Pullin My Dreads,
    Im Breakin Her Off, We Breakin Her Bed
    Fuckin Like A Dog, She’s Shakin Her Leg
    I’m Killin This Sauce, I Makin It Red
    Im Makin Her Talk, Im Makin Her Beg
    Im Makin Her Crawl, Im Makin Her Run
    Im Makin It Numb, Im Makin It Cum
    I Am… Young Weezy F Baby
    She Wish She Could Make A Copy Of My Dick And Save It (Ha Ha)
    Now Close Your Mouth, Don’t Waste It
    I Got That Fuck Food Baby, Come Taste It.

  • G.O.A.T K.I.D.S

    Last bitches!

  • dun dun

    cant wait to hear their collabo on C4 !!!

  • Najeeb

    First frm naija

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    hopefully the song on c4 will be sicker than that
    but i dont know about sicker songs yet πŸ™‚

  • C.Mason

    Wayne killed that shit!!!

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    bad meets evil snipped leaked

  • SymphonicLove

    DOOOOOPE !!!

  • MDZ

    haters on the other sites are mad bcos weezy killed tech n9ne. lol they did nt see that one coming.

  • KCG

    Tech N9ne is crazy with the flow man, he straight murdered the beat

  • wayne killed this shit

  • lol

    damn this shit is hard as fuck, both wayne and tech killed it, the hook is dope as fuck too

  • pizzle still the king of hooks and wayne got tech on here now all his fans sayin it sucked lmao

  • Lil Zly

    Tech, T-Pain, Tune
    3T killed it
    monster track!

  • skullgang

    You’re retarded if you think Wayne killed Tech on this.

    How many times did he say ‘like’?

  • weezy f f killed dis joint mhen……how to luv hv been on repeat on my ipod 4days now d song is so smooth weezy is a fuckin beast mhen i so so so luv him mhen .

  • MDZ

    skullgang u fucking hater lmao. ooh man this song has just made my day. weezy used a lot of like’s bcos he compares things u fucking stupid bitch. Give me one dope line 4rm Tech N9ne. his flow was dope though i have 2 admit dat

  • Wandaro


  • kamikrazier

    Tech still is better on this song than wayne even tho tech didn’t even come close to going hard…… waynes verse is still good tho

  • TT

    C4 GONNA BE A PROBLEM!!!!!!!!

  • Real_G

    This goes hard… best song Wayne has been on since he been out……. N9ne always nice……..

  • 1.42mins for lil wayne. weeezy really fly stealth!

  • Wayne KILLLEDDD that shit Omg!
    i Already Learned His Verse Yesterday it was Crazyy πŸ™‚
    i Love it Hehe πŸ˜€
    #YMCMB #TeamTunechi <3
    –Twitter: @NyshaLovesWayne
    –Tumlblr: ICraveWeezy
    Follooowwww Me πŸ˜€


  • El Jay

    Dam this Tech dude Murk’d that shit Cant wait to hear the Collab on C4

  • T-Nasty

    doesnt the beat remind you of another verison of T-Pain’s Karaoke?

  • joker

    the carter 4 is going to be the sickest. wayne is going to kill this year and i hope drake come hard tooo. tyga is going to have a good year. why the fuck ymcb is not on B.E.T BEST GROUP OF YEAR

  • President

    This collab > eminem collabs, techs flow is the flow people should talk about, eminems flow was stuck on repeat (rap fast and sound angry) tech nailed the song as usual and Wayne came up on with fire. Reminded me of him in 08 when he was killing everythinghe was on. Wayne hit hard with the punchlines but didn’t go overboard which I was worried about.

  • K-Freshz

    @stunna- nah, drake is the king of hooks!!! but tizzle’s hooks still go hard tho…..anyways, this shit is supa dope!!!! when waynes verse first came on, i thought he was gonna keep the same slow pace, but then he started spittin fast!!!! dam this shit go hard!!!!

    P.S. C4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • steph

    i love it πŸ™‚

  • wat do u guy think of how to luv?for me d song is legendary….evergreen

  • kobebryant

    Skulls a hater. Get the haters off this shit. Lil wayne and zac colona for life. I love you zac

  • Aleeeks


    Only Weezy’s part for us wayniacs πŸ™‚

  • Converse

    How to love is gayer than mr.cee@tha play boy manison. garbage song

    yo this site mad late on ?fuk food! n9ne got murk tho lmao C4

  • tech nine is very fuck. wayne is the best rapper alive. the result of these two great rappers together will always be a classic.

