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Lil Wayne Singing “Crew Love” & Wearing WWE Belt At LIV Nightclub [Video & Photos]

Mon, Apr 2, 2012 by

On April 1st for “LIV on Sundays“, Lil Wayne partied at LIV Nightclub in South Beach, Miami. You can watch footage of Weezy singing along to Drake and The Weeknd’s “Crew Love” in the video above, courtesy of Arun. Why we are on the subject of The Weeknd, do you think Wayne should sign him to his Young Money label ❓

Below, you can view some photos of Tune at the club rocking his Last Kings sweater and a WWE championship belt.

Lil Wayne Wearing Last Kings & WWE Championship Belt

Lil Wayne Wearing Last Kings & WWE Championship Belt

Lil Wayne Wearing Last Kings & WWE Championship Belt

Lil Wayne Wearing Last Kings & WWE Championship Belt

Lil Wayne Wearing Last Kings & WWE Championship Belt

Lil Wayne Wearing Last Kings & WWE Championship Belt

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  • Wolf_Jenkins


  • hell yea the weeknd on ymcmb is a good look

  • he is already signed to XO but he would be a valuable add tot the label

  • YCsep27

    Salam Wayne:) how are you

  • Hell no!! He’s good where hes at.. if anything Drake should leave YM then him and the weeknd can make there own ovoxo group..

  • Shamear

    Hell no. The Weeknd should never sign to YMCMB, he’s doing just fine on his own. Maybe when Drake starts his own label like Tyga did with Last Kings then The Weeknd could sign, but never Young Money.

  • Danny Prado

    Maybe lil wayne likes watching WWE thats why he has that belt

  • wayneforlife

    What does it mean when Lil Wayne puts a gun sign up to his head? he’s done that in numerous pics. what does it mean???

  • fuck you first niggas

    wayne a fan of wrestlemania haha

  • MJ


    I definatly think Wayne and baby should pick him up. But honestly I doubt it would ever happen. The weekend is declining offers left and right, the man even turned down a 7 mill deal. Wasn’t drakes deal only 2 mill? I don’t even think cashmoney would wanna invest so much money on him. And honestly, of he joined the team his album would never come out lol.

    Me being from Toronto, I would love to see the weekend sign with Wayne or baby, he is incredibly talented and they could use him. But who knows maybe a deal is in the works

  • Mj

    Cosigning all the people talking about drake opening ova record label

    I think drake said he doesnt want to do that until he,s like And tygas a dumbass for trying to open a label when he has barely even made a name for himself. Even Cory guns and lil chuckie, honestly do they even have proper finances to run a label? I think people get to excited over money and try to start something they can’t handle. Outside the label too, like wiz Taylor gang lol. Who the fuck wants to sign with Taylor gang? I kno, broke ass hood niggas would sign for 15 grand lol. Then u realize ur label is generating nothing for you. It’s so stupid for artist to open a label just after they themselves got signed.
    Look at Wayne, the nigga was in the game for about twenty years and he just did ym like 5 years ago. About the time he was recording c3, when he was a rapstar. His timing was perfect. And he carefully picks who he wants to offer a deal. Lol and people these days want to start there own “youngmoney” and sign every living organism they come across. If Wayne hadn’t signed nicki, 50 wouldn’t have signed Paris. And ti wouldn’t have signed that white girl. Young money and mmg are rolemodels to these other label imprints. Damn I wish mmg was signed to cashmoney and not warner bros,

    But the point is, drake is smart enough not to open a label at this point of his carreer, his mind set is not the same as lil Wayne who has pretty much accomplished everything a hiphop artist can possibly achomplish

  • Darijo

    Drake and Tyga dont have their own labels. They’re just little groups on the side. Yes they pay them money to rap for them but its not really a label.

  • Darijo

    But yes Wayne should definatly sign The Weeknd. That would be a huge thing to do cuz Jay Sean hasnt been doing anything big so add this singer thats even better then Jay Sean and he will be huge!

  • Danny M

    You guys need to stop talking shit. This is my website, I can say whatever I want to say. So Fuck You!!!!! Thank you very much, fuckin panzees.

  • d boyce@Mj

    @MJ juss stfu dat shows how much u kno young money been around foreva.. it juss started to get as bigg as it is now.. get ur shit rite before u tryda talk dwn on sumone else.. dat juss showz dat u aint a tru fan

  • Hell ya he needs to sign the weekend..YMCMB would go even harder!

  • Haha that nigga has the wwe spinner belt lmao.. But he can wear it cause he is the champion of champions (no homo) but LIL WAYNE is THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE! And YMCMB is THE BEST TEAM!

  • GDMalitia

    Did wayne just stop by wrestlemania, and take a bealt or is that one fake?

  • Lastking

    Wayne should sign the weekend cuz he got so many artist on young money dat just sit on their ass and dont do nothin..he should drop some people from young money dat aint really doin much in music

  • GrimGenius

    it kills me when people say lil wayne is a new school rapper -_- smh

  • Wooh

    That’s not a WWE belt that’s a Waynes World Champiionship title awarded to the best rapper alive duhh.

