Pictures: Lil Wayne Attends Los Angeles Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls Game [Updated]

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Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls Game

Check out these photos of Lil Wayne attending the Los Angeles Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls game today at the Staples Center in LA. Weezy, who is wearing a leopard jacket, can be seen sitting with his girlfriend Dhea and also talking to Kanye West.

Updated with more pics after the jump below!

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls Game

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls Game

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls Game

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls Game

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls Game

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls Game

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls Game

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls Game

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls Game

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls Game

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls Game

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls Game

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls Game

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls Game

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls Game

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls Game

Pictures Of Lil Wayne Attending Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls Game

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  • alex

    first !!!!!!

  • Angie


  • Angie

    is it true that Weezy married Dhea ? ; O

  • walkman

    look at the god damn size of waynes boots, damnnnnnn

  • weezy’s all about his sports.

  • TheCarter

    Man, wayne`s swag is going down fassst

  • WeezleFlow

    good that kanye and wayne isnt beefin since Jay n Weezy got something going on.

  • Lol at Kanye checking Weezy’s swag in the first pic

  • Rampage

    He should have gone with the Bulls hat! Bulls baby! D-Rose with that clutch shot! All day!!

  • Alice in Wonderland

    You look good, you should lose the … Lolz Naw jk ya’ll r a goodlooking couple….. πŸ™‚ i’m proud of You! WfB. <3

  • junie

    I Dont think theres any beef between jay and wayne i mean wayne has a jay z verse from the song lucky me tatted on his leg so its not like he has anomosaty towards the man he idolizes hip hop is all about competition and thats what that was about

  • Sistagurl38

    no he’s not married to Dhea

  • joey

    now wayne is weaaring rain boots and a cheetah jacket…

  • Laney

    Air Yeezy 2s!

  • He must b high af wearing snowboard boots to a ball game.

  • James

    They are doin a non traditional marriage!

  • Swisha

    I wonder what the hell kanye & weezy are talking about lol

  • marlon790

    i fucking hate those dumb ass boots weezy wear

  • Oksana

    Weezy’s cloths are damn dope. Love it.

  • Jarvis

    @swisha I think they might be talking bout baby money

  • Really?

    Lol at the people on here saying there isn’t any beef..

    I’m a grown ass man with a fiancΓ© and a kid. If another grown ass man threatened to kidnap my girlfriend I’d be going toe to toe with him.

    You don’t just say some shit like that and expect there to be no animosity.

  • Jason704

    Not feeling that outfit haha

  • santiago

    Lool Weezy, you are crazy!

  • dropthatchick

    Ever since he’s been with that girl his swag and music haven’t been on point..

  • Davee

    I just bought the same shades that Weezy wears in MTV Unplugged…So Dope!

  • 187JoshM187

    Whys everyone saying his swag is going down hill? Just because he doesn’t dress like how the rest of the world dick rides each other he doesn’t have swag? Anyone who dresses like millions of other people have no swag or originality at all. Point blank.

  • AWC

    Tune didn’t marry dhea…just GF…..Tuning me on

  • Y U MAD

    Kanye looks shooked in the picture, but i never had problem with dude though, he had Wayne on his 2 albums… he just getting roasted for being with Jay Z! I know Jay Z regrets dissing Birdman and Lil Wayne… Lil Wayne is now too popular and powerful to take down without a big fihgt! YMCMB the life

  • I aint hatin but mann fuck those shoes Weezy has on.Camoe shorts don goo wit those shoes.)

  • zeezy

    Is this nigga reallly wearing snow boots in LA?! LOL that shit cray.

  • That’s what they agreed on: Fuck dat Watch The Throne n YMCMB shit, lets do somethin crazier than ever, we’re the two best punchliners in the game. hahah

  • lil tunechi

    SNOWMAN REMZ and YUNG TALLE mixtape out now! The hype in london is crazy abou them!


    Free download :

  • Jays

    For me, i cant think of a person in the world with a swagger as horrible as Wayne right now.. And he used to be the coolest guy on earth

  • weezz

    who won?

  • i like that!!!!!!!!!


    who won?

  • AllieRaeTunechi

    omggg i wishh i was Dhea!! ): i wanna know what it feel like to be lil waynes girlfriend!!!

