Lil Wayne – My Homies Still (Feat Big Sean) [Dirty]

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Lil Wayne My Homies Still Feat Big Sean

The wait is finally over! Here is the first single from Lil Wayne‘s upcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album… and it is a banger!! This song, which was produced by STREETRUNNER and Sarom from Spliffington Management, is called “My Homies Still” and features G.O.O.D Music artist Big Sean.

Weezy‘s sequel to his album that was released in 2010, I Am Not A Human Being, is set to be released at the end of this summer. You can listen and download the CDQ/Explicit version of “My Homies Still” below, courtesy of Birdman.

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  • shabzbsm




  • ymcmb4lyfe

    its ok i was expecting more but i want to hear the dirty version then i will judge it wayne still a beast tho

  • merey


  • merey


  • Divert


  • Norim

    Hot Boy, FREE TURK!

    It’s that Alien type of shit nahmean.

  • GOOD


    his flow is so gay. He sounds like a little girl. Big Sean killed his verse as well.

    YMCMB = You Make Children’s Music Bro

  • Angeelll

    Danny do you know when we will get the CDQ version ? We need it

  • WeezyKB24

    Wayne kilt this bitch

  • TuneSwag

    Million times better than his skate and smoke song…thank you weezy for steppin it up a little

  • carter ii wayne please . this sucks

  • Realest123

    Trackkkk came hard waiting 4 the CDQ #TuneChi backkkk

  • WeezyFannnn

    We need a better quality

  • hills

    holy fuccckkkk weezy killed this

    just listen to the lyrics

  • Buttface


  • Bill Cosby

    Danny, my nigga.

  • I’m a Wayniac since day 1, but Sean is killing him on that one, bwoi.

  • ym ova u

    the lyrics are good but he still has that wack Carter 4 flow.

  • Baller

    luv it!

  • WeezyDead

    WTF Waynes offically fell off.. wtf is this trukfit shit about we understand you skate and you have a clothing line but who wants to sit there and listen to how you skate and how you wear nothing but your own clothing line..

  • green eyes


  • Chris

    Great swag with some dope fucking lines, the tracks more wacky and fun, good to chill too, and definitely a banger. Waynes gotta switch it up every now and then and thats exactly what hes doing. You gotta remember his single before this one was the lyrical She will from C4. Waynes got too many flows, he can’t always stick with one, appreciate that. Enjoy the track.

  • can he please just stop talking about trukfit and skating.


  • @Chris

    what do you mean Wayne’s got too many flows ?

    he’s been using the same flow since he got out of jail. The only time he changed up his flow was on “John”, “Tunechi’s Back” and “Rollin Freestyle”

  • smh this is poor

  • GC

    This is the song he was hearing at the beginning of his sports corner ๐Ÿ™‚

  • shaby

    weezy killed it please gimme the lyrics

  • Weezyfan0003

    Why is it clean wtf

  • wayne has offically fallen off .. watch the carter 3 documentary and listen to this
    this is shocking

  • Wayne 4 Life

    We need a dirty version! Whats poppin’ wayne! Trukfit all day!! Straight up!!! You back nigga!!!!! WAYNE IS BACK MOTHERFUCKERS!!! all y’all haters out there need to chill the fuck out! I don’t see you guys releasing 10 albums! Being on everyone’s features and starting a clothing line and still living life and enjoying money!!! FUCK HATERS!!!! Wayne is back and will always be number 1!!!

  • dick

    Wow lil Wayne really did fall off. This is so horrible. Never thought I would see the day that big Sean out raps lil wayne

  • Wizzle

    Any Pusha T shots in this ??

  • Tdog327

    Man fuck you guys who think lil Wayne doesn’t have flow he has so many songs and all are different style. And who cares if he skates and raps about it, he’s still sick and still getting paid so fuck you guys who be hattin on the best rapper alive.

  • @tune

    Lil Wayne got mad cause the OKC Thunder wouldn’t give him free tickets to the Game3 @ OKC. Does Wayne give free tickets?

  • That nigga

    alright first off fuck yall niggas who think yall opinionz be matterin an shitt. yall niggas tryna get a cap popped on yo azzes rite now. wayne will have bloods on yall so fast if u ever tryed somethin on him that ud think u got hit wit a wave of red. sprayin on yall so fuckn hard wuldnt even no wut hit cha. so thats it. fuck all yall niggaz and i hope yall have a terrible fuckin day.

  • fair track

    the verses are hot but its just that the voice is too bitchy..but anyways good track

  • Ak

    New News They Say Big Sean Will Leave G.O.O.D Music And Sign With YMCMB Weezy Stole Big Sean From Pusha T Fuck Pusha T And Anybody Dat Love Em #Weezyisback

  • Woow

    Idgaf if he pus in his verses trukit or skateboarding…in carter 3 and rebith he use autotune and all what? a true wayne fan will listen him no matter what style or flow he use. YMCMB TILL I DIE , TRUKFIT TILL I DIE AND EVERTHING WHAT WAYNE WILL DO I SUPORT HIM! fuck fake ass wayne fans who don’t like that or whatever! \n//

  • BJ

    Sound Good ! Better Then Alot Of His Shit Lately !

  • Young_Mulla

    i love how the same dude posted like 5-6 times saying wayne fell off!! hahahaha this is pure fire and even haters know it! weezy over errrthing

  • Weezy92

    damn.. big sean is whack as fuck.. everyones saying they dont like Waynes voice or flow but Big Seans voice/flow is the same on every song! that ‘boing boing’ hit he says on every song is annoying.
    ps.. am lookin’ forward to IANAHB!
    fuck pusha t

  • dis sound like ass ass by big sean no wonder he got on it



  • Dope!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Sonq is fire… YMCMB till i die.
    Fuck y’ll haters if u dont like weezy why y’ll r on his site??! Fuck off ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Ryan Jhonson

    i remember when amanda seales from the hip hop pov show said that this album was supposed to be like the carter 2 wayne,…just by hearing this song i can tell she lied,she probably never even listened to carter2 whole album, she probably only heard the singles like fireman,hustler muzik and shooter from tv and radio,…..dis song was alright but i expected more,im just glad he didn’t use that lazy talk flow like he’s been using lately,….big sean went hard as usual,..and i liked truckfit at first but wayne is taking this truckfit shit too far,i mean who wants to hear a 29 year old blood rapper rap about skateboards and skate clothes?? it’s just weird?,….and i hope he doesn’t talk truckfit in every song on IANAHB2,….and i dought this album will sound anything like carter 2


    So wait, “I am not a human being 2” isn’t gunna be released until after the summer??!?!??? It was originally set to release before summer starts!?!? WTF!!!

