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Pictures: Lil Wayne Named One Of EA Sports’ “Most Influential Gamers”

Tue, Jan 3, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Named One Of EA Sports Most Influential Gamers

Karen just sent over some photos and news that Lil Wayne has been named one of EA SportsMost Influential Gamers. It is also EA Sports‘ 20th anniversary and if you remember earlier this year, Weezy and Drake both appeared in the FIFA 12 teaser. You can view 3 more pics after the jump of Tune, who is wearing a TRUKFIT t-shirt and his own personalized varsity jacket with “Lil Wayne” embroidered on the front, holding his trophy from EA Sports.

Congrats Tunechi 🙂

Lil Wayne Named One Of EA Sports Most Influential Gamers

Lil Wayne Named One Of EA Sports Most Influential Gamers

Lil Wayne Named One Of EA Sports Most Influential Gamers

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  • Wayniac89

    That fifa 12 TOO SICK!!

  • Let me join young money I rap good!!!$$

  • Y U MAD


    Although existence is both positive and negative. Too much we focus on the negative aspect of life. As in the negatives in people, in places and in things instead of the positive aspects.

    And the same goes for the big homie, Lil Wayne AKA Weezy F. Baby, AKA “i got a million more AKA’s” (LMAO). So instead of focusing on the minus side of Mr. Wayne, we’re gonna focus on his plus side. and what exactly, makes “Tunechi” great.

    To begin with, one of the things that makes Lil Wayne so great and so successful as an artist, is that he is not afraid to fail. He is not afraid to sound corny in his raps, he’s not afraid of experimenting, he’s not afraid of back lash from fans, critics, or his peers in the music industry.

    At times his attempts comes off whack, at times it comes out brilliant.

    Overall it’s inspirational, that in it self inspires me not only as an artist, but as an individual. To just “do me”, or like the famous Nike motto says “just do it” . “To do it”, and not care about the opinions of others, or the ending results.

    The #2 recipe to Wayne’s success, is that he’s not afraid of change, alot of us become so attached and adapted to our current phase in life, that we assume that, that’s the way our lives was meant to be , and when change knocks at our door, or an opportunity for transition arrive, we reject it.Because we have became bounded to our present state.

    The 3rd thing that makes Wayne great, is his self confidence. I remember when he began saying he was the “greatest rapper alive” around 2004. Only to be panned by the masses. Instead of apologizing and believing in “them hating ass folks”. He rather followed in the foot steps of the great Muhammad Ali, Weezy believed in himself even more, and the rest is documented history.

    Weezy reputation as a work-aholic is well known, yet another recipe to Wayne’s greatness is his exuding of positive energy. Wayne is not the one to bicker in beef and attempt to destroy careers. He rather spread love by working with a variety of artists, no matter how popular or unpopular, and maintaining a positive relationship with many. We live in a world were people rather destroy then build, because you can destroy something in 10 minutes that took 10 years to build. Destroying is easier and we as a society love the easy way out.

    In conclusion greatness comes in all Sizes and Forms, but they all can be achieved by hard work, believing in one self, not being afraid of risks, not being afraid of change, and last but not least “Just Do It” like Nike mayne.

  • mulaaxo


  • Birdman jwz

    @Y U MAD, YU MAD BRO ?

  • Joe
  • Joyce Wann

    amazingly stated..<3 them haters…

  • mattyswizzle

    bele dat

  • Ms.Boss #TeamTunechi

    @Y U MAD : I’ve never heard nething more true in my life 🙂

  • tdub

    ^ Props

  • Eshall

    I support yumad. President Carter is the best rapper ever.

  • best nigga from the south fuck the rest!!!



  • Damn that Trukfit clothing line is gonna look great.

  • felix

    @y u mad I agree wit u but the part I loved the most is about change. YOLO so why not change. I support u lil wayne. I agree wit @ y u mad.

  • Idiotsiswear

    I decided to come here and talk shit just to annoy you stans this dickhead above me said trukfit clothing is going to look great really? The shit he has on really make you believe that nigga has a damn black tee that say trukfit and a varsity jacket if jay or anybody who isn’t apart of ym cm did the exact same thing you would say it’s trash and boring but because Wayne did it it’s like the best thing you’ve ever seen nigga gtfoh Wayne is garbage btw y u mad you have got to be shitting me Wayne a work a holic sure he has quantity but he has not quality Wayne is no longer great and he was never the best rapper alive he was nice but never the best

  • Idiotsiswear

    Damn I had some typos in there but idgaf

  • I like these pic there so tight i just might fight

  • Mr_cool

    He didn’t listen to wtt cause Jay z Beef. But he’s coo with Kanye. Plus he was just rapping Kanyes part of the song.

  • @idiotsiswe get ur ass off Gay z’s dick u gonna die soon yadig.

  • Fadel al kourdi

    @ Y U MAD

    do u teach philosophy hahaha just kidding nice one bro

  • Rodrigo

    I laughed at the second picture hahahaha

  • yo lil weezy am Yr Identical Voice nigga , If you see this just know am waiting …………/watch?v=aYEbTRKYjLY

  • Idiotsiswear

    F.e.m I’m not on jay z dick at all I don’t go around saying jay the best rapper alive of being a Stan I don’t want to be like jay but fem please stop calling people gay honestly I think you are the gay person honestly what nigga say Wayne is more sexy than jay? And then you said no homo like that cancels out the fact that you just said the gayest shit? Nigga we all are going to die but kill yourself now get it over with

  • Good

    Wow he doesn’t look like a clown for once. Wearing normal looking clothes.

    Looks much better than all that colorful shit he’s been wearing lately



  • fuck u

  • wat’s dat trophy 4? aniwhre i like it Tunechi u r lukin cute n nice…@ y u mad i agree wt u man u realy read lilwayne so mch y.m.c.m.b 4 life

  • Yunggawd@hell

    I just want to say anybody that would spend the effort to go prez Carter shit and say a bunch of bullshit needs to stop and think why are u on here in the firstplace reading about the man ur a stan yo mfkn self just the polar opposite there’s a thin line between luv and hatred a lot of live on it or try to straddle both sides of the divider need fall off a fucking bridge after u shoot yur self I reside in Chicago and this is bump j town we.

    dnt listen to them craknation faggots Jay or kanye
    big Sean the only good music coming out that camp! !!!!! Holland @ya5