T-Pain – Bang Bang Pow Pow (Feat Lil Wayne) [No DJ]

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T-Pain Bang Bang Pow Pow Feat Lil Wayne

T-Pain grabs a verse from Lil Wayne for this T-Minus produced-track titled “Bang Bang Pow Pow” that will appear on Pain‘s rEVOLVEr album, dropping on December 6th. You can listen to the T-Wayne collabo below:

“Make that pussy pop like the gun I went to jail for”

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  • John


  • Lena

    cool 😀

  • Schlim

    Sick 2nd

  • Amurph

    Strait fire weezy!! T-Wayne!!!

  • donat

    5th T-Wayne

  • Amurph

    Hey Danny is there any word on the T-Wayne colab mixtape?

  • abdullah

    T-Wayne is the best hands down

  • young weezy

    tune best rapper alive man but man i really miss young weezy if u know what i mean ” real wayne fan (L)

  • Tommy

    ur the best wayne

  • Danny M. Don’t you got a compressed version to download? I’m not at a pc now and I won’t be at one tomorrow… So I’m looking for something small enough so-long in order for me to download it on my mobile? Let me know man.

  • Loco

    T pains voice is FUCKING ANNOYING

  • Lilduke1

    shit went hard nigga sayd ii tola midget bitch ii do it big, hippapotimus…howeva yu spell it lol

  • Waynefanbmore

    Wayne killed this just like every feature. I read people say wayne fell off all the time since jail. Hustle hard remix, motivation, sorry for the wait mixtape, look at me now. Need I say more?! Wayne a beast

  • zeezy

    The beat is dope but wayne’s verses aren’t. He lost his charisma after he got of the dro. All he has left now is recycled punch lines.

  • gshit

    That white bitch he with is bad as fuck

  • Dmac

    Bang Bang Pow Pow is trending on Twitter already…

  • wicked song:D

  • Strive4Knowledge

    Whatever Ep or Album Wayne drop next is going to be bonkers (HAM)! You can tell that he coming back to his comfort level to where he was automatic to kill ANYTHING! Plus he has a positive message to give so there’s no stopping him. “You can look into the future it’s right behind your eyelids…” Truth. Anyways “all these niggas sound like me that’s a compliment…” More truth.

  • Jon

    tpain’s voice: all i do is win and shit LMAOOO!!


  • vic

    wayne raped dat beat lol,,,,,i skipped tpain part and went straight to waynes part

  • weezyfan43ver

    this is T-Pain that i love 😀 :X

  • Nice.

    Good verse. Old laid back sound, and his punchlines hit hard.

    but i’ll forever miss this Weezy:

    “I think about you when im riding dirty,
    Said i love you before i left i hope you heard me,
    In case i never make it back i hope you heard me,
    And if you ever have twins name them bright and early,
    Cus im up for the money i hope you’re down with it,
    No this aint game but i can be found in it,
    And why be in it if im not gonna win it,
    So ill be playing til the last minute,
    You dont get it see that ground hurts when you hit it,
    I wouldnt lie baby, but fuck with me and youll forever fly baby”

  • Nice.

    @zeezy Fuck are you talking about? Not gonna lie, I usually criticize Wayne’s shit on here, but this was definitely a good verse.

    This is that old Wayne sound you dumb fuck. Wayne didn’t always yell on tracks. you’re thinking of 2007 and after, thats when wayne started yelling on tracks.

    Wayne has that 2005 sound on this verse. Gtfo talking about Wayne lost charisma..this verse is a good sign. Wayne was at his best around 2005.

  • Daknite

    they stole this beat again

  • Dear Lil Wayne…

    Can you be yourself once again & stop trying to make music for stupid gay kids.
    Get back on your 05-07, mixtape era, maybe 08, C3 era at least if you’re gon’ do Pop, but definetely 09, No Ceilings era.

    Bring Da Draught 3 flow, mixtape flow, Dedication 2 flow, C & C2 Flow.

    I’m just trying to help you out.

