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Video: Lil Wayne Does A Freestyle Live In Hawaii

Sun, Sep 25, 2011 by

Above, you can watch Lil Wayne do a freestyle live in Honolulu, Hawaii at the Neal S. Blaisdell Center last night (September 24th) with Mack Maine, Lil Chuckee and DJ Scoob Doo onstage with him. Maybe Weezy will use the start of this freestyle for a verse on the upcoming I Can’t Feel My Face collaboration album with Juelz Santana, or the YMCMB compilation ❓

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  • mwskate


  • wilford


  • First

  • tinashe


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  • William Wayne


  • tp

    i dont wven know dat wayne can freestyle,but this was good

  • filsdeup

    He seems to make his way on “Niggas In Paris” don’t ya think ?

  • Maddison

    Are you fuckin shittin me???? Weezy a beast

  • deuce deuce i smoke that OG kush bobby johnson

  • ronstar

    leggo weezy

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  • this freestyle was good i like it

  • Nt by a pc at the moment man u knw danny u cn mke thse vids mobile compatable. (27CA80D3 my bbm pin 4 thse wit bb’s)

  • b.o.b strange clouds ft lil wayne is is out the full version on youtube. i need to say wayne killed it. im not dickridin

  • sam tunechi

    best rapper alive weezy. C4 best rap album of the year. Fuck wtt.


    Yeah this is real shit! I’m waiting these shits!

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  • i dont think wayne killed strange clouds. let down for me

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  • carlukio55555

    That sounds goddamn good!!!

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    kilt it damn

  • wtf

    lil wayne can’t fucking freestyle, he has said it himself a bunch of times and every single “freestyle” he does is just a verse off his next shit

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  • Chris

    That was sooooooo dirty ahahahahahaha yeeeeeeeeaaaaaa

  • Birdman III

    Could someone post the lyrics please?

  • Zeca f. Baby

    Please someone post the lyrics !

  • Floppy

    We need more tracks whit dat kind of lirics !

  • AGA

    i like it!!

  • Mossy

    weezy best rapper of all time!! that was sick!

  • dannyg1223

    I was there bitches! u can actually see my friends and i in the vid..

  • best rapper alive 🙂 c4 mr.carter’s home 🙂 this is sick 🙂

  • Ugh Thas NasTee

    That nigga caught the Holy Ghost near the end! … p.s. Lil Chuckee is so ultra lame he don’t even do nothing in Young Money

  • Ali Wayne

    Good Freestyle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lil Wayne

    he needs to get back on that killah and drank. weak….

  • ogeezy

    Man fuk this dude above me always copy pasting bullshit …fuk ur retarded fiends condo..nigga u ain’t fooling no one ….yall”

  • Young_Mulla

    Weezy is gonna go ham on I CANT FEEL MY FACEEEEE!! Fuck WTT! Young mulla babbbyyyy

  • joebosco

    Wow, someone is actually recording with their iPad.

  • Tunechi lee

    lol at tha nigga that brought their iPad to the concert

  • Yasin

    yo dat waz more raw den anythin on c4 lets b real

  • Lil Q

    he got off with that..he silly asa bitch bro i swear i can see me kickin wit bro n the whole ym ..them niggas livin!

  • Dejai

    like all wayne’s “freestyles” its juss a verse from one of his future tracks.. BUT! that was sick 🙂

  • Dejai

    like all wayne’s “freestyles” its juss a verse from one of his future tracks.. BUT! that was sick 🙂

  • Big Herm

    Man I know lil Wayne personally fuck all u haters he has done almost everything there is to do in entertainment… So stop dick ridin da hate train ok -(Big Herm)

  • Hatin’OnDaDickRidaz

    Stop dick riding. It wasn’t that good !!

  • B!gD (2much)

    man check this out lil wayne hard and all but come to long beach and fucc with a nigga like me illl RIP this short ass nigga in to 2 pieces loc Big D Im 2 vicious!!

  • Guudy unpluunngd

    Dat shtsssick