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Video: Lil Wayne Vibing Out At 2011 BET Awards Rehearsals

Wed, Jun 29, 2011 by

I wasn’t sure whether to post this or not, but I figured most of you would find this video funny 😆 Above, you can watch some footage of Lil Wayne, Drake, Mack Maine and Lil Chuckee arriving to the 2011 BET Awards Rehearsals. You can see Tunechi try and light his cigar a few times with Dhea sitting next to him in a golf cart, and then go through the metal detectors dancing with his Dre Beats on jamming out to most probably a song off Tha Carter IV.

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  • ymcmb

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy


  • Lilia

    So cute 🙂

  • o.O


  • Weeeeezy 5ith

  • how do

    where is marley g nowadays?

  • pusher

    that boy weezy always makes me laugh

  • Look At Me Now

    Ahaha that was jokes!

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    LMAO he couldnt light it my nigga wayne is funny when he doesn’t even want to be funny lol

  • realmuthafucker

    marley was there in the camo shorts…….dhea hella cute……looks like hes stikin 2 her…..he was tellin that nigga tez to put out c4 already!!!

  • billyy

    lol i like how he just walks through the metal detecter without giving a shit

  • F

    Lol Wayne funny as shit

  • realmuthafucker

    naaaa that wasnt marley……..he prolly got bored of following wayne around LOL

  • real-talk

    Whats Dheas twitter?

  • real-talk


  • Nino

    What is he doing at 1:44 ??? Looks like he’s taking Ventolin… or may I crazy ?

  • LMAOO! Weezy got them huge ass Dre beats on much love to tune. I suggest ya pre-order the Carter IV. Its gone be the bomb just like an actual C4. (Take a moment to get the line.)

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    @nino thats just listerine breath freshener and wayne just in his wn world lol i would too if i was listening to C4.

  • suwu

    Whats with all the advertisements :l annoying.

  • Wer Marley G at??? wayne act like he dnt care bwt da gal

  • smh lol

    this dude is 28 years old acting like a teenager lmao.

  • chal

    @bilyy..RIGHT LMFAO!! this nigga dont get a shit about shit he jus walks in like he runs tha place ROFL smh weezy tha shit!

  • lmao good stuff

  • Someone made an AMAZING Fan Video for Drakes “Dreams Money Can Buy”

    Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk87sZ-Yclg

  • i know that shit went off cus he got them fragments in his chest

  • BrendaLovesTunechi

    Haha I enjoyed this ! Lil Wayne is fucking funny ,which is one other reasons why I LOVE HIM (;
    & i like it when he left Dhea behind when he went through security and then he waited for her & hugged her ‘! Lmao .

  • WeezyFbaby

    u can c weezy iz pissed off wid cortez bryant towards d end of d clip for pushin bak d carter 4

  • ytone
  • realmuthafucker

    i wish i cud just come here an jus get the fuckin mixtape……..come on weezzyyyyy……give us the tape…….an fuck the album……u could jus keep makin tapes……i like em more than the albums

  • yung_money


  • realmuthafucker

    tez tryna get the album hyped up like c3…..an wayne jus dont giv a fuck about hype

  • xbuletproofx

    Weezy cant go through the metal detector cause of the bullet fragments near his heart. soo he just gets patted down. YMCMB. Young Mula!

  • 2tech9s,shulditxtorcallu?

    why does this site always block my posts?

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    yeah based on the words i couldnt hear coming out of there mouths and the flailing of lil weezy’s arms i was able to determine exactly what he was saying to tez… its all tez’s fault for not “releasing” lit weezy’s c4 cd, and lil weezy was gryping about that saying “common man pweease drop my album thats mine that i recorded that i cant drop myself” idiots.
    … this site is run by nazis

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    yeah based on the words i couldnt hear coming out of there mouths and the flailing of lil weezy’s arms i was able to determine exactly what he was saying to tez… its all tez’s fault for not “releasing” lit weezy’s c4 cd, and lil weezy was gryping about that saying “common man pweease drop my album thats mine that i recorded that i cant drop myself” idiots.
    … this site is run by nazis#

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    also there is no bullet near lil waynes heart. or else he’d be dead.

  • tunechi is 2 funny…i was dieing lol…sorry 4 the wait i am so ready 4 it…n the c4…kenny f colt is out of here

  • Teeeheee

    did you noticed? he’s with dhea .. yaaaaayy they are so cute

  • ‏¤‏Mazin Carter‏¤

    Sorry 4 The Wait Coming July….Mulllla!!

