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Videos: Lil Wayne Releases Episode 2 Of “Weezy’s Sports Corner”

Sun, Jan 8, 2012 by

Lil Wayne released the first episode of his “Weezy’s Sports Corner” series 2 weeks ago, which is basically him talking about sports. Above, you can watch the intro to episode 2, were Weezy talks about what he did this past week and his new TRUKFIT clothing line debuting at the Agenda Show on Friday. After the jump, Tune talks about NBA, College Basketball, NFL, College Football, Skateboarding, Major League Baseball and also calls up Aldon Smith.

UPDATE: You can ask a question for Wayne to answer about sports by leaving a comment here!

Weezy talks about NBA.

Weezy talks about College Basketball.

Weezy talks about NFL and speaks to Aldon Smith on the phone.

Weezy talks about College Football.

Weezy talks about Skateboarding.

Weezy talks about Major League Baseball.


Shouts to Derick G

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  • Mbemba


  • Jackie Dickdog

    Some hot shit

  • Xicano101

    What I would like to hear is “I did a whole ton of recordin, I’m runnin on like NO sleep.”
    I want the old Weezy back, I want Weezy’s music, not Tunechi’s.

  • WeezleFlow

    2nd 9 3rd!

  • FOLLOW ME NIGGAS @davd17

  • Tristan

    They never bleeped shit and nigga lmfaoo

  • Conan

    talk about upcoming music

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    whats the song at the beginning ?

  • Bad Bitches

    On January 8, 2012 at 6:22 pm Tune(Man on the Moon) responded with…
    whats the song at the beginning ?


    You don’t know the song at the beginning of the video? Are you fucking serious??

    It is Blunt Blowin.


  • flying high

    i like the trukfit tee weezy has on and his camo pants 🙂

  • Xicano101

    Is anyone else a little irritated that he said he did nothing all week? He should be droppin mixtapes and shit. We never got a She Will music video or for any other song. What happened to all the “I Can’t Feel My Face” talk?! Dedication 4?! 2nd Young Money album?! C’mon man, we all admire you for your music, it’s cool that he wants to do other stuff but it’s been like 4 or 5 months since he has dropped any tunes…not even a snippet..

  • ricky

    No, whats the song he was playing on the tv or whatever, in the beginning? Mellowhype or something? anyone know?

  • thanks danny m.
    i hope he dropin soon a mixtape

  • One

    So why did lil wayne have to say tebow 20 times after he said it first time? Anyone like to fill me in, thanks.

  • :(

    need music, not this boring stuff

  • ricky

    Mellowhype – Gunsounds

  • Ben

    hey! calm down you guys! Didn’t you here his PSA where he talked about you guys turning him into a machine?? He has a life you know…

  • Ben


  • Xicano101

    On January 8, 2012 at 7:14 pm Ben responded with…
    hey! calm down you guys! Didn’t you here his PSA where he talked about you guys turning him into a machine?? He has a life you know…

    I understand that, Im not saying put mixtape after mixtape out but its been like 4 months and we haven’t heard nothing from him, it’d be nice to at least hear a mess around song or something.

  • Disagree.

    Strongly disagree with Wayne on the lakers. I’m a die hard laker fan but this team does not look like they can contend. He says we have world peace like hes any good lol he sucks..dudes done. Careers just about over.

    Also this team has absolutely no bench. They signed all these guys josh Mcroberts, Jason kapono, Troy Murphy..what have they done? Nothing.

    The lakers bench is worse from last year and last year the bench was terrible. We are extremely weak at PG, Derek fisher is old as dirt and Steve Blake just sucks. Dude hits an occasional 3pointer once in a while when he’s supposed to be a great 3pt shooter.

    We have no consistent 3pt shooters, no scoring from the bench, no decent small forward and Kobe’s not the same Kobe he was 4 years ago. Can’t rely on someone who’s played for 16 yrs to carry you like he used to.

    It’s pretty much pointless to have Kobe gasol and Bynum when we have no threat from 3 point land. Teams will continue to clog up the paint and live with these scrub bench players shooting 3s.

    So if Wayne really thinks this team can contend I’d say he’s lying to his self.

  • ha ha ha wayne like basket ball. ha ha ha ha i dont know what to say ha ha denise ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaa sponge bob square pants ha haaaa ha hah ha?hahah ha

  • i sante is best wezzy i be cool that i miss you tell what next show tune


    Who is going to the Super Bowl??? I got Green Bay Vs. Patriots

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    how is someone like this famous and worth millions of dollars? if this nigga suddenly had no bank acount he’d surely die from withdraws within 24 hrs. does he really think there are enuf brainless middleclass white people in america to continue to do shit like this and waste time and resources on bogus publicity stunts that arent worth dog shit that he can continue to get the attention he does?

