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Drake & Lil Wayne Perform “The Motto” 2 Times In The Bay [Videos]

Tue, May 8, 2012 by

Drake kicked off his new “Club Paradise” tour last night (May 7th) in Concord, California (Bay Area) at the Sleep Train Pavilion with French Montana, 2 Chainz, Waka Flocka Flame, The Weeknd, and Lil Wayne as a special guest.

Above, you can watch Drizzy and Weezy perform “The Motto” (plus Wayne skateboarding on stage) and after the jump, you can watch them perform it again for a second time!

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  • $kn811


  • hunter



    that is a really shitty camera

  • jeff

    wayne vs. drake in a fight… wayne wrapping dreads round drakes neck n hangin him off the stage.

  • ymcmb

    why they perform it two times??

  • w-t-f, they call me f

    weezy f baby and the f is for fool for skateboarding at a concert smh



  • jgjg


    how can lil wayne copy jay-z when carter 4 sold than a milli while throne sold less than a milli please dnt compare lil wayne to jay-z if it cumz to rap

  • granny

    the motto is boring now

  • Wassuppp

    Wish I went to this 🙁

  • LP

    See thats what pisses me off, you can skateboard if you really want to. But dont mix it WITH rapping, NO ONE cares you can do a couple tricks. Nobody is a fan of you skateboarding or came to that concert to see you do an ollie

  • Bang Bang

    Oh when will Little Wayne stop the skating…..

  • jez hey zlald

    Danny M when does birdmans bigga than life album come out

  • Kay B

    @ propain. Nigga if u hv ntn bettr 2 write bout or do shut tha fck up, hw tha fck u comparing Weezy wth jay z. Tha Carter 4 sold way mch more thn w.t.t. 1st week nd over-roll sales. Jay cudnt even b wat Wayne was

  • Mrs. Tune

    @PROPAIN umm fuck u how dare u compare tunechi nd drizzy to jay-z nd kanye?? like wtf they suck dick i think id commit suicide if i was at the throne concert. weeezy nd drake can do wutever the fuck they want they REALLY dont need to copy shit for anything. bitch nigga….

  • Mrs. Tune

    shit, if only i had tunechis shirt -_-</3

  • Wayne and drake murdered this 🙂

  • am i the only one noticed that drake got a tattoo on his back

  • romanus

    true talk weezy bst raper alive nd drizzy to b crown anytime soon nw !

  • I wish Lil wayne was a special guest when I saw Drake in Norway.. Unfair :- (

  • LOL

    LOL hes been skating for almost a year and he cant OLLIE

  • I Was There Yesterday, That Shit Was Dope ! #TheMOTTO

  • Trizz

    Does Weezy know his hat is missing an “F”? lol Or is he trying to say “Truk It”.

  • Chube

    Only Tune skate during a performance 😛

  • leak

    will weezy and the weeknd be a every show?

  • Weezy’s #1 fan

    jgig i agree with u weezy kills em all fuck em he is a beast the best rapper alive! Like for real somebody should bend jayz and kanye over there throne and fuck em but they would prlly like that faggots Weezy F Baby and the F is for fuckin awesome

  • jeffezy

    They murdered da song…dope song…fans goin crazy n all dat shit…Tunechi n Drake doin their thing n must say Weezy is kind a back with his swag but dat Sk8board shit wil stil be there..YMCMB TILL I DIE BITCHES…n plz dnt compare him with Jay-z n Kanye jst bcoz dey performed 9 times on dat track…

  • frother
  • Elphrizzy

    Yeah weezy murder that birtch.ur da best.

  • i like lil wayne song.. Hi frd i m from india!

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  • foolish

    you can’t compare jay z and kanye west with lil wayne and drake.kanye west is the best.He can rap about anything compared to drake and wayne all combined.jay z talks about reality thing.but have have ever listened to lil wayne,all he talks is about pussy.atleast drake talks a little sense but lil wayne talks about pussy all the time

  • No artiste on planet earth can even step into weezy’s shoes.the guy is really ahead ov the rest.i wish i could see him someday. I love weezy n young money with my heart and soul. from uganda. Long live weezy long live young money.


    HIP HOP IS BACK<<<<<<, HIP HOP IS BACK ^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • huge fam of lil tunchi i love him i love erthang about wayne and most of all his skateboard,where did wayne came from?

  • to be frank wayne is my God, i know this sounds weird though but can do anythang about that,growing up as a child i started listening to weezy infact i got soaked with his music and guess what am part of a record label very big in Ghana although am not signed to it but its a privilege thnx to wayne……….YMCMB / NU AFRIKA records

  • Tun3chii 13

    Hater Let My Nigga Skate Hes The Mf Millionare He Can Do Wat Ever He Fuqking Want… Shit YMCMBlood

  • tumweezy

    the peeps hu hav a prob with lil wayne suck ur dry balls we dnt gv a fuck wat u thnk we enjoy
    watching hm skate if u dnt save it 2
    urself or 4 sum1 hu cares cos we dnt gv…oooh I love ths video awesome u guys gat talent hy keep up the good wrk