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Is Lil Wayne About To Work On A “No Ceilings II” Mixtape?

Tue, Jul 10, 2012 by

Lil Wayne No Ceilings 2 Mixtape

This has not been officially confirmed, but it does look like Lil Wayne is about to start work on a new mixtape and it’s most likely going to be No Ceilings II.

Weezy‘s official videographer, DJ Scoob Doo, tweeted this last night: “I heard a 2nd installment of a certain Mixtape is about to be in the works. ‪#breadoverbed‬”.

He could of been talking about any music artist, but because he is always around Wayne and put “#breadoverbed‬” at the end of his tweet makes me think that it is indeed going to be Weezy F Baby.

Also, Scoob Doo mentioned that it will be a “2nd installment of a certain Mixtape”, so this means it will not be a mixtape with a new title and it can’t be a mixtape in Da Drought or Dedication series, due to we have already had the third mixtape from those! I also can’t see it being a The Prefix II or The Suffix II as they are quite old now, and it can’t be a Sorry 4 The Wait II because Tunechi has nothing to be sorry for… well until Cortez Bryant decides to push back I Am Not A Human Being II 😛

More news that it could be a No Ceilings II mixtape is on Tune‘s Twitter page. His latest tweet is a retweet of a fan calling No Ceilings Wayne‘s best work ever: “@LilTunechi’s No Ceilings is the greatest work of rap ever. Just listen to the rhymes and word play. Every single line is amazing.”

I am sure every Lil Wayne fan is excited about this news if it does turn out to be true, which I am pretty sure it will be. Leave a comment below with what beats you would like to see Weezy destroy on No Ceilings II.

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  • Fredo


  • Omar

    First blood

  • Darius Rucker

    about damn time for something new just by himself

  • Nawy

    Hell yeeeeeeeah motherfucker !
    Weezy F Baby !!!

  • awrontropf

    It won’t be the same 🙁

  • Willie

    Let’s hope so 😀 #BestRapperAlive

  • Trey

    Best news in a long time.

  • noooo

    no ceilings 2 will be full of verses about skating and trukfit 🙁

  • Tyler

    drank in my cup, cashin out, mercy, burn,



  • degree me

    lil wayne is dissing the throne (kanye west and jayz) in that picture by saying he is sitting on the throne hahahahaha

  • aarontropf

    New god flow
    23:1 exodus

  • i think beats like MERCY , theraflu , the recipe , bad girls ( m.i.a) , work hard play hard ! these beats sound krazeeeee

  • cart3r

    i want him to kill pusha t on his exodus track!!!

  • Show

    I want Weezy to go over these 5 instrumentals:

    1. Work Hard, Play Hard
    2. Niggas In Paris
    3. Exodus 23:1
    4. Mercy
    5. Actin Up

  • Ike

    sad it wont b d same man…buh hpn for d best

  • m0nt blanc

    cashin out…drank in my cup with drake…exodus 23:1(fuck a pusha in nickis v0ice)…mercy…a$ap’s peso…shot caller…rack city…no lie…and some original tracks…would be pretty d0pe…

  • Nigga cmon

    If this nigga doesn’t come out strong on this or if its not Wayne and we wait till IANAHB and that comes out to be shit then fuck WEEZY and anybody that love him except a bad bitch

  • Wayne

    Please no TRUKFIT verse

  • Show

    Yes he needs to go over Theraflu too, the bass on that is amazing.



  • Cali LOVE

    “well until Cortez Bryant decides to push back I Am Not A Human Being II”

    LOL Danny


    niggaz in new orleans

  • Youngmulaxo

    Danny you’re so smart. Cannot wait

  • im the shit, no toilet

    please, please, please dont put lil b on this mixtape weesy

  • Broskie_YMCMB

    Yes, Yes, Yes ! Finally! I Been Waiting For This Since Forever.
    It Really Doesn’t Matter What Beats, I Just Wanna Hear Some Weezy F.
    #YMCMB !

  • fres$h

    no ceilings mudafucka good morning, dick in ya mouth while ya yawning!!!

  • @DannyM I Hope He Says Nothing About Skateboarding And Stupid TRUKFIT.. Thats Why Everybody Is Hating Him Now.. Be Lil Wayne Not Skateboard Wayne.

