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Busta Rhymes – Why Stop Now (Remix) (Feat Lil Wayne, Chris Brown & Missy Elliott) [CDQ]

Wed, Feb 15, 2012 by

Busta Rhymes Why Stop Now Remix Feat Lil Wayne, Chris Brown & Missy Elliott

Cash Money’s Busta Rhymes grabs Lil Wayne and Missy Elliott for the official remix to his “Why Stop Now” track, also featuring Chris Brown. You can listen to the song below, courtesy of RR:

Updated the stream above with the explicit tagless version!

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  • this nice

  • Tunechi


  • Wayne head

    its ok


    WAYNE KILLED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lilwayneFAN6721

    @DannyM when is the dirty version coming out?

    i think its safe to say Tunechi is 2 for 2 in 2012! any one agree?

    and also you know how his style changes every year and his voice sounds different? i think i already tell a difference. hes on his way back to the top! he sounds hungry again

  • RADICALS!!!!

  • Dman

    This song right here aint for you metal head. this shit is for the reall niggas here

  • Hodson

    Did busta think by adding lil Wayne and chris brown to his song he would get the same success as look at me now got lol

  • That Kid

    Missy killed it.! Waynes verse was dope

  • missy killed dis shit hands down

  • mattyswizzle
  • where

    where can i download it?

  • WhiteSwaggerKid

    wait…. is Weezy coming to København (copenhagen)?? i can see on the paper it look like it says ”I <3 København''

  • tha CeeJ

    where the hell is that faggot?

  • lil_tunechi813

    OMG wayne absolutley killed that shit the only thing that was missing was the diss towards the throne that would have been so raw! any! agree???


  • erik

    Missy Elliot > Nicki Minaj…I don’t care what any of you say Missy is the best female rapper of all time.

  • u know

    if wayne disses jay and kanye its just because he’s jealous of them. their money their success their lyrics haha shit maybe their swag.
    i wish people would open ther eyes. u can see rite thru wizzle once u realize his only motivation is drugs things and a fuck. unlike other rappers who aspire to be great for the benifit of all people or the benefit of music or the benefit of the country wizzle’s only focus is himself and its obvious when he postpones albums and drops only enough mixtape tracks to buy himself some time without loosing sales, mindless fans will call that a business move but real fans are offended because its like slapping someone in the face who just made u a millionair and then giving them crap for all there waiting and patronage.
    but people are still gonna mindlessly listen to these young money artists and their wacko beats until they raise the prices and the fanbase moves on to a cheaper trick. its worthless to say ymcmb we winning because u are not part of ymcmb and not even the artists who are ymcmb are winning weezy has minipulated u into an allusion that there is such a thing as young money when in reality its only benefiting him. so keep following him on twitter and eating this bologna blog. keep supporting tunchi and keep trying to pretend ur cool because u listen to amillie and 6 foot 7 foot and i promise u wayne is just gonna keep getting worse with his music and keep getting more arrogant.

  • mark

    i hate his voice

  • Lol .

    @ u know . Dawg why you writing an essay talkin smack bout wayne . You can say anything you want , at the end of the day you are on a lil wayne fan site so everything you say is guna be wrong . Your just wasting your time , im sure you be talkin smack on every post like hop off dawg real talk .

  • Wayne really do have a million flows and they ain’t even two stories ,
    The nigga snapped on this song
    And itz funny people say he fell off

  • Matthew

    Missy did that shit. Good song.

  • @bigdealx2

    @lilwayneFAN6721 whats the other song he ripped this year?

  • Tune

    @bigdealx2 faded tyga (feat lil Wayne)

  • dg

    & the truth hurts for those that can’t relate.

  • Tyler

    Tunechi fucking killed it! Bye bye haters!!!

  • Lil Weezy

    Fucking Haters!!! 😀 😀

  • Stop hating on a nigga that is a weak emotion..this song goes hard and hes not jealous of nobody. He goes in on his verse LIL WAYNE IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE and YMCMB is the best team we winning!