  • me

    maan, this is the beginnin of the end of weezy, he’s goin down, if he keeps like this, he gon be ruined soon

  • WTF

    Wow. Wtf Wayne. This is garbage.. Any real weezy fan can tell he did not go hard at all. This is not a feature and is not a mixtape. Get it together.

  • TuneCHILI

    From the TOP to the Bottom .. Weezy Fell off.. Im a huge fan but this is so fucked up ๐Ÿ™ .. Back to ur C2 , Drought 3 FLOW

  • Drake

    wayne has fell off so bad! -__-

  • YunG based god

    fuck tunechi and anybody that love him. fuckin poser

  • jj



    DAAAAAAAAAMN weezy killed this shit!!! Love him sooooo much !!!!

  • Hype





  • WeezysAngel

    So umm.. Yeah. This Weezy makes my Beats headphones do orgasmic things. 21st century type shit!!! Summer time is officially here! That’s how he DEW!!

  • Meltunechi

    Its really sad dat some one wud say wayne fell off!! Dude still goes hard always!! Every song doesn’t hv to be deep..he’s Havin fun doin it..y’all shud quit hatin n rap a lil and see who gives a fuck!!!


    Fuck y’all hater get off the fuckin website if u didn’t notice it called ‘lil wayne fansite’ did u see the ‘fan’ part??? ARGGGG FUCK Y’ALL

  • Jj

    Fuck yung based god and anybody that luv him fuck boy

  • BJ

    Gay Ass Clean Version, But This Song Sound Like Its Going To Be The Summer Anthem….

  • Am I 6?

    Wayne like Ed Reed playing at 40 fukn 5. Like wtf dude, retire if u dont give a shit no more. Your music is bullshit. And this is coming from a former big fan. Your like the milk man delivering empty glasses of fucking milk. Its like watching Floyd Mayweather go 43-2. like damn muthafucka you shoulda quit while u was ahead. Im dissapointed.


    WTF is wrong with y’all saying he fall?????? I love this song I think its awesome!!!!!!!

  • TuneCHILI

    NP: Gimme That Remix

    I miss this fucking Young Carter aka Best Rapper Alive >>>> Skate / Trukfit Tunechi..

    Real Fans must admit it Weezy Fell off really bad .. From the TOP to the BOTTOM..

  • Chris

    @ ….

    You’ve clearly not been keeping with with wayne features. How can you honestly say that. the tracks “The question” ” “Why stop now” “Get Sleazy” “Dark shades” “Roman Reloaded” “So good” “Pretty little heart” “The motto” “Imma boss remix” “Strange clouds” ALL differ from each other and are ALL post C4 wayne.

    The problem is that wayne features on so many tracks yall just forget they even exist. You expect him to do the same thing all the fucking time. It dosen’t work like that…. when rappers do that, they end up like Nelly, they end up like fucking chingy.

    Waynes been at it for 18 years cuz he always tries new shit and people always criticize at first until they actually listen to the track in a setting that SUITS IT. THIS track is PERFECT for jamming while your hitting up a club, while you drinking with your friends, its HYPE! thats the reason why its the first fucking single.

    She will….. not the same, it was more lyrical, which is why they released it MORE TOWARDS THE TIME OF THE ALBUM RELEASE.

    Yall need to understand how MAKING MONEY in the music industry works.

    i guarantee the next single or the one after that will have that lyrical beat and flow to it.

    This track is to GET PEOPLES ATTENTION.

    its the reason waynes fanbase is always on the rise, its the reason why YMCMB is as big as it is today, there good at knowing WHEN TO DO WHAT!

    These haters need to grow the fuck up and understand some shit before they talk.

    Wayne can make ANY STYLE OF A TRACK! So when he releases one like this…… just fucking enjoy it. Instead of judging it like your some fucking studio executive. Half the time these haters are 15 years old.

    Fuck off and enjoy the track for what it it.

  • William Wayne

    weak, another Wayne’s playground song.

  • Doesn’t matter



    Piss off if u dont like him or his music!!!! Jst FUCK off ur not true fans even if u don’t like the song keep sporting weezy !!!! He needs o take care of his children and he has dhea in him life he cant Jst make music and turn out that good he has a life u now!!!! and u should be sporting the guy seriously !! ARGGGGG!!! Okay u gatta admit he’s not as good as he was but still love him!!! And I don’t jst love him for his music I love him for who he is!!!


    LOVE U WAYNE Im here to sport u!!

  • Daknite

    Shit This Is Hard heard a little in that weezys sports corner intro shit i was wondering when he was gone collab with big sean niggas go hard.

  • Daknite

    they sampled pump dat bass

  • when the dirty version comin out blood damn

  • Atlas

    YMCMB = You Make Childrenโ€™s Music Bro!! HAHAHAHA

    Straight garbage….. Get back on that Hot Boy shit, we want Gangsta Wayne, not white boy skater Wayne

  • Don

    i mean it was pretty good i need the dirty version tho so i can understand more wat he said

  • Am I 6?

    Ok so I listen to it a second time, and this is the most cheesist shit I done heard in a long time. Bra sound like one of these young niggas tryna come. Like idgaf about yo hoes talk about some real shit… playing around on a fucn skateboard that stupid shit. young money aint shit without u Drake is Drake and Nicki is Nicki they do they thang.But witch nigga gone spit? Tyga? Little Chukkee? Wale will tear everybody in ymcmb out the frame BUT the old Wayne. fuc this

  • Symphoniclove

    I Luv it

    Some People expect to much

  • Symphoniclove

    All i can say Is TRUE WORDS

  • ellow foolish

    i was a wayne fan but this is da last time fuck him im tired of this shit om out on wayne now who’s with me………………………………..

  • ellow foolish

    fuckn fag sold out i want weezy not fruity tunechi……no homo

  • TuneCHILI

    Hope wayne got Meek Mill , Wale or Jcole on this album ….

  • WTF

    All of you saying weezy killed this are deaf and don’t pay attention to the lyrics of a song. I’m a huuuge Wayne fan. But a real fan won’t just sit there and say this is great and weezy killed it just because its wayne and because they actually listen to what he’s saying and look for that lyrical machine he used to be. Wayne is falling off but he has yet to hit the bottom. He needs to take the advice of his real fans and go back to being the deep artistic monster he once was. All you “fans” that are always saying he killed it when he didn’t are not helping by patting him on the back everytime he does a track. Pat him on the back when he actually shows he tried and went hard. This man used to be able to murk any single person that stepped on a track with him. Now it’s like he doesn’t care anymore. Please fix it Wayne and show the real fans that you still care and that you ARE the BEST RAPPER ALIVE!