    I rather have you try to play a guitar than you trying to be a Tony Hawk, you wan’ be Tony Hawk? THEN GET BACK ON YOUR GRIND! You can skate but your a rapper, your Lil’ Wayne, don’t forget that.

    Please, I’m a fan of your music. I know you get on this page or probably paid Danny to do this page because they’re 1st for mostly everything of yours.

    Please, C4 was trash compared to your old work.

    Make more music, be the best rapper alive again or I WILL NIGGA.

    Just think what Jay-Z, your used to be hero or still hero, thinks of you now?

    The best is always ahead of tha rest.

    Keep it consistent like back then.

    Is Tupac or Biggie tha best now? No, back then yes & back then you were in your time.

    THIS IS NOW, 2011.

    Not 05-09.

    R.I.P. Weezy F. Baby, & yes I said tha baby.

    Damn, get your swag back & stop being stupid now. How could you not see, man look in tha mirror & then watch Stuntin’ Like My Daddy or Hustlers Muzik, & compare it to Look At Me Now or other trash you have now.

    Wayne on Drugs acted better than sober Wayne. Smh-__-

    Fan of Weezy F, not Lil Tunechi.

    & Yes I know they’re tha same people, before these niggas start saying dumb shit.

    It’s just your SO different now. I’m dissapointed because you did this to yourself.

    All that hardwork for you to end your career making music that is below your first music.

    Why Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, why?

  • @Dear Wayne Do you really think lil wayne reads this?
    ANYWAY Yes am I fan and I don’t think wayne fell off but I didn’t really like his verse on this song that much but it’s just my opinion.

  • youngmealticket

    yellow xanies… tonka toys
    to hard!

  • young CEO Cam Prince



  • georgiaboy87

    only thing missing in this video, is a video from T-wayne… YMCMB

  • strive4knowledge

    Confused fans and paid haters leave this site ASAP. No one wants to constantly hear about how you think Wayne fell off or about how he needs to act (stop skating bs). While hating you forgot one thing and that’s Wayne’s going to do him regardless of what one or even thousands of haters think. Also you are not going to persuade his fans that he is not the shit, stop wasting your time. BTW FIRE VERSE

  • @187Josh187

    Who would make a website about a person & constantly updated with pictures taken 2 inches away his face?

    Nigga stop dreaming & get real. This site is probably done for publicity.

  • @strive4knowledge

    Just like you had an opinion about my opinion, I’m giving Wayne my opinion. I’m not trying to persuade you nor any of y’all. & If you like this Verse then you really have to listen to Lil Wayne because this is shit compared to his old work & I haven’t even heard the verse yet.

    I’m not a confused fan. I’ve just been a fan since day one. Go jam out to lollipop & walk away with that dick up your ass.

    Quick to get ass hurt. I respond because you made an ignorant comment about me, instead of just commenting on Wayne.

    Fuckin’ Stan ass nigga. Also quick to defend Wayne.

  • young CEO Cam Prince

    Weezy F. Baby & the “F” is for fans on my dick. Uh.

  • strive4knowledge

    I’m sorry to everyone I disrespected. I just get soooo mad when people talk bad about Wayne. I said it myself, he’s the shit. Really he’s shit.

  • strive4knowledge

    Talking to all confused fans in GENERAL. So individuals don’t catch feelings…which means what I said really struck a nerve. Anyways since I was applied to directly let me just say I’m flattered that you took the time to respond although your comment was incoherent hot air. Are you really commenting to Wayne, like he has the time actually read every comment? If so, I’m need not to say anymore. And what is really simple of you is for you to say you haven’t even heard the verse yet, REALLY…. Some people’s comments need to be voided asap!

  • Hova


    •Explicit Content

    •OG Rated

    •Jay-Z is content which only people 18 years of age or older can listen to due to minors lack of knowledge & comprehension of Rap.

  • strive4knowledge

    Idiot don’t act as if you’re me. My icon stays the same. Anyways confused fans tickle me (funny). I’m out no time for childish games. BTW THIS WAS A FIRE VERSE!

  • Wtf?

    That nigga strive4knowledge really is getting mad & taking his time to respond with anger through the web because they talked wrong about Wayne.

