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Lil Wayne – G’d Up (Feat Curren$y & Mack Maine)

Mon, Oct 17, 2011 by

Lil Wayne Gd Up Feat Currency & Mack Maine

Before you get your hopes up, this is an unreleased throwback song from the old Young Money crew that was recorded in 2005! This track by Lil Wayne featuring Mack Maine and Curren$y is called “G’d Up“, and you can stream/download the joint below:

Download: Lil Wayne – G’d Up (Feat Curren$y & Mack Maine)

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  • I wanna suck pussy 1st

  • weezy


  • tp

    this shit is poppin

  • Ben

    this shoulda been on C2 or D2! It’s better than some of the songs he did on those. 🙂

  • YM

    Damn its sounds like the Weezy from the Hot Boys !

  • Weeezy really Flystealth!

    Tunechi wat up doh!

  • Tommy
  • DanYMCMB4ever

    Its cool but i like mature wayne, has more swag, this is like lil chuckee with much better flow/spit/etc…I like the cool, young boss wayne, tunechi better!

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    Its cool but i like mature wayne, has more swag, this is like lil chuckee with much better flow/spit/etc…I like the cool, youngmoney boss wayne, tunechi better!

  • Junie

    That 06 07 wayne was the best with that cannon and gossip flow this 2011 wayne is horrible

  • Charlie G

    The real weezy

  • Mossy

    so horrible junie that wayne is your religion huh???? foh kid you a damn joke…..thats all ima say because its pointless.i never seen anybody CLAIM someone isnt good but yet still sucks his dick that much to wake up and rest on his every move!! lmao xD but let me guess you like dick? puss ass lil boi

  • fbarone

    Where is orange juice and grits from the on the bus video!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edwin

    Been Waitin’ On THIS for a MINUTE !!! Put All dem other ones out you made videos of in the bus tour ! Realease that shit !

  • yung_money

    yo i fucks wit this shit hard brings back memories lmao somebody please kill tunechi and bring weezy back from da dead pussy this, pussy that, skinny jeans, skateboarding, rockstar performances smfh shit trash man and before yall say it im not a hater i fucks wit dude he one of the best to eva do it hands down but his music lately and this trend he starting is horrible hustle hard rmx, abortion and president carter only thing hitting this whole year sorry for the wait and c4 was just ok i know he sold alot and got some awards but come on bruh stop it u got tru fans who still hungry and gonna keep it real a real fan shouldn’t agree wit erthing u do cause this shit u on rite now garbage u rich and on top my nigga we get that but don’t let it effect yo music get back killin erthing u touch and now u wanna get at jay-z u really gotta bring beast mode back cause tunechi don’t stand a chance we need WEEZY F BABY straight up

  • Junie

    One of waynes most underrated songs is imma good lookin rapper from d2 and @mossy my dude u come to a fansite just to say some pointless shit about a nigga u dont even know my nigga grow up my dude u dont even know me my nigga

  • seth sether


    in actuality, you are the one sucking his dick, as you so eloquently put it. junie pointed out what does not seem obvious only too a fool or a self-deceiving individual, that the man known as little wayne has lost his touch almost half a decade ago. you, on the other hand, try to derogate his argument by using ad homiem tactics, which lead me to conclude that you are not interested in a thoughtful discourse, you merely want the light of truth stay as far away as possible from the caves of blind acceptance and followship. it’s a sad day for your mother

  • Daville

    @mossy why must you come to a fansite just to check what someone else is saying you should just comment on the post i never understood why you guys do that ……. Anyway thus weezy goes in we need that old weezy back this jeggings women pants wearing dude is gettin wack

  • awwww look @ my wayne baby and i havent hit dis site in ah min!

  • Junie

    to me waynes best verse ever or maybe just best flow ever is on a drakesong called ignant shit from a jay z beat and to me thats drakes best verse too in that came out in 09 and u can argue that thats his best verse ever

  • seth sether

    to say that wayne had a best single verse would be to unfairly undermine his merits as a rapper. That would mean that all of his material was mediocre with this high spot. Calling it your favourite verse would be more precise.

  • Mike D

    @junie I think waynes best verse ever was on we takin over that signified him as the best in 07

  • Junie

    @seth it is my favorite but its argueably the best its debatable you can definetly have that in your top ten wayne verses or just rap verses period u gotta listen to it

  • Hawk

    Good shit

  • Junie

    My top wayne verses 1 ignant shit 2 gossip verse 1 3 we takin over 4 look at me now 5 veterans day 6 swagga like us 7 3 peat 8 forever 9 no love 10 hustle hard remix

  • LIkeMe

    The old wayne. Well done!!!!


