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Lil Wayne Performs In Colorado For “I Am Still Music” Tour [Videos x Pics]

Thu, Sep 1, 2011 by

On August 30th, Lil Wayne performed live in Englewood, Colorado for his “I Am Still Music” tour at the Comfort Dental Amphitheater. Above, you can watch some footage of a fan getting tackled by security onstage, and after the jump, you can view some photos from the show and watch Weezy do a bit of skateboarding for the crowd. Tunechi is performing next on September 2nd at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, California.

Lil Wayne Performs In Colorado For I Am Still Music Tour

Lil Wayne Performs In Colorado For I Am Still Music Tour

Lil Wayne Performs In Colorado For I Am Still Music Tour

Lil Wayne Performs In Colorado For I Am Still Music Tour

Lil Wayne Performs In Colorado For I Am Still Music Tour

Lil Wayne Performs In Colorado For I Am Still Music Tour

Lil Wayne Performs In Colorado For I Am Still Music Tour

Lil Wayne Performs In Colorado For I Am Still Music Tour

Lil Wayne Performs In Colorado For I Am Still Music Tour

Lil Wayne Performs In Colorado For I Am Still Music Tour

Lil Wayne Performs In Colorado For I Am Still Music Tour

Lil Wayne Performs In Colorado For I Am Still Music Tour

Lil Wayne Performs In Colorado For I Am Still Music Tour

Pics via Reverb!

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  • norm

    Carter 4!!!!

  • norm

    Tunechi gots mad skills..I don’t care what anyone says YMCMB bitches

  • norm

    Oh yea…first..haha

  • MoonMan

    Skater swag over P.J. Swag. Dedication 4?! 😀

  • Josh

    Guys !!!!!!
    Hits Double Daily has increased their first week predictions on Tha Carter IV !! They are now predicting 925-975 K first week !!

    We are so close to that million mark !!!!

    Buy Tha Carter IV and let’s get that million first week !!!!!!!!

  • naheezy

    4th 🙂

  • MoonMan

    2nd :p

  • Zach


  • wassup tunechi

  • najeeb

    Yaya c4

  • Sampiet

    Go weezy go

  • Just bought another copy today! i Mill Baby!!!

  • tuneche

    this show was so sick cant wait to see weezy again

  • Best Fuckeen Rapper ALiVEEEE . !

  • Fuck..

    Guys buy 1 more copy for your friends or family that doesnt have the c4 but likes wayne! Or just give it as a gift for birthday.. We must reach the 1mil first week to close haters mouth!! Lets support one last time Luv<3

  • damn, wayne got some skills 🙂

  • junie.

    most of yall gay ass niggas commentin woulda ran up on stage like he did lol c4 up nikka and @norm ur happy for what u aint first

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    BUY THAT CARTER 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • waala

    damm thats a sick ass hat i want it 🙁

  • see for


  • every1 support lil wayne and buy the buying again

  • @ danny the video is not working

  • Mark

    23rd 😀

  • Fly Dungas

    honestly im kinda of hoping it doesnt sell a mili. all the fuckin dickriders hating on everyone who doesn’t act like everything he does is solid gold, all the fuckin fags trying to get people to pay for a cd twice when it wasn’t even that good..all the fuckin morons that basically make sure he doesn’t have to try at all to sell albums will just be able to perpetuate their state of denial by pulling the mili card. oh you didn’t like it? well ur dumb cuz a million people bought it. fuck that. wayne really gets to your heads there is more to life than money and record sales. haters arent going to give a fuck how much it sells, theyre fucking haters. and those of us that didn’t like it that you label haters…well a lot of us fucking contributed to that mill and were disappointed by it. next time he makes an album hell just half ass it again and well never get another C2 or C1 or even C3 because some of you are like cultists.

  • Loyalty

    OKAY 🙂

  • Some

    PLease, what is saying Lil wayne when the security catchs the guy? tank 🙂

  • TyeDye19

    I somwhat agree with what Fly Dungas is saying but I wasn’t disappointed with the album. I don’t beleive that Wayne half assed it (I dont think he half asses anything, and that wouldn’t make sense with all the pushbacks) and I think he gave us his best possible music. It just happens that that music maybe was not quite as spectacular as some of us had hoped – BUT, it was also better than I was expecting based on Sorry 4 the wait (which was fire, im just saying c4 was shit-tons better lol, but then again, he did s4tw in like 14 days) Anyway, there are things wrong with the album, and theres things wrong with Wayne, and thats fucking fine. Its the fact that his true self shines through in his music that makes us all love him so much. So yeah, c4 didn’t feel as electric as c3 did, but you know it was better than anything ANYONE else has given us lately. Im a Kanye and Jay fan, but WTT felt flat, where as c4 got me pumped. On c3 it felt like he was soaring where as c4 it feels like he’s bush-whacking. But he was just in prison, and couldn’t record for EIGHT MONTHS. I bet in another eight months he will be back better than ever before.