  • muzik*iz*lyf

    she call me daddy bt she screamin uncle……. livee c4 iz dis summers shyttttttt πŸ˜€

  • converse be talking shit as if he swallowed a toilet…beta close ur mouth and let ur ass talk …………..weezy ff greatest rapper alive

  • antuonchris

    S/O to what @President said

    Weezy did good on this one y’all. He didn’t disappoint.

  • T Cmata

    How to love Is Fallin On Itunes Lyk Shit Niggas…How to love wont even break top 40 on billboard..Big Flop

  • ^ The Above

    Actually, iTunes fucked up, and it’s rising again.

  • Junie


  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    i mean honestly the song is kinda catchy, but what is it about??? this song has me so confused right now after listening to it. if that was a carter song i would probably not pay for it, thats why i didnt pay for it. yeah what. tech9 crazy ass spazzin on another crazy ass song….

  • weezyfan3210

    dis sum really dope shit!!!

  • salnaligr

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  • Nurse 91

    t pain is garbage in this song,fuck him,weezy is cool but tpain sucks,that niger needs another job

  • Chris

    The unintellengence on this thread just blows my mind. No one sucked. They all did what they did best. The fuck do you do? You say someone sucks? Do you even know how to rap? The day we stop comparing artists is the day we grow the fuck up. Every rapper has there own style.

    Wayne killed this track. It’s not about how many Times he said a word it’s why he’s saying it. His lyrics always have something to say behind it.

    Fuck food. That’s what he was talking about.

  • David

    Oh fuck yes!! Here we go, if C4 delayed meaning he has time to get back in this mood Ithen its on & im up for the wait. Keep pourin out more like these please! This is gna be like last years “everything red” for me, play it again and again!

  • @K-Freshz nah pizzle got as of now drake comin tho

  • Loyalty

    Ohhh I like! And Tunechi know I wanna pull his dreads!!! πŸ™‚

  • Don McNeal

    I think Wayne got Tech’s ass on this one!!! Hahah this shit goes hard. Tech’s a fucking beast and T-Pain did the hook justice
    Hot Track!
    C4 one with Weezy and Tech should be just as tough.

  • GoWeezyGoWeezyGo

    Wayne went the fuck off on this one. Defiantely gunna be slammin this shit down the street! bet this shit was fuckin bomb.

  • Justin Murrow

    Wayne did a pretty good job, but I’m a devout Technician, also beyond biased I think Tech killed it. I also loved T-Pain’s part it was actually good.
    I’ve been waiting for this song since I heard Tech was doing a track with Wayne.
    I officially respect Lil Wayne and T-pain from this day off.


    People who think tech n9ne did better than weezy……. Stop dick riding tech n9ne!!!!!!

  • Jon

    Everybody mad cuz CIV been pushed back !! THEY ARE MISSING THIS SH_T!!! Dammmmmn our boys verse is one of the nastiest thing i’ve heard… URRRKKk!!!

  • AGA

    good song…ofcourse weezy is better than anybody on this track but anyway i like this pic heh Tun looks so tired lol

  • Johanthon Taylor Thomas

    you have to be mentally retarded if you think wayne did better than tech on this. Waynes part was wack untill he sped up his flow.

    “I beat that pussy like Brass Knuckles”

    Come on wayne, that shit is weak

  • FML! ….but whatever.

    Wayne couldve done better. I wanna hear more fast flows from him. Definately gonna download it though. Good song. YMCMB. Tech’s my nigga too. All 6’s and 7’s is gonna be dope.

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  • chris

    damnn tech N9ne too dammmm rawwwww

  • WeezyFanPL

    I love both Weezy and Tech but this track is disappointing. I expected a killer track and this is worse than John. I’m sick of auto tune and wish this song was without it and without T-Pain. If there was just Wayne & Tech rapping it would be great but the silly auto tune parts ruin it.

    WTF is the whole idea about auto tune? I even heard a Snoop Dogg song with it, c’mon rappers stick to rapping, please!

  • weezyF

    I wish wayne would rap fast like this all the time. The slow ass punchlines are getting so old.

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy


  • this is a dope track πŸ™‚

  • Weezy F BaBy The Beast I Love Him = )

  • tech

    Dope as hell, im a very proud technician! cant wait for all 6’s and 7’s!!!!!!!!! and C4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy


  • weezytech

    Weezy and Tech killed it on this song!!!