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgA

    here’s a brief timeline of lil tunechi
    prepares for jail.
    starts blogging like a mothafucka.
    goes to jail.
    writes a couple random letters and decides he’s tupac reincarnate.
    digitially releases a mixtape as an album.
    released from jail.
    drops the first single off his 4th edition of the carter.
    bullshits around america on a crackhead tour with no name.
    10 months after his release from jail releases tha carter 4.
    blogs non stop for a week begging fans to purchase his cd.
    goes to mtv awards… wins nothing. performs a year old songs-sounds like garbage.
    …. and then…. decides he’s sports analyst and we get this crap on his blog.

  • Wayniac

    @DrEaD rasta NiGgA Ur So fucking wrong on several thing like nigga I can’t with u…
    First:Random Letters?Wayniacs send him hunderds of letters every single day,do you really think he’s gonna ignore that while he’s there bored as fuck NO!! he cares about his fans,and they carried him through that rough time!!
    Second:This “mixtape turned album” you’re talking about was supposed to be C4,but they changed their minds and named it IANAHB instead,oh he also was the first rapper since tupac to have an album go gold while hes jail.
    Third:Bullshits around America,crackhead tour with no name.NIGGA PLEASE!! : FYI,the tour was NAMED I am Still Music Tour!!!Bullshits?He had Nicki,Travis,Keri,Far East Movement,Lloyd on that tour,you call that bullshit,did u even see his live performances,you can be a hater all you want but that man is a human energybomb on stage so STFU
    4:Blogs non stop for a week begging his fans? WHEN WAS THAT!! Carter 4 was hardly promoted,he NEVER begged his fans to buy his c4 nigga,you’re tripping
    5: How to love & John = Not 6 foot !!! How to love & John were released in 2011 so how the fuck could they be a year old!!! GARBAGE,John was the livest perfomance of the evening,everything else was just plain BORING!! & just cuz you don’t win anything,doesn’t mean that you can’t attend an awardshow dude!
    6:Weezy’s been a sportsfan since FOREVER,he appeared on ESPN several times before & after jail,he blogged about sports before jail,now he does this cuz WE=WAYNIACS,liked it,he does this for us!!!So before you start trolling,ALWAYS remember this is a LIL WAYNE FANSITE,there’s only supposed to be love around here,you wanna hate GO FUCK YOURSELF!!

  • shoko

    Go back 2 da studio

  • Ben

    “Go Orange” is right. that’s my city. 🙂

  • D.Travs

    Hey tunechi, how do you feel about the Boston celtics this season? What’s your superbowl picks? And what would you do if you were running the indinappolis colts organization? Thanks for the vids and your amazing music. #rebirth2FTW

  • Slim

    What I would like to hear is “I did a whole ton of recordin, I’m runnin on like NO sleep.”
    I want the old Weezy back, I want Weezy’s music, not Tunechi’s…..



  • Jim Pain

    Were’ve got the same shades Weezy wears on ‘I Am Not A Human Being’ cover – Grab them here –

  • Clarkecentral6

    Is Kobe Bryant still your favorite in the game today and why?

  • LilWayne Fan (Not Tunechi)

    WTF!!Get yo ass in da studio nd put out some decent LIL WAYNE music !!F@*k Tunechi no likes him,he dragged Tha Carter name thru da dirt,he dresses like his crazy,has no swag at all nd nufin he has released cums close 2 Tha Carter 3(nd tht aint even his best) dam i mis da best rapper alive,if u disagree give me a songs nme tht he released aftr jail tht lives up 2 the name Lil Wayne The Best Rapper Alive…Young Money Cash Money

  • wtfizzy

    Goddamn this song go ham n potatoes!!!!

  • Birdman jwz

    Weezy F baby and The F is for forever

  • raw.

    wow wayne sucks at this XD

  • Connor

    Do you play any fantasy sports and if so, who is on your team?

  • NHL????

  • dr pepper

    man fuck this we don’t need a black skip bayless we need more fucking music

  • Zozo

    So, my question is, what do u think of Tim Tebow, and TEBOW TIME? overrated to me, he’s not the entire team, he’s given way too much credit!

  • Kiyv (Ukraine)

    Y`all haters are so wrong in not respecting other people`s interests. You`r not worth a shit for that! He`s a big SPOTRS fan – you was suppose to know that.
    Lil Wayne is still the best, but the man can`t stay the same all the time..
    I agree that the old Wayne was maybe more interesting because he was more crazy – but now he`s so wiser. I expect a lot of good EVERYTHING from him. Support and love.

  • Lolip ya doing d right one there, but got to be like ±stuntin like ya Dady- 2 da young stunna. one love L.Wayne-5-Bright.

  • Alice Darko

    Fabulously handsome…as always…..well spoken and funny. The perfect package, I dont know shit about sports but I could listen to this handsome eyecandy all day. Wish his skate commentary was longer and more in depth 🙁

  • I don’t still understand why haters tripping, talking shit about Wayne being lazy, are u fuckin serious? Dis man was on tour through out 2011, he has d highest guest appearance in this year, dropping an album nd a mixtape. As a matter of fact, there’s no other music artist working as hard as Wayne, so haters get ur fact right, d bad blood make ya’ll sound sound stupid.

