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Lil Wayne – How To Love [Music Video]

Wed, Aug 24, 2011 by

Here is the official music video for Lil Wayne‘s “How To Love” single. This visual, which was directed by Chris Robinson, is real deep and powerful. Weezy‘s Tha Carter IV album drops in less than a week, and of course, the video wouldn’t be perfect if Birdman didn’t make a cameo, right?

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    I Just heard from good sources and research that the official Deluxe edition isn’t leaked and that we have the unfinshed version!


    Lets all crash itunes and buy a copy, everyone got the unfinshed version already but the real fans will buy it and show some real love! Promote this album at your:


    by just talking about or posting vids of weezy or just tell the people you will get c4 29th.

    and get your friends over to buy it too! like i do with my friends!

    lets go and make history! much love all

  • Chester

    Wayne killed it he iz da best rapper alive

  • LilMoney


  • stlryder

    carter 4 is no where near is best album

  • Juan monroy

    Carter 4.5 coming out

  • merked

    Notice how Reaper wayne touches her, Then next scene she’s testing positive……………………

  • weezys#1fan

    dwayne is just the best <3 Im seriously in love with him for who he is not for what he is.

  • Mazin Carter

    Sooooo KILLLLLLA !!

  • Shito

    Carter IV just reached plutinum… WTF!!!!!!!!!

  • LuN

    Hey dude c’4 iz tha best album

  • This video just goes to show all you girls out there that having a “bad ass” bf may be cool, but in the end it will fuck you over in the end. So your best choice is to go for the nice guys in your class and not the degenerates.

  • On the real the song and video makes perfect song…its telling a story and showing consequences of situations and alot of videos nowadqys and songs dint be makin sense but weezy u did ya thing on this song and video boii…i love u for this cuz this explains what females go through when they have been hurt and dont knOw how to handle situations or turn them around…thank you for this song

  • omg dis is my song!luv dis song to death can’t nobody beat dis and nobody aint gone try

  • gifted_writer

    When I read these comments it’s evident who has a good head on their shoulders. I applaud the cash money camp in general for showing the disease that is truly affecting our generation. Great job! Sorry it’s not something you can shake ur azz to, it went over done of y’all head.

  • jamie

    this shit is pretty good but i could dobetter

  • Nelia!!

    Best Song Everrrrrrrr! BIg fan of Weezy

  • i love the song how 2 love

  • kissed a girl 2 how 2 love

  • can i kiss you lil wayne all day and every night sexy and just to tell you i am twenty threee swagg all day

  • lil wayne is AWSOME

  • Semirah

    Luv dis song.Weezy,u’re d best

  • tia

    dis is mi shit rite here! dats mi man and if i cant have hime no1 can! 😀

  • kaitlan white

    omggg….. i cant fucking play lil wanye and u are so sexy if i had a change i would please u all nite long i might 13 but age dont matter js i date 18 17 16 15 14 and they date me

  • kaitlan white

    omg…. i got it this is a good video and i feel so srry for tht girl hiv and i love your body and it so sexy and ig2g i am school so tea it is boring af and even the teacher damm but yea and all the guys tring to get me and i dont know how to say no and i really love u so yea byeeeeeee….. mwah lol

  • pounds

    i really ur group,am going crazy for Ghana a university student and dis is my num 0245341175

  • keith
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  • gabriel

    guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuud song i love it……………………

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