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Lil Wayne Performs At 2012 NBA All-Star Weekend [Videos]

Mon, Mar 19, 2012 by

Check out some footage in the video above of Lil Wayne performing at the 2012 NBA All-Star Weekend in Orlando, Florida on February 25th. You can watch some more footage of Weezy at the same show after the jump. Shouts to Andrijan Anda and Karen Civil!

If you missed Tune performing and reciting Drake’s “HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right)” verse, which a video will be shot for soon, then you can check that out here. You can also view some photos of Tunechi at the event here.

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  • FIRST!!

  • Flowers

    Wayne looks as if he has took something you know

  • ledger cee

    lol any1 else notice him arriving on his sk8board =p

  • wildin out!!

    weezy crazy hahaha, he was on one that night

  • wayne

    he has DEFFO been taking sumut

  • dg

    hungry ass monsters damn that was ILL

  • DOPE

    Those eyes xo
    Blunt Blowing xo

  • aaron

    when is nino brown 3 comming out?

  • camcam

    its all in the eyes , glossy . swollen . half open when not focus

  • wito montana

    cant see it in my country

  • Gabriel

    what is the song that plays in the video?

  • muthafaka

  • Mrs.

    On the grooves!

  • Mike47

    Hey yo Danny was that flow at the end of the video on the right at the end the first video?

    • @Mike47 – Yeah in the red TRUKFIT hoody.

  • Mike47

    That nigg reminds me of Wayne so much that nigg wayne needs to collab with him again & isn’t flow YMCMB?

  • Hey Danny i don’t know if u can delete comments but lots of these people r writing about Wayne and Associating him with drugs. I feel as if we continue he will get in some
    Sort of trouble and we should let him do what he needs to do. That’s to everyone


  • I see Lil Tunechi and the YMCMB family just having fun thats what i like too see. YMCMB we winning!

  • Lil Wayne is and always will be the best rapper of all time!! YMCMB 4 life!

  • hunter

    I hope he’s okay, really I’ve got love for this dude.




    dope as fuck nice performance

  • Don Ibrowayne


  • If am suppose 2 die b4 I can see u or perform wit u weez I will do it

  • Am da shit ryt der weez.die jst 2 be witcha ymcmb.

  • clown

    wayne looks so much better without those big ugly glasses on

  • reggaws_lumas

    follow me at twitter and i will follow back @reggaws_lumas………….. and it would be good if he is smoking agin i want the old weezy back

  • DOPE


  • fuck em all

    goddam wayne something brand new would be nice my nigga and’s 1 fan myles stop hollin ymcmb we winning all the fucking time last time i checked yo ass won’t a member u mean THEY winning dickrider anyway danny wus up with some release dates on wayne new shit a mixtape or something?

  • i want music of lil wayne more and more idc what anybody thinks if he doing something else idc i want music i been listen to other songs but not his or unless its his old songs he only give us 3 songs of this year man i want more. give me at least 10 or 8 songs.

  • Mike

    Dope shit! @Mr_Chambers25 please follow on twitter, need as many followers as I can get.

  • knuck if yu buck

    nino brown 3 gone be gayyyyy ,, all skate shitt

  • MoonMan

    can we just please have a new album or even a single!?

  • RealLife

    Hey Danny M, i cant access the forum… whats good?

  • Frank

    DOPE!!! I just got the shades Weezy is wearing in Motivation with Kelly Rowland –

  • Theodore

    best rapper alive !!

  • Refayne

    I think weezy’s smokin again 😀 wayniacs follow me on twitter @Refayne i’ll follow back, #TeamWeezy

  • CeeJ

    wooooo nigga. shit aint gon change unless a mufu come in switch it up.

  • SkateDontHate

    Wayne doin his shit!! He still got it but since he wants to spend more time with hi family he’s starting to separate from the music industry.

  • wooooo ngga

    wooooo nigga

  • Mars Martian

    Damn, fucking forums got hacked.again!!!! Shit this is hell!!! I’ma die!!!! Arrrgghh!!

  • Jizzzzle

    @Danny M
    Danny please please try and get the fully version of “i dont know how fake feel” i think it is a birdman song feat lil wayne and when are we getting “Flowerz” ? Thanx

  • Weezy please come back

    Lil Wayne please come back to us take the game over again don’t let any other niggas eat .. All your fans are starving for some type of relevance from you again please come back it feels like you retired

  • CeeJ

    ^these are annes

  • brandy m perry

    was there that night, front row, one of the best of my life, weezy, you got in my face and all i wanted to do was pull you down to me,,was a good girl tho,,xoxo,,when you comin thru?

  • yeah….. wayne i feel you like done with music you doing other stuff now

  • Jonboi

    I Think Wayne is trying to catch on the year he miss when he was in jail. Now is Trying to have more fun N Enjoy life. But I Think When He Catch Up With Everything He Will Become The Monster He Use To Be And Start Producing More!

  • Wisheezy

    @ Mars Martian the database is fine nothings been lost afaik. The forum software is being upgraded then it’s going to be back online.

  • fuck em all

    yo i can’t even lie dat new nicki minaj and 2 chainz beez in the trap joint straight fire my niggas check dat shit out

  • Lil Wayne

    Cortex just got the award for biggest douch in the universe, tied with that french islamist, congrats

  • Kay B

    I jst wnt muzik 4rm ths guy his been away 4 months nw fck carter 4 I wnt d4 thn rebirth 2 nd I’m nt a human being 2, prbably c5. Weezy whr dd ur workerholic attitude go I wnt it bck. I stl lv u though

  • BOI

    3 days since last post! Wayne give us fuckin music!

  • you heard it from ceej first

    little wayne—– doesnt give a damn about his fans or his music. its starting to show wouldnt you agree?


  • ^

    if you wanna get on top of hiphop and download the carter 12 which i already got go to this link…

  • Fred

    Where the fkk the music at? This guy really has dropped and just getting rich off of nun which is us

  • YC27sep

    live Wayne till i die!

  • YC27sep

    take care of your health Wayne..

  • love ur performance lil, wish i could be like you

  • Tony Montana

    Take care of ur anus Wayne…

  • Is lil wayne coming to Europe this year ?

  • BOI

    mac miller n lil wayne colabo comin in a couple mins cant fucking wait!

  • Speedy Richards

    Go Weezy Go!

  • Mrz.Tunechi

    Ok was wayne high.??! or was wayne HIGH.!?? =0 Dude eyes look like he than smoked 12 Blunts and popped 8 pills LOL dude was too geeked.!!= ) TUNECHI BBY.!! ; )

  • YMCMBGurll

    Will Weezy ever tour the UK?!

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  • Tunechi4eva

    ppl hatin need to fuck of , if ur a true fan ur understand he is still the best rapper alive but deserves to live his life how he wants, fans shouldnt be shelfish and make him devote every second to pleasing them let him enjoy his life to, his music is still the best, YMCMB for life

  • lil wayne ben a cojerme porfa se cantar