  • rockstar wasted

    Tune you need to go over your YM artist beats like ‘rack city’ and ‘beez in the trap’. You already did ‘born stunna’ with birdman and nicki 🙂

  • tony_montana

    No ceilings waz phuqen awsome,da sequel shud b jst azz awsome if not beta #excited

  • D-Lop

    I’ve said it a billion times…No Ceilings is the greatest rap work of all time, even though it’s a mixtape….There are bars that I stumble upon even NOW that i didn’t understand before lol
    If he makes a No Ceilings 2 that is beyond the first…or at least on par……I will so happy…like…..No Ceilings made me so happy, that how did it was

  • Amp

    1.cashin out 2. No lie 3.niggas in pairs

  • I don’t Really Want Wayne to Do a No Ceilings II (just because its the best piece of Rap material ever produced by Any Rapper By Far) #DontHate!!! But if he does it I would Love to hear Bad Girls (M.I.A), Mercy (Good music) and That Nigga’s In Paris For Sure!!!

  • roach

    wayne should rap over rick ross and meek mill so sophisticated song

  • swagg

    yoooo i am soo fucking excited… but then i realize that its 2012 wayne we talking about nun but st8 skatebordig and trukfit soo umm ill still listen but cmon now its 2012 weezy were still listeing

  • DeeP

    Please remix chief keef I don’t like 😀

  • Hunter

    @Leo …that would be the hardest track ever produced loll

  • Weezy’s Dope

    Actin Up

  • Weezy’s Dope

    A1 Everything

  • John

    How about a sorry for the wait 2? Weezy said I am not a human being 2 would come out BEFORE THE SUMMER

  • tunechi

    “hey guys eat this shit up cuz its all ur getting. u want songs? read this shit in rhythm. u really think my black crack head ass is working. nigga. im paying sluts for sex. nigga. and im also doing mad coke. nigga. u stupid if u think im gonna actually do my job anytime in the near future nigga. u got a better chance of getting some music from dr dre than from me, the wizzle. NIGGA!.”

  • tunechi

    “opps i mean, yea im working on lots of stuff. bread over bed whatever it means, devol, i am not a human being. all these weird shits im gonna write songs… opps again i meant i dont rite. but what im gonna do is be the wizzle and make u some hiphop muzik for u to be happy and its gonna be great. tunechi!”


  • Do It Again


  • JayTee

    Man Wayne need to kill some Maybach Beats Some SlaughterHouse beats & he gotta go in on some old tracks , & it won’t be the same as the 1st No Ceiling but he will most likely be better than any other shit he been doing as he progresses back into this shit


    3)NO LIE

  • tunechi

    if u want more amazing songs like my homies still. u need to wait because it takes me weeks to compose those timeless works of art. i am not like mr. shady who can release a classic bad meets evil album on time or like the mr. sean “hova” carter who can make a song in one hour or less. im the wizzle guys. first i gotta get lots of codiene in my system and then i got to snort some cocaine, smoke a couple grams of babage and THEN i can turn the beat on and flick my lighter and gigle like i know u like so much.


  • Jon Boi

    This About to be dope . He about to goo off. I believe he’s been reading a lot of fans comments and do more retweeting and he gona kill it . Its no ceilings. Plus to all y’all that’s talking about he gona keep is skatingboarding and trukfit, all he use to about bout is money, pussy, and weed , so better to tlk about some positive.

    Tracklists for me
    1. I Wish You Would -kanye
    2.Black Magic -meek & ross
    3.I Don’t Like -cheif keef
    4.Same Dame time
    5. Burn -meek mill
    6.refill Just to slow it dwn lil bit
    7.I’m Gone -tyga
    8. Stay Schemin
    9.House party -meek mill
    10. Thinkin About You -Frank Ocean
    11. No Church in the Wild – Yeezy & Jay
    12 Cashin Out
    13. Amen -Meek Mill
    14. Birthday Cake – rihanna

  • illbilll

    would be dope

  • B

    1)beauty and a beat
    2)No lie
    3)yamaha mama
    4)i don’t like
    5)nothing to something
    7)cashin out
    9)ready to fuck
    10)what up gangsta part 2
    11)its nothin
    12)fuck em
    13)hold me back
    15)do it with my tounge
    16)Snapbacks & Tattoos

  • joe m

    I want old lil wayne back whats up with all this skater stuff what happened to the real gangsta shit from back in the day.