  • ellow foolish

    gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay bitch om pissed i been waiting 2 mutha fuckn months 4 dis bullshit om deffinately dun with this bitch and his whole squad they all jus selln out as the time goes by just gay gay gay gay gay gay lol i am so pissed at wayne idk if i could ever 4give him 4 wut da fuck he been doin lately his hardest verse this year is in dark shades n dat wasnt all that i dnt want 2 give up on wayne but he just leaves me hangn err time i think he finna go hard………….i think that young money crew is coming to an end…….n were da fuck is gudda gudda???????????????????????

  • ellow foolish

    i am so pissed at wayne rite now idk wut the fuck 2 do

  • Am I 6?

    If you like this you’re either white, or young as fuc. Im a weezy f baby. Weezy & Tunechi are two different people. Im a different person when im intoxicated too. He think that skating shit fun NO weed is fun, syrup is fun. When im sober aint shit to do but work out, but when im faded, i do it all. That skateboard is not getting you high no matter how much you want it to, and it aint doin shit fa yo musik.

  • Wayne

    Beat is horrible

  • Am I 6?

    Its like super man not having super powers anymore, and just wants to skate now. No more saving the world. He needs Tupac and Biggie to come to him in a dream and put him up on g

  • realniggawassup

    We was waiting for a fuckin freakin song, i’m disapointed !

  • Xicano101

    On June 1, 2012 at 8:25 pm @tune responded with…
    Lil Wayne got mad cause the OKC Thunder wouldnโ€™t give him free tickets to the Game3 @ OKC. Does Wayne give free tickets?

    Get your facts right shit for brains, he got mad because he wasn’t allowed in AT ALL. Because Harden’s bitch ass cant stand seeing his hoe with someone way more successful.

  • tha

    this beat was horrible even compared to some of the beats off of relapse

  • Tony33

    Lil wayne is and will always be my favorite rapper but this shit is just getting ridiculous im almost running out of things to defend him with….I thought this was going to sound like tha carter 2…..come on let’s be serious smh….Wayne please come back!

  • tha

    the drought 3 pump that bass sample is kinda ill but it aint that dope. his cd’s are all let downs since c4 forreal

  • weeezy f baby really flystealth!!

  • This song is hot! Wtf! U either deaf or a plan hater if u say otherwise! The beat knocks and Wayne goes in! Lol @ people saying Wayne fell off or they were a fan, bitch please! U ain’t a fan if u saying Wayne fell off! This song is seriously hot

  • ellow foolish

    now bitch u need 2 kill yo fuckn self if u think this shit is hot………..a real wayne fan know wen he going hard and he is just not doin it in dis song

  • snapbaktorealitywayne

    Why do we wait on this niggas bullshit music still? Sounded like a soulja boy without his nuts dropped… Dude is strait wack now

  • Jc

    Damn man some people are so quick to judge. This is an improvement from what Wayne has been puttin out. At least he sounds somewhat interested. This is to get Wayne talked about again. Chill out people.

  • Hot-Boy FREE TURK…

    This is the track wayne played on one of his “Weezy sport corner” coz i remember the line
    “still bumpin rebirth” ๐Ÿ™‚

  • mike

    Im a big fan but this song straight up fag shit. what happened to No Ceiling Lil wayne

  • Ak

    LOL Look at all the haters on here saying wayne fell off Knowing that they will still buy the album smh if u aint got nothin nice to say dont say it all #fuckahater

  • NewYorkSwagCity

    I was expecting something like 6 Foot 7 Foot but no, I’m once again let down by this rapidly declining rapper. I’m not even gonna talk about his high pitched voice anymore but really listen to the words and you’re gonna be like WTF.

    And what do you so called “true fans” consider being a true Wayne fan? I was a fan back in the Carter days when I was in 6th grade bumpin Go DJ on my sony cd player. If you were a “true fan” you would realize this ain’t the same rapper that could go on ANY type of beat and kill it. Now we got someone who is shitting out trash verses with predictable punchlines, pre-school metaphors and recycled lyrics.”


  • Acilio

    Yes !! I think This song was recorded back in january before feb 18 , i wanna hear the news recorded songs by him , like recorded in may or jun ๐Ÿ™‚

  • YunG based god

    fuck yung jj and anybody that love him. once i single handedly murder “tunechi baby” i’m comin after u YunG

  • cdotb


  • jj

    Lil Wayne is and will always be my favorite rapper if any of y’all niggas don’t like him no more y’all can fuck off..y’all niggas getting me tight with Wayne fell off shit go like another rapper then and let us loyal wezzy fans enjoy his music you bitch niggas

  • Am I 6?

    R.I.P Wayne

  • jj

    And I’m 18 from Brooklyn and black race has nothing to do with anything fuck y’all haters you bitches fuck off this website won’t find me on no rapper website I don’t like

  • Am I 6?

    JJ wipe his cum off ur lips

  • Waynesuckznow

    I used to be a die hard Wayne fan since drought 3 but this nigga didn’t just fall off…he hulk hogan leg drop fell off. This nigga garbage now…this song made me wanna not like music in general anymore cause it shows how much he doesn’t give a shit about his verses anymore. Honestly, anyone who still fucks with this nigga’s music has to be under 14 years old or is a white kid trying to fit in cause to a 20 year old nigga like me, this is fuckin garbage…

  • jj

    Fuck am I 6 rip to your bitch ass fuck u

  • jj

    Fell of but still won top male artist and top rap artist

  • jj

    I am 6 nigga fuck you suck my whole dick nigga

  • jj

    You shouldn’t. Be talking u that one on a nigga website that you don’t like

  • jj

    Word to blood fuk all u haters

  • face

    So When You Say “End Of Summer” You Mean Anytime Between Now And 2014?
    I Mean Yeah I Love YMCMB But Their Release Dates Are Never Trustworthy Until About Four Or Five Revisions.

  • ellow foolish

    shit is fuckn horrible n i love wayne 2 death but he jus needs 2 cum out da closet now………….i never thought i’d say this but……………….. mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmabach music. fuck boys who ever like dis shit is gay or white im gone need weezy 2 sip sum syrup quick………..