  • kxsh

    Peep this Track me and my boys made JUST STARTED DROPPIN BANGERSS!
    V Rude–> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E73qSA1ayKM

  • Mistah612

    Why aint that nigga wayne check shit in the metal detector lmao!!!!!

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    Weezy is a free spirit!!! The best state for creativity!!! Get ’em tunechi!

  • WayneTakeOver

    Haha Wayne is always like a little child. Hes so cool man.

  • Xicano101

    Man if I was the security guard I’d be like sir, those headphone need to go through a metal detector for safety reasons, then I’d slip those bad boys on my head and see what kind of Carter IV material he was listening to.Yeaaa buddy!!!

  • Last Kings

    @Its CeeJ mothafucka! true wayne fans know he shot himself in accident when he was young and there are bullet fragments very close to his heart they couldnt pull out. near his heart not in his heart. thank god….very blessed.

  • Damion

    Wow, with Dhea I am glad he has a real girl to be good to him! She seems chill I need a girl like that and hes hilarious walking through the medal detector

  • morris

    this reminds me alot of the amilli video….ha lmao …weezy just does not give a single fuck

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    true wayne ffans know he shot himself.. gimme a break. bein a tru fan doesnt mean u read fucing biographies and shit…. yea he shot himself i know that… not really anything to be proud of
    anyhow u can live with a bullet inside of u u get sick from the metal in ur system…

  • morris

    lmao lil chuckie is looking at weezy and wondering whether he can also go through the metal detectors like that…that nigga a fool …. how he get in young money anyways

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    true fans follow his music simple as that. gayboys jakc off to his picture and read his life storry on wikipedia.


    dont care about ceej he need friends or a girl to fuck… get life bitch http://www.brazzers.com

  • realmuthafucker

    cee j you are fucking stupid….like epic…..smh

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    fuck off fag. i got nothing for u…

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    Sorry guys for me being so emotional, my anus is very sore from last night from my dad ramming my ass with his giant black cock. Dont get me wrong, i liked it, but it still hurt.

  • GC

    ^^^^^^^ Fag

  • Jordan

    so cute <3

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!
  • willythepimp15

    And by the way what ever happened to Afrika Bambaataa & The rest of those Carter IV Singles he shoot the videos for last and the Like Father,Like Son 2 Singles. I been waiting on that for so long its been a year since we haven’t got the rest of the videos he shot last year since he went to prison from 1 year ago

  • kxsh

  • Rose

    i think the moment Wayne knows a camera is on him he feels the need 2 pretend 2 be what heis not…. he is playing up the skater image but dude please your almost 30 with 4…maybe more kids act your age…i still like him tho ……..last

  • Fake Actions

    Wayne is the shit, but he was for sure clowin to advertise those dre headphone! But he is about money, so I don’t blame him.

  • @jayy_wingz

    I walk through security, fuck everybody haha..

  • John Rozay

    ^^^^ Hahahahahahahahahah lmfaoo

  • Nak Nak

    i want that fuckin mixtape before i go to football camp! hurry the FUCK UP WAYNE!!! SMH

  • domo

    ^^ Thats The Same Way I Feel!

  • so im guessing him & dhea are serious?:o & awww my baby is soo cute<3

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    yeah theyre makin a porno, its so cute

  • mouhamed dia

    I like

  • lilwayne3210fgsh

    now im listen hoy boys- i need a girl if somebody wants to listen in with me. this goes hard.YMCMB FOR LIFE TILL I DIE. After the break wayne comes back

  • ytone1
  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    yo danny give em tha boot…

  • sdotwhiteman

    Damn I fuckin love weezy
    If any of you love vampire films I am an upcoming filmmaker making a movie

  • T-Wayne09

    Yo Danny the heck happened to the layout lol

    • @T-Wayne09 – What you mean ❓

  • YM324

    i don’t know where else to go but to the wayne heads can yall help win like my comment plz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie7MKX9IR_4&feature=feedu my name is “YM324” plz its not a spam or some wack music just like my comment and dont need to ever watch it again…agian my name is “YM324” thanx you(;

  • Real_G


    @Danny_M wen does that magazine come out


    5 letters YMCMB

  • SyKe

    GUys what is wit dat song lil wayne ” talk 2 me” is that wayne and this sounds good


    4 july releasing the single or tuesday??? danny m answer me pls

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    its july 4

    man the last post is 4 3 days ago

    aint remember when we had so lil informations about weezy

  • Allen

    ^^ Ya Update please : ) …..and where the heck is that mixtape????