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    this is the shit i am getting this album!!!!! tech n9ne!

  • real g’s move in silence like lasagna

    me and my homie always have argued bout who the better rapper was between tech and tune… this just gave me more leverage over his ass cuz my boy wayne just RIPPED this niggas own song. i officially dont even care that c4 got pushed back now that he spittin like this

  • Clif

    If your saying Lil Wayne killed Tech on this you know your lying. But I will admit that Tech is on of the hardest rappers out there hes hard to beat. I like both rappers but i don’t think weezy really carried out his part as well as he should of. All 6’s and 7’s BABY!

  • Clif

    MDZ, Techs whole verse was better lyrically and flow im just being honest, sounds like your the hater not skullgang

  • Pigg

    Tech spits fire, Wayne spits fire, IMO Kaliko should have done the hook. Kali baby over T-pain any day.

  • AceT.

    They all killed it in their own way. Wayne had some good punchlines but Wayne is a punchline rapper thats his strong point. Tech is superb with the flow and a real lyricism. T-pain’s hook was actually good even with the autotune. Krizz kaliko’s operatic voice is the icing on the cake!!! EVERYBODY STOP HATING!!!!!

  • Crambuoyant

    Some folks really won’t cease to amaze me with what they feel they know about rap. Like seriously you just listened to well-structured multisyllables and wordplay from Tech and couldn’t even identify it. Anyone who thinks Tech N9ne didn’t kill this joint should Stick to country music.

    Advice: Get this track in your iPod, put it on replay and listen 20 times a day, since your slow brains can’t assimilate at normal frequency. You should be able to draw a conclusion then.

    I’m sure if Tech and Lil’ Wayne were to swap verses and Wayne to rap Tech’s lyrics, you’d go for him too. Please concentrate and LISTEN to content, and stop fooling yourselves, that’s a key step to knowledge.

    Sincerely Yours,


  • Tunechi’s verse was dope as usual! Can’t wait for C4!

  • jose

    Ehh.. Never Really liked Tech N9ne, but ill song..

  • tech N9ne is better than wayne but wayne still killed that shit

  • Lonestar775

    Man Tech murdered this like every song he ever does, but i was very suprised and impressed with Wayne, he came hard. Especially in the second half when he picked up the pace.Could have done without Pain but eh… Great track overall

  • Zach Wicke

    To say either tech, or wayne killed the other would be dumb. wayne uses obvious mediphores that people can connect to and that are catchy, which is cool, but it hurts him in a way because it’s a little to much at times based on consistency. and tech is a really deep dude. he has a really long, intellectual vocab which (to those who are on his level mentally) makes him the better mc, but it hurts him because it goes over alot of peoples heads because people now a days need shit to be dumbed down. Tech is the better Mc hands down, check his catalog if you can get outside of your contfort zone; but Wayne will forever be more respected because he is easier to connect with then tech mentally and lyrically. just sayin tho.

  • Burn My Undead Brother

    Tech N9ne Killed that Beat with his Sick Flow!! Wayne did his thing too!
    Tech N9ne is a Lyrical Monster! The Hardest Rapper Alive! Tech N9ne!!

  • TECH TECH N9NE N9NE!!!!!

  • techn9chian

    I’m not a huge Weezy fan, he has his verses that absolutely kill it, like Dr. Carter and other tracks where he actually raps and doesn’t just spit jokes or loose word associations(don’t get it twisted I’m far from a hater just not a massive fan.), but I REALLY loved Weezy’s verse on this track. tech absolutely murdered him lyrically however Weezy brought his own unique flavor and delivered one of my absolute favorite verses I’ve ever heard from him. If you even remotely liked this track please check out the rest of 6’s and 7’s and give our boy Tech N9ne the love he deserves. he wasn’t lying when he said outright “the mainstream will go me” and it has. weezy personally namedropped and requested he work with him LONG before tech said a word. what’s that say? it says the mainstream is going him! haha obviously the two have some serious chemistry but it was a bit of a culture shock to hear pain and weezy on a tech n9ne track, seeing as I’ve been a huge tech fan for years. check out pornographic with Snoop as well. i’m telling you tech is the way it should be. always.

  • wanye killed that shit up

  • Rachel

    Check out this cool interview with Tech N9ne!

  • mary

    lil wayne is da shit no matta wha