  • B

    Joe M i agree!! i want the Carter 2 wayne back the take them shoes off your teeth and quit runnin ur mouth haha

  • The Recipe, Cashin Out, Mercy, that Exodus song, No Lie, Drank in My Cup, Beez in the Trap,..Tunechi gone murk whateva beat he on anyway

  • eddy-g

    i don like – the game
    niggas in paris – jay z
    all about u – 2pac
    throw some ds -rich boy
    function – e-40
    till i die -chris brown
    eminem – supernova

  • Jeff

    1. Mercy
    2. Niggas in Paris
    3. Wildboy
    4. No Lie
    5. So Sophisticated

  • Sushi Baby

    these fuck boys are all putting the same damn songs. yall fuck niggas need to stop listening to the radio. garbage ass niggas just like sushi baby

  • b.cherry

    Work hard bag of money cash out mercy I wish a nigga would

  • man he finna demolish dis shit blood aint ever dropped a bad mixtape ever

  • YMG

    Wayne need to jump on Future’s Same Damn Time joint.

  • Jays

    Haha, detective Danny! Hope he picks out some new good beats, and some classics.. But im not sure if im excited this time, previously he has destroyed other rappers, this mixtape might be the evidence of him felling off

  • siege guarantees

    wizzle wont remix a slaughterhouse record. but i honestly think the majority of
    weeesees “songs” are behind him. he doesnt produce like he used to given,
    tuna fish used to do alot of talking . a lot of talking. on mixtapes but now
    dewayne just hops on a song that is already complete and says 10 words then screams out young-mula-baby. i will be shocked if we ever get another mixtape from wizzle that is longer than 8 tracks without the random one track were he says incoherent shit about business bitches or a white man talking about black men, and if he actually remixes other rappers songs like he has done in the past i dont think he will have the same results because i get the impression than 9 out of 10 hiphop artists dont like dewayne. he probably will get dissed if he tries to go in on kanye or Jays eminem’s 50 or even nicki minaj’s songs. somebody said the 2chains beef was put on and only done for publicity which makes sense because wizzle is a lil bitch so this is probably the same thing. they gotta hype up their BULLSHIT since c4 was a garbage album.
    take a look at his new stuff sasaraf and my homies still, thats an indication of how the brain of wizzle is operating, or should i say not operating?
    no ceilings 2 might happen though… it’ll just be weezy baby’s high pitched voice and same old rhymes over songs we already heard tho so really why bother? change the game? hahaha

  • MJ

    didnt dj drama tweet about dedication 4 last year? and wheres that now?

    NC2 sounds dope but all im saying is dont get your hopes up, If he just started it now then the earliest we will get it is probably this winter

  • correction

    pusha-t beef*

    and all those rappers i listed have the hottests beats right now, so if he does do a mixtape like no ceilings he will surely have to pick at least one new song from one of them and if he does he will get a diss response (nicki MIGHT not diss him (again) thats only cuz he would probably tell her she cant perform again and then call it civil right)


  • CEEJ

    and for yall who dont know d12 was a rap group way before young money ever became an annoying little catch phrase. 99 problems by jz incorporated guitar and drums into a hiphop beat as well as sing for the moment- many other songs by those artists too way before the ridiculously poop album rebirth was released. also weezy specifically said he did not start the bling bling thing, and he flipflops about that all the time depending on who he’s talking to so we can just declare that weezy did not start bling bling, tupac went to jail 15 years before wizzle did the whole album in jail thing, and nicki minaj is not the first female rapper (debatable the worst though). one thing tunechi is the first at though is kissing a producer on the lips. i can think of no other examples of how wizzle has changed anything like he says but then again he says so much shit on songs that are just words with now substance or sincerity.

  • Jonathan lara

    #Truk da Wurl!

  • keven cooper

    haters go kill yourselves….