  • Bob

    Chicago won

  • wtf! im a huge weezy fan but that snow boots of wacky as hell. but what i’m really happy about is seeing weezy and k.yeezy together . and i’ll appreciate if they work together agin really soon.#YMCMB

  • dread

    All this talk about his swagger or “choice of clothing is wasted…little Wayne just likes to look pretty. So all u knockoff Wayne stans / annes don’t be surprised if he starts crossdressing :0

  • Rem111

    Those Boots are fckn A W E S O M E! … no I’m just kidding πŸ™‚

  • WTF..!!
    HE’s crazyyyy
    just YMCMB..

  • drizzyNweezyFB

    somebody needs to dress this man i swear lol

  • Yall idiots be talking about a niggas shoe all day, dats kinda pathetic though.

  • U fools be talking about a niggas shoe all day, dats really pathetic though, u bitches should really get those feeling off yall.

  • Renmaster

    Who won?

  • ctwins3644

    he looks worse and worse everytime you post pictures of him…looks like a 5 year old dressed him

  • hollow

    fuckeminem yo fuckeminem

  • SuckMyClipJoeB

    weezy got dope shoes. jay-z scared LOL

  • ImARealist

    The higher you get, the more homosexual you get.

  • SuckMyClipJoeB

    is jay-z scared someone answer me? :D:D:D:D

  • William Wayne

    Birdman should learn to him how to dress up and should fuck him pussy ass stylish marrissa or whatever she is

  • SuckMyClipJoeB

    @William Wayne jay-z should learn kanye west how to dress next time we see jay-z and kanye west with Scottish skirts or with leather πŸ˜€ that would be nice

  • truth

    Slim shady is the only mainstream hiphop ARTIST that hasn’t sold out. He is the best rapper alive and if u hate him its Prolly cuz u haven’t listened to one of his albums straight thru. However I don’t expect gas ass annes or brainless wayniacs to understand this.
    Tunechi! Baby! Cuchi! Coo!

  • Babymoney

    Wel wzy m’fker has gat the hardest punchlines,whether o not he’s playin w mr bey. Ay ppl, lil is so on top of th game & he cnt see pussyass niggaz from there, evn yzy knows:… “talk abt poorswag, i gat your…”

  • I think dhea is getting wayne off track every since they been 2gether then his music been kinda slipping its not bcause he is sobor its her bitch ass

  • SuckMyClipJoeB

    @truth how eminem is not soult out dumbass…?-…-

  • Chris

    How has shady not sold out when he had 2 motherfucking commercials that featured him in it at the super bowl. Do you even know what ‘sold out” means? It means doing shit for money and only that. Wayne WORKS, and because he works, making multiple tracks, he gets money. HE is the one that has never once sold out buddy. get some knowledge before you speak.

    Also, wayne is wearing snow boarding boots. i swear half you people are idiots. If that’s not swag… that what the fuck is. Name another rapper who could pull that off. …..


  • Dhea is luking fuckin sexyy!
    She’s a sexy bitch.. πŸ˜‰

  • belen

    Dhea is really ugly … not even dress well to go out (makeup and clothes) and that hair … and that was her boyfriend who makes millions … wayne … sorry for that at least demonstrates that this with the money.

  • nanz

    yea so….weezy GOT SWAG…so he might be tired she tired ..he say shoo i wanna be comfortable.. he picks whatever to wear and it works!!!
    yea so..i think him and dhea should have a baby…..

  • Dylan$timeling

    I think everybody needs to stop hatin on waynes swag its unique and i think everyone is just jealous cuz they know they couldnt pull it off no one else could but weezy f the best!

  • Kyle

    Only Wayne can wear the shit he does, his outfit would ten times better if he wore some sneakers.

  • Connor

    wayne just likes being different by having his own trend. thats what i love about him

  • truth

    Tru eminem makes money and has don commercials… so what? He doesnt use atuotune or sign was ass “artists” to a fake label. He is an entertainer so just cuz u saw him in a commercial doesn’t mean he sold out it means he’s the best haha

  • Idiotsiswear

    Either he’s trying to ruin his career or maybe he’s doing all of this for attention since he’s not getting that much or maybe he’s doing this to see if you stans are going to follow him wasn’t that the point of his psa I’m mean really though? Ski boats cheetah or leopard what ever print hoody and camo shorts? Did he shop in the salvation army? Did he find this shit in the lost and found WTF y’all call this swag? Yea it’s unique but that doesn’t mean it looks good and f.e.m shut ya gay ass up

