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Tyga & Lil Wayne Perform Live At PowerHouse 2012 x Weezy Does The Chris Bosh Dance

Sun, Jun 24, 2012 by

Tyga brought out Lil Wayne to perform “Faded” and “The Motto” live at Power 106’s 2012 PowerHouse concert at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California on June 23rd. Weezy came out for his verse on “Faded“, but I think he might have forgot the lyrics because he didn’t rap it, he was just jumping around on stage haha.

T-Raw and Wayne did end up performing “Faded” again from the beginning, this time with no mistakes. Also, just before Tune exited the stage, he showed off a new dance he calls the “Chris Bosh Dance” 😆

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  • Mac Miller

    1st ?

  • Mac Miller

    Forgot the lyrics ??????????? Are you kidding me ?

  • No1TuneFan4Life

    First!!! Tunechi best rapper alive, YMCMB Truk the world, Truk your girl, FUCK Pusha T

  • Merc

    @dannyM i was at the concert! The reason they restarted faded was because everyone uelled so loud when wayne came out that him and tyga couldnt even hear the beat or anything. Such an awesome performance

  • Katee

    this is the first time I have ever seen Wayne wear the same clothes like 3 days in a row…

  • @Merc

    Thanks@Marc! Good job for the correction… I didnt think he could forget a song that came out this year!!!

  • Wayne would NEVER forget the lyrics to any of his songs!

  • Tia

    Wayne was high

  • Nohomo

    OMG! That dance LMAO….pause

  • aarontropf

    It was Tigger’s stupid ass. He did his second verse again when Wayne should’ve, and it threw Wayne off!

  • trouble

    what was up with weezys voice ?? It sounded wrong

  • CEEJ

    Niggers holding their palms out and shrugging their shoulders while jumping around like monkeys…. i wouldve demanded my money back if i went to that (but i would never waste money on a little wizzle “concert”)

    this is the kind of shit that makes the youth look useless, music look hopeless, and niggers look worthless. STOP SUPPORTING THIS BULLSHIT.

    u dumbass kids still dont see it? FUCK

    someone please snuff wizzle. please, with three E’s.

    I’m sure EM would but then there would be another penis on the ground and the cops might figure it out…
    #SHADY – too real for rap

  • @trukfitownghost

    @dannym did he do the chris bosh dance in the Dark Shades video?

  • YMwhyhateIt

    @aarontropf Lmao..for a second I thought I was the only one that noticed that it was Tyga that fucked up and not Wayne.

  • True

    Mac Miller is 1st……. 1st a t sucking dick ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh^^^^^^^^^^^

  • Lil Wayne

    Sorry for forgetting the lyrics but the reason is i been sucking birdmans n justin biebers dick that i forgot my lyrics cause i like that dick also skateboarding makes me a fag n im proud of it so yeah use to like nicki’s pussy but now im into dicks so yeah best dick sucker alive

  • Lil Wayne

    Like to suck dick

  • Life’s a gamble

    you see weezy screaming yung moula baby at the end then running off hahahahaha

  • Brrrrrrrr Stunna

    Birdman came out but not to perform, smh. They should of all performed Loyalty, that song is dope.

  • Fuck One Time

    Tune be higher than a motherfucka

  • O-Raw

    was there last night, Powerhouse 2012 was too down! Tyga’s performance was hellla crazy, cant wait till next year

  • No1TuneFan4Life

    Loool rihanna tweeting a picture of her giving her gramdmother a trukfit hat and saying truk ur girl, lol, YMCMB DEF JAM

  • st*r

    i know every1 heard tyga call wayne the best rapper alive 😀



  • erika

    at least this made them perform the song again so its a win win situation

  • Sellout

    Da crowd seemed boring or uninterested in T and WAYNEs set for some reason….the BOSH dance was real creepy as well #WTF

  • Lekor

    I´ve never seen weezy in such a situation. It was Tyga´s fault.

    But at the end when weezy is leaving he sounds really crazy, almost scary.

  • Tunechi Baby

    tyga’s dumb ass performed his second verse twice and threw me off. i love dicks

  • taif


  • taif


  • taif

    @DANNY, you hear wayne wanne saying his verse starting with ‘MAMM..’ and than you hear tyga yelling his part through wayne’s verse with:
    ‘F-ck is up, n-gga’s stomping in my Chucks
    Yeah I make it rain dear, cause I’m all ’bout my bucks
    Use the butt up in the front, d-ck up in her cunt

    so its tyga’s fault but shit happens!

  • Lil Wayne

    i love shoving skateboards up my ass

  • Yan

    not the two singers to perform at the same time, Tyga screwed the business

  • tha infamous

    this goes to show that ymcmb is unorganized junk.

  • Lil Wayne

    I like to suck my skateboards wheels……. Young Mula Faggots….. We the gayest ever

  • Chris

    That was dope. Waynes concerts are unvbelivable, I’ve been to three of them and I can’t wait for the next, hopefully he’s at drakes ovo fest in august in Toronto. Me and my boys talked though and were saying he def will to support drake in his hometown, for sure.

  • I never was a big fan of Tyga but he’s starting to grow on me

  • He Didnt Forget The Lyrics, Tyga repeated His 2nd Verse When It Was Weezy’s Turn To Go In, & It Threw Him Off .

  • Wayne 4 Life

    What are those pants he is wearing? are they TrukFit? or another brand? please help!!!

  • swaggking

    Damn he sure loves those shorts. he wears them all the time hahahah

  • mike

    wow Little Wayne Blows, he used to be good but not anymore. It seems he is just featured on everyone else’s songs but his own. All he does is concerts and party’s. He’s so money hungry

  • um yes

    it was fuckin tyga whofucked wayne up..wayne should drop his from young money to serve him a lesson..waynes exit was hilarious

  • Ak

    Lol Weezy Was Like What The Fuck Did U See Him Talk To Tyga While He Was Jumping Around

  • Jays

    Not sure if it was Waynes or Tygas fault.. When they repeat it Tyga raps both of his verses, so it might be Wayne who came too early on the scene


    lol at Tune for saying grrr at 4:24

  • B.Jeff

    Wayne didn’t forget the lyrics.. Tyga fucked it up. He isn’t all that good of a performer

  • Brown

    What the fuck is up with you guys tyga was not expecting Wayne that’s why the fucked up

  • ashley wise

    whatr would little wayne and tygas actually music look like if you had to piss all over the lyrics to suck upto the man handeling all the bussiness for young money juust to feel part to young money or how he needs to feel faded you probably fall out with lyrics for the faded song huh but you just beez in the trap all day every day anyway i thought that ment selling or on average sells anyway

  • Good,The Chris Bosh dance.

  • admin

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  • Rain Deer

    nigga tyga look winded

  • nick13kick

    Wayne didnt fuck up tyga started goin in on the second verse again so wayne tried to go with it… u can see wayne give tyga a look like wtf u doin bra hahaha so tyga just started it all over… wayne forget his lyrics??? thats a joke lol