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Lil Wayne – My Homies Still (Feat Big Sean) [Music Video]

Mon, Jul 16, 2012 by

Here is the official music video for Lil Wayne‘s “My Homies Still” single featuring Big Sean. The visual was directed by Parris and the song was produced by STREETRUNNER and Sarom.

My Homies Still” is the lead single off Weezy‘s forthcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album, which is set to drop in the fall.

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  • Elsher


  • cvbvv

    First!!!!!!!! Dope id

  • First.

  • YounG Nii

    Hoot shiiiit

  • Speedy Gonzales

    I don’t approve.

  • @Mag1cc

    2nd Wayne Murkinn Young Money follow me i follow back @Mag1cc thanks

  • YoungGod RigoRigo

    TRUKFIT t-shirt, talk second, skeet first. nice vid

  • erik

    Wayne is on that molly or something….ain’t no way in HELL this video was done sober

  • WeezyKB24

    This is fucking dope!

  • weezy in nuketown with an elephant…awesome

  • Jeffryyyy

    Perfect, I can watch it on my iPhone!

  • ?????

    Is This A Joke.???? This Is The Weakest Video Lil Wayne Has Ever Done. #WeWantWeezyBack

  • Mac Miller

    Miss the old Wayne’s swag …

  • Awesome video

  • shit is craaazy ! Dope!!

  • B-Mo

    Video of the year

  • Young Money’s Next Member

    First the album was sposed to drop at the beginning of summer than the end now its saying the album is supposed to drop in the fall ? When we gonna get a real release date danny ? Song goes hard , dumb ass video though lol

  • YoungGod RigoRigo

    i love Reginae Carter <3

  • fuck em
  • gangsta shit

    wpow that was strange and weird….but still dope and crazy!!

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  • K.

    That elephant was really random.

  • problem?

    Thank based god there was a birdman cameo and handrub at 4:03

  • Young Pizzle

    wow that was strange… I liked it tho

  • BB

    I feel like Wayne is trying to copy Odd Future’s swag. I still think the video is actually kind of dope, it’s something different. But, it does look like a video Tyler would make.

  • Pat Bateman

    I hate this song it doesnt make sense the video was horrible i lost alot of respect for this fag!

  • Siege

    I Suck Dick!

  • Just Kno Dat

    Music Video Is Nuts…..

  • Lil Wayne

    I Suck Dick too!

  • Tony Montana

    I Like small dicks!

  • young mula cash money

    tune should scrap this song from ianahb2

  • hands up

    hmmm, different but good.


    I fell in love with waka flocka my new favorite artist

  • highlifeswaggym

    please give us the behind scenes footage this shit goes ham

  • Young Money’s Next Member

    First the album was sposed to drop at the beginning of summer than the end now its saying the album is supposed to drop in the fall ? When we gonna get a real release date danny ?

  • Chris

    I love and respect anything or anyone that attempts something original and creative and this video is definitely that. I’m pleasantly surprised. Dope.

  • Fukboyfit

    gawd sushi switch up your wardrobe once in a while. always wears the same damn shorts

  • Eminem

    Video DID NOT save the song.



  • Realone

    Man real good video it’s different and it’s cool and the haters like it too…and if u don’t like the skateboard thing he does it’s just a hobby Tom Bradys hobby is golf and it does not take away from his football skills weezy skates and it does not take away from his rapping skills and how did weezy fall off after selling 3.5 million kill yoself if u think so This is my first post on this site and for a fan site it has a lot if haters

  • YunG Based God

    I want to suck Rick Ross titties, I want him to fuck me as hard as he can until my asshole bleeds, Also i want to suck on waka flockas lips i want that big mouth to touch and suck my tender juicy dick. Last I Want Big Sean Dick Cause he has a big black cock cause hes call big sean i want him to give the huge load of cum

  • Big Wayne

    Is this the most weirdest Little Wayne video?