  • MJ

    yo they bout to do a video for dear anne

  • Nak Nak

    mixtape back! mixtape back! thats all these tunechi fans screamin mixtape back!

  • Omy i m by this dog right. get ring tones right ome so long go ahead an not cheat baseball basketball soccor football im the loudest sorry sav: or others take from me what i need watch any of that well i know basketball an football all of it if you can man this better go through (on the strength) i want to learn so i can talk good talk council So miss me on the real i saw that pic get more of them tmz No more of that come on now were coupling . Dont be scarred my kingdom awaits right .

  • wheres.nino3!!

    @FUCKEMINEM nooo!!! Thats not wayne . Listen

  • steven

    drooop that mixtape Weezy. U killing me

  • C.Mason

    Man I wish he drops this shit in the next 24 bc I need dat while im rollin through the hood! lol

  • Ror Rito

    update this shit
    im gettin boring with this ymcmb music industry by the way

  • Allen

    So whos idea was it to release all of YMCMB’s albums at the end of summer instead of the beginning?!?!? Fuck you Cortez Bryant! Him or Somebody better drop something tomorrow or …..!!!

  • Dannys gone AWOL

    • I’m still here waiting for updates just like you 🙂

  • Vitamin P

    @Danny… anything on Nino 3? Nino 2 is boring now. lol

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    lil weezy pwease drop de mixtape so i can listen to it while i brush my teeth in the shower!!! i mean c4. no wait i mean tht video! hurry i have so much i want to hear you rap of

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    is tupac really alive in las vegas! ????


    i need a girl

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    you need to shut up
    #101 dumcomments

  • tafie

    Lil Wayne, i love everything he does and represents, he’s an amazing addition to the world, im his biggest fan and thumbs up in everything he does 🙂

  • wheres.nino3!!

    I saw 2pac at walmart this morning..

  • Wayne-Train

    that song “talk 2 me” is not done by lil wayne, it’s done by Jargon, you can find the song on itunes, but its called “ride with me”

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    @wheresnino, hows he lookin these days? do blacks really crack? hahah
    ps.talk to me is a remake of a 90’s song called talk to me by taylor swift. thats why it sounds so girly. idk y yall so hung up on that song tho its been in the past couple of posts and doesnt have anything to do with them cuz its way old.

  • Aishwarya Singh Thakur

    Update this shit Danny & What about Talk to Me….i think thats not Weezy

  • Nak Nak

    damn i wish i could like block a persons comments from my computer so that they would still be on the website i just wouldnt be able to see them… @ceej… fucking annoying piece of shit

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!


  • Swag Master Flex

    When is this site gonna get updated?…….

  • Question

    IIf cartrr 4 is commin out da 22nd shuldnt da countdown say 1 month 18 days?

  • Nak Nak

    B.O.B collabo with tune one B.O.B’s next album called “strange clouds” or “smoke clouds”…. B.O.B just confirmed it… sounds dope to me

  • YunqTune

    lil dis nigga wayne rolln blunts like he dont care damn i need become famous dis nigga havn 2 much fun

  • real-talk

    damn nig i woke up on the 4th of july was hopin for a update :/

  • “sorry for the wait” my arse! he aint sorry! weeezy slippin off!


    maybe on tuesday the single released. i ballin like a boss

  • chal

    lets go danny where the fuck you at its been 5 days sense the last post!


    @chal calm down men


    in germany 14:37 afternoon


    lil wayne and currency works again

  • I´ll die if there is no update today


    how time it is in usa???

  • im dutch


    danny is from england so give a fuck of the us time 😉


    wayne is the best 4eva


    drakes single drop in 1-2weeks and wayne mixtape drop end of the next week


    damn im waiting the whole day for dis fucking wayne single !!

