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Lil Wayne Releases Episode 5 Of “Weezy’s Sports Corner” [Videos]

Sun, Mar 11, 2012 by

After giving us an update in the week, Lil Wayne released episode 5 of his “Weezy’s Sports Corner” series last night! You can watch Tune talk about the National Football League as well as call up Cam Newton and Von Miller in the video above.

After the jump, Tunechi speaks on the National Basketball Association, the National Collegiate Athletic Association sports, Major League Baseball, Golf, Racing and Skateboarding. If you missed episode 4, then you can check that out here. Enjoy!

Weezy talks about NBA.

Weezy talks about NCAA sports.

Weezy talks about Major League Baseball.

Weezy talks about Golf and Racing.

Weezy talks about Skateboarding.

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  • I can’t watch /:

  • Refayne

    Danny can u put the version that i can watch it through my phone?

  • MIKE


  • str8

    does lil wayne not know no cares about this shit.


  • UGK

    I bet the shoe line is with supras…..

  • Cassie

    Why Weezy got a pair of Beats headphones with him all the time?

  • lies

    Weezy a cheesehead, ymcmb

  • Adam O

    Thx Danny, watching now!

  • Hey Danny, for the skateboarding vid, you put up the same link with weezy talking about golf and nascar. Hopefully you can change it soon.

    • @LuiRodriguez – Oops my bad, I have updated it now, thanks.

  • tha CeeJ

    i dont care what ur wearing im tired of ur bullshit.



  • Don Ibrowayne @nigeria

    Am sure he’s getting paid for all this bullshit !! R.I.P weezy

  • jq got dat juice

    Release a fucking mixtape or album. If we wanted to hear about sports we would watch ESPN.

  • Gagi

    music ???????!!! ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™

  • Retarded how that limp bizkit lil wayne song hasn’t been released yet. Don’t build a bunch of hype and buzz then make people wait. Stupid rappers are never putting shit out on time. Dr Dre Detox, Birdman with C4, Game with RED. Get your shit together

  • Haters fall back let a nigga live his life hes doing what he loves to do, and that is to skateboard and rap and hes both really really good at them..!! Keep doing your thing WEEZY!

  • I <3 <3 <3 the vid. I found it very informative. Go Weezy!ยก! #YMCMB

  • Damn fuk all you haters i dont want to watch espn i want to watch the best rapper alive LIL WAYNE talk about his passion for sports..!! Also why hate on a nigga doing sumthin you should be happy for him cause i gurantee none of you niggas arent doing shit except for DANNY M. ME and WEEZY! YMCMB we winning. #stop hatin #TRUK DA WURL

  • asylum

    the only reason i watched it was b/c of the racing thing and btw HE SHLD include footballl….i mean the real football where u play with your feet

  • jer

    drinkin mt dew all of a sudden LOL foreal where’s the music. wheres the limp b-i-z-k-i-t song at, WTF

  • clearoeoner

    fuck the haters!!! if you dont like wayne quit watching tunes sport corner and shut the fuck up!!! all you haters do is add salt we eatn mang YMCMB all day bitch ass haters

  • @greaminati

    Seriously, no one care about this shit again BOY! Rap, GodDamnIT. Since you’ve found a new love, i think, wayniacs should go find someone that loves doing what we love! If you have an opinion on sport, keep it to yourself. You have fans from everywhere. Not everybody likes nba or sport, or skate. Make music! Or make more videos from C4, instead of wasting your time over boring shit like this. You are loosing the seat already! And if you’re not careful, you might loose your fans. Thank You . @dannyM, please kindly help us tell him!

  • Rania

    We need your musik first:(

  • dark martel