  • my baby wearin sum big ol shoes still lookin sexy as always >:)



  • truth



    fuckeminem & shady records


    yet i can hate on your fag rappers

  • dread

    Weezy is only dressing like that cuz he fell off. No other explanation needed, his career has nothing to do with it I mean he can’t hang in the game anymore his own label murks him and we all know it’ll b five years at least b4 another carter album. So unless trukfit somehow money or weezy learns how to invest intelligently id say his career is pretty much ghostbuster. Buts the annes (aka fag fans) will always think he is the best hiphop “artist” or something


    ye i think eminem sucks with his cock voice 3-4 years for a album fuckin crackhead. fag label shady homo records


    ah the cover of the single ” mirror ” is out.

  • Darren

    Dis nigga Lil Wayne on some other shit with these boots he been wearin im thinkin bout buyin Trukfit but how he been dressin lately I hope it dont be whack

  • SuckMyClipJoeB

    @fuckeminem i agree eminem sucks

  • Lil rapper

    Weezy looks hot wit d jacket buh fuckin wit d boots ,nice! fuckin like it,i guess him and jay are nt dat bad.

  • PeachessTunechi

    – i lovee lil wayneee ( :

  • PeachessTunechi

    – i lovee lil waynee ( :

  • fuckall

    weezy got swag more than the most rappers (eminem) wears like a prostitute

  • I thoughts this two Dudes Hate their self very Much damn !!!


    @lil trazzey its just jay-zs & waynes beef not kanyes lol theyre cool

  • YMOB

    hahaa wayne and kanye west look like they are having a serious discussion about jay-z

  • Loco


  • nuewz

    i love my weezy…only God knows
    they make such a beautiful couple..God bless them
    take care of her weezy…she seems like a beautiful soul

  • mahn wayne you missed to wear Santa Clause uniform .


    the 4th pic kanye looks like he has no soul the devil himself..

  • Xicano101

    You guys are fucking idiots. It’s his life, he can do whatever the hell he wants with it. I’m pretty sure with artists like NIcki, Drake, and Tyga; he can do whatever he wants. You could deny that they are good but you can’t deny that sell, and make millions. Honestly if you’re coming here to talk shit about Wayne, that’s no different than going onto youtube and listening to a song you hate just to talk shit. People hate that. Eminem can’t touch Wayne’s money, all he has is Yelawolf, and hasn’t done very much this year at all. Does Eminmem even make mixtapes? And the Best Rapper Alive? Remember when Wayne swept the Grammys? Haha I do.

  • @bootylitious1

    I adore Weezy! He lOoks FAB! Lol. Only he cud pull that look off! Had soooo much fun when he performed in South-Africa! He wore sum killar leopard print pants2! Muchhhh love


    @Xicano101 agree 100% who put about 20 official & unoffical mixtapes!!!! WEEZY.
    he drops so much songs if he wouldnt drop mixtapes his all albums would be 100x better than actual.he need weed for more creativity because he 2008 da drought 3 was his peak but not his full limit

  • 187JoshM187

    Everyones tryna diss when just because he doesn’t dress like EVERYBODY ELSE THAT DICK RIDES JORDANS/POLO’S ON THIS PLANET and half of you can’t even afford 10 pairs of jordans anyway so idk why you guys trying to hate on “swag”. He does have swag, he just doesn’t dress like the rest of you fuck niggas.


    each human is individual…so is wayne too now stfu u bunch of fuckin horseriders!!

  • joey

    wayne is wearing snowboard boots…

  • I love his cheetah jacket!
    swagga on a million thats rite …..
    buh the shoe ummm too much weezy …
    if jay-z and kaney hav watch the throne
    weezy and eminem will hav watch the billion record πŸ˜›

  • blackhero

    Alott of y’all are just plain lame. Gotta 100 comments about how you hate his clothes. Man Wayne & the rest of us dnt give a damn about what y’all dnt like about waynes clothes. He’s out their happy with his girl. Making great music & wearing what the heck he wants. While most of y’all crying about what he got on. Wayne is a free spirited man. He does what he wants. Deal with people. And @fuckeminem. Dude we dont care if you like or dislike. Love em or hate him. Dude Eminen has a twitter go their and talk about him. This ain’t the place for that. There are young kids on this. web site reading what y’all say.