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    2 days later and the comments go from i love you wayne to wayne fallin off. yall are fake fans stay off the site. its been a week since the last update so what. get used to waiting…. sorry4thewait = he’s not sorry for the wait.
    im just waiting till it does and yall are back dickriding thats gunna b funny. fuck tha mixtape at this point im not even gonna buy the album believe that

  • Nak Nak

    ey yo wayne! im leaving tomorrow for 11 fucking days and i want that damn mixtape before i go!! HOLY FUCK!

  • ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh shit thats a situation

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    boo hoooo

  • I have the single from weezy he just called me just a few minutes ago and rapped it throw the pfone i have a demo if you want it say ; i am gay

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    you are gay. gimme the single weezy pwease!
    na fuck that drop it nigga u fell off


    i think thats a lie man


    u are a genius @DJBASSCAL xD @CeeJ suck my cock u fat coloful bitch i want to blow up

  • dont you wanna demo of my weezy single man youre fail

  • America sucks !


    @ pauly so whatz the name of the single huh ?
    lyrics ?

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    thats it, im making a citizens deportation

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    see how italy treats u guidet

  • its called – fuck my ass i cant wait for some updates on the lil wayne HQ
    its a realy good song i think

  • Jays

    Actually i agree with CeeJ.. Who cares about the pics and videos, im here for the music, and since C3 i havnt got what i expect from wayne. he needs to get his head straight and forget about being a popstar.. even though i understand why he has turned mainstream, that doesnt mean he cant make music for us who wants C2-type of shit. cant wait for C4, but honestly i think i will be dissapointed. im a fan, not a hater, but i wont ride his dick just because of what he used to be

  • MJ


    2011= Waynes year

  • Jonas

    Where’s Wayne At?
    i’m waiting for almost a week


  • Ror Rito

    @ Pauly D is a stupid motherfucker
    weezy would never come out with a single title like that in the 3 single of his album

  • realmuthafucker

    u pussies…..what u expect from wayne?…….wayne iz the best right now….hands down…..an yall know it……not because he aint go hits nigga……his lyrics are fuckin dope……c4 gon be epic…..u guys prolly forgot that wayne iz sober now……so now you are getting the real wayne

  • the first day everybody was like yea great the next day also after 3days everybady is tired from waiting after 4 days some people wanna fuck my dig in his car and eat crackers do you wanna fuck me come get me nigga im nog scared about you motherfockers pussy ass nigas what do you wanna do come to my house and kill me ? wtf man playboy YMCMB al day every day nigger bre

  • Daknite

    tell Pauly D to come here and suck a huge american dick

  • allright im coming bby

  • travis26

    @ceej is a fucking fagget computer geek that needs to die.

  • ooyeaaaa

  • real-talk

    SMH yall a bunch of lil bitches on here goin back and forth on the internet with some all day… I am asahmed i come on this site with comments like this… This is almost as bad as WSHH

  • ‏¤‏Mazin Carter‏¤

    Danny Where Is The Next Page and What About The Forth Single ??!

  • maaaaan i just came on a nice girl so i hoped there is now a single but its not

  • Danny choked on a pear and died but he havn´t told the password from lil wayne HQ site to somebody so this site is dead

    R.I.P. Danny you was a good friend !

  • realmuthafucker

    dammmnnn…….i cant wait anymore……give us the tape weezyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hunter

    yo danny wassup…give us a little info about yourself i think everyone would like seeing that…your like a brotha to us lol…where ya from?

  • wheres.nino3!!

    Is this site still active?

  • C.Mason

    Well damn that’s another fail from YMCMB. Said the next single was going to come on the fourth but we ain’t got shit smh….I’m gettin fed up


    its maybe releasing on tuesday!! 7th july magic letter

  • tunechi

    i doubt it gnna drop tomro..
    ace hood gnna drop his freestyle joint..
    nd i doubt tune wnna murk dat nikka

  • i cant wait anymore too! pl give us the tape weezyyyy!

  • yung_money

    well i guess @danny m gonna be dropping a sorry for the wait mixtape too lmfao wus up with some updates my nigga smh this why i didn’t get all hype bout a july 4th single or the mixtape at the end of the week can’t believe shit till u see it ppl love rumors real niggaz want facts i guess da wait continues yall

  • STIL NOTHING !!!!!!

  • But this video is awesome

  • danny you should ban@ Its CeeJ motha fucka he clearly is a retard! and doesn’t get enough attention from mummy loseeeeeeer! come on here just 2 cuss wayne!