  • Junie

    My top wayne songs albums only 1 dont get it (misunderstood) 2 bill gates 3 playing with fire 4 3 peat 5 dr carter 6 the mobb 7 right above it 8 president carter 9 mirror 10 a milli

  • Junie

    My top wayne songs mixtapes or eps 1 gossip 2 the sky is the limit 3 im a good lookin rappet 4 cannon 5oh lets do it 6 upgrade u 7rollin 8something you forgot 9 banned from tv 10 ice scream

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    goes hard

  • Ricky

    That’s what we want man!!!
    We want that C2 weezy back goddamn!!!

    Well, what goes up must come down, but I still love Weezy he still got it

  • smh

    @Junie your top wayne songs suck.

    Pray to the lord
    BM JR.
    On my own
    Something you forgot
    I miss my dawgs
    Hustler Musik
    Georgia bush
    One night only
    No quitter go getter
    Aint that a bitch
    Tha Heat
    Tie my hands
    Money on my mind
    Get over
    Dr. carter
    When they come for me
    What he does
    It’s killing me

    his best songs.

  • smh

    you people on here dont know the difference between rap/hiphop, pop and trash.

    Tha carter 1 = rap
    Tha carter 2 = rap/hip hop
    Like father like son = rap
    Tha carter 3 = hip hop/pop
    Rebirth = trash
    I am not a human being = trash
    Tha carter 4 = trash

  • d-boy

    That’s Old school ! But still good Doh

  • lil wayne can easily bring back as yall call it weezy back but right now he just wanna be tunechi and just rap and do it 50-80% right now cuz wayne can easily turn it on and off meaning when he wants to go hard he can and when he wants to just spit on da track just spit on it

  • joebosco

    Kill Tunechi and bring back Weezy? Weezy and Tunechi are the same people.

  • smh

    1 ignant shit <– good
    2 gossip verse 1 <– good
    3 we takin over <– weak
    4 look at me now <– trash
    5 veterans day <– average
    6 swagga like us <– trash
    7 3 peat <– trash
    8 forever <– trash
    9 no love <– decent
    10 hustle hard remix <– trash

    1 dont get it (misunderstood) <– average, not one of his best songs
    2 bill gates <– trash
    3 playing with fire <– average
    4 3 peat <– trash
    5 dr carter <– one of his best songs
    6 the mobb <– good
    7 right above it <– trash. teenage girl music.
    8 president carter <– trash.
    9 mirror <– trash. teenage girl music.
    10 a milli <– good wordplay

    1 gossip <– good
    2 the sky is the limit <– best remix
    3 im a good lookin rapper <– trash
    4 cannon <– one of his better verses
    5oh lets do it <– decent
    6 upgrade u <– good
    7rollin <– trash
    8something you forgot <– one of his best
    9 banned from tv <– good
    10 ice scream <– trash

  • Junie

    @smh its my opinion my nigga fuck iz u talkin about u got like 20 songs i picked my top 10



  • smh

    i’m the only person on this site that knows what rap is.

    @junie, your opinion on music sucks for the most part. you must be 14

    do you realize how many verses wayne has put out in his career? are you really gonna sit here and tell me LOOK AT ME NOW is one of his best verses ever?

    are you really gonna sit here and tell me SWAGGA LIKE US is one of his best verses ever? and hustle hard?

    lmfao…stop talking.

  • Junie

    @smh imma good lookin rapper is a classic story tellin gangsta type song 3 peat is hungry weezy mirro is substance president carter is lyrical ice cream is goin in weezy veterans day raw rap rollin blastin in yo car type gangsta shit right above it number 1 on billboard bill gates cmon my nigga one of his best choruses we takin over verse one of his greatest look at me now crazy flow idk u could be right on that swagga like us verse u gotta pay attention to what he sayin forever good wordplay hustle hard remix ?

  • Junie

    @smh im 19 my nigga and i know hip hop and music i listen hard because im good listener and i know lyrics maybe if u would listen to the shit hes sayin then you would know you probably too dumb enough to understand and my opinion is my opinion i would trade hustle hard for playin with fire third verse and take out look at me now for the deathwish verse

  • smh

    its not imma good looking rapper, its called walk it off. that songs trash.
    3peats weak lyrics. lame wordplay
    mirror is pop as fuck
    ice cream is weak lyrics
    veterans day is nothing special
    rollin is straight garbage
    right above it is what 13 year old white girls listen to
    bill gates is not one of his best choruses, songs annoying, lyrics suck, hes bragging about his self, i dont care to hear niggas brag about their self when i listen to music.
    we takin over not a great verse, corny verse.
    look at me now, busta had a better flow, waynes lyrics sucked. 13 year old white girl music
    swagga like us, he sounded terrible, i listen to lyrics. he said “mami scream papi no mas, run up in your shit just me no ‘mas'” wack. my jewels blue and yellow..carmelo? wack.
    forever wack teenage girl music