  • Idiotsiswear

    Just when I thought there was hope c’mon Wayne just retire you should just retire you ruin songs now take it to the head is my shit but I can’t even listen to your verse it’s garbage you ruin good songs retire already or get ya flow back

  • Zero

    Cant wait 4 da dirty version tho

  • 117tune

    Heard dis song on da radio dis morning itz an aight song i thot it wud be better fck weezy really is fallin off ๐Ÿ™

  • what happen LIL WAYNE i think you will put the best right now like FLO RIDA DRAKE TECH N9NE BUSTA RHYMES TYGA THE GAME T.I you like this bullshit Big Sean your album will be garbage if you put rappers like Big Sean ………… AND WHY THIS IS THE FIRST SINGLE I AM A TRUE FAN I ONLY HEAR YOUR SONGS BUT THIS IS GARBAGE I DOT IT WILL BE LIKE DARK SHADES you must put all the fuckin album better than this shit I WILL CRY NIGGA LIKE A BABY

  • fifjfj

    Weezy you done a fukin tight job.
    Big UPS with me diggin this album.
    lol haters? To tunechi?
    Bitch please

  • ellow foolish

    remembering 3peat remembering da droughts remembering carter 3 smfh c’mon wayne jus hang it up u had a good run u got yo grammys yo billboard awards yo platinum plaques yo skinny jeans and vans just get on yo skateboard and go i never want 2 c yo face again sooooooooooooo madddd at u i seen yo rise and now om watching u fall so hard i think its best if u jus leave and work on building your label bcuz u are oviousley threw sir…………………………


    wtf is the that sound? i want it out of my head. lollipop lollipop breastes just like dolly partin
    dolly partin
    dolly partin
    dolly partin
    dolly partin

  • Silver

    Lil wayne is a fuckin lil bitch wanna be best rapper alive he aint shit his a lil motherfucker that needs to go back and suck birdmans dick because his on that homo shit he needs to go back to jail and get his shit straight and then come out with better shit.

  • lilwayne>allrappers

    This bych go in.

  • wtf

    Man I hate to say it but lil Wayne is falling off……for the Dick riders please just compare his work from pre carter three days to now

  • ” she give me brain , research ! & i prefer reefer ! ” shit p bumpin!

  • Nobre lopes


  • DezzY NXT TuneCHI


    #TRUE SHIT NOT.dickRiding

  • lol?

    lol wasnt that one bitch from mtv saying IANAHB2 sounds like carter 2???

    im not hating on this song, its catchy and will be big on the radio, but this definitely sounds nothing like tha carter 2.

  • Meh

    You guys ain’t real fans y’all are Dick riders
    #true shit

  • JJ

    Fuck y’all hater we truk ya girl

  • Y U MAD

    This shit is DOPE. I’m sorry haters.

  • Badnfluenz

    YO all you bitchin over this and that. YO IT AIN’T 94-96 ANYMORE. Gangsta Rap ain’t NEVER going to make a comeback. 2Pac made that shit work, NOT FAKE PRODUCER DR.DRE NOT THAT LIL SKINNY NIGGA SNOOP. Dre know it’s not going to make a comeback, why you think he ain’t put out Chronic?! Folks want music that makes em feel good, name one artist in Rap that sells a Milli a Week every time they drop an album?! Let Wayne do Wayne if you want that Old wayne, BUMP OLD WAYNE. Otherwise STFU and let the man be. Y’all acting like he gives a shit what a few of you think, when he’s still banking.

  • Willie

    My Homies Still = Dance (Homies Remix) – Big Sean ft. Lil Wayne
    idk about y’all, but this song reminds me of Dance by Big Sean…but Wayne is taking over now! Get ready for IANAHB II ! #YMCMBTillIDie

  • theg33kBRU

    agreed with the majority here wayne fell off…he recycles his lyrics..always…he has run outta things to say which is understandable being in the game for as long as he has been.
    The only way he is going to realize he fell off is if his album sales flop and reality sets in omg i took all my fans for granted. I focused more on skateboarding which i make no money for, instead of my music career which i worked so hard to build.

    YMCMB is falling like Gunit did. Drake, is losing hype…Nicki Minaj has the most annoying voice and most bitchiest personalities ever. You can tell she don’t give 2 fucks about her fans. Tyga is doing his thing (but it will get old) . I like Birdman’s songs but to be real the guy isn’t very lyrical, but he’s good hype. Shanel is trash, Gudda is lazy been with YMCMB long as fuck hasn’t released jack. Lil Chukee is getting better and he’ll have a bright future. Twist is all hype, who the fuck is Torion…Short Dawg is solid. Weezy fell off.

    I used to be a huge wayne fan, but to release this as his first single is pure laziness. It sounds more like a Big Sean song then a weezy one excuse me tunebitch one. Nigga used to be hard as fuck, now he’s a bitch. He uses the same lines always…If you scared goto church…. Used to use Weezy F and the F is for (Which was sick but got old) Now its truck your girl..trukfit this trukfit that cmon dude the fuck for real?
    If you don’t have your heart in your music respect the people responsible for making you a wealthy individual and try hard one last time bring in the old flow everyone wants for one last hoorah and retire. It’s painfully obvious you would rather do the following before going into the studio.. Skateboard, Hang out with Dhea, Goto Basketball games, baseball games, hang out with Dhea, goto Liv nightclub, or King of Diamonds..For heavens sake this guys work ethic gone down the toilet. He stressed in Carter documentary and in the Nino Brown documentaries that he was a work monster always in the studio all day n night.

    You know he doesn’t give a flying Fuck anymore when he didn’t show up to the billboard awards when he won 4 awards! And then everyone finds out he was partying at LIV nightclub where he always goes instead! The nigga been losing awards all the time now and he finally wins 4 and isn’t there real sloppy. Tez is the worst manager ever.

    Wayne be grateful you got rich off rap. If you didn’t have rap or birdman and slim growing up you wouldve been a. Dead or b. Broke. Just reading your tweets you can tell your not very intelligent.

    I speak for alot of annoyed fans when I say this get your shit together either release good music or retire. And focus on your YMCMB label cuz right now MMG is takin over , Rozay got them work ethics him and his team are hungry.

    You have Drake who is drunk/high as fuck at his concerts now thinkin he hard as fuck when he just looks pathetic. He needs to bring in top rappers to his tour to sell out, and majority are MMG. You went to One of his concerts..on your fucking skateboard. YOU ARE A BLACK RAPPER 1ST AND FOREMOST. YOU WANNA SKATE? FINE! DO IT WHEN YOU HAVE SPARE TIME.


    FcuKING love IT!!!

  • why does he have to rap like Kreayshawn ?

    he sounds like a fucking girl.


