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Video: Lil Wayne & Drake Perform “I’m On One” In South Africa

Mon, Dec 12, 2011 by

Above, you can watch Lil Wayne and Drake perform “I’m On One” at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg, South Africa. After the jump, you can also check out some footage of Weezy performing “6 Foot, 7 Foot“, even though he let the crowd rap most of the first verse šŸ˜›

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  • Daniel Wilmott



    Weezy tha boss

  • Wayne My Negga šŸ™‚ Wassup šŸ˜‰

  • LLK

    Wow at wayne forgetting lyrics to six foot 7 foot smh

  • hosea

    I Love it wezzy… big up YMCMB

  • LLK trying to start hatin already huh he didnt forget his lyrics danny said that he was letting the crowd sing so shut up dang

  • Y U MAD

    I am glad to see Lil Wayne and Drake chopping it on stage… i hope money and fame wont affect their business moves together!!!

  • Moloko

    Great show young money

  • Yanni

    Swag swag like tunechi

  • LondonWeeztFan

    Weezy, the best rapper alive!

  • Pistol Near

    What did he say at the end of the video- TunechiTune LOLOLOL


  • manny



  • Chris

    That six foot seven video brang back great memories from when i saw him in T.O. He did the exact same thing at the beginning with the explosion and throwing the water. so dope.

  • joey

    in south africa weezy was beefin with a guy steeling his swagg and look,check out the video of the guy steeling weezy swagg

  • They saying wayne took off on some nigga named Young nuncho in south africa at a club for posing as him or some shit like that.

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  • CCB

    Apparently its just a bitch as stunt so EVERY time you see some niga tell u to click the link to check that bitch ass swagger jacker DO NOT click it you just makin him more famous so dont clik it and leave him were he is

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  • timtbow

    @ joey now i see why wayne switched his swagg cuz niggaz alwayz trying to steal his swagg and look like him

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  • Alender

    Weezy killed the sleazy remix!!!!!! Who said weezy was whack??? Fuck y’all haters

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  • sweet. lil wayne got some swag lol šŸ™‚ ymcmb šŸ™‚

  • dafuture64

    Wayne just bodied dat “sleazy remix” wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • Jaime

    I’ll admit that Lil Wayne had the best verse on the Sleazy remix.

  • Dat young nucho nigga l0oks just like wayne i live in s0uth africa and dat shit but uhm dat y0ung nucho nigga needa get a life he likes to act and rap like wayne i saw him on da videos 4 real dat nigga a pussy

  • ogeezy!

    Yeah weezy!! I tied told em! Sleazy!

  • I was there

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  • Sad Weezy fan

    Whoa, how come wanye didn’t say the last verse to his song: “I’m just trying to stop the violence.” He just stopped singed and the DJ scratched over it. Did he realize his own lyric was to whack for a concert performance?

    Stay true to what you say Tune smh.

  • weezy be killin em shows I wish I was there,thats an experience of a life time YMCMB

  • proudly south african weezy fan

    look evri1 talking bwt dis “south african” weezy wana b young nucho nigga!! look i live in south africa n would wld lyk 2 say that dis nigga is not 4rm south africa bt 4rm angola bt live in S.A since its tha best place in africa so ppl plz dont think south africans r dumb swagger jackers bcos of dis nigga HE IS NOT SOUTH AFRICAN

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  • tipsy

    Big ups!!! U rocked. Young moola baby

  • dela

    proud 2 say i was there 2watch ma nigga live…wayne u rocked e dome insane man!!amazing shit ryt ther…wil neva eva 4get tht moment!!#YMCMB…

  • jdblacky

    lil wayne and drake,dat collabo is da bomb

  • Get goosebumps just from watching it online, real thing must be the BOMBB, n he didnt forget the song, thats just how concerts be near the end, drake done the same thing

  • heyy tune you the best hot boy and best hip hop alive you rock


    Lil wayne is the shit

  • Douglas

    I love lil wayne.I wish he could come to SOUTH AFRICA each year to perform.he got many supporters

  • Jackie

    Johannesburg crowd was not as sick as the Cape Town one. now you why they say only civilized music lovers can be found in Jo’Burg.

  • I’m on one haaaaaa dats da F**K’g song of da century