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Lil Wayne & Mountain Dew Partnership – The “DEWeezy” Campaign

Fri, Mar 9, 2012 by

Lil Wayne & Mountain Dew Partnership - The DEWeezy Campaign

Leading artist development and management firm, Blueprint Group, have announced a new partnership between Lil Wayne and Mountain Dew (a drink company owned by PepsiCo) called the “DEWeezy” campaign. The sponsorship is set to launch today at the 2012 South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas. The campaign titled “DEWeezy” is made up from Mountain Dew (DEW) and Wayne‘s nickname (Weezy). You can read the official statement from the Blueprint Group and Cortez Bryant below, plus view some photos of “DEWeezy” advertisements around towns in New York City.

New York, NY – March 9, 2012 – Blueprint Group, the leading artist development and management company recently formed through the merge of Gee Roberson’s Hip Hop Since 1978 and Cortez Bryant’s Bryant Management, today announced a first-of-its-kind multi-faceted partnership for their artist Lil Wayne with Mountain Dew.

Lil Wayne and Mountain Dew will team up for a synergistic, advertising partnership entitled DEWeezy, complete with advertisements, appearances and the building of a skate park in Lil Wayne’s hometown of New Orleans. While full details will be announced at this year’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Conference and Festival, the DEWeezy campaign has already begun buzzing on social media sites with images of the iconic artist appearing in the form of street art and painted murals. Overseen by Blueprint Group and produced by GLU Agency, the campaign, driven by social responsibility and giving back, emphasizes the importance of successful private-public partnerships. Blueprint Group worked closely with Glu Agency to expand the partnership into a full scale campaign, anchored in Lil Wayne’s touring presence and outside interests including skateboarding and the rebuilding of New Orleans.

“We are excited to partner Lil Wayne’s brand with a brand like Mountain Dew, a household name. Representatives from the Glu Agency approached us with the idea over a year ago, which was surprising to us because corporate America is often very conservative and Lil Wayne is a unique artist,” says Cortez Bryant, co-CEO of Blueprint Group. “However by showing interest in Lil Wayne, both Mountain Dew and the Glu Agency showed us they were forward thinking and valued the impact that Lil Wayne’s brand has had and will continue to have on global pop culture”.

“Lil Wayne and his forward thinking manager, Cortez Bryant of Blueprint Group, were an obvious choice for us,” says Derek Jackson, Founder & CEO of Glu Agency. “Mountain Dew is an iconic, cutting edge lifestyle brand and we could not think of a better merger than with a superstar such as Lil Wayne who is constantly pushing the envelope through his music and celebrity.  I was really excited that Brett O’Brien, Vice President Marketing, Mountain Dew and Flavors, had the foresight and vision to make this amazing collaboration come to fruition.  What we have created is not your average advertising campaign, it’s all based around cultural iconics. We don’t build brands, we build icons.  Additionally, philanthropic and social responsibility is the unwavering core of this vision.”

The announcement of this agreement comes on the heels of what can only be described as a banner year for the hip hop icon. In 2011, Lil Wayne was recognized as a global touring force with his blockbuster tour I Am Still Music Tour coming to a triumphant close after 78 shows across Africa, Australia and North America. The three continent amphitheatre and arena tour ultimately grossed $47million USD making Lil Wayne one of music’s top earning touring acts.

Blueprint Group has long been celebrated for their creative branding initiatives, having aligned their artists with brands such as but not limited to AT&T, Belvedere, Blackberry, Def Jam Rap Star, Gatorade, Louis Vuitton, NBA, Nike, Sprite and T-Mobile as well as their involvement with groundbreaking tours, which included the Summer 2009 blockbuster Young Money Presents: America’s Most Wanted Music Festival and Lil Wayne’s 2011 I Am Still Music Tour.

Upcoming initiatives for Blueprint Group, beyond the DEWeezy Campaign include prepping the sophomore full length album from Grammy Award nominee Nicki Minaj; the upcoming full length debut album from Lil Twist; developing a full scale strategy, along with management partner Jason Geter, to help reintroduce Grammy Award winner T.I.’s brand to the global market place and seeing out Drake’s Club Paradise Tour across the US and into Europe.

Lil Wayne & Mountain Dew Partnership - The DEWeezy Campaign

Lil Wayne & Mountain Dew Partnership - The DEWeezy Campaign

Lil Wayne & Mountain Dew Partnership - The DEWeezy Campaign

Lil Wayne & Mountain Dew Partnership - The DEWeezy Campaign

Lil Wayne & Mountain Dew Partnership - The DEWeezy Campaign

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  • fuck em all

    don’t even care dat im first but this nigga on some big things real talk

  • dope

  • DanYMCMB4ever

    Thats sup! Weezy is ahead of the chipmunks lol… trend setter not follower


    Can I buy this in germany too ?