  • Xmeromaldito

    I can’t believe Weezy is one of the riches rappers right now but at the same time he needs to learn how to dress nice because the way he dresses is wack…he looks like a Christmas tree with all those colors…”Weezy….Find somebody to help U dress better” .u got money man…..

  • Wayniac

    1. Dhea barely wears make-up,& she looks waaaay better than all of u broke bitches with shit loads of make-up on. She’s beautiful!
    2. Wayne is one of the few people that don’t dickride the entire fucking world. He wears snow boots, jeggings and all that, but you know damn well that your ass is going to be standing in line for a pair of what he wears
    3. Also he has an amazing fucking swag, when he started wearing skinny jeans y’all were like msdjfmsfjmqjfdjlm, but you were wearing them too so shut up
    4. Don’t start about when he was peaking cuz bitch your now witnessing his peak #sitbackandenjoy
    5. You eminem stans piss the fuck out of me, you know what if u wanna listen to his depressed ass then fucking go nobody is freaking stopping you; but don’t come and hate on weezy atleast he is freaking enjoying his succes, when em won best rap album his ass was waay too depressed to even smile a bit SMDH
    6. WAYNIACS LOVE YOU WEEZY !! Him & Dhea look very cute, like a real beautiful couple

  • Some idiots been commenting on a niggas shoes 4 d past two days now, how pathetic, don’t yall got something better 2 do wit ur time? nd @dread try nd hang ur’self bitch, please do it 4 d sake of d internet.

  • dread

    Oh amazing… they cropped daya out of the picture and then uncropped her back in. Wow what would the world do without ymcmb?

  • Lilmetri


  • Exquisite

    Great pics… Wayne & his girlfriend don’t look very happy with each other though…

  • Etiennechi

    Totally agree with Wayniac, everybody was like fuck skinny jeans. Now everybody is wearing skinny jeans.

  • Weeeezaaay

    I don’t like those weird snow boots, it just looks weird!

  • Weezyfan

    He could have a best girlfriend…(L

  • kcal3

    swag is wearing that skateboard necklace

  • dread

    Haha im loven all the hate right now

  • Weezy

    He wearing those snow boots because he tired of walking over all the shit Uu be talking about him. When Kanye wears ballerina shoes thats okay cause they some LV right? Well wayne aint a homo and he done wearing chuck taylors or vans,, The nigga rich, let him show you just how rich he is

  • holy sh-t, look at weezy’s shoes. DDDDAAAMMMMNNN

  • Manny
  • YoungTune

    i love him, but his clothing….fuckin’ shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit

  • raw.

    man the snowboots actually look cool.
    Hard for anyone not a star to pull it off though

  • dread

    I bet he’d bust his ass trying to snowboard in those ehood exspensive SNOWBOARDING boots. And it wouldn’t be in a good way cuz its not the same as skating and he can hardly ride a skateboard anyways.

  • dread

    Does anyone know y he’ll beef with somebody on a record then pose for pictures with them later?

  • Shelby Starr

    haha wayne and dhea look super stoned….fuck dhea btw

  • Shelby Starr

    @dread he isnt beefing with kanye. hes beefing with jayz.

  • maafak ya’l pussies who hatin on Em..yu gata dick to hop up on..erry nigga in the game gat hiz own style n yu kant denie t Em kills t..Wayne too..yu hatin on a guy as f yu mean nythng to tha fukin woirld kill yoself

  • elle

    twitter dot com slash model bubbles
    twitter dot com slash Iceey the model

  • Jaime

    I like Dhea, she looks good without make up.

    also wtf is everybody so mad about ? his clothing ? lol I just learned to accept that Lil Wayne dresses weird, its not a big deal.


    @xydneydolz fuckeminem boy

  • haha nigga cut yo stick n fuk yoself widit..fukin hater

  • weezy f baby greatest rapper alive……followme @ifeniyi on twitter

  • Riley

    I understand about the whole not wearing makeup thing. For crying out loud, she’s at a BASKETBALL game. Why should she get glammed up like she did for Nae Nae’s party to go to a basketball game. I’d wanna be comfortable. She seems like a cool chick who is really in love with Wayne and we Weezy fans just want him to be happy.