    Big Sean Voice: Whoa There!

    Finally Famous over Err’thang.

  • strive4knowledge

    Im confused? Lol:). Didn’t I just apologize? I should stop taking my daily dose of Wayne’s Dick’s sperm.

  • strive4knowledge

    Tickle me more people, I love getting tickled.

  • Real







  • Idiotsiswear

    Wayne could mumble on a song and you niggas would still say he killed it smfh stop buffing lumber that’s the reason he sucks because you stans buy that garbage so he sticks with what sells Wayne does not kill every feature stop saying he does

  • fuck danny

    Fuck you Danny, let me express my opinion & go back to sucking Wayne’s dick.

  • mike smith


  • mike smith

    these are my fav rappers #1-10 get at me on how u feel about them
    1. Lil B
    2. Soulja Boy
    3. Chris Brown
    4. Birdman
    5. Lil Wayne
    6. Gucci Mane
    7. Mac Miller
    8. waka Flocka Flame
    9. Kanye West
    10. Drake

  • young CEO Cam Prince

    @mike smith

    you were probably born in 1997 or something.

    Chris Brown is not a rapper either.

  • Leah

    Love this song! Lil Wayne never fails to amaze me, his verse is always the best on any song he features on.

  • mr boston

    lmfao at erbody tonite yall funny as hell i gotta admit wayne rhymes has been garbage lately but this the best he’s been in a long while like i said it’s crazy that i carry myself wit swag now cause of guys like wayne but now he carrying himself like a nerdy whiteboy that i use to be lol dat shit cray (in jay-z voice) but the song ok better then the shit we been getting @idiotsiswear i agree some fans ova the top like cheerleaders to everything wayne does and ima true weezy fan but really ppl stop cosigning to everything alot of trash been coming from him and yall still saying it’s great i give props where there due and this is 1 outta like 20 of his last post somethings wrong wit that. im just saying i listen to squad up and some otha older mixtapes today while i blazed and wow he still on top of billboards but wut happpen to the lyrics? lol some of the stuff he say now i say similiar things in cyphers with my friends and we suck come on now wayne u better then that

  • Y U MAD

    He snapped on some 06 07 shit. Hater we see you…. bow down and kiss the ring. Hail to the king Lil Wayne… the rest are not kings, just joker cards ha

  • hahaha

    i just wanna say, i feel honored that i woke up all the ppl on this site.

    i promise i was the first one that started criticizing waynes shit on this site.
    feels like i created an army. everyone is starting to realize wayne sucks now.

    i remember i was the only dude on here keeping it real, now im seeing like 10 motherfuckers on every post saying the same shit i used to say.

    “wayne fell off” “wayne dont got it no more”

    shout out to all of you. i shall remain anonymous tho. but i must take credit for this movement.

  • damn this song is on fire 🙂 this song i sick 🙂 i love waynes verse 🙂

  • georgiaboy87

    ok people there’s enough of lil wayne to go around (no homo) but listen
    wayne has thousands upon thousands of songs so listen to the ones you like then
    squad up/pre fix wayne
    remix wayne
    mixtape wayne
    rock wayne
    singing wayne
    r&b wayne
    carter 1&2 wayne
    carter 3 wayne
    carter 4 wayne
    martian wayne
    feature wayne

  • georgiaboy87

    my point for doing this is that lil wayne has so many fans so he makes music for all of them so dont just hateon wayne all you gotta do is listen to what wayne music fits you the best & if you are a true wayne fan then you’ll like all of it

  • Wayne kill everything he get on , he say what he suppose to say on every beat rapper alive!