  • TyeDye19

    But i don’t agree with the part about it hoping it doesn’t sell a Mill… I mean what you said about giving our approval on something “sub-par” could just re-enforce his laziness – but I don’t believe he was lazy, just that his skills are a little dull, so we should help him do a mill so he can come back HARDER. We all know thats how Wayne do… gettin lazy and comfy? never. maybe just a little dissoriented from bein in a cage…

  • MelloYello

    Wayne has no swag. That guy got the crap tackled out of him. Wayne can’t dance. Skate. Or play guitar. Not hating, i’m just saying

  • lmfao

    wayne looked scared as fuck.

    wayne talks a lot of shit about “ill shoot this nigga, ill do this to that nigga” but i never see him doing it. why does he need 2 big ass security guards if hes a real nigga?

    a real nigga would’ve did the tackling himself.

  • lol at you

    Wha you know bout a real nigga ,him having guards don’t mean shit everyone wit his level of fame has guards it ain’t bout bein real or not ,bet if your broke ass had money like that or any popularity like that you would have guards 2 so back up wit the real nigga shit and act grown nigga

  • @lmfao what you mean wayne looked scared? He aint even flinch or nothing he was just standing there. Haters gotta hate on everything, even the little things smfh

  • please someone tell me what that Hat is called or were i can find it!!!! AGGHH! why cant i find Hats like That in the Dam mall

  • lmfao

    lol im not even a hater, i listen to wayne more than anybody.

    i just thought that would be a good moment for wayne to show hes a real nigga

    if a nigga walked on my stage imma confront his ass.

  • really wayne is the best rapper, he is in the 2nd spot. eminem will forever and i mean ever hold the number 1 spot and will forever be the best rapper to touch a mic. Carter 4 was obviously his worst album he made, I’m not saying it was bad but that shit wasn’t good. FInally Famous is the Best album this year, but i haven’t listened to bad meets evil yet. BIG SEAN I DO IT BOI!!!!

  • Moment 4 Life
  • lol at you

    Why would he confront his fan lol lil white dude ain’t no harm

  • lol at you

    Lmfao , big Sean over c4 !!!!!!!!, lol that’s a knee slapper bruh

  • jeeeeeee

    Whoo tha fuckkkk is big Sean

  • Weeza4eva

    On September 2, 2011 at 3:52 am Some responded with…
    PLease, what is saying Lil wayne when the security catchs the guy? tank

    “You don’t want that to happen to you”

  • these haters on wayne like stank on shit i couldnt even get hear fast enough and they already here shit man dude said confront him lmao what dude really gone do

  • AGA

    good clothes…this time 😉 baby u r the best!!

  • Philippe
  • C,4 bonus tracms
  • Phil

    C4 best album of the yr!! Support Wayne everybody, we need to hit a milli! 🙂

  • Converse


    Lps im coppin next :TM103, Cole World and LFTU

    O yeah I know that nigga hurting? Ray Lewis that fool

  • lol


  • Phil

    ^Dude youre gay he had on pants with a belt. Beside who care what he wear faggot. Great preformer got my ticket ready. C4 album of the year!

  • Dank

    “so if your message ain’t shit, fuck the records you sold
    ’cause if you go platinum, it’s got nothing to do with luck
    it just means that a million people are stupid as fuck”

    All you people talking about buying two and three of C4 are fucking dumb. So what if he sells a mil when its fans buying multiple copies. You guys are basically doin exactly what people are sayin when they say “so what about a million baby probably bought half of those”

  • The carter 4 is better than Finally Famous. I can die now cause i just heard about every crazy thing in the world now.


    Haha you right dank thats the dumbest shit i’ve heard. Buying multiple albums to make it look like it hit a mil. That’s called inflation you dumb fucks.

  • Ben

    Best album of the year!! Haters going to hate! YMCMB Drake up next!


    Ya your right I do hate people that say numbers don’t lie and C4 is good quality because it’ll sell a million in a week. But then manipulate the numbers by buying multiple albums each…. that means the numbers are lying. I do like most of the songs on the album no hate on wayne just wish he would have put some real effort instead of releasing mixtape type tracks.

  • dude above you kind of right but your not totally right. the last mix tape was sorry 4 the wait which sucked compared to his other mix tapes. If he release an album that was like his old mix tape it would sound like carter 3 and he would sell another million in a week but he’s been off his game for a lil minute. Eminem is basically at an untouchable lvl that no 1 is on and big sean is coming at people necks. Big Sean could be top 5 rapper if he continue in the same path he is going by releasing good ass mix tapes and a fucking genius album. FFOE BOI

  • tune

    ha this is wat wayne said on twitter

    “Colorado was exciting and awesome! Great fans here! Props to the dude that got tackled on stage by security! Yeaaaa! Sk8 up!!!”

  • someone tell me were i can Get tht Hat Man!!!! So much hateing on this bullshit cant to even talk with someone jezz jealousy and hate… A BIG PHUCKIN problem AND sIN These Days i dnt hate on anyone zero!! Zero Phucks givein! about hateing anyone please tell me were i can get tht hat or what that hat is called. its killin me lmao

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