Bobby V – Mirror (Feat Lil Wayne) [CDQ]

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Bobby V Mirror Feat Lil Wayne

Bobby V just premiered his new single off his forthcoming album due out October 2nd, Dusk Till Dawn, on Power 105’s The Breakfast Club Show. The song, which was produced by K.E., is called “Mirror” and features Lil Wayne.

I don’t know about you, but I have always loved the collaborations between Bobby and Weezy, especially “Mrs. Officer“, “Tell Me (Remix)” and “Your Smile“. This new one “Mirror” sounds pretty dope too!

Check out a rip of the single below and I will update the link as soon as the CDQ becomes available the mastered version of the single below:

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  • Nick

    Nice work Danny. Quick on the upload @Kuzz.

  • Heiba


  • weeeezy

    Not a bad verse, but could definitely have been better

  • lilme

    fisrt but fuck pusha t

  • C

    LMAO … thought that was Wayne in the reflection of that Mirror artwork.

  • Nick

    Just glad to be getting some new music from Wayne. We can’t really blame him for waiting for his features to drop. For all we know he does the verse immediately and then it’s just up to the artist who song it is to drop it. Good verse!

  • Tunechi

    Someone please upload it to youtube

  • Fonzy YM

    Weezy you are the BEST!
    Fuck the HATERS!
    YM ova everything!

  • flystealth

    Weeezy flystealth!

  • iCoach

    Coulda been longer, bobby v being cheap lol but I loved the flow.. It wasn’t disjointed and flowed smoothly…

  • Douche

    Mirror with Bruno Mars was better

  • Killa

    I liked weezys verse, will there be a video danny?

  • Weezy

    can anyone put the lyrics up?

  • Briggs

    i fucks with this song

  • Lastking

    Wayne doesnt have that pop crossover lane aymore like he did in 08 and 09

  • Weezy

    you can listen to the song here

  • vodafon

    i really like it ..tunechi!!

  • SWJR

    Daaaamn! What a Tune, WEEZY<3

  • I’ve listened to it 4 times already.

  • Jay

    I like it, could be a hit



  • ok wayne brah i see you yo tried a lil this time that was dope

  • Iùm ju$t come HeRe to saY fuCK puSHa T :p !!!!!!

  • ym ova u

    well compare this shit to Tell Me Remix, its ass.

  • OG

    Can’t forget Beep Remix!!

  • This is garbage!!

  • PDW513

    This nigga Wayne is fucking playing. If he get serious on features maybe I can listen to him The best song he was on this year was celebrate. All his features be ass now. I’m YM biggest fan but iTS like he don’t wanna kill nobody on they own song no more. Where the carter 2 carter 3 Wayne at. He kill anybody on the tracks now all he say is simple punch lines and pussy wtf its like he lost his vocabulary.


    OMG!!!!! LOOOOOL!!! I swear I thought that was weezy in the mirror reflection!!! Hahahahahahahaaa!!

  • can any of yall quote the lyrics he spit on this

  • Weezy

    i agree with PDW513, i think that he lost the flow of rapping. man he used to kill everyone on their tracks, and now its like he is just talking the whole song. where is the old wayne?

  • LilKunechi

    Dope verse…why you all hatin, hop of his fuckin dick

  • Ymcmb

    Nigga killllled it! Fuck haters!! Y’all come up with something better?

  • Cath_tunechi

    why are wayne haters even on this site ? smh

  • Bang Bang

    On May 30, 2012 at 7:47 pm Cath_tunechi responded with…

    why are wayne haters even on this site ? smh

    they must love wayne more than us fans tbh ^

  • Trizz

    Hey Danny don’t forget about the Beep Beep Remix!

  • Lil_Soulja_K

    another mirror? i wonder just that lil wayne got thousands of songs with the same name :S it’s hard to find the right one if you are searching ^^

  • Lil_Soulja_K

    and by the way @PDW513 you are so fucking right, like you can read in my mind 😀

  • first song i heard in a while when wayne doesn’t rap about pussy

  • Wayne Did Really Good on His Verse ! 🙂

  • tha infamous

    u are correct sir.

  • Norim


    At least tell a story about the girl instead of just spitting a few random lines trying to impress the listener.

  • Truth

    Wayne’s career is in trouble right now. This time is reminding me when the Hot Boys left Wayne, his career was in trouble back then.

    His hype is going down. This is the first time im seeing wayne songs going half/half.

    half of the listeners like it, half don’t. and many that don’t like it are even fans.

    I have never seen wayne get this much negative feedback on his songs in his career, and i’ve been following him since Tha Block Is Hot.

    His next album needs to be really good. I’m just not sure he’s capable of putting out another classic. Seems like he has put his self in too deep of a hole to get out.

    I’m pulling for him though, 100%. It’s been incredible to follow Wayne for so many years. I’ve literally watched him grow from a young boy from the hood to superstar of the world.