  • I told you Danny choked on a pear and died but he havn´t told the password from lil wayne HQ site to somebody so this site is dead

  • ¤Mazin Carter¤

    Fuck !!

  • damalcster

    @Cee j zoe shut yo ass up bro damn who is yo fav. rapper nd ill bet a mill my nigga wayne betta then him lmao…. nah scratch that how u make song nd win grammy for then have room to tlk … nigga u a lil selfcenterer(probably small penis) lil boy that spend his tlkin shit on a website smh lol

  • realmuthafucker

    where the hell is the cory gunz mixtape

  • MJ

    yea that tape was suppose to come out today, out of my mind was sick. i love ymcmb but damn, they cant get there shit they cant get there shit together


    one thing

    HEY MR. CARTER tell me where have you been.. We been asking, We been searching, We been wondering where. lmao!

    but for real go ahead and light the fuse and blow the roof off the game Wayne


    udate awlready

  • ‏¤‏Mazin Carter‏¤


  • dan32oo5

    IITTTSSS A Drought!!!

  • zTunechi-

    Leave danny alone , LOL. He Probabaly Doesnt Hav Anythin 4 Us
    But I Gotta Admit Its Strange, We are all wayne addicts. its hard not havin a dose of him for a day, let alone a week.
    C4.Tha Truth

  • zTunechi-

    No Homo

  • ‏¤‏Mazin Carter‏¤

    Danny Still In We Memories !!

  • and wayne says the drought is over… hmm

  • Joseph

    drop that tape wayne. btw put out C4

  • Joseph

    drop that tape wayne btw push forward C4 a month earlier

  • I swear if that mixtape or single dont come out this week, Imma chop my dick off and feed it to my family for dinner.

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAH thats another situation

  • JayWalkinJustin

    Man This Website Has Been Dead For A Week. I Was Spazzin Cuz I Thought The Mixtape Or Single Was Gonna Drop While My Laptop Was Broken This Past Week And Sameeeee Thing Since Then. WTF Is Weezy Doin???? Got Me Over Here Listenin To Kid Ink And Crap Since MMG And OFTWPKTA And TGOD Aren’t Comin Out With Anything. Ughhhhhhhhh Im In A Drizzy Soft Song Mood Now. YMCMB Is Gettin Depressin.

    Andddd Jae Millz & T-Streetz Needs To Leave YM… They Get No Kind Of Publicity Or Air Time.

  • Steven

    Since wayne announced that mixtape its been hell waiting…I wonder what wayne has to say

    Sorry for the wait??

    Still love him though. Fuck Cortez

  • Ror Rito

    weezy retired today haha

  • Kiss my funny black ass if wayne retired

  • @Pauly D you ain’t funny bruh. Stop trying to hard before you hurt yourself.

  • realmuthafucker

    ahhhhh…..this is a drought……come on danny!!!!…………..is weezy dead or sumtin?

  • Hunter


  • dan32oo5

    Wayne still vibing out…

  • smh lol

    They should call the mixtape Drought 4 : Sorry 4 the Wait … because the Droughts usually come out after a long period of time without Cash Money music.

  • Joseph

    how come C4 comes out in japan on August 3rd but in tha U.S it comes out on August 22nd?

  • becouse it isnt true dum ass

  • Ror Rito

    hahaha lmfao the site is still not updating since i woke up in the morning
    danny hahahahahaha omfg i laugh so hard

  • comooon ill dieeeeeee

  • wheres.nino3!!

    Lmao almost 200 comments

  • Kaplun

    we want carter 4

  • Allen

    Next Post by Danny will be the mixtape “Sorry for the Wait”….. get it ; ) this all makes sense now ; )

  • 3peat

    This is starting to take the piss now!

  • gogogogog


  • realmuthafucker

    dannyyy!!!! where da hell are u…….wayne prolly too busy with dhea

  • Hunter


  • Ror Rito

    @ allen
    youre right
    next stop Sorry4thewait

  • danny say something if you didnt choked on a pear

  • Rell

    Weezy dont care about his fans its obvious lmao

  • real-talk

    this all makes since…. SORRY FOR THE WAIT

  • Carlos

    hey guys, i just wanted to know how danny knows so many things about wayne. are they aquintences or something>?

  • MJ

    yo nickis cousin was murdered

  • Kaplun

    when is “how to love” video dropping?

