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Videos: Lil Wayne Releases Seven “Sports Center” Vlogs

Sat, Dec 24, 2011 by

“My love for sports started when I was about, ermmm, 0 years old”

Lil Wayne has decided to drop several videos of him talking about sports on this lovely Christmas Eve, in which he has categorized them under “Weezy’s Sports Corner“. We all know Tunechi loves his sports, but in case you didn’t, you can watch a video above and 6 more videos after the jump below of Tune talking about NBA, college basketball, NFL, college football, and skateboarding. Wayne, who is also wearing a “TRUKFIT” t-shirt from his clothing line, says he will be doing this every Saturday for us fans. Enjoy!

PS: Lil Wayne says he is a Manchester United fan in football/soccer too 😀

Weezy talks about NBA and speaks to Chris Paul on the phone.

Weezy talks about College Basketball.

Weezy talks about NFL.

Weezy talks about College Football.

Weezy talks about Skateboarding.


Shouts to Derick G

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