    Wayne you make it so hard for me to remain a fan. I bump MMG and other rappers more than you now !

    5 years ago you were the only rapper in my fucking ipod ! U FELL OF.

  • YunG based god

    theg33kBRU real shit. i feel exactly how you do i used to think wayne was tha illest motherfucker alive he was so g and such a hard worker. now he doesn’t give a fuck about his music and is one of the most inconsistent artists in history. not a good look. i bought carter 1-4, rebirth, we are young money, and i am not a human being 1 but i definitely won’t buy the sequel wayne let me down for the last time. i’m sure it won’t affect his record sales at all though, cuz these fuck boys will buy anything with his name on it. smh

  • real talk

    we might be witnessing one of the most dramatic fall offs in rap historyโ€ฆ. wow

  • damone

    clean version niggas shouldnt judge

  • YunG based god

    G.O.O.D. > MMG > YMCMB. my fav artists that are alive are yeezy and wale. used to be wayne but nowadays he isn’t even in my top ten

  • Jaime

    Im still just hoping that Wayne is going through a “Encore”, “kingdom Come” phase.

    Eminem and Jay-Z started sucking at one point as well, but it worked out for them in the end.

    Maybe once his probation is up he will get back to being Weezy and all this trukfit and skateboarding crap will go away for good.

  • real talk

    just shows you how lil wayne fans are…. on the poll on what song are you loooking forward too lil twists single is ahead of Curen$$y and Jim Jones…. Yall just need to do your homework get good grades and listen to your parents not lil wayne

  • Zachary

    goddamnit wheres the fucking dirty version DANNY M…. IM CALLING YOU OUT


    lol you haterz make em more famous this motherfucker got it! haha have fun watchin a bilionaire rain on you bitches!!!! SCWAPPP IT OUT HATERZZZ

  • Meltunechi

    To all y’all sayin u were funs buh no more,,y’all cud fuck off the site n leave it for the real Fans..Weezy TUnechi 4life!!

  • Yo

    This is what withdrawel symptoms sounds like. & Weezy should just make ONE track about skatin’ then shuttup about it. & yall can’t expect Old Weezy, ’cause rappers always change, if they don’t they fall off. & Wayne aint fallin’ off, people think like that ’cause 90 % of his fans be bitchin’ about how they want Old Weezy etc. Plus REAL Weezy fans will know that he didn’t even try – but still killed it. & MMG be irratatin’, all there artists rap on the same typa beats everydamn time – Tunechi switches it up – & don’t even get me started on Rich Forever. Repetitive ? Yup :/

  • tony_montana

    Its weezy F baby and the F izz 4 “forgot how to rap”…SIGH!! If dis izz da 1st single uU can jst imagine watt da resT 0f da album’s gon’ be lyk…if I waz Pusha I would capitalise onn waynes fall…we myt azwel b listenin 2 lil twist & lil chucky #dissapointed #realTawk

  • <3

  • How fuking dumb are ya? HE’S ON PROBATION!!! He can’t do half the sh!t he used 2 do b4…. Now i’m not saying that’s the only excuse 4 the reason he hasn’t been on top of his game, but u gotta understand, when ur on probation, there’s only a limit 2 what u can do, which means no weed, no drinks, no sizzurp & def. No GUNS, cuz if he get’s caught, he has azz is getting sent to the Island quicker than u can say “Truk Da Wurl”…lol

    But seriously, he even gotta watch what he says @ times, cuz if u caught the part of this song where he says “I don’t sell drugs” yet in “THA CARTER 1” he says “I know how 2 cook so I buy it soft, I also.. Sell it soft depending the cost”…(uhhh…I fuking miss old Wayne…no homo…lol)
    But yeah, im not gonna say the name of that song, if ur a true fan who actually listend to “Tha Carter”, then u know what i’m talking about…

    One thing that annoys me though is that a lot of people act like they are true fans, just becuz they support Wayne now, when they prob. Never heard his old shit like all the mixtapes, not 2 mention “Tha Carter 1, 2 & 3″ (which in my opionion is one of the best 3 albums he ever made!!! Not saying I dont like the other ones, but I still fucks wit Carter 1 2 & 3 till this day no matter what!!!)… Thats y I think a lot of them never heard the old Carters, cuz if u did, u would be able 2 tell the diffence from old Wayne & Now Wayne… Btw stop fuking saying ” I miss Weezy, but I hate Tunechi” they are the same person!!!! He’s been calling himself that from the beggining, just not as much as now, thats how I know ya niggas is fake, acting like ya want that C2 flow, when ya prob. can’t even name five tracks on the album w/o googling it…lol smh…. In my opionion, I want the C1, 2 & 3 wayne, not just C2… Seriously, I know the album is old, but have most of ya even heard “Tha Carter 1”? Cuz after “Hot boyz” that’s when he really started 2 shine, then came C2 where he blew up, spittin the hot sh!t, then came C3, where he first sold “a millie” in the first week, not 2 mention he WON A GRAMMY 4 IT!!! which was well deserved cuz that album was str8 fire!!!…

    Another thing ya don’t understand is that he worked harder then a mothafuka everyday b4 he was sentenced, so right now, he’s just livin life… in my opinon I think this is just a lil slump 4 him, I think that when his parol is done, he is gonna make the comeback of the year!!!!….. as 4 the whole skateboard/Trukfit thing, I do not like it AT ALL!!! I get that he likes skateboarding now, but don’t act like u gonna make a carrer out of it, nigga u ain’t Tony Hawk, leave that sh!t 4 the white boys, besides u already have a career, it’s called being the “BEST RAPPER ALIVE”!!!




    True wurdz homie!!!!
    If only every fan thot tha same!


    @DANNY M *****



  • Doesn’t matter

    You dont got nothing

  • Boy ur girl a jump-off, I hope she lands feet first

  • Yo haters, Shut the fuck up and suck dick for some TRUKFIIIT!

  • Birdman

    it isnt dat bad if you listen it a few times you will like it bre

  • Brando

    I need a dirty version!!!! @dannyM when is that coming?

  • k

    Why is everyone hating, if your here listening to all his music saying how he isn’t how he use to be. Wayne said himself that he isn’t going back to Carter II etc. because he is growing as an artist. If you don’t like it I encourage you to do better, go ahead. Personally I’ve been liking his new music better than the old Carters, Carter didn’t even make my ipod, and a few Carter II songs did, and the more recent his albums I’ve noticed the more songs make my lists, because no matter what the haters say he is getting better, and personally I can’t wait to see what he releases next. SOOO many hated on Carter IV but why? did you even think about the lyrics or did you just choose to hate? every line was so well put together, nothing out of place. So all you “oldschool fans” or whatever you call yourselfs, either learn to like his new style, or just go somewhere else because everyone here is here to listen to music not hear you complain. Oh yeah and for those who don’t wanna hear him rap about TRUKFIT you’ll have to get over it because it is his T-shirt brand and skating is his life now so like any other rapper, he is going to rap about his life so expect lots from both of those.