    Wayne has definitely overcame a lot in his career. I remember when he was overlooked in the Hot Boys. Wayne was used only for adlibs and little catchy sounds on songs.
    I remember when the Hot Boys left Wayne. Wayne’s career was in danger. He struggled to gain a consistent following from fans. He had to make his own lane.

    After 2 albums that went under the radar, Lights Out and 500 Degreez, Wayne really pulled through the struggle. He released all those SQ mixtapes that were starting to get him a little buzz in the streets. Following that, he then released (in my opinion) his best album to date, Tha Carter.

    Wayne was a fresh sound to the south. Tha Carter displayed pure talent. Wayne was then getting huge offers from other labels, the most recognized was Jay-Z’s offer to sign Wayne to Roc Nation. Wayne politely declined and said, “you know what? cash money found me, they put me on my feet. Cash Money is going through hard times at the moment, so i’m returning the favor. I will bring Cash Money back”

    Wayne did just so. Officially starting his own branch of Cash Money, “Young Money”, in late 2004.
    Wayne also started his infamous “Dedication” mixtape series in 2005. The first dedication only brought Wayne more followers, and also built a lot of hype for his next album, Tha Carter 2.
    But, if The Dedication wasn’t enough hype for Wayne..he then released another mixtape, “The Suffix” right before his Carter 2 album that set Wayne’s buzz on FIRE.

    Wayne then dropped Tha Carter 2. Another great album. Wayne at this point was seperating his self from other rappers, not just in the south but throughout the country. Wayne started appearing on many hot songs, Wayne was every where. Wayne was becoming big.

    in 2006, Wayne dropped the follow-up to the Dedication with the Dedication 2. This mixtape blew wayne up even more, and many fans were convinced the “self proclaimed” best rapper alive, was indeed the best rapper alive. Many people started comparing Wayne to rap legends at this point. Many people were calling Wayne “the next 2pac”.
    Wayne was on fire. People loved him, he had a consistent following then.

    Later in 06, Wayne and Birdman released Like Father Like Son. An album that went a little under the radar to the casual mainstream listener, but to Wayne’s real fans, it was another hit.
    Was Wayne’s buzz going down? Nah. Not at after he dropped another mixtape “Lil Weezyana” To most, crowning him king of the south.

    Wayne could do no wrong at that point.

    What would he do next? Oh nothing much..except drop, (in my opinion) his best mixtape to date, “Da Drought 3”.
    This mixtape after one listen was an immediate classic. Never before was there a more original sounding mixtape. Da Drought 3 changed rap forever. Wayne stepped up his delivery and lyrics on that one. There was no one that wasn’t riding with Wayne at that time in his career. If you weren’t listening to Lil Wayne.. you were pretty lame.

    Wayne had everyone wanting to be a blood, Wayne had every rapper wanting to rap like him, Wayne had females’ hormones going nuts, and he had the rap game on lock.
    Wayne took all the hot radio hits at the time and demolished every single one. Who even listened to those songs after they heard Wayne spit on them?

    Of course after that he had one of the biggest years in hip hop history in 2007. Appearing on everyone’s hit song, releasing a bunch of album-worthy songs, then releasing Tha Carter 3 in 08, wayne was then a mainstream hit for the first time in his career.

    After Tha Carter 3 Wayne may have started getting a little lackadaisical, or too drugged up. Releasing a disappointing 3rd installment to the Dedication series, then releasing a head-scratching rock album. Wayne’s image was changing for the worst. His behavior was becoming quite strange, many wondering if the “Syrup” needed to be put down..
    Wayne was losing fans at this point, he turned into a rock and roll, autotune singing mess.

    And then Wayne rises once again. Coming with a COMPLETELY new sound on the 2009 mixtape “No Ceilings”. No one saw it coming. People were writing him off, then out of no where he drops the best mixtape of the last few years, maybe the best mixtape since his Drought 3. This brought Wayne back but only shortly. Wayne was killing the features again and getting the biggest buzz of his career, before going to jail.

    Wayne came out of jail with a new attitude, seemed like it but didnt last for long. Wayne’s music plummeted. Tha Carter 4, to many, was a huge disappointment. Wayne at this point was becoming simply: played out.

    Thats where we are now with Wayne, he’s played out at this point.

    What will he do next? I think the end is coming sooner than most expected. Nonetheless Wayne has had a tremendous career. I am blessed to be able to have followed (in my opinion) the greatest rap career ever. Not debating who’s the best rapper ever, I’m saying Wayne has had the best rap career.

    Wayne changed rap forever, and that’s what legends do.

  • ineye gabriel

    To those who said wayne didnt do well on this > FUCK YOU AND AND WHOEVER THAT LOVE YOU.. WAYNE did good and its been a while that we’ve heard this kinda format that Wayne does his laughs in songs cus lately his kinda aggressive here he brought it back. i strongly believe that tunechi is turning back into weezy it may that tie but i swesar we his done> i reserve my comments. #ymcmb

  • RumNCoke89

    where’s the download link that you always give when you post a song??