  • Realtalk

    Look who we have the lil bitch that talks shit @siege

  • Realtalk

    @Siege u lil bitch stop talking outta ur ass home boy before I KO ur bitch ass

  • Siege

    Im gay I Love Lil B

  • Hustlemann504

    mercy no lie drink in my cup stay schemin

  • Siege

    I get a dick up my ass


    I Dont Like, Drank In My Cup, Mercy, No Lie, Cashing Out

  • Siege

    @phill shut the fuckup lil wayne fell off

  • Ronnie

    •Ace hood ballin like a bitch and realist livin
    •so sophisticated
    •that’s that shit I don’t like
    •meek mill burn

    I just wanna hear that carter II style again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ymcmb

    Waynes comin back finally

  • @ThatBoiFez

    … Would like Tunechi to ride on these beats…
    1. Mercy
    2. New God Flow
    3. Rack City
    4. I’m Gone
    5. Cole World
    If u culd ride on these u literally made me Tune… Yessir!!!!!

  • Ca$h Money

    I’ll truck ur gurl,Fuck ur gurl Wayne

  • Connor

    lil wayne also retweeted a no ceilings tweet


    Would Like Wayne In This beats

    1) No Lie
    2) Work Hard Play Hard
    3) Mercy
    4) Cold
    5) I Dont Like
    6) Pe$o
    7) Goldie
    8) Big Spender
    9) Exodus 23:1
    10) Stay Schemin
    11) Rack City
    12) New God Flow
    13) Thinking about You
    14) House Party
    15) Burn
    16) Amen
    17) Snapbacks & Tattoos
    18) Ca$hin Out
    19) Wild Boy
    20) Lurkin
    21) Round Of Appplause
    22) Beez In The Trap
    23) No Church In The Wild
    24) Its Nothin
    25) Money Bag

  • Boss

    track wayne should kill….

    no lie ,daughters,peso,nigga in paris,stay schemin,M.I.A,beez in the trap, snap back and tattoos,i dont like ,mercy,H.A.M,same dam time,practice,cashin out……

  • wayne

    No Ceilings was so good it coulda been an album.

  • This “Tuneche” Dude is a fucken idiot! God damn never has there been a Hater that bad! Come on you sound Like you’ve never heard a Weezy Freestyle… Jay-Z and Eminem Aren’t the only Rapper Capable of Making classics in 1 day or less. Wayne Is more than Capable of releasing a mixtape Tomorrow from Shit he laid down last night if those fuckers at Cash Money & Universal would allow him.


  • @_ogeezy

    This dude hasnt hear tha drought 3 oviously ^^

  • @_ogeezy


  • lil swagger

    yea baby :* i love Dwayne alot

  • maria

    yes i wood love if lil wayne can do a No Ceilings II mixape i love the 1 one

  • 1.mercy
    2.niggas In paris
    3.Exodus 23:1
    4.I dnt like
    5.Ether (fuck Jay-Z)

  • YM Salute

    Da Drought 3 > No Ceilings.Everybody wants wayne 2 rap on GOOD Music beats FUK EM!!But if he does rap on 1 I hope he goes hard.I’d love 2 hear wayne spit on Ambition – Wale maybe feat drake New God Flow HAM

  • daknite

    some people need to realize that he is going to rap on beats of 2012 not 2011 since he could have on sorry for the wait

  • Dedication 2, Drought 3, Lilweezyana, Suffix, Carter 3 Sessions>No Ceilings

  • hope he raps good like pop dat verse

  • johny

    Wayne wouldn’t giver damn what us fans wrote on these comments.
    I doubt it’s even to do with wayne,

    source – Scoob talks pure shit. scoob lost me at nino 3, even though I’m only one in a million.

  • Trizz

    I’d cry if he does N***as in Paris, He’d murk that. I also wanna see him do I don’t like, Same damn time, Mercy, Bag of Money, Stay Schemin, No lie, It’s nothing, Work hard play hard, too many to name

  • Dylan $timeling

    He should deffinetlly do mercy and others are drank in my cup, theraflu, stay schemin, no lie, play me, hell & back, act like that (3-some), rack city, work hard play hard and soooo many more

  • Dylan $timeling

    I agree with Trizz I wanna see him do niggas in paris he’s got it rite he would murk it!!! And I also agree with him when he says there are too many to name


    fuck weezy wee he’s lil’… like a baby

    if u love him you are a muslim.