  • B

    Yo where’s tha dirty version at?????

  • Jaime


    you basically just described yourself as a bandwagon fan, nobody will ever take you seriously again.

    you liked his new music better than the old Carters ?

    NO, you like his new popularity better than his old popularity lol.

  • deejaywayne

    ummm…. diss shit strait.. but i usualy dnt say nothin but yall niggaz gotta realize weezy gotta whole notha mindset den he did bacc den… stop sayin wheres da old wayne… diss shit is ah gud song… in my opinion! mostly cuz of my Boi big sean but dirty version will bring betta understandin ta wat weezy sayin lol ON AN DISS SHIT SOUNDS LIKE BIG SEAN DANCE (ASS) SONG LOL i fucks wit it.. wont download till da dirty version droppin doe

  • Meh

    @k fucking Whiteboy groupie

  • the best song of the year “i prefer reefer”

  • B

    what the fuck is the robot voice saying after he goes My boys still….and stop fuckin hating. this song is crack and the video is gonna be crazy. u know every skate park in the country is gonna be blastin this shit all summer….and im not a skater…it’s just a hot song…this beat is INSANE….y’all caught up in ya nonsense…can’t even appreciate a damn good beat and good song…i’ll have this on repeat..ONCE THE DIRTY VERSION COMES OUT!! haha free turk.

  • Aaron – Time to Preach

    This shits annoying to listen to. Now that hes so popular, mostly from his prime years 4+ years ago, everyone is gonna be on his meat no matter what song he puts out. He could put out a track with no rhymes no flow no nothin and the same people are gonna stick up for him. I dont care about that ‘hip hops changing and so is Weezy hes just doin somethin different if you dont like it then dont listen” shit, he fell off and you have to be a groupie or straight up dumb to not know it. Its cool to switch things up but not if its wack. Hes almost lost his ORIGINAL fanbase, the streets, the ones whos been with him from way back, and replaced them with corny dickriders, which is why his albums are still gonna be successful bc they think everything this dude puts out now is great. Cmon man. Im sure every rapper has hobbies and hes not the only one to skate but seriously nobody gives a fuck about that shit, people listen to music for different reasons than a fucking skateboard and his clothing line. And he wears girl boots…nuff said. Its weird to see a tatted up “goon” completely switch up his swag to somethin so nutty. And honestly it wouldnt be a big deal if his music was still good but its not. And for the people whos gonna disagree with me just answer me this: what does he rap about now? Seriously? Nothing. Its like he ran out of shit to say and its corny. NOBODY I know listens to Carter IV, but his old shit is still hot. Its so frustrating cuz he went so mainstream and lost his edge, and he shows glimpses of the old wayne but then releases something like this, his 1st single that is supposed to be one of the best track of an album im already predicting to be wack. Dude needs to listen to some real feedback cuz im sure all he hears is the people who still thinks hes the best. I miss the old wayne man its sad.

  • ellow foolish

    gay as fuck man


    ym>wack music

  • ineye gabriel

    i know what amma gonna do . i will wait until when wayne gets off probation. and if he;s still like this> pss it over for him

  • where is that dirty version

  • cleveland jr.

    this is the first single ?

    is this really what its all come down to ? after 17 years ?

    we went from Block Is Hot, Go DJ, Fireman, A Milli, 6’7 … to THIS crap ?

    this is the WORST first single he’s put out since Prom Queen.

    (Im not even gonna count “Right Above It” because it wasn’t a real single)

  • Daknite

    when is this being uploaded to i tunes so i can get dirty version hate this clean shit

  • ellow foolish

    r.i.p wayne bush

  • Weezy

    We need the damn dirty version man!!!!

  • Mj

    Did my nigga really just give us a party record? Anyways I’ll give it a couple more singles before I judge. Remember he released A Milli after lollipop

  • “real fans know he fell off” how the fuck are you gonna tell me you’re a fan when your sitting here saying this sucks? this is good shit, you’re not a fan.

  • KW

    Wayne killed it!! He go hard and if you say he wack, why the hell you on here

  • k

    ive heard him since the start but didn’t like his old music as much, so that doesn’t make me a fan because I like the new music? and who are you to say otherwise, if YOU were a fan you wouldn’t be on here period, so gtfo and listen to whatever shit you listen to nobody wants you here.

  • theg33kBRU

    u guys r retarded saying he doesn’t smoke weed cuz he’s on probation. Listen to Stevie J’s interlude when wayne says he cant smoke cuz hes on probabtion, the guy is sparking a joint and toking while saying it u dumb morons. He lights a joint at the beginning of every song.

  • cleveland jr.

    @ theg33kBRU


    it doesn’t matter if he gets off probation, he will still suck regardless. He just sucks now period.

    he still gets high and it makes no difference.

  • Mj

    Y’all hear lighter flicks in the beginning of songs and now he’s smoking weed? Lmao gullible ass kids

  • ^^^ If you listened to the Stevei J interlude and still don’t believe he’s getting high, the you’re gullible one… But anyways .. whether he smokes or not, it makes no difference. He’s just not as good as he used to be, thats why people are moving on.

  • Doesn’t matter

    He needs that syrup

  • kobe

    i hope yall know im being sarcastic when i say, YES THIS IS EXACTLY LIKE C2. bitch doesnt know what shes talkin about, smh.

  • ellow foolish


  • TuneLovesHatersSoKeepHatinBITCH!

    This Is Wat The Haters Do . . . . . . . Hater: **YAWNS** Wat Time Is It? . . . Sister:Its 3:30 . . . OMG I WAS SUPPOSE 2 GET UP AT 2:00 TO GO ON LILWAYNEHQ.COM & TALK SHIT ABOUT RAPPIN WHICH MYSELF KNOS NOTHIN ABOUT #LAME AS $#!T

  • Mrs. Tunechi

    omg nobody knows how long ive been waiting for a weezy nd big sean collabo!! love it<33

  • F Pusha T

    Fuck yea @Chris

  • YunG based god

    @k you are a fuckin jackass and must have a horrible taste in music

  • Zachary

    ^^^^im sure he does

  • CJ

    Hey Danny do you know when the dirty version will be released?