  • Siege

    Fake people in this website my personal opinion

    @yunG based god
    @tony montana

    Thats all lil wayne fell off jay-z better than him what a shame

  • YunG based god

    this song is god awful and the video is weird as fuck. why is wayne on odd future’s jock and trying to be like them. rocking supreme and skating and this weird ass vid. gtfo “tunechi baby”. why do you front like you believe in god but do questionable ass shit. I seen this fuck boy rock an odd future upside down cross shirt. questionable ass bitch retire and leave the music game already

  • YunG based god

    siege u a fuck nigga

  • @itsanchezz

    For my hommies still video follow @itsanchezz

  • TrukyourGirl

    Go stupid,go stupid,Go stupid,go stupidGo stupid,go stupidGo stupid,go stupidGo stupid,go stupidGo stupid,go stupidGo stupid,go stupidGo stupid,go stupidGo stupid,go stupidGo stupid,go stupidGo stupid,go stupidGo stupid,go stupidGo stupid,go stupidGo stupid,go stupidGo stupid,go stupidGo stupid,go stupidGo stupid,go stupidGo stupid,go stupidGo stupid,go stupidGo stupid,go stupid

  • tukie tuks


  • Tony Montana

    That’s fun you call others fake caus it appears that you dont have enough realness to make your own name boy, go suck a nagger dick for some truckfit (it means for less than nothin, caus ur gay… my my got to explain everything to this slowbrain mofo)

  • Tony Montana

    @Yung based god ur right but not about siege caus that aint him that’s the shy gay bloger with no name



  • krock247

    ummmmm the video compliments the song very well…becus this song is STUPID! lol wack ass song…usually when i hear a lil wayne song i automatically want to press replay but this song riiiight here..????…..lets just say we need weezy back and hopefully he has BETTER songs on the album


    @YUNGBASEGOD So no rapper can skate cause odd future does it? Rocking a upside down cross is nothing if you know your god. Besides not everyone in odd future is atheist and there in the group with all that shit. He already told you how he got in to skating so GTFO of here with your dumbass uneducated opinions. FUCKLILB I WISH HIM AND SOULJA BOY WOULD RETIRE.

  • Pat Betman

    This video is terrible.

  • Pat Betman

    I dont like Big Sean but I feel sorry for him

  • atleast it aint in a wearhouse lmao still dope

  • YeahDough

    Aint the point of this album to show Wayne’s weird ass side or something? :s Excuse me if I’m wrong. But yea I like it cause i dont see videos like this everyday o.O


    This video was hard as fuck i jacked off to it 10 times…im tired now, but im not thirsty my cum tastes great!

  • Tony Montana

    I want me some of Seans big dick. Weezy is so hot without a shirt i wanna drink his sweat!

  • YunG based god

    Smoking hot song sexy video… My type of guy Smoking hot cock and sexy ass.

  • YunG based god

    @YMCMB we all know why “tunechi” started skating. but he is jocking their style and this song/video proves it. rocking an upside down cross is wrong and completely disrespectful. “tunechi” is far from a christian just listen to his music. he puts on a front about EVERYTHING. (being a blood, smoking blunts, believing in god, being good at skating, etc) haha @ tony montana

  • Juventinius

    Can somebody drop me a link to download,the one with .FLV pls

  • Siege

    i have nothing better to do than hate on the wizzle and real niggaz on this blog by saying the most homo shit imaginable. I love balls

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    So odd future style IS supreme clothing? This song proves nothing all tyler videos have meaning to it. This is some t-pain circus shit in this video. Rocking a upside down cross means nothing if you know your god. Doing sins is disrespectful but everybody does it. I don’t believe he is a christian you don’t have to be a christian to believe in god. All that shit you said he fronts on do you have PROOF hes not a (blood, a good skater, a god believer, etc?)


    ^^^^ that was @YunG based god

  • The infamous

    Listen to th words in his raps dipshit. Little Wayne is a devil nothing close to god. I hope he burns for all the shit he does

  • YunG based god

    people sin but ask for forgiveness. whenever i sin, most of the time it’s unintentional. rockin a t shirt with an upside down cross is messed up and obviously intentional. and besides the song pray to the lord, i have never once heard him say anything positive about god in his music. I don’t have proof he not a blood but come on he is obviously not a gangster look at how he dresses and the way he acts. and proof that he is not a good skater is in this video itself. just look at him he looks like he’s gonna fall and didn’t even do one trick. Hasn’t he been skating for like a year?

  • tony_montana

    Yow,derz 0nli 1 tony_montana niggaz,nd da nigga dats been postin aint meE (jst hadD 2 get datt 0wt da way)…anywae,doooope asS videO th0!

  • RyRy

    you bums should be glad wayne is doing something different. Niggas is looking like clones these days. Nothing wrong with being different scary azz niggas.

