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Video: Drake & Lil Wayne Perform “HYFR” & “The Motto” At Cali Christmas

Sat, Dec 17, 2011 by

Last night, Drake brought out Lil Wayne to perform the chorus on “HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right)” at Power 106’s Cali Christmas 2011 in Universal City at the Gibson Amphitheater. Weezy came out in some furry boots and eating some candy, before giving the sweets to someone in the crowd. They also both performed “The Motto“, but before that Drizzy shouted: “Y’all make some noise for the best rapper alive, Lil Wayne”, to which Tunechi responded with: “No, no, no, no, no… y’all make some noise for the best rapper alive, Drake”.

Shouts to Rap-Up

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  • Tune


  • Tune


  • Tune

    BUT ….. Fuck Weezy’s shoes !! He need to stay with his Vans


    Drizzy & Weezy are the best performer in hip hop

  • Walcott Tunechi

    Lil Wayne is jus d best,They killd it though #TeamTunechi


    see ya fuck jay-z. ym is the business drake never leavs ym for cock nation

  • beastmode

    Damn the tore that shit apart man. gotta love drizzy-weezy combo, especially on a banger like this man. <333 ymcmbovoxoyolo foeva ya dig. tell uncle luke im out in miami to clubin hard fuckin women there aint much to do.

  • Charles



    @Charles best comment right now LOL


    Weezy got too much swagg OMG ( no homo )

  • mthamis

    shouts out 2 Tunechi & Drizzy

  • Danniel

    Danny M , I think we all want a LIKE Section , so please , make this , :/

  • reemixloveswayne

    WAYNE is the best rapper alive. he invented drake. i just wish i coulda been the one to get that bag of whatever it was from him!

  • ChriS

    YMCMB Business nobody can hold with them 😉


  • chronic

    when drake said “tell uncle luke i’m out in miami too” wayne shouted “bitch!”

    then when drake said “clubbing hard, fucking women, aint much to do” wayne went “hahaha!”


  • Raul_YMCMB

    weezy went hard from 3:40 😀 .. real niggas whut’s up?!?!

  • wasiu

    Its a good surprise for the fans and it was wonderful… Wayne is known to be the best rapper alive but he only want to pronounce drizzy probably because he will be retiring soon in this rap business…. Keep it up drizzy, i call you the Best Rapper II… And thanks for the update

  • junie


  • manny

    I saw this vid on youtube with birdman mannie fresh and lil wayne on 106 and park a few years back and free asked birdman how do you kiss girls and this nigga wayne says im the only one he kiss smh now if lil wayne aint gay for that then its cold in miami lmao

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    @Danny you got any infos about D4?

  • ok junie and manny nobody cares really no more were used to haters by now and manny r u gay just tell us because if u can remember that over hurricane katrina , christmas , thanksgiving , 9/11 everything then u must be a fag huh lol u suck dick nigga lol u probably masterbate to it get the hell out of here


    @weezyf wayne donates 200,000 dollars. wayne is one of the realest as next people hate which girl wayne got…smh ignore this childs

  • junie

    Lol yall niggas kill me with this hater shit imma hater cuz i said his boots look funny Danny M said the same shit is he a hater too lol grow up

  • luucas

    hahaah ”my brother,my boss” YMCMB FOREVER

  • kipds

    junie get cha cock sukn hatin ass out bitch!! one question little ho?? what sense does it make ho to continuously come on a nigga fan site and be negative everyday?? lmfao nigga you a joke!!! clown ass bitch made ass little fckn poser! GO CHOKE ON A DICK

  • @kipds ur exactly right that pussy junie come on here everyday and got somethin negative to say about wayne. And b4 u call everybody dick riders nigga, THIS IS AN FANSITE. That y niggas keep comin at yo ass cuz dey get tired of the hatin bs u keep tawkin errday so punkass junie get wit that the fansite or get fuckn loss pussy ass bitch!

  • real-talk

    Lil Wayne and Marley g aint cool no more…. Its offical.

  • Rachel

    I want it all
    I want it all
    I want now!

    Happy Holiday’s y’all

  • d-boy

    Pac is on the screen , this one is the biggest rapper of all the time ( that’s my word )

  • Mc Truth

    Really Ya’ll Some Fools If Ya Think Wayne The Best Rapper Alive & Drake Emotional Ass Need To Stfu !

  • Big ghost

    Yo I agree with my mans above me^^^

  • Most-Shady

    @Yo Danny When Will The Video For She Will Drop…

  • weezy must be drunk

  • weezy is funny.Click my name and watch movies online for free

  • BM JR.

    UGG boots ? LMAO this nigga just doesn’t care smh.

    That Drake show was live though, Drake is a really REALLY good performer.

  • TrillyNigga

    lil wayne’s hair seemed alot longer when he got out of jail.

  • ElisaMariejW

    No.. what’s up Weezy ? YOU are the best rapper alive !!
    te amooo

  • WeezyFAN

    weezy performs better when its not his concert

  • dope 🙂 wayne is so funny 🙂 ymcmb 🙂

  • ryan

    wayne rapping his verse live sounded better than the original song,…he should of used that flow for the original

  • Jcarm

    Where can I get some of those slippers/ugg boots from and what brand are they !!!???

  • Steven

    Damn Weezy looking great

  • David1990

    Jay-Z just signed this kid, apparently Wayne was pissed! haha

  • liltunechi

    Yung talle and snowman remz !

    Just take a loook! BIG talent!

  • Mackie

    twitter dot com slash the queen riese

  • Billy Bob


  • SwaggerFacial

    Is it me or is the weird lil wayne/skating/whiteboy wayne getting kinda boring?


    its just you retared child

  • Jaime

    I agree with SwaggerFacial.


    @Jaime because fags are like eachother

  • gay-z

    jay-z suck dicks with kanye west who wears leather skirts LOOOL

  • gay-z
  • @ gay-z or fuckeminem whichever gayass name u prefer, u alwayz calln somebody gay or a faggot and that got me thinkn ur secretly (or openly) gay and the only way to make yourself feel better is to call errbody else gay..u need to see a psychologist or a shrink u punk bitch!

  • LilTunechi Rules….he controls hip-hop,fuck haters


    if Drake was a rapper i think that we would know it …

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! why dont they have pics:( wayne looked so cute♥ i swear this video made me smile O:)

  • Blanchard

    Damn’it .. It’s so Strong

  • какие кроссовки у lil Wayna&

  • swagg

    man weezy’s the dance killing me she’s so coool

  • swagg

    wezy’s dance killen me she’s so coool

  • vandelson

    lil tunechi you is gud i love you men ymcmb

  • Os melhor rap vivo e a sua escola … YMCMB nao é um grupo kualker … lil wayne e drake mostraram como se canta…