  • yoloswaggym

    everybody hating needs to stfu he does this for the real fans fake fans can go fuck themselves nd if you’re a real fan you would know he definately is hard at work on something but doesn’t like telling people his business because weezy keeps to himself he always has

  • @dread rasta nigga. U’re undoubtfully d biggest fool i’ve heard 4rm in a while.

  • Domonique

    🙁 all i could do was listen to the show the Site wouldn’t keep up with Video….But i can listen to Weezy voice all day and Night ! Thanks for the Sports Info. I guess your my BF to shoe me who’s winning out here in Sports. lol…..and when and where can i cop one of those TruckFit tees????

  • i agree wif everyone but lil wayne u need 2 get back 2 d old u. get some autotune nd record like no 2mrw.. we love u wayne plx.

  • Domonique

    🙁 all i could do was listen to the show the Site wouldn’t keep up with the Video….But i can listen to Weezy voice all day and Night ! Thanks for the Sports Info Wayne, I guess your my BF to show me who’s winning out here in Sports. lol…..and when and where can i cop one of those TruckFit tees????

  • thabit

    weezy plxxxx read dis please. i am a nigerian nd im a huge fan. when should we xpect ur rnb album lurv sawngz. evn though dis is abt sports??

  • Cali209

    Someone ask wezzy ..

    Speaking for everyone GO back to carter 2 Wayne!!!!!!!


    common guys this man has been working his ass off since c2 all day in the studio ,touring all around the world. now he needs to take some rest he deserve to get some rest he is not A MACHINE we expect it to work forever

  • Roe Feezy

    Yes Sir !

  • greatest rapper every… you think the saints are going too do?

  • Jess

    Ya hate n on Wayne need to get off tha fansite. He’s done more than any of ya ever could. He’s great and great at what he does no matter what it is. And I love him

  • we have a problem with the first chapter, the part two, we translate this to our chileans fans, but the first phone call we didn’t understan ANYTHING, if u can help us, it’ll be the greatest thing ever…. if u can put on a mail what c paul says by the phone it will be great….

  • Phil

    Do ya’ll really think he did nothing?
    He said that so all the attention goes to the rest of Young Money, since their albums are coming out “soon”, not him.

  • sadweezyfan

    Im really disappointed at you weezy. He forgot his legendary name, Weezy f baby. Tunechi is like a chinese kid name. The c4 wasn’t bad,but he could change some songs because my friends and i are bored already. For example C3 was a big thing and im still listening to some of the songs, but c4 is kinda lame… Dont hate me now, i have been a lil wayne fan since 04. Misunderstood, ghetto rich, im me and many more.
    Sincerely a sad lil wayne fan
    p.s want the old lil wayne baaaack

  • Weezydabesy

    There will always be haters people just mad cause they can’t fill a stadium full of people to listen to them. If your hating your obviously a fucken bum ass nigga. Weezy do what you do. Weezy F baby n the F is for a bunch of shit!!

  • Tunechi247

    Patriots winning the super bowl this year sorry weezy if the pats play your green bay packers in the super bowl it will be a blow out the packers should’ve lost a lot of games this year to shitty teams but barely pulled thru the patriots take 2 quarters to warm up but when they do it’s a wrap Tom brady is unstoppable and our defense force fumbles and have Kyle Arrington tied for most picks in the nfl oh yeah I forgot josh mcdaniels back the old head coach for the broncos who we play this weekend Nevermind home field advantage and I think the giants are taking out the packers this weekend they should’ve won the last time they met but Eli manning is a fucking bum

  • PatKush

    Weezy do you think guys like Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwuire, Bonds who will be on that ballot soon should get in the HOF?

  • hip hop head

    why is it we can post questions about sports for wayne to read and respond to but we can’t do the same for music danny m???? that’s some bullshit man i watch enuff sportscenter and stephen.a.smith and skip bayless can tell me who gonna win a fucking playoff game but them niggaz can’t rap so wayne where u at??? yeah he the best rapper in the game rite now and yeah he deserve to chill but come on man c4 and sry 4 the wait boring as shit now niggaz done played them out it’s time to move on and crush 2012 ymcmb boi !!!!!!!

  • the next biggie Real talk!


  • francisca

    ola so quero dizer que te amoooooooooo,muito demais,todo dia entro na internet so pra olhar suas fotos e videos,amo vc de paixao,daria minha vida pra te conhecer e te dar um beijo……..

  • YMCMB_Youngin

    Glad Wayne is getting in touch with his fans!

  • NHL??????

  • well weezy took off with a hole nother level, i think he need to stay with his other swagg its better then this shyt he pullin,,,butt anyway niki follow me bby i love you..and for that drake you jjust keep getting asser an asser ctfu..