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Preview Limp Bizkit & Lil Wayne’s “Ready To Go” Single [Video]

Sun, Mar 4, 2012 by

Cash Money’s Limp Bizkit played their new song “Ready To Go” featuring Lil Wayne at the Laundry Bar in Melbourne, Australia yesterday (March 3rd). You can check out some footage of what the song sounds like in the video above, before we get the CDQ version this week! The bro Kuzz also typed up Weezy‘s lyrics from his verse, so if you are interested you can read them here.

What are your thoughts on “Ready To Go“, are you liking the sound of it ❓

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  • tunechi

    First ^^

  • coool

  • Nik

    sounds dope!

  • Weezy!


  • dellewassup

    sounds dope indeeed

  • sack

    Can’t lie, sounds dope

  • polo ocho

    its just an average wayne feature….. he needs longer and hotter verses

    my opinion

  • Tha Mobb

    Can’t wait for mastered, sounds fire!

  • akanna

    verse sounds nice



  • nick

    verse is sick wayne went in

  • Carter 4.0

    THIS SHIT IS FIREEEE….what’s wrong with these hating niggaz saying Wayne lost it…. This nigga still killin shit after the rikers island bid ….., Lol

  • AdamC

    Verse is dope , too short though , and not sure if i like limp bizkit , but ill find out when the cdq version comes out !

  • amurphy

    could give a shit about limp bizkit, aint my scene, but weezy dude you are back nigga. we just waiting for the album or mixtape dawg

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  • Dope

    Dope as fuck, can’t wait for dis shit to drop. bout time.

  • Dancingqueer

    He s dressed like a clown! … o sorry he wasn t on,
    but the bitch was ugly and so is the verse, are you ready to go fck urself Tunecrap

  • Chris

    Waynes verse sounds dopeeee

  • that xo doe

    It was decent.

  • kanye

    Flow was tight tho

  • CeeJ

    get off my site

  • ng

    look at the chick

  • Michael gordon! YMCMB

    Can’t wait!!! Sounds dope!

  • the infamous CEEJ

    i cant tell but it seems like wizzle is swagger jackin b.o.b or something releasin a live performance of a song days before it drops but that mite just be because limpbizkuit just wanted to drop a “tunchi” song and beat him to the punchline.

  • its aight, i dunno mane.

  • Sarah Smile

    Wayne went hard . Shit slaps.

  • that wasn’t tunechi that was lil weezy

  • Don ibrowayne @nigeria

    It sounds dope…

  • AishThaks


  • Matheo22

    Oh really this isn’t dope this is garbage ! Limp Bizkit + Wayne = Awful

  • I liked the beat , and weezy’s verse was good , but still he needs to get back on his 2007-08 flows , he used to spit fire man

  • CeeJ

    i agree with mathew this songs does “slap” or sound “dope”
    id rather the song not exist at all to be honest and id rather listen to adele than tunechi.
    but at least theres still shady records…
    #thank god for slaughterahouse.

  • CeeJ


  • Want the download !

  • Jays

    Agree with 91 stunna, this was more like the Weezy we know than the sucker Tunechi! It’s been a loooong time since one of his punchlines hit me in the face, but:

    “I can’t stop, I won’t stop,
    I got the pistol on me, I guess I went pop, ”

    was actually creative, though unfortunately true.. At least his energy is back! Now im just waiting to hear a verse where he does the “best rapper alive” phrase. Starting to get back faith in him.

  • ceej

    little wayne, wizzle, young tunechi or tuna fish
    it dont matter what u call him his music is garbage.

  • Ed!

    Sick Men Luv it

  • This is gonna be staright fire LIL WEEZY went in all the way,he is the best rapper alive hands down. I cant wait till the song drops its gonna be dope YMCMB we winning!


  • i gotta hear the studio quality first but it do sound like weezy f not tunechi his voice and aggression are back

  • future

    that shit is so dope!!! f$ck the haterz!!! if they cant understand the evolution and inevitable fusion of genres then sorry your a f*^(Oin MORON!!!!


  • Simba

    Man if yall wanna hear a band that wayne and them ill and must sign check this out

  • Weezy#1fan

    Weezy KILLED it! Lil Wayne always get on anybody song and have the best verse. Keep it up Wayne the beat ever! Keep it up my nigga

  • Rhino

    Sounds off the chain!!!

  • Jr. Esco.

    sounded lyk ‘rebirth’ wayne, reminded me politics, prom queen, ground zero…
    This is ain’t wack or dope as hell, bt itz weezy not tunechi… weezy gotta b back

  • NEW Limp Bizkit/Wu-Tang cover/REMIX:

  • mike

    Shit is fire, This is the year for Limp Bizkits come back, and Limp Bizkit has my boy Hard Target, they did a new video and song together, they about to blow this shit out the water, Wayne is a beast, Hard Target is a beast and Fred still has it, LOOK OUT.