  • mr boston

    you don’t gotta be a true wayne fan and like everything he put out i disagree with that hard but i do agree with the fact his music fit everybody @georgiaboy87 that was the best point but u gotta admit some of the shit he do and say have u scratching yo head, wut annoy’s me is he sometimey if that make sense i know it’s not a word but i mean he pick and choose’s when to kill it, and when to say anything fucking thing cause im lil wayne and the people gonna love it regardless, that’s the main reason why his music went down hill c4 didn’t deserve to to sell 1million copies first week lyrically speaking, but cause it’s wayne and true fans suppose to support him no matter what we made it happen which is cool but he giving the trash talkers up here a argument by the way he dressing, the skating, the awful music these r facts that’s why the so called haters hate cause look at the post he giving them reasons anyway im fucking with weezy thru the up’s and down’sim just saying ppl fan cards shouldn’t be pulled cause of there opinions if there true comments

  • Julian

    Ok the song is ite at best but the song drake ft lil Wayne Hyfr that’s knocking I think it’s mixtape time weezy throw all yur haters away nd fuck the game up a bit more give them more reason to hate nd kill a mixtape for these niggas plus that’s what the game and the street is asking for in the meantime in between time


    @hova fuck you jay-z sucks were not gay-z fansite.wayne>gay-z fuck off

  • Tinaphoo

    wayne is so sexy always dose his thing!!!

  • Weezy fucking baby, Get ’em a leash
    Young money Dipset you better believe
    That gun got me walking like I got irregular knees
    I be all over the bread like sesomi seeds
    Auto-matic with the money like Reggi for 3 (laughing)
    Big birds no Sesame Street, Bitch!
    I’m to clean they ain’t messing with me
    I’m just trying to see my decimals speak
    Now these niggas just lighter then some vegetable meat(OK)
    These niggas sweet like a taheshin treat (OK)
    They say I’m full of hot air then I release the heat
    Split a nigga from his teeth to feet (Damn)
    Know what I’m talking about
    I’m kinda mean like Keak the Sneak
    I go dollar for dollar, week for week (Yeah)
    And Birdman said you niggas is bitches
    So that mean you niggas is bitches

  • flystealth

    You niggas shut the fuck up!

    Weeeezy flyinstealth!

  • ryan

    who is that girl?

  • varro

    People who say “this makes me miss the old Wayne” are F#k!nn stupid!!
    This sounds like Weezy F.
    So don’t say you don’t like “@liltunechi”

    -Secret Name FUkk3rs!, Much love to the fans-

  • Nahh

    Watch the throne/my beautiful dark twisted fantasy>>>>>> I am not a human being/rebirth/sorry for the wait/carter 4.
    Kanye in 2010-2011>>>Wayne post jail

  • Dylan Stimeling

    this verse is sick wayne kills everything! it really sucks for the haters who cant realize it its a shame really….. Weezy is the Best Rapper Alive!

  • @nah Wayne’s the best rapper alive, fuck ur bitch ass opinion, u would be able 2 compare Wayne’s album 2 gay z nd kanye’s albums when those two bitches hit a first week platinum sale, cus their entire albums hasn’t gotten dat far yet, plus c4 is surely d album of d year selling a milli first week it actually did d numbers jay/ye couldn’t do in 5 months in 1 week, i’m not a human being was the only album (after 2pac’s album) to top the billboard while d rapper was incercerated nd rebirth’s a rock album nd d best of it kind.

  • @nahh sorry 4 d wait is a fucking mixtape nt an album fool, nd it’s actually d most downloaded mixtape so far in 2011.

  • BEST SONG dudde t-wayne we back yeah weezy f bb and drake best rapper alive

  • to all wayne fans forget about the haters let them say what they want.i really think this verse was great so dont take what others say let them say what they want and just dont reply

  • Everybody better listen to @F.E.M that man be speaking some gospel shit, and damn no matter what kind of verse Wayne lays down there’s always hater’s damn. Even when every music critic is raving about how damn good this track is (specially Wayne’s verse) there will always be a hater, I’m sure ya’ll getting paid by those other rappers, who are angry coz Wayne always be stealing their shine and time and time again being nominated and winning more awards than them not to mention the records his been breaking this year! Weezy F baby for life. Fuck the paid haters you can all die a slow death.


    birdmans album got no cover and he says nothing about the official release date only 22.nov. t-pain should less use the autotune. overall this is a very good song.