  • Hunter

    yeah nikki is prob feeling sad right now everyone keep her in mind

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    i tried vibing out the other day and got arrested :

  • Mike smith

    Yu guys are soo stupid on how u get mad at Danny like it’s his fault that Weezy didn’t put out nething.. WTF do u want him to do if there’s nothing updated on him.. And chill the fuck out wit this c4 shit we already kno when it’s coming out so stop asking for a push forward… Also Weezy even said tht the mixtape will be coming in a week OR TWO.. Its only been a week so chill the fuck out and wait another couple of days and listen to something else.. Truss I want this shit jus as bad as u guys do but give the men some time to “perfect” shitt

  • YMCMB No Matter What

    Seriously… I understand he’s telling us sorry for the wait in the first place, but the last week has been HORRIBLE. I just want that damn mixtape. I’ve been listening to No Ceilings 24/7 getting myself pumped for when that shit is finally released! I say: we’ve waited long enough.. we’ve been through enough torture. We love you Weezy, and we want.. no we NEED your mixtape! I mean read everything everyone’s said. Every single person. There may be some hate, but it’s only because they want Weezy to drop this and they are impatient and ready just like everybody else! Please give us “Sorry For The Wait” tomorrow, Weezy!

  • MOP15321

    So much comments for a non-important post lmao

  • Biqtunechi

    This mixtape need to drop, like NOW. I simply cannot take this waiting. I need more Martian Music!

    C4 gonna be a problem, & Wayne’s rightful place on the throne will be cemented.


  • YMCMB No Matter What

    @MOP15321 yeah, but this is the last post we have on this site.. No updates have been given to us.. It blows.

  • lames

    why dont you lame dudes go get a life? then it wont be such a hard wait.
    when you sit at your computer 24/7 of course its gonna suck to wait..

    dont blame wayne just cuz you guys have no lives. go out and do something…SOCIALIZE..

  • Son: Dad, what is an idiot?

    Dad: An idiot is a person who tries to explain his ideas in such a strange and long way that another person who is listening to him can’t understand him. Do you understand me?

    Son: No.



  • rerun

    Sorry 4 the wait?!….keep apologizing! I can’t wait any longer..

  • tyler the creator

    mann fuck wayne. he don’t care about his fans… all he care about is “sales” the carter 4 was supposed to been out before he went to jail. he just gone blaim it on his manager.. FIRE HIM THEN. Drake put out music like it’s nothing.

  • tyler the creator

    his punk ass need to get off that ugly arabian bitch dhea.. i dont even knw how to pronounce that shit. her top lip looked fucked up anyway.. “money over bitches”

  • Zach

    This shit is getting rediculous for real. How you gonna say Sorry for the Wait and then make a nigga wait even longer. I mean damn Wayne did an interview on the 13th of June and said that his mixtape was gonna be release in a week or two. Tsk tsk tsk I’m gettin hella tired of waitin cuz there isn’t shit to listen to anymore



  • Zach

    Nah I think that nigga Wayne on that crack dealer time. “hey dawg gimme 15 mins” (30 mins later I got my dope ha). So with that kinda time schedule we will be waiting another week at least.

  • Ror Rito

    cory gunz mixtape dropped,,, yall stupid or what ??

  • C4

    gunz mixtape is hott.

  • N3RD

    Wayne Wtf Were IS The Mixtape You Promised Us…………..

  • this website is sooooo shit HURRYYY UUPPPP

  • Sorry For the Wait Gonna Bee HOT , Gettinq it fridt day ; 🙂

  • It’s CeeJ

    hahah everyone has changed their mind. yall the fake fans i dont wanna hear that anymore

  • hunter

    Danny just let us know something. Your like a chick that doesn’t tell u what’s wrong!just say an fing Word

  • Yanna

    NEWS!!! Where’s the news???

  • mike smith

    well cory gunz mixtape just came out which means that waynes will come out in at least another week cuz if he puts it out now, everybody will look at his and not corys which wayne obvs wont do cuz he wants to promote gunz and ,make him better so he wouldnt go against him

  • no weezy released the mixtape this week so just wait

  • Wisheezy

    Stop flaming Danny + the site. There has been little to no news on Wayne this week, don’t be so impatience. Just hope it’s a good sign he’s busy finishing the mixtape.

  • tinaphooo

    sexi as fuk man he so hot i just want to rip his clothes omg!!!!!

  • ocean