Lil Wayne Says The Music “Wasn’t Rushed” On His I Am Not A Human Being II Album

Thu, Jun 21, 2012 by

Above, Lil Wayne speaks to MTV about his forthcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album that will be released at the end of the summer.

Weezy says the difference between this album and his first I Am Not A Human Being album, which was released in 2010 while he was locked up behind bars, is the fact that the music was not rushed. He will also be able to support and promote this album more, because he can shoot music videos whenever he wants to.

“I Am Not A Human Being II, that’s what I’m workin’ on right now, actually I’m finished. The difference between this album and the last I Am Not A Human Being would be the music wasn’t rushed. Last time the music was rushed because I had to take that eight-month vacation on that island so we had rushed the music, but this time we didn’t rush the music.”

“I paid attention to everything I did,” he said. “You’re getting the quality of all my albums: Tha Carter IV, Tha Carter III, the same with this I Am Not A Human Being II. Hope you like it.”

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  • Deontretre

    Lil wayne aka BEST RAPPER AND FIRSTTT!!!

  • Deontretre


  • Connor

    SEcoNd Fuk

  • stryder

    good to hear

  • Mac Miller


  • Deontretre


  • suwoo!

  • Im three…3 weezys is the best rapper 4eva

  • I will buy this album!!! Also his Gone till november book! I like how he said that it will be a combination of c3 and c4

  • Deontretre

    Ikr @purpleswagg it sounds interesting


    END OF SUMMER?!?! OH YEA!!! im looking forward to it! especially since this was supposed to be I Cant Feel My Face!! Good to know that songs werent rushed!

  • Jc

    Doesn’t matter if it’s rushed or not this lil bitch is wack as fuck I just come here to talk shit because my life is really that sad and I can’t find a boyfriend.

    -somethin stupid ass Siege aka CeeJ aka this biggest hater that’s been on this site for 2-3 years because he can’t make it in life so he has to hate on those that do.

  • i agree jc

    for real dude that motherfucker needs to shut up the only guy named wizzle is wiz khalifa and both are pretty good rappers that could easily shit on ceej if they were even aware of that douchewad, that self proclaimed eminem dickrider needs to grow a pair and realize that being an asshole on a fansite to actual fans is like winning the special olympics, you might “win” but you are still retarded.

  • Craaaaig

    Am I alone in thinking I Am Not a Human Being >>>> carter iv ??

  • B

    Yea i agree with u Craig…feels like the carter iv was rushed if nething, despite the nuerous delays…should have done mixtapes or singles…get his shitt back togehter and should have released carter iv this year…ianahb in october/november…devol in like feb march of ’13. Somethin like that…he should go bwck and film a video for right above of his best songs.

  • TuneCHE

    he said it will have the same quality as c4…..i hope not wayne!!

  • miracle

    looking forward to the new album

  • carter 3? i will wait and see

  • YMCMB Jordan

    dont let us down weezy cant wait for the album!


    But IANAHB 1 was a dope album whether it was rushed or not…..

  • eagle

    if my homies still is the 1st single then the album is probs gonna suck 🙁

  • mourn me

    we’ll see….

    right above it > my homies still
    bill gates > my homies still

  • i am not a human being 2 will got crazy beats and flow i work with weezy and compare it with other albums this is more crazy…… like carter 3 is not crazy is very good and sounds classic….. so dance like a mothafucka IANAHB2

  • Yayyy so can’t wait for it!!! +his bread over bed and hopefully there is Nino brown 3!! YCMCMB #Tunechi #youngmulababy

  • Trust me

    This album will be a lot like tha carter 4.

    If you’re expecting him to randomly go back to tha carter 2 style you will be sadly mistaken.
    You always get a good judgement of an album based off the 1st single.

    It will be just like carter 4. Whether you think thats good or bad is your opinion

  • ineye gabriel

    Still my hommie still was wack dead. Sucked to the last. If that’s how IMNAHB 2 gonna be then weezy should go fuck himself. Or better go die.

  • FT

    That’s Gansta D aka Nino Brown……..weezy f f……fuck all wayne’s haters….we waitin 4 tha album boi, we too thirsty …fuck em haters bitch

  • renmaster

    Wayne needs to make another “right above it” song!

  • tony_montana

    So I take itt dis meanz da album izz nthn lyk C2…if anythn I hope its more lyk C3 than I’m lukin 4ward 2 datt shit though

  • Young Pizzle

    he said “I hope you like it”… I hope I do too, Wayne…

  • waynefanatic

    Probably one of his song is going to be called TRUKFIT if it is imma shoot myself

  • ctwins3644

    The only problem with this is that we want the quality of C2 and C1, not C4 or C3

  • Does wayne think niggas liked Carter IV shit he must hav bin mistaken cos ppl rilly cursed him afta Though i luv C4 a lot of ppl dnt

  • Getmoney12

    Mind over matter, money over all
    The world is on my shoulders, should I brush my shoulders off?
    Uzi ratter tatter, knocking over walls
    Fuck the bullshit, just don’t fuck it raw man
    Pussy has a pattern, and I know where I’m goin
    And if u got beef, I’ll turn it to a tenderloin
    -whats wrong with them

    Ianahb1 was great fucking album ppl still sleeping on weezy smh

  • Idiotsiswear

    See I told y’all stop buying his garbage because he sticks to what sells he compared this album to his best selling ones and the most recent one was corny with no quality or substance garbage if this album is like c4 it’s garbage and listen to what he’s been putting out lately all of his verses are trash so album will be about the same old tired bs trukfit skating pussy money drugs and killing oh don’t forget the “life is a _________” lines

  • Lyk carter 3? Then dats great. Xpectin d shit. Yung mula babby

  • I Luv Lil Wayne Music So Much

  • terry borel

    good…take ur time an make it really good! even thought its gunna be dope as fukk

  • rakethat

    dope interview