  • sck89

    I’m a Weezy fan but I can’t take thiz anymore.. C’mon look at Baby and learn how to swag.. Its good to be different but that difference cannot make u look like a clown.. Get ur swag back to ya music level.. Love Weezy but Fuck his swag.. give us D4

  • Weezy with West that’s dope

  • Where can i get a pair of those boots

  • gabi21

    where this lil wayne back there went?

  • I love how everyone is just hating on him for what he wears.. like the dude has money to blow and spend on whatever and whoever he wants why the fuck do you people insist on taking the time to write hate mail. Maybe you have something wrong with yourself. This isn’t a Eminem blog/forum/website.. why the fuck are we mentioning him? Eminems depressed ass needs to just stop rapping all together. #YMCMB #BestRapperAlive #Weezy

  • enrique

    Sick hoodie! Anyone know what brand it is??

  • ..

    There Is No Competition 3 mixtape by fabolous goes too hard, has some punchlines that remind me of the pre-jail Wayne

  • Lol niggas been on Wayne’s dick 4 d past four days nw, debating on d shoe a nigga’s wearing, that’s a bunch of dickriding though 4 real.

  • dread rasta nigga

    ^wbat up Stanley?

  • tonyboscoe

    He needs to give that sweater back to his girlfriend.

  • Da chris

    I like those fucken boot, wayne your the best man, even the couple I like it…. All you do is win. Weezy…

  • Jaye

    Dhea is cute as fuck πŸ™‚ Good Look Tune.

  • mikel a

    Kanye and Wayne r probly talking about how r going to trash Wayne’s fashion but fuck there making money


    Ride on you like Shaun White.

  • itsweezybaby

    Dhea’s hot as fuck…finally feeling the boots…i guess it grows on you

  • Omq ! Hiis qf putss the Uq iin Uqly

  • bakhai

    I just love weeeezyyyyy…

  • steph

    why are u talkin about his style all the fucking time?
    just get over it, it would be boring if every single rapper had the same fucking style

    weezy got swag, and if you dont feel his style, then “sorry for u” cuz i can feel it! ^^

    weezy looks good, and he seems happy with Dhea! πŸ˜€


  • Adrianna

    Well When I Look At All These Comments You People Always Critisizing Someone By Their Apperance Look In The Mirror A Critisize Yourself Before You Do To Others ! I’m Fan Of Lil Wayne Snd U Support Everything He Do , And This Page Isn’t Called Judge Lil Wayne , It’s A Darn Fan Page And I Don’t Wanna See You Haters Hating On Him ! #RealLilWayneFan . If You Got Anything To Say To Me Direct A Message To Me At

  • TupacForeverr

    All these bitch niggas and bitches saying why you gotta judge his appearance, hes different so just bc hes dressing like a woman now its swag?? blah blah fuck outta here maybe if this so called blood dressed like what he claims he is and not a fucking female and been looking like a fucking clown ever since he been out there would be no gossip about it period. when your the coolest and best swag like he was before jail changed him into lil bitch there was no gossip member? bc there wasnt anything to talk about he was somewhat normal. when you change like obviously hes showing yall suckas and bustas cleary and yall still saying swag this swag that. faggots get real let the truth be known and stop whinging and crying bc everones clearly aaware hes in the closet and kindergarden rhymes hes done fell off and you faggots just cant stand to see your weezy baby bitch ass getting criticized. you dont get criticized for nothing fuck. bye bitch niggas fuck if you like the truth bc the truth hurts keep crying bitches. Outlaws forever bitch

  • You know it’s amazing after everything Tha Carter IV/Lil Wayne had to deal with (the hate, and negative reviews of a pretty solid album) he still manages to sell 50k a week after 5months on the salves! Damn no matter what you can’t hate on that. Only real greats manage to do that… E.g Eminem – The Slim Shady LP (and that was when it wasn’t so easy to bootleg shit) I can give more names but just putting Eminem there proves enough. So I say Weezy fans let the haters hate, they’ll never be able to stop Wayne and his power and influence in the rap game!

  • @ Tu-pac for. First of all u should eat a fat dick u faggot elicit motherfucker. Wayne’s been d hottest nigga in d rap game 4 a long time nw, nd he’s pratically better than Tu-pac. U should get dat dead man dick off ur mouth bitch, d smell’s gonna kill u soon.