    • I heard the track was supposed to hit iTunes on Monday, so it could be then.

  • Chris

    This track grows on you after the 4th listen. Start bobbing

  • AJones_YMCMB

    I like the song but doesnt give me the jolt of excitement like his other songz….well thats just one damn song from his album we can expect better later.

  • rickylal

    fukn dum how he big sean has two verses and he has like one and a half on his own song wat a high ass lazy mfer, he has to much money he dont care no more, smdh culda been legendary just retire

  • Mctfoool!

    Best rapper alive! This album is gonna be sick! STOKED!”

  • Song go hard as f**k. We need to get Big Sean in YMCMB cause the nigga kiiling shit.


    Wayne fell off:(

    He had his prime:(

  • ryan

    cant wait til ianahb2 comes out!

  • youngspitta

    first this song go hard. how yu gone get on someone page to talk shit about dey music like yu gone get some publicity either yu a wayne fan or not a real fan wouldnt say no shit like yu make it hard to remain a fan yu aint a true fan yu a carter 1-3 fan. im 19 now i was bumpin da block is hot casset tape wen it first came out so yea ima die hard fan he inspired me to rap my own self so i salute him for det. some of yall are jux banwagon fans meaning yall like wayne wen everybody else liked him yall wasnt feeling him wen he was wit the hot boys so yall aint true fans. jux stand back Wayne know wat he doing right now yall jux dont know. he killed this song

  • Kyle

    SASARAF was actually better than this track, he sounds like he’s trying to hard on this song. He isn’t as good as he used to be, and I only think it’s because he already had it in his mind to retire. He’s starting to believe he’s really the best rapper alive; when he was really trying to prove it before.

  • Mac Miller

    Danny M , can we download this dirty version ? And Where :S ? Please ๐Ÿ™‚

  • cdotb


  • Johhny mayor

    Big ate! Wayne ate! Don’t hate he gotta catch all his fans attention not just that trap Muzik. So this clean don’t hate YMCMB x G.O.O.D

  • Johnny mayor


  • Tdog327

    Is lil Wayne doin coke now !?!?

  • erick

    only wayne would do a sample from his own song haha

  • alex

    think that was the worst lil wayne song that i have heard and wont be buying it or this fucking bullshit excuses of an album

  • mob piru damu

    okay the song is really called “My Homies Still Pump That Base”

    as in “my homies still sell crack”.

    I get it.

    there was some witty lines in this song but his flow is completely gone. He sounds like Bugs Bunny, not a good thing.

    I really have no idea what happened to his flow but it’s fucking up his career.

  • who the fuck is Stevie J

    listen to the original Pump That Base and then listen to this garbage lmao …

    COMPLETELY different rapper.

  • breeeze

    the dirty version is available for download yet?

  • IlykCarter4

    6 foot 7, megamen, nightmares of the bottom ,john, president carter and u saz Lil Wayne fell of… U hates are retards. Carter 4 was a pis of art.,.poetry and the old carters r nt as good as carter 4 in my opinon. And go fuck ur ass if u disagree

  • William Wayne

    @ Tdog327

    No my nigga, he start sippin tea like grandmothers.

  • Nick

    So once again a song comes out and people hate on it. I’m starting to think majority of the people hating on this are those lost souls from KTT.

    You all forgetting that we in 2012. Also the fact that this song is from January. Listen to this compared to the other songs that came out around then. It’s not that bad. You also can’t compare this to Dark Shades as that is from May this year.

    Now look I’m not saying Wayne is killing every single song he does but why not just try and understand that almost every Wayne album had a “sell out” song on it and the rest of the album was good.

    To truly judge his ability we’ll have to wait for this album to drop. Possibly then he’ll decide to give us Dedication 4 which I think everybody wants. Also that ICFMF is wanted which if it is as good as it can be will bring everybody back.

    I just think Wayne having some fun with life at the moment.

    You all say Rozay doing it big and all that but ask yourself this what is he doing with his life at the moment? Making money and all that shit and he raps about it. What’s Wayne doing Skating and getting rich off TRUKFIT so he gonna rap about it. Look at any rapper they rap about what they doing in life.

    So just accept that this what he’s busy with in life at the moment and enjoy the music. It’s better than a lot of other shit that’s out there now anyways.

    Also all the guys mentioning race as an argument between true fans and bandwagoners none of that actually means anything anymore. Whether you white or black don’t mean you can’t like Hip-Hop/Rap music.

    So Eminem is a white boy rapper. Point is he is highly regarded as one of the best rappers ever. Other rappers are scared of him because they know he can lyrically destroy them on a track. Even Wayne has said the one guy you don’t even consider dissing on a track is Eminem because he will come back and end you.

    Look this is just my opinion I ain”t telling you that what I’m saying you have to do. Maybe just try and think about it. If you still don’t agree damn who I am I to stop you from doing you.

  • tony_montana

    @kyle said SASARAF is better than dis…phuqen retard!

  • who the fuck is Stevie J

    Most of you faggots who post on this site are white, and its pretty easy to point you guys out.

    The guy who just posted above me is white lol. They always bring up Eminem for no reason lmao. Nobody is thinking about Eminem but you guys.

  • who the fuck is Stevie J

    by the guy above me, I mean Nick.

  • Nell

    The Dirty Version Goes Way Harder Than The Clean Version

  • bilqna

    first n only .

  • Kaplun

    why did he record this in February and wait till now to release this….

  • theg33kBRU

    On June 3, 2012 at 8:44 pm Tdog327 responded with…

    Is lil Wayne doin coke now !?!?

    I think so.

  • kokaine

    Hate is strong on a fan page ? This shit nice ass hell .. no questions asked #YMCMB

  • Huh?

    How the fuckk u guys gonna defend him with “hes just chillin right now” or “hes just enjoying life” or “hes saving his good stuff for such and such” gtfoh thats his fuckin job to make music and make it good

  • old wayne

    wtf is dis wack as hell same shit evry song we need da old wayne

  • Weeezy F Baby >>> Lil Tunechi

    @chris Amen!! youve got a point there bro!!

    lm just chilling waiting for another single, you can’t love every single track on the album, patience people lm sure Weezy will deliver

  • Chris

    Dirty version is dope. People talk to fast.

    This album is going to be unreal.