  • Ben G

    Is this just an American thing Danny or wil it be Europe too ?

  • lies

    wayne is really doing alot of big things but this means no regular music 🙁

  • DeMarkus Ca$H MONEY

    U aint be seen dat lil nigga joe budden on none dis $hit.. real talk, weezy f bring da money home

  • Jedi

    Everyone gonna start drinking this now LOL




  • DeMarkus Ca$H MONEY

    @TRUKFIT.. slaughterhouse is were they b at

  • arun

    danny u forgot to mention mountain dew & wezzy are building a skatepark in new orleans

  • We have a copycat guys

    50 cent – gunit clothing line, gunit reebok sneakers, vitamin water

    Lil wayne – trukfit clothing line, sneaker line, mountain dew water

  • Joe G

    @DeMarkus Ca$H MONEY.. hahah!

  • wrong thing dwayne

    he needs to partner with sprite and create his own syrup so he can get back on the lean!!!

  • WTF


  • Joe G

    @We have a copycat guys: Listen here… whats wrong with makin $500,000,000? what are you sittin on? a hoopty with some plastic 12″s?

  • keven cooper jr

    lil wayne is on the grind unlike some poeple that hate him and expect him to be like jay z and kanye west fuck that lil wayne is the best ever artist coz he does himself so fuck haters @YMCMB FAM

  • I wonder why they went with his Weezy nickname and not Tunechi cause that’s all what Wayne seems to use now.


  • RealLife

    @WTF its a soda drink just like Sprite but with lime favor. Its always been my favorite soda.

  • Wheel Chair Jimmy

    @DeMarkus Ca$H MONEY – But you’re a baby gangsta on the internet at your public library.

  • Joe Budden

    I suck dick.

  • MOUNTAIN DEW lmao nobody drinks dat…. why not coke or sprite… i mean if u go sprite make up da new sprite remix like thet did in 2006 and call it tunerite or sprichi

  • najeed006

    DeWeezy .. nice .. sounds good ..

  • DeWeezy

    Where is Limp Bizkit ft. Lil Wayne – Ready To Go song?

  • carl

    out of all the pics to use they use one of wayne wearing illumanatti jacket

  • But Weezy is dead, there is only the garbage “Tunechi” now.

  • YOLO

    Weezy really taking over the world.

    I wonder how much mula he gets for this deal.

  • GrimGenius


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  • Matthew

    Is there going to be a Weezy flavor? Weezy Watermelon Dew?
    Tune Tangerine.
    Weezy F.ruit Punch.

  • Rania

    good drink

  • This is gonna be so dope WEEZY F. BABY is doing big things keep it up..YMCMB we winning!

  • Weezy really taking over the world… he is the best rapper alive YMCMB is the best team and Tunechi is the best to ever do it, we winning!


    Please and Thanks 😀 😀 😀 😀

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  • Don Ibrowayne @nigeria

    Lil Wayne will also end up like 50 cent….

  • Manuel_DrizZy™

    @IbroWayne, I see you O.o.. #TeamNigeria

  • Phuq my favorite rapper!

    …So Lil wayne’s got hiz version of vitamin water….Who the phuq carez?!!

  • Phuq my favorite rapper!

    Lil wayne might aswel retire now,while we still remember some of his music!


  • ym fan

    Goin for da money..! Real nigga!

  • a fan on ymcmb

    Yal niggas should follow dis dude @starlesdatsme…treal nigga for real!

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  • vokafeli

    nice name …deweezy nd Fuck illuminati nd fuck jay z nd kanye… Rockawear sucks should be bought by demons….

  • deweezy it’s not about the name it’s about the mula……wezzy makes him young mula….tunechi makes him best mula ever …..tunechi is rich forever

    Wezzy rocks

  • i LOve You Lil Wayneee . Im Suchhh A BIGGG Fan I Just Express That ENOUGH . People Say That How Can I Love Someone That Doesnt Know Im Even Alive Buttt I Tell Them Im ijust Statified By Listening Your Music , You Inspiree Me Tunchii .

  • my babe is doing big but now what about the music?

  • Charles lee Ray

    Thats right maann,weezy is the shitness VOTE WEEZY FOR U.S PRESIDENT

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  • GermanWeezy

    @DJ BASSCALL klar kannst du! ich trinke das schon seit 2 jahren 😀 hoffe dass es in deutschland auch was mit Weezy gibt 😀 also mit der kaampagne

  • something you dew when your tired and need to take it easy dewezzy is something completly opposite hes always up and moving and going to dew whatever he has to do to get it done completed finished and then dew ezzy comes in

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