  • Yelawolf is the best rapper alive

    New School: Lazy. i hope the easter bunny brings me a Lil Wayne mixtape where he raps over watch the throne beats and anything thats good. oh and actually tries instead of sounding repetitive, lyrically weak and LAZY

  • MJ

    Young money was founded in 05 and only started getting noticed in 08. Thats what you call being around forever?

    And tyga owns a LABEL not a group. If there is paperwork involved and a contract, it’s a label. Drakes ovo guys are his friends, it’s not no group or nuthin, it’s a cliqe that he been around with before Wayne

  • Ed!

    Luv u Wayne and Mack!! πŸ˜€

  • MattiLee

    Ok so, The Weeknd’s voice is just majical. And he will be so big one day, we will start winning grammys and stuff .. he just needs to be signed to YM. And he’s with that XO, to YMXO? YMOVOXO? OVOXOYM? Abel Tesfaye is lovely, I love him

  • wtfizzy

    God wayne is such a corny character now smh

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    little wayne’s suckin a dick and some guy in the back grabbin his nutts.

    thanks so much…. i love this blog danny m.

    feel free to blog more music whenver it becomes available from the wizzle.

    “now hop up on that dick and do a full split”

  • Tony Montana

    U can say Wayne has ghostwriters but one thing I’m sure of is Birdman doesnt have any! …If he does they truly suck

  • Weezy better add his ass before he makes his own H-town company

  • and fuck you ‘haters gotta go on itunes to go get me’

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  • Rachel

    What is his insurance policy? He is always performing on 3 1/2 width stages……..with equipment behind him. See, even rapping lyrics in a club, he is so dangerous.

  • jaime

    Nicki is the only one who doesn’t have her group yet, I doubt she’ll ever start a group because shes a pop star singer now.

  • Its CeeJ mothafucka!

    i swear on everything if he keeps hidding and holding onto his shit ima gonna take a tuneshit on little waynes life. after death. or before.
    drop some music immediately.

  • B-Cloud

    Weezy’s look skinny 😐 Maybe he’s worked too hard ???

  • Tumi TUMRAD*2mi* RADEBE

    I love theeeeee weezy my sweet hear u the best keep up dzi goodz wrk I love u stax ymcmb u da business mwa mwa #biggest of ur biggest fan 2mi aka Tumrad

  • T.C.R.

    He Is Already Signed To Young Money And Tyga’s Lable Is Under The Young Money Label

  • Tune

    Does anyone know why the sunglasses are called that Wayne wears in the original music video the ones with the yellowish lense?

  • MoonMan

    Wayne got Young Money when he was 18. It was a gift from baby.

  • Jen

    Omg yes sign the weeknd! I love the zone with drake. Best song they’ve done together!

  • Jen

    Because he knows he is(was)mind blowing on a track. Lol

  • honestly…

    i saw this video that goes with this blog.
    honestly…. little wayne has lost his mind. he performs like what i imagine a male whoopie goalberg, his voice is deep but not manly and his flows have falllin bad, the nig barely remembers his own rhymes. shits so wack.

    so what do we call him now skateboarder or singer cuz he definitely aint a rapper.
    the only person i ever remember telling him to skate was himself so its not anyones fault but little waynes. baby in the trash my ass… more like crack head talking to himself in a dumpster.

    but yall keep suppporting him cuz i’ll find it funny to check back when there’s been a couple weeks of nothing but skateboard pictures or some random ass talks about retirement to find out yall all wanna bitch again.

  • yes he should sign him he would def sell records

  • yes he should sign him he would def sell records

  • YCsep27

    i dont like any other nigga exept Wayne.i like you so much Wayne:)

  • YCsep27

    Wayne is romantic,loving,strict,positive and of coarse creativity is his image.

  • YCsep27

    yae Wayne looks skinny:)

  • YCsep27

    you are confuse Wayne?!

  • YCsep27

    dont worry i am your well wisher

  • nr1FanOfLilWayne JERSSY :D

    I love Lil Wayne for ever,,!!! I support you!love youuuuuuu wish you all the best!! A real fan supports and stay by his side! lLOVE YOU LIL WAYNE!!!!!!

  • @ForidaStyle88

    Where is Wayne gonna b next every time I find out he already left the building I have never since him live but I pay for it

  • devout

    young money for real

  • jodizzo

    this is to all you dumbasses who think that tyga, drake and lil chuckee are starting or have their own labels

    juss to let you guys know … they were already signed to them or started them waaay before they were signed to YOUNG MONEY/CASHMONEY. they are all the little labels that produce mixtapes and shit. so dont be saying that they’re making labels now cuz they signed to young money

    and for people who STILL dont know … everybody that is signed to YOUNG MONEY is basically signed to CASH MONEY RECORDS. they are NOT seperate … its like YOUNG MONEY is the child, CASH MONEY is the father and UNIVERSAL is the grandfather

    And why are people hating??? and saying shit like drake should leave YM??? thats like saying “I love Derrick Rose but i hate the Chicago Bulls” i guess some people juss hate seeing other people accomplishing stuff when they should be worrying about themselves.

  • alain

    best to meet to you all.

  • YMCMB for LIFE

    He should come to the WWE Monday Night Raw as a guest host.

  • Sumnal

    no i dont thing that the weeknd should sign in YM .OVOXO must be apart.