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Game – Can You Believe It (Feat Lil Wayne & Birdman)

Mon, Aug 1, 2011 by

Game Can You Believe It Feat Lil Wayne & Birdman

2 days ago, we posted a radio rip of Game‘s “Can You Believe It” track featuring Lil Wayne and Birdman. Even though this version still has DJ tags on, it’s high quality and even includes a verse from Baby. The song was produced by Lifted and appears on Game‘s Hood Morning (No Typo): Candy Coronas mixtape.

Download: Game – Can You Believe It (Feat Lil Wayne & Birdman)

I also updated the Cherlise track with the dirty version too, in case anyone missed it!

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  • Stvn87


  • – TUFFF !!!


  • ryan


  • Young WeeZY

    luv it

  • weeez

    cool,,go weezy gooo



  • omj i LOVE this track! make me wanna get up and danc… hehe thats what im doing right now ;D

  • Stvn87

    I got the first comment lol … Still have to wait to get home n listen to the song

  • ajlfc92

    Sick song but DJ Skee needs to fuck off with his shitty tags. Noone gives a fuck if it’s exclusive but he has to tell us after every fucking verse.

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    this song sucks, and whats that picture of wayne getting a miley cirus tatoo?

  • hass
  • junie

    this shit firee and everybody please ignore that ceej dude

  • junie

    @brrrrrr stop it 5 game had the best verse wayne had the second best

  • jason

    wayne stealin drake lines and shit lol sounded like he didnt even wanna do this track he didnt go hard in no way but he still nicee tho

  • Birdman III

    Can you believe it? BELEE DAT! Tehee game an Wayne must be believers

  • samantha

    @junie im sorry but i gotta say somethin @ceej how the fuck u come to a wayne fansite and talk shit about him everyday on every post this site is for true wayne fans your obviously a big fan of wayne if your on this shit everyday like its facebook i mean seriously like cut the bullshit out u know u love wayne you know u gon get c4 so stop it you low life

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    after this bullshit thats been released since jail i want wayne to do a public RECALL for best rapper alive.
    and from that xxl magazine were ALL he did was talk shit you can expect c4 to be a diss… and that is why eminem is a much better rapper than lil wayne period.
    this shit was weak as hell but oh well thank god he’s dead after c4 so we aint gotta hear anymore hypocritical tracks after he did all that hustlin back before c3.
    btw s4tw was fucking short, i want some good music asap!
    were is some young money singles and shit are they still making group music or whatever? and lets get a drizzy single or a like father like son II single in this bitch, since john isnt on the album anymore we are gonna get at least one more single from tha c4 and nobody’s heard shit about those music videos they were supposedly working so hard on.
    wtf weezy come on man, ur shit is retarded since ur released…

  • junie

    @samantha dam u shut that nikka down lol

  • junie

    ceej stop hatin that shit pointless like its a fansite for god sakes be a fan u keep talkin mad shit about wayne but i bet u wake up every mornin just to get on this shit and i barely get on this shit but when i do i always see ur hatin ass pointless comments get a life my nigga like deadass

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA


  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    hop off junie ceej aint got shit for ur hating ass

  • junie

    wtf is u talkin about dude above me lol

  • MJ

    hov and ye are a couple of smartasses. YMCMB needs to do what they doing and release c4 on itunes a week before it hit shelfs, that way it wont be leaked

  • junie

    @mj hell yea

  • CEEJ Is An Attention Whore.And Jason,Waynes Not Stealin.He’s Quoting.

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    youre an attention whore!

  • ytone24
  • I Am Not A Human Being

    CeeJ leave fagg. Why are you on a Wayne fansite hatin? Shit you look dumb bro.

  • Flyerysumer

    Because hes mentally fuckin unstable hes probably one of those ricans that fuckin tries to kill you for lookin at em

  • yeeeeeaah wayne is the best rapper alivee !!!

  • Tune

    @ ceeJ your a dumb ass drake dropped a single yesterday it’s called headlines. You make no sense when s4tw came out you has good things to say about it…..

  • Jason

    @kommon sense its the same thing to me but i fux with wayne still i mean he rarely does that anyway so thats coo

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    i do get alot of attention ill give you that much… but i dont take it all in so i wouldnt say im a whore for it. eminem will forever be the best rapper alive and weezy will always be the one that said mad crazy shit

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    *crazy & random!!* yall come back and hate now ya hear 😉
    M.O.B. fo life nikka!

  • stuntin

    What tattoo is he getting in the pic ?

  • immaprettybitch
    • @immaprettybitch – Only people in the USA can watch that promo video, so I’m trying to get a video that can be watched in all countries.

  • CEEJ

    please hurry danny m! im dying to see the promo vid!!!…

  • Rozay

    So what’s with this Game fag… one minute he’s releasing a track that takes shots at like 10 rappers including Wayne, yet he’s doing songs with Baby and Wayne… fuck game he’s a tag-a-long rapper. He hasn’t done anything good since Dope Boyz with Travis Barker…

  • Josh15

    Yeah Boii Diz Shit Go In I Like Lil Wayne Yea Wezzy Iz THA BEST RAPPER ALIVE i use tu like The Game Back Den Bha Den Stop Rappin And Shit Bha All iight And Lil Wayne To I Like Lil Wayne Bha Like Lil Wayne Was Kinda Off Cuz He Was not Rappen Dat Gud Since He Got Out Of IANHB Was not All Dat bha I KINDA like it not dat much tho Bha S4TW Was A Gud Mixtape Tho I See Dat Lil Wayne It Ghetiing Straight Now B4 I aint Like Hem Cuz He Was Not Rappen Gud I Would Listing Tu Rick Ross Bha Like I Said Lol Wayne Is Ghetiing Straight I Cnt Wait For C4 That Shit Gonna Be Poppin…………………………

    Imma Biq Fan Of Lil Wayne I Was Gonna See Hem Live In Tha WaterFront IN Camden NJ Bha I 4got Tha Day He Was Cominq Tu Ma Hood C.M.D.Tee Hee

  • Joseph

    @Jason Lil Wayne wrote drake songs so basically its his words

  • Birdman hit this shit more higher than weezy..

    pppp pussy poppin bullshit
    bullshit ain’t shit nigga we the shit