  • YunG based god

    co sign @illweezyana

  • Sushi Baby

    Sushi baby sweet. ima murder dat nigga

  • Siege

    if i were to get famous i would have to kill myself especially if it was because of rap, cuz noone will ever be as good as slim shady.

    musicians play instruments or have a set of pipes in their chest.

    faggots drink syzurp smoke weed and studio rap.

  • Siege


  • Bleezymula

    Songs Lil Wayne should Remix on No Ceilings II

    1. Piss em’ off by Ace Hood
    2. We on by Ace Hood
    3. New God Flow by Kanye West & Pusha T
    4. Mercy by Kanye West, Big Sean,……
    5. Under Ground King by Drake
    6. Niggas in Paris by Jay-z & Kanye West
    7. Exodus 23:1 by Pusha T
    8. Power Circle by MMG
    9. I Don’t Like by Chief Keef
    10. Cashin Out by Cash Out
    11. Ambition by Wale, Meek Mill & Rozay
    12. Burn by Meek Mill & Big Sean
    13. Slight Work by Wale & Big Sean
    14. So Sophisticated by Rozay & Meek Mill
    15. Amen by Meek Mill & Drake
    16. Work Hard Play Hard by Wiz Khalifa
    17. Did it on em’ the beat that nicki Minaj stole from you!
    18. A1 Everything
    19. Theraflu by Kanye West
    20. She Will video as a bonus.

  • carter sessions no ceilings and droughts and dedications all are hard but suffix and prefix lyrical slaughter and i wanna hear blood on NO LIE

  • DezzY
  • yoshua

    1burn by meek mill 2no lie
    3 we on ace hood 4 undergroundkings by drake
    5 did it on em 6 ambition wale
    7 rick ross hold me back 8 a1 everything meek mill
    9 amen meek mill 10 tea da roof off ace hood

  • C4

    1. Nobody’s perfect-j cole
    2. Mercy
    3. Cashin out
    4. Crew love
    5. Thinking bout you
    6. Birthday cake
    7. Sweet love
    8. Beez in the trap
    9. Up-loverance
    10. Boyfriend

    & for some reason I want him 2 cover “call me maybe” B) 😛

  • Hank_dame

    i know wayne wont be looking at this but i seriously think lil wayne should stop rapping about skating and trukfit… wayne was one of my favorite artists and always has been but im slowly losing faith. if he can do a NC2 and not mention TO much trukfit then i will be happy but if this mixtape is wack im done… sorry to say. but lil wayne wont be doing a drank in my cup remix . i’d be bad for his image seeing as how he publicly stated he hasn’t done codine in a while.. just my thoughts.. also i dont see a niggas in paris either. deff seeing mercy on there and maybe cashin out though. im really looking forward to a same damn time mix but unlikely cause cory guns did one not to long ago

  • K Dawg

    rick ross- hold me back…..perfect beat for wayne to hop on….pause

  • Weezyfbaby

    1) mercy
    2) I don’t like
    3) theraflu
    4) bees in the trap
    5) work hard, play hard
    6) did it on em
    7) rack city
    8) function (e-40)
    9) niggas in Paris
    10) no lie
    11) bitch betta have my money (tyga)

  • Ryan

    Me personally would love to hear a beat from the new 2 Chainz song No Lie seems to me Wayne would love that beat and seems his style

  • the champ

    Blow up, j Cole
    Day and nite kid cudi
    Pursuit of happiness, kid cudi
    They kno, Nipsey Hussle
    Watch the throne jay&Kanye
    Hands on the wheel
    Just be creative Dwayne, we all kno you have it in you, so do it, ur real fans been waiting for a while now

  • zucci212

    Cashing out blood

  • YCsep27

    thank God u r doin’ your job

  • Nick

    There are only a few tracks I would really like to hear the others would just be optional. But if I could pick the tracks. Would be Work Hard Play Hard, Stay Schemin, Get Away Car Driving, Recipe, Leave The Lights On, I Wish You Would and Peso. Also correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t remember if Wayne ever did a freestyle over Yonkers? Know it’s old but would love to hear what he could do on that beat. He already has a Niggas In Paris freestyle was on Sorry For The Wait???