  • Patrick

    DISAPPOINTING i was expect CARTER 2-3 WEEZY not 2012 Tunechi…#freeWEEZY

  • Patrick

    i meant “expecting”

  • i onli like weezy verses and when weezy say my homies still is horrible

  • weezy is da best fuckin haters go hear bullshit oh im a pussy i like LMFAO sexy and i now it bullshit song 10 seconds verse and i show my little balls WEEZY FOR LIFE

  • who the fuck is Stevie J

    even bullshit unreleased freestyles like “30 minutes to new orleans” sound better than this.

  • Doesn’t matter

    At first, i was ok with this song, i said man thats pretty nice, but after all of this comments, i fucking think this song is wack lol. I’m so frustrated about this X_X

  • weed and syrup is the combination and inspiration.

    thats all I have to say.

  • wayne

    look neggas if this shit wasnt a single yu all would be likkk – hee killed ittt, all yu negas anit neva gon be satisfed wit wayne giv a negger a breakk lil wayne is the only rapper alive

  • Nick

    2 steps forward and 1 step back /: dark shades was raw AF but im not feelin this one… Hopefully f.i.v.e. and pop that are wayyy better #dissapointment

  • tony_montana

    ^^^wats ur point?! O_O …c0z dis iz definately not ‘single’ material……bt hiz 1st verse iz pretty dope th0,bt hiz 2nd verse ( -_-)

  • tony_montana


  • tony_montana

    @wayne ^^^^^


    whenn cann we download thiss song!!!!?

  • I Cant Download…Help?

  • fuck haters go suck yo moms wayne is still da shit

  • Canaan

    Wayne….Lights Out – Jump Jiggy.

    Get at your own albums

  • T-nasty

    for everyone saying why are you on this site if your not a fan? 95% of the people that come on the website are fans and when we see Wayne has a new song we pray that its good and maybe the old Wayne will come back but to constantly put out this trash…im a Wayne fan but im a fan of MUSIC & this is not good music…is saddens me that newer rappers are putting out better quality stuff than Wayne

  • Weezy

    5 sars

  • Elzee

    young money cash money till the dearth (wizzy f baby and the f is for fuck yourselves yall fuckin haters


    Tunechi !

  • Exactly


    Exactly. Stop making excuses for him and put the pressure back on so he can realize where he’s went with his latest music. Let’s go Wayne stop fuckin around.

  • WEEZYF!!!

    DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know what is wrong with wayne! Its like he is trying to hard or its his voice because its lighter. But his flows arent good.. idk! Just wish he would retire! He needs to release an album of songs he did before jail.. Especially if he said now he cant give us his C2 flow. I am hoping devol is gonna be legit because he was on methadone in jail!

  • ellow foolish

    wayne is gay and erbody needs 2 realize that syrup wuz makeing him say all that crazy shit b4 n now he doesnt have it so now his music is wack i bet his album dont sale that much 1st week i bet……………..

  • lol

    ugh, come on sean killed this so much more so than wayne did ๐Ÿ™
    good thing I’m a sean fan too I guess..

  • his singles are not the best see IANAHB 1 and see bill gates hold up gonorhea and it gos more harder thn his singles right above it and i am not a human being so people wait to da other song da album will have 16 songs and weezy say is da more sick album he created

  • put this song on subs damn cool

  • katy

    I guess they did go stupid…literally

  • mark

    if u listen to the younger wayne and today wayne, he is like 2 different people.

    #R.I.P. Weezy f

  • Doesn’t matter

    @mark i dont know how old are you but you are the same persson that you were like 10 years ago? personally i changed myself in 2 years completly.So weezy? after having all the money, no more syrup, probation or not, jail..this change you fucktard.

  • polskii

    people are stupid if you cant take waynes new music then go suck wiz khailfas dick or something cmon you fuckin idiots people change we all do and times change the music changes,but so what just apreciate it this new shit its good. weezy has his name on top of the charts and his carreer is made he can do what the fuck he wants!!!

  • Josh

    This song I not his best , but I’m the biggest Wayne fan out here since forever !! He still goes hard af but music has to change because songs nowa days only last a couple weeks , I do want his no ceiling / c2 / c3 flows but I you don’t like him get off this website really

  • d_money58

    this beat is so dumb.. flow is off.. lyrics is off.. wayne need to step back and take notes from 2 chainz… damm and to think i was excited for this joint… dammm shame we will never get to witness dedication 3 wayne or c3 wayne or even the drought 6 wayne smhh r.i.p weezy f. baby illuminati wanted tunchie so he gave them tunchie.. damm shame -__-

  • Zaria :)

    Man. Really? I’m tired of these “So called Weezy Fans” hating on him. If your a true fan you are going with that artist through every change he goes through. Stay off his website if you have something negative to say damn. However, This song went HARD. Cannot get it out of my head !! Weezy continue making your music and I will continue supporting you because I AM A TRUE FAN. ^___^

    Follow me @lowkey_ImZee
    Team Tunechi.

  • Jack Harris

    I hate fairweather fans, lil Wayne is a lyrical and business genius, why would he not talk about trukfit in his songs, that’s his clothing line and its pretty dope stuff and how better to promote it than in his songs which are still great, everyone who is hating on this dude must not really listen to the words in his songs, he talks about this in nightmares of the bottom, weezy has put his voice in over 5000 songs im sure it gets hard to come up with new stuff to talk about, why do yall think he keeps changing the way he does stuff, like rebirth he learned how to play a guitar and made a whole rock cd and then if that wasn’t enough he has learned how to skate and opened up to a whole new audience once again, nobody I know can say that and all his music is still loved by his true fans because he is still the same guy he was before and he snaps like the hulk in pop that, wait til the world hears that, keep doin what you’re doin weezy you’re true fans still support you since day 1, best rapper alive yes, in my opinion best artist of all time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • simon

    S M F H…nigga fell off real bad

  • RyRy

    I like this song. I don’t see why all of you guys hattin.

  • me, lt

    I went here to here a banger, heard a banger, y u niggz hatin?

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    It’s great man!!
    Can’t wait for the album.

  • TirenG

    were is the download link?

  • Nossa esse single รฉ muito loucoo hahahaha

  • zibra

    I kinda like the song

  • Kamal Khaled

    MAn this is really dope song i liked it a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot ๐Ÿ™‚

  • RyRy

    This my shit. YMCMB!

  • ianahb2

    idk if i like this single i was looking forward 2 it 4 a while…do u like it danny?

  • Anthony Buben Wolfpac Mafia

    Everyone, Weezy Kills It Always! Again Here, IDGAF what anyone says his unique and variety of styles on all his tracks inspire me to do what i do! WEEZY FOR PRES….Oh yeah he already Pres. Anyways LY Weezy!

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