  • Russian_Girl

    lil wayne, bruno mars-mirror. ——-> вечная моя любовь….
    а то, что сейчас играет…хм….второго успеха с зеркалом у Вэйна уже не будет)

  • bro you serious wayne kilt this feature like a muthafuggin skirt! g shyt! ” who ya daddy? den i hit it faster ! da mirror sed you are yu concieted basterd ” !!! hard ass fugg!

  • smoke

    we need this wayne back Im the man in this bitch, they say money talks well Im tha ventriloquist, And if i ever jump, il prolly land in ya bitch, Boy that hoe colder than my hand and my wrist, Boy im more cooler than a fan and a mint, And when im done this track will need a couple bandages, I be wit savages and im above average, Im a crazy ass star like a fuckin asterick, You niggas cant see me, im on my casper shit, Runnin so much game, i fuck around and lap a bitch, The club like a grocery, i juss bag a bitch, And you kno im gonna score like Deion after picks

  • Dj

    Five bowls in her mouth spell Weezy”
    Someone explain? please



    @DJ he said 5 GOLDS not bowls……

  • Dj


  • Dj

    Its me LT like when you heat butter.

    Hooh thinks of that? Wayne is lyrically gifted.

  • Weezy


  • I am a huge Wayne Fan but seriously … — Tunechi Bro, Get your shit together your fallen off…

  • Yelar

    just came here to say this song is gay as fuck and whos pusha t?


    kanye gay fisht west buttfuck pussy t

  • swaggking

    On HNHH they said that Wayne is supposed to drop a new single with Big Sean next week called “My Homies Still” Sounds like its gonna be sick. Hopefully its true

  • Kay B

    Dedication 2 Wayne, we miss u

  • Kay B

    Dedication 2 Wayne, we miss u. That’s all I can say

  • No matter what wayne does, he should not be played out, we’re his fuckin fans for christ’s sake, show some support and stop saying he’s falling off becuz we all know he’s beyond great!

  • MJ

    I wonder how much Wayne was paid to put big Sean on his single

  • lil wayne is droping a new song with Big Sean idk what album is coming from doe it should be here next week

  • seniors

    Dick riders should really shut up cause Wayne is no where close to how good he was before he has like 2 verses that he killed this year which was dark shades and faded thats it

  • acilio

    new lil wayne’s single drop tomorrow ?????????? somebody know if it’s true ??????

  • Kaplun

    I heard next week lil waynes single is dropping featuring big sean

  • Ace12

    It’s aight but nothin special..he didnt “kill” it..

  • wesck

    YMCMB easy baby

  • Young Money Soldier

    @Danny M!
    you forgot Beep (Remix)! haha
    Bobby V Feat Lil Wayne!

  • Dejai

    If this is wat wayne music is gonna sound like from now on, he juss needs to give up, retire.. O_O he becoming garbage

  • No1TuneFan4Life

    cud of been better, not as good as any other callabo between them , still a good chilled out mellow track just didnt get want i wanted from wayne , YMCMB we winning

  • nice smooth something wen you drunk with your lady

  • I dig it ya hurd… One Rapper I admire VERY Much.. and that is Lil Wayne Carter..
    And MY reason is because, Mr.Carter is a str88 up real man for the mic.. U check wah i saying? I don’t know if he do it for da money buh it seems like he love what he does for a living.. U check wah i saying? ..The mic is a special thing and i wanna thank who ever came up with an idea to create such an amazing device. Me, Myself.. I Am a Rapper!
    Music is also what i am about.. Its the only think that can keep me to myself.
    In the booth, I’m just excited to be on the mic.. I just feel like i am the right person for music. I guess that’s the same way how Lil Wayne. I do it cause i love it.. Big shout out to Weezy! mehn he earn my love early and i don’t even know him. I don’t trust him either.. I trust no-one.. It’s me, myself, and my music. JAHREX-Ya HURD! Ahha!

  • DDO

    bitch ass niggers LilWayne rock

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  • Once again, This JahRex.. According “DDO” message… Yes! Weezy Rock my nigga/home-girl.. I call my Inner self “INTELLIGENT” & I’m 100% that Dwayne calls the same way about himself too. JEa Jea!

  • Once Again.. JahRex up in here & According 2 your message “Dejai”.. Lets start off by remember Lil Wayne from when he created “fire-man” until now.. He’s only getting older & older in what he do so, Don’t worry about what he do cause he might be doing it for a reason. He could be getting tired of rappering so he switches up his flow just to make you think that way. No matter what doe, Weezy still go hard & i know it cause i understand his situation. That’s why he have me & all the other rappers helping him

  • & Yeaa ima help him with no problem!