  • Idiotsiswear

    Some of my favorite Wayne verses and song
    Rappa pom pom
    Weezy’s ambitions
    Ignorant shit
    Miss my dawgs
    Best rapper alive
    Holla at me baby
    Mo fire
    Hustlers muzik
    N.O. To N.Y.
    Block is hot
    Get off the corner
    Bonafide hustler
    Do my thang
    Best thing yet
    Sky is the limit
    Dough is what I got
    I’m me
    It’s me bitches

  • smh

    IDIOTSISWEAR Favorite Wayne verses and songs

    Rappa pom pom <– wack
    Weezy’s ambitions <– raw
    Ignorant shit <– good
    Fireman <– decent
    Miss my dawgs <– one of his best
    Best rapper alive <– good
    Holla at me baby <– wack
    Mo fire <– decent
    Hustlers muzik <– one of his best
    N.O. To N.Y. <– good, juelz is wack.
    Block is hot <– good
    Get off the corner <– good
    Bonafide hustler <– decent
    Do my thang <– wack
    Rewind <– decent, Hot Shit is better. "I pop up in the middle of the hot block, make the drop top play hop scotch, im home."

    Best thing yet <– decent
    Sky is the limit <– one of his best
    Dough is what I got <– good
    Gossip <– one his best
    I’m me <– one of his best
    It’s me bitches <– decent

  • smh

    make the drop top play hop scotch on them hoes*

  • Idiotsiswear

    Dr Carter
    I’m a beast
    Playing with fire
    Back on my grizzy
    Something you forgot
    No quitter go getta
    I told y’all
    Banned from tv
    Go dj
    Project chick
    Get ya shine on
    Neck of the woods
    Pop bottles
    Stuntin like my daddy
    We taking over (original and the one with him just spittin)
    Money on my mind
    I’m blooded
    Shootout (I think that’s the name the song he did over soulja boy beat him gudda and millz)
    Dick pleaser
    Ask them hoes

  • Idiotsiswear

    @smh I was finished though I’m think of songs off the top of my head so I missed a few and holla at me baby ain’t wack neither is juelz he just be on some bs sometimes just like Wayne rappa pom pom wasn’t wack neither was do my thang my list ain’t done though

  • smh


    Yes <– decent
    Dr Carter <– one of his best
    I’m a beast <– good
    Playing with fire <– decent
    Misunderstood <– decent
    Back on my grizzy <– one of his best
    Earthquake <– one of his best
    Something you forgot <– one of his best
    No quitter go getta <– one of his best
    I told y’all <– raw
    Banned from tv <– good
    Go dj <– good
    Project chick <– wack
    Get ya shine on <– raw
    Neck of the woods <– raw
    Pop bottles <– wack
    Stuntin like my daddy <– good
    We taking over (original and the one with him just spittin) <– original sucks, remix is decent

    Money on my mind <– one of his best
    I’m blooded <– one of his best
    Shootout (I think that’s the name the song he did over soulja boy beat him gudda and millz) <– wack
    Dick pleaser <– good
    Ask them hoes <– good

  • smh

    Idiotsiswear is pretty much on point with the real rap.

    Junie is pretty much clueless when it comes to real rap and trash.

  • Junie

    @smh my nigga who is u to tell me idk real rap im not just a wayne fan my dude u dont know what i listen too i respect ur opinion on ut fav songs u should do the same u dont know what i know nigga

  • Idiotsiswear

    Here’s some more

    I get high
    Grown man
    Hit EM up
    Carter II (the song)
    Fly in
    Tha mobb
    Lock & load

  • smh

    every song on tha carter 2 is pretty good

    tha carter 1s his best album tho as far as rap goes and lyrics.

  • smh

    Tha Carter 1 = Wayne’s best raps. but what he was rapping about doesnt really appeal to everyone. mostly hood niggas.

    Tha Carter 2 = Still good rap, still drug rap, but the songs appeal to more people than just hood niggas

    Like Father Like Son = Hood rap

    Tha Carter 3 = His most mainstream album. Good diversity in the songs though.

    Rebirth = Vocals are terrible, lyrics arent bad

    We Are Young Money = terrible. not album material, not even mixtape material.

    IANAHB = terrible. only dick riders would like that shit. (and little girls)

    Tha Carter 4 = terrible. only dick riders would like that shit. and little girls

  • Idiotsiswear

    I’m with whatever
    Mr Carter
    A milli
    Duffle bag boy (remix)
    Light up remix
    Oh no (from c2)
    Tie my hands

  • smh

    Wayne’s best mixtapes in order.