  • TupacForeverr

    @F.E.M. haha bitch get off my nuts and you said he’s practically better than him key words practically you dumb bitch go die. They arnt even comparable tupac is hip hop lmaorotf how dare you disrespect the greatest of all time? go jump off a bridge you pussy. Go do some research before you open your mouth and learn how to spell fuck face. Wayne has a video admitting he wants to be like pac but his elementary punchlines aint even close hahaha bitch lick my sack you hurt bc i talked about your man? lmao go die you lil bitch tryna defend a grown ass cross dressing fake blood its ok bro come out the closet anytime you fucking faggot.

  • @Tu-pac for. Lol dis she-male’s really pathetic, directing his long shitty comment at me as if i get 2 read them though, real niggas like us aint got time 4 bitches like u, we only make out time 2 attend ur funerals.

  • Anytime 2pac’s being mentioned, niggas be quick 2 say dats a thug men, dats d real nigga nd shit like dat, they forget he had songs wit Elton John nd Will-Smith (certified gays) he also got murdered by a dis-heartening 18 year old kid (called Anderson) nw tell me wats real about dat.

  • JDaKingman

    Why are there so many comments?

  • flystealth

    Dannys gone AWOL AGAIN!

    Websites deaaad!

    Weeeezy flyinstealth!

  • Birdman jwz

    im a white boy


    @tupac 2pac was fake blood/ thug. DJ pooh wrote 2pacs most songs….

  • MC

    Weezy’s clothes are shit, Weezy’s voice is pussy shit

  • Y U MAD

    Hov’s ego must be hurt really bad after Lil Wayne dissed him and refused to acknowledge listening to WWT and then this… bow down Hov before Weezy take you out….

  • dread rasta nigga

    Wtf 2pacs random ass is harassing everyone now. What a bitch, Wayne has some gay ass dickeiders

  • Well i think my weezy baby looks great.
    Hugs and kiss, Wayne.<333

  • YMCMB_Fan

    Wayne plz stop wearing those werid ass boots…its not swag at all >_>…

  • Adrianna Robinson

    Uhhm , TupacForeverr Okay Let Him Dress The way He Want To , If Its Like A Man Or Woman , What Yhu Worried Bout It For ? And Dam Rite I Will Defend Him Til The Day I Leave This Earth ! TupacForeverr Yhu Always Got Some To Say Bout Every Comment , Sit Your Ugly Narrow Ass Down Somewhere And STOP Hatinq On Lil Wayne And Get Some Pussy Or Dick Which Ever One Yhu Perfer . Like I Said Lil Wayne Will Be Him Until He Die Fuck What Anyone Has To Say Bout Him Because He Gettinq Money And Yhu Sittinq Behind This Computer On Yo Ass Doinq Nothinq So Please Don’t Down Him ! It Ain’t Nothinq Elese That Needs To Be Said . #RealLilWayneFan

  • Ooooooh NOOOOOOO ;;;;;;;;””””””””((((((( lil wayne have a girlfriend whhhhy whyy whhhhy ;((((((((( I heard that before but i wasn’t sure about it ;;;(((( now he is not sigle <////////3 i love him ;;;;(((

  • jaja

    Niggas… example: Kobe Bryant & Vanessa

    He can do and weat whatever the hell he wants… but damn!!!

    Niggas seem to fall hard for a white bitch with nothing and give her the world… then 10 years later… your simple ass is giving up half your shit…

    You what? Whatever Do you Wayne…..

  • jaja

    I meant… (wear…

  • SobbitoSMG

    Uncle Wayne got Swagg. Haters should die

  • Gargantua

    Bunch of 7 place

  • faizkmd

    damn weezy i got a kill on ur girlfriend

  • Donnie Darko

    As always, Wayne looks gorgeous as sin, he looks good in his boots and shorts…doing as he pleases. If I had weight in his life, Id take him out on a dinner date wearing just that. Hes a fine mother fucker. </3 too bad I aint his girl.

  • PRS

    Respect,lil wayne crowned king of swag…..

  • I love Wayne and his swag!

    But why is he wearing snowboard boots?

  • why this nigga wearing snowboard boots?? Now i know he has some kind of style thats wayyyy fucking different but he just looks like a dumb ass right here.

  • G_BunnY.M.C.M.B

    Snow Boots? lol

  • shitfer

    wayne looks scared of kanye in the 4th pic down hahaha!!!!

  • yo

    i wove u weezy