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Lil Wayne Meets The Person Who Influenced Him To Skate, Alex Midler [Video]

Fri, Jul 13, 2012 by

Above, you can watch some footage of Lil Wayne meeting 13-year-old Alex Midler at the 2012 X Games in Los Angeles, California on July 1st. If you don’t know who Alex is, he is a young student and skater, and is also the reason why Weezy F Baby started to skateboard.

Tunechi has told the story a few times as to why Alex Midler inspired him to start skating, but to cut a long story short, Wayne saw footage of a 9-year-old Alex skateboarding and that is what motivated him and made him want to learn to skate himself.

Also in the clip, Alex invites Weezy to skateboard at his home after the X Games so Tune adds his phone number into Alex‘s mother’s phone. There is no footage of them skating at Midler‘s crib, but it does look like they had some fun because Lil Wayne tweeted this:

Man I sk8’d @ lil Alex Midler’s krib today!! Lil homie is a G! & props to Todd,moms,pops,& Indy 4 the luv!

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  • Cody


  • First…

  • Cody

    Weezy & Stunna my only role models!

  • YM Salute

    First. Nothing that interesting, looking for some music D;

  • Tunechii Lee

    Chaz Ortiz&Alex Midler<3

    Hell Yeahh!!!

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  • Nathan

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  • CeCe

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  • younger O

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  • Realtalk

    Tunechi going to be the Best Skater Alive thanxs to this kid!

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  • It’s not the kid’s fault. Obviously Wayne was interested on his own to have even been watching him in the first place. Be happy for him! Be happy for them both.. imagine if you were Alex.. it’d be the best thing ever.. to have a celebrity as big as Wayne to look up to you. Everybody needs to stop hatin and just let people live the life they wanna live.

  • Swap

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  • lol @ the ppl hatin on Alex. It aint his fault wayne is skatin. Even if he didnt make that video of himself skatin wayne would have just found somebody else to inspire him.

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    I am a huge lil Wayne fan, and I would just like to say-to the haters, there’s no reason for it. Wayne is Wayne, just cuz he’s into sk8ing now doesn’t change WHO HE IS it simply just changes what he does. And he’s gonna rap about what he does, so don’t hate on THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE! 2nd, heard a TIGHT ass song by Wayne I have never heard (which is uncommon) its called “novacane” check it out
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