  • mr boston

    smh come on yall why ppl still still comparing jay-z and wayne they two different rappers with two different styles i like em both because i like music but isn’t it a lil hipicritacal to call some one a hater when ppl keep saying gay-z lol then yall hating on him too im just saying yall kill dat topic who ppl think is better is a opinion these r facts wayne sold a mill first week twice fact, jay-z got more platium records fact, since jay-z retired wayne took ova as top dog fact, before jay-z retired he was top dog ova a decade fact, ymcmb biggest group in the game fact, the roc biggest group in the game for a decade fact, jay-z has the biggest urban clothing line eva fact, wayne changed the way ppl dress now fact, jay-z has beyounce fact, wayne has dhea fact, jay-z owes part of the nets and moving to them to brooklyn fact, wayne is a laker fan dat goes to heat games fact, wayne killing the game easily fact, even with all wayne’s accomplishments he’ll neva touch jay-z bank account fact point for me doing this is there both hot and if you wanna argue who’s better use some facts i fuck with them both and could care less im just saying don’t ignore that wut wayne doing jay-z been there and done that

  • georgiaboy87

    the gay-z lover above me got shit twisted jay never did what wayne did nor did he ever dominate the rap game he was just a hero to up north niggas + the money he made was not from the rap game nobody buys his clothes

  • georgiaboy87

    them number one albums he had were because he dropped them when nobody else major was dropping a album plus his first week sales sucked ass wayne c4 did in one week it would take 8 or 9 of his albums to do in together in a week

  • georgiaboy87

    idk what the nets go to do with music nut jay only own a small percent of the nets he only was able to buy that share becuase they been having fucked up seasons like wining 12 games or was it 16 games as far as im concern they are worth dirt cheap comapered to the lakers or miami lebron didnt even wanna go up to that sorry as place

  • @mr boston Jayz only got more money because he’s way older than Wayne, he’s got other business aside music, (Wayne makes more money off music than Jayz) nd Jayz is deep into d freemason shit (illuminati). It’s been said dat those satanic people actually support him wit about 20million every year.

  • georgiaboy87

    wayne knows more nba/nfl players personaly than jay cause he only know lebron & lebron is not fucking with him like that…. lil wayne accomplished more stuff than jay will ever do in his music career money wise if wayne choose to do a clothing line start a club then he will have money like that in no time but wayne is the highest & most payed rapper ever in history he makes the most when it comes to music & he’s on 29 not 42

  • @mr boston Plus there are many things dat Wayne’s done dat Jayz would neva do. Wayne’s got platinum 1st week sald twice, Jayz hasn’t gotten dat once nd he will neva get it, Wayne has 62 hits on billboard hot hundred Jayz will neva get 2 dat, Wayne’s breaking records dat Jayz can only dream of, nd dem other hiphop artist fancy Wayne more dats why they always got him featured in their songs, they know dat he has d potential 2 put dem up d billboard. Jayz has only been featured once in two years nd dat was on his own artist song (mr nice watch 4rm J.cole)

  • @mr boston Wayne’s also fucked more pussies in his 29 years on earth, dan Jayz would eva fuck in his lifetime. Ha! Ha!

  • WeezyFAN

    @mike smith your a fuckin idiot thats the worst list ive ever seen, lil b is your favorite rapper? u fuckin serious he’s complete trash and so is soulja boy lmao

  • ~KRAZY~


  • dev geezy

    Wayne & T-pain str8 jacked that beat from Starlito a.k.a. Allstar & Don Trip StepBrothers “Pray For Me”. & who is Wayne referring to by saying,”You ain’t a king, you a joker card”? Also when he said “You taking money from the church like the altar boi”. Sounds to me he’s talking bout Lito#Animosity

  • NY Kiddd

    “I go so hard they call me go so hard.” SMH

  • Dun Know

    @ Danny M. Who tha braud with wayne in tha pic?

  • Weezy wonka’s first and only oompa loompa

    i love weezy f. baby( please say the baby!) i cant wait till i get a car so i can come to his concerts in the atl. I so love him and am proud to be the one and ONLY weezy wonka’s oompa loompa!!!!!

  • that girl in the pic is me.