  • ryan

    dedication 4 is never coming out

  • Yelawolf actually cares about rap

    sup yall

  • ogeezy!

    Tune been killin this year… fuk ya talkin bout^^


    busta & weezy killed it niggas. PS FUCK JAY-Z HOMO ASS NIGGA

  • Devontae

    Wats up wit the sharebeast link????? I wanna download this shit Tune went tooo hard!!!!!Tunechi!!!

  • Eirik

    Why does it stand ” I <3 Kjøbenhavn" on the paper, that is in Danmark…?

  • ….

    Weezy F > Tunechi

    that is all.

  • ….

    BUT this wasn’t too bad.


    I aint hating on weezy, but shit!!!! Youre sober!!!! Why are you still rapping about you being high and smoking a blunt down?!?! I dont understand that!

  • GrimGenius

    I can’t see how wayne is jealous of jay & kanye. Just because he took a shot at jay don’t mean he was being hater. If that’s the case, then Jay-Z must have had his feelings hurt when Birdman said that weezy but more money then him.
    #WayneFanSince ’04

  • Ms.Boss #TeamTune

    Omgah does neone really understand this man’s greatness ?????

  • Aaaaaaahhhh!!!! Tunechi’s Back!!!! Lovin it!

  • Jason

    1. You never bet against Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant.

    2. You never bet against Lil Wayne.

    3. Don’t do it ever. Don’t bet against champions.

    4. I don’t know if Wayne will ever go back to his C3 flow just like I don’t know if he will ever go back to his C2, D3 flow, etc. He always changes and never goes backwards, cuz, well, he’s accomplished everything he could with it. It’s still in him though. Look at T.I., it’s not like he just forgot how to spit his old flow after he got outa jail.

    5. Just enjoy and stop complaining. I wish he was on syrup, weed and 10 vikes writing crazy fuckin shit, but he’s 30 years old. He’s said it in his song- 30 years old, that’ll be a diff nigga. Said it himself. So there ya go.

    6. He still does write some crazy fuckin shit though. If you read his lyrics, you will see how polished of a “writer” he has become. It’s crisp, neat and well arranged, his voice just changed a bit.

    7. I do know I will keep Wayne’s verse on repeat.

  • CeeJisGAY

    wack city

  • druskey F crazy

    Waynes part go.. Only reason why i listened to it OBVIOUSLY.. He killed t tho.. Ha.. Plus he sound blasted.. Is weezy back?

  • was


  • youngmealticket

    any song he mentions a skateboard i dont want anything to do with

  • u know?? what a fag

    @u know that was the dumbest fuckin thing ive ever read i think ur jealous of him idk why the fuck u just wasted ur life by writing all tht go jump in a well

  • youngweezybaby

    he fucked the verse up by saying skateboard LMFAO.

  • @wayneallyson

    nova musica ai é loka d mais

  • morris young

    I love ll weezy long live wizzy long live YMCMB

  • tunechi

    ” im young, ill and so mean, im one pill from od’n ”…..#wezzy

  • Gettem wayne

  • Steedy

    HAHAHA Haters are gay, @u know you just took a shot a Weezy, you jealous???

  • Young Jay

    That’s it weezy,my great mentor,I love u bro and keep on killing em

  • Tunechi fan #1 S.A (Laizee Lee)

    I’m lovin’ the track. tunechi! Ain’t no one like you in the game man. You really’re the #1 rapper cosmopolitan. I’ll be glad you take another tour to South Africa.


  • Leandro Sclaunick

    Nossa que muisica daora 😛

  • junechii

    Hold up , wait for it
    Catch up like fake blood
    My own funeral, I’m late for it
    Shout out to my young nigga ace hood
    I’m fresher out the can I’m canned goods
    2 Hand guns , my hands full
    Classic Weezy’$ back

  • fly fucking dungas bitch

    fire. gives me hope for wayne man this shits dope looks hes rising above the c4 tragedy

  • Zap

    Weezy ymcmb youngmula

  • Mkazi

    Wizzy dat fantastic

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