    Dedication 2
    Drought 3
    Dedication 1
    No Ceilings
    Dedication 3
    Drought 2
    Drought 1
    All the SQad mixtapes
    Sorry 4 the wait.

  • smh

    my fault put Lil Weezyana after the Prefix

  • smh


    I’m with whatever <– verse is from somewhere else, good tho
    Mr Carter <– decent
    A milli <– good
    Duffle bag boy (remix) <– good
    Drip <– good
    Light up remix <– one of his better verses of the last year or 2
    Oh no (from c2) <– good
    Tie my hands <– one of his best

  • Idiotsiswear

    I can’t remember the name of the song but the song where he dissed nas and gunit not louisianimal the song where he said “a vest can’t help the pump that I empty you gon really need a unit for this G”
    That joint with him spitta and remy ma
    Cash money millionaires

  • Idiotsiswear

    Oh no wasn’t good listen to it again shit was hot

    I play the bullshit from the backseat champ
    Yea I’m in the backseat still got the seat back
    Feet back stay from where the fake be at
    Niggas snitch for the shine where the patience at
    Nigga make his own brother face his back
    Give love and take it back
    Good grief man this world is quite heavy on my aching back
    Cops killing for crack you know the story snakes eat rats
    Face the facts you can’t change him can’t shoot it if you can’t aim it
    Can’t miss him if he kill you then you can’t blame him
    That’s just how the dice roll when you can’t fade him
    Get too deep up in that water and they can’t save ya
    Me I come out of that water like I was just bathing
    And watch my step on a wet pavement
    Yea I’m from the hood so I rep ’em where I can’t take em
    Holly Grove Holly Grove was his last statement
    So nigga get that look off your face
    And recognize you got a crook in the place
    They call me W-E-E crooked letter Y I’m so high
    I skeet skeet in any nigga dime like she’s mine
    Street sweeper in the back of the hatch make me pop the latch

  • Idiotsiswear

    Paradice was nice I just hate the autotune
    Drop the world no love
    Right above it (verses was bland nothing really hot but the beat and hook shit was hot it got a nice vibe to it)
    Up up and away
    That ain’t me
    Run this town
    Doa (shit had a few bars)
    Breaktime (joint with him and tyga he went off on it)

  • d.k

    this is the real wayne not that carter 4 shit

  • That Kid

    Favorite wayne verse/song/album:

    All of them motherfuckers.

    YMCMB. Wayne is the best rapper alive just stop hating & coming up with all this bullshit & leave like deadass bro

  • Delweezy

    Fav weezy songs


    Get em

    Dedication 2

    Back,on, my grizzy

    Nigga wit,money

    Dough,is what I got,


    Something you forgot,

    Pray to the,lord


    Oh lets do it

    Banned from tv


    Hustler muzik



    When they come for me

    La La La

    Ima beast


    Nightmares of the bottom


    could not agree more with yung money, he knows whats up

  • weezy’s best verse for me is on scared money ft young jeezy

  • WeezyFAN


  • waynes back 🙂 good song 🙂

  • georgiaboy87

    lmao @juine & @smh… i have so many favs ill half to make a top 100 or something like that with no number 1-10


    @smh & @idiotsiswear u fuckin retarded…..

  • Jc

    Man fuck you @smh and @idiotsiswear! Lol you guys are Makin me wanna just listen to all those songs again man those bring back some memories!

  • Matheo22

    Weezy from 2005 is so diffrent than Wayne from 2011 don’t You think so ?

  • nurse91

    i want to puke,sounds like shit,

  • Elliot

    twitter dot com slash model bubbles

  • GoWeezyGo

    You all must have forgot about “Steady Mobbin”. Also, Forever was epic. EVERYONE was listenin to that song. Right Above It was good. Playing With Fire was killer. Nightmares at the Bottom was deep. Probably one of my favorites.

  • Idiotsiswear

    I was trying to say steady mobbin and a few other songs but the comment wouldn’t post but nightmares of the bottom was not deep or hot it was complete trash he was just talking in a low voice shit sounds horrible his flow lyrics and delivery

  • Kali

    @smh shutup how u telling someone wats good and what nots good too THEM? thats your opinion your spitting as its a fact…anyways i like dis old wayne ish..but i still rock out with tunechii of 2011 either way

  • RJAY

    Listen to Tha Carter 4 again.It was amazing.the highlights were Nightmares of the Bottom,MIRRORS,President Carter,It’s Good,Novacane,and Abortion.How can u say Rebirth sucks when you dont accept rock?
    Some of yall say some songs suck because on what type of music hes making,which is ignorant.B rd cause lil wayne skates

  • Dwayne Jr

    im bouncing trough my room while listening