  • tony_montana

    Problem with wayne iz datt he duznt listen 2 deze other rappers (well atleast he sayz he duznt)s0 he prolly won’t do all da songz u people mentioned which iz a bummer…bt he gon’ kill wateva beats he hops 0nn!

  • siege

    hah obviously wizzle listens to other rapps music, because he responds to a pusha t track and who the fuck is pusha t anyway. u know dam well that when wizzle dont have cameras on him and he’s not fronting for this bullshit blog he is definitely listening to hiphop and checking this site too.

    the truth is dewayne knows all this shit thats been said about him and he knows about all this shit fans say about his style and gay ass voice and crap attempts at being a skateboarder, he just doesnt care. he probably gets high as fuck and forgets the concerns of other people. TUNECHI!

  • ….

    it better come out before summer ends.

    and he better remix some of Meek Mill’s songs.

  • Jon Boi

    Djscoobdoo just ask on twitter “What’s the Top Instrumental out right now!?” So I Think the mixtape is About to Go Down!!

  • pzup

    everybody losing it for wayne smh, stop the skaing shit! -_- spit some hard shit please, don’t fuck up no ceilings .

  • Realtalk

    @Siege stop talking shit do us a favor suck a dick

  • Realtalk

    @Siege a pussy for not responding

  • clayZerbeam

    Hes gonna murdah “snapbacks & tattoos.

  • Siege

    Im only hatin cuz i didnt get any dick up my ass i needed so bad

  • Tunechi

    Hes gonna murda Pe$o

  • HitSquad_Rel

    Man Wayne shit is dope af so I know every body wanna see n hear dat new micrape shitt

  • Mxo

    No Ceilings dawg!!!

  • K Dawg

    if no ceilings 2 is just as good as the first one (if not better), then that would be amazing…..but he would HAVE to go back to smoking weed….definitely


    wayne need to rap on this beats:

    a hustlers prayer of ace hood

    new god flow of kanye west

    lets get that of chamillionaire

    shit done got real of ace hood

    dman i got alot of imagine that wayne would destory every song i want a team up with busta ..

  • siege

    talking about hate, realtalk, u wanna start shit so bad on the computer why dont u start ur own website. i have no respect for u or tunechi niga.

  • Young Rich

    weezy should do 1. niggas in paris, 2. mutherfucker up, 3. same damn time, 4. mercy, 5. b boyz, 6.drank in my cup, 7. cashin out, 8. i dont like, 9. stay schemin, 10. we in this bitch, 11. h.a.m., 12. he was on the remix but he killed and love the beat “ima boss”. 13. martain vs goblin. 14. red nation. 15. i wish you would (dj khaled) 16. cat daddy, 17. crew love, 18. shot for me, 19. im on (trae the truth) 20. rack city. 21. make it nasty, 22. f.a.m.e. (young jeezy) 23. hail mary 24. goldie

  • Broskie_YMCMB

    They Say Its NOT No Ceilings 2, Its Dedication 4 Or Da Drought 4 !!!!
    That Would Mean a DJ Drama Hosted Mixtape Maybe ! Yessssss !

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  • Realtalk

    Talkin about hate muthafucker u a pussy ass nigga you only hatin cuz wayne is fuckin succesful and if u dont like it get the fuck outta here pussy


  • weezyovermost

    @C4 if he covers call me maybe then imma think that he gay 🙂
    no offense cuz i luv call me maybe 😛

  • i know this is the new and improve i hope he comes hard on this mixtape like he usually does,thats what hes know for killing beats but…Wayne I still fuck with even after your major change so dont let one of your number 1 fan down

  • SwagDaddy

    Please weezy, Come back 2 the Real nigga.. I’m so bored to see some stupid white guy nd fag listen u cuz of yo stupid feat wid justin bieber ext or yo strange behavor 🙁

    • Travis Ball

      he been turning up all year he gna kill it!!


    wassup haters

  • travis lee


    • Travis Ball

      dead ass bro!! Best Rapper Alive!!