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    He says “And I don’t go to church because theExplain line long And the preacher, he be gettin’ his shine on But I know my Lord: I am God’s own” In the song “that aint me.”
    Meaning: He doesn’t go to church because there are too many people trying to use the lord to save themselves And the preacher is apart of the scam by taking their money and being the one who is always the savior Regardless of his feelings about the church, Weezy still considers himself a child of God
    That shit about him not being a blood is your opinion. It’s not the truth. Whats wrong with the way he dress? The YG’s and TG’s wear skinny jeans and shit. Every skater has to learn how to skate your not just born doing kickflips.

  • KingDeezy

    Shot on location in Nuketown.

  • YunG based god

    u got a point YMCMB. real talk im jus a former fan who is bummed to see one of my former favorite rappers going through so many weird changes. he’s changing so much and for me, it’s not for the better. his rhymes are weaker, his style is not as fresh as it used to be, and even his voice is different. he is no longer weezy f. this blog should be renamed


    I sorta agree with you on that.

  • Nathan Degue

    Crazy hard even without a doubt LIL WAYNE THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE and for me THE BEST OF ALL TIME !!!

  • Young_Mulla

    This song is off of the album I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING II, meaning this is Wayne’s crazy side that you don’t get with tha Carter series. That’s why the video is fucked up (But still dope as hell). If you don’t like it don’t comment plain as that. Even though I know you fags will still comment cause you’re actually obssesed with Wayne and come here to get every song possible. Dope as song and dope as video!

  • Thoughts on the video Danny?


    Siege wanna cross swords? Maybe cross something else 😛 😉 <3

  • ronie

    maybe everybody missin just a lil bit the old wayne… but damn stop hatin new wayne is also awesome still BEST RAPPER ALIVE damn BEST RAPPER EVER… i dont care how will he change i will still buy everything connected with his music

  • 9thWarDNarDy

    beetlejuice!!!!!! …am im da only one who get that theme!?!?!

  • MGK

    this is trash

  • YungGod

    Video is weird as fuk. I get what everyone is saying creative and original. I just dont like it. The song is ehh… Im surprised since im a big fan of wayne. I was looking forward for a Big Sean and Lil Wayne song but this song ruined what could of been a great collaboration. Big Sean kills the song when it should of been Wayne. Just by looking at the video I dont think Old Wayne A.K.A. Weezy F. Baby is coming back. I understand skateboarding is your hobby and you got your own clothing line but doesnt mean your music has to change. Sometimes his flows fits with the beat but one time is enough. Like on Pop That. I just want that gangster weezy. He went from videos like A Milli, Hustler Muzik, 100million, to this? *SMH* I hope Weezy F Baby returns soon. I just keep listening to his old songs before he went to jail and to listen to this..its a shame

  • Danny M

    Im a fag

  • Siege

    I want to get squirted with lil waynes cum


    youre pathetic. i bet ur skin is black and ur eyes are brown. i dont even know u but i can tell that ur brain is dook.


    Call me pretty girl cause i do my hair and my nails

  • VA

    Wayne was the first and only rapper I used to listen to. sorry 4 the wait is where all this junk started. I know Wayne’s grown up but it’s sad to see him no longer doing what got him his fans in the first place. I miss the diamonds the reds hats & the cars. Weezy was a god compared to tunechi. I’m not a hater bcuz this guy used to be my idol but it’s a shame that this is what his music has become. 🙁

  • the video was dope n weird just anthor side of wayne n carzy side n different cnt no anthor rapper do this

  • tdub

    Its weird to see weezy destroyin himself…. I wonder where it all went wrong…

  • cool video waiting on vevo better quality and another cool rap song by lil wayne haters go hear justin bieber

  • kashkg

    i think the video fits the title of the album “Im Not A Human Being II” just not the title of the song. But i still like the video its different.

  • jaime

    all I can say after watching this video is … what ?

    I am just gonna pretend this song doesn’t exist and wait for the next single.

  • Tunechi

    @Siege who gave you that gay name

  • this just prove that i’m never gonna enjoy a lil wayne video again

  • YungGod

    @jaime- I agree lolI its the same with me.

    @kashkg -Haha your right

    I hope the rest of the songs arent like this.

  • Harley

    He’s taking the same approach as the TC4. The next single will be a street smash and will probably top high in the charts. You guys need to settle down and wait for the album and not base what IAMAHB2 will be like off 1 single. He knows what he is doing and so does YMCMB, so just relax.

  • onceaweezyfan..

    I think its safe to say after this video that lil wayne has not only fallen off but has hit rock bottom and somehow manages to keep penetrating the ground surface spiralling towards the firey core of the earth.

  • Tony Montana

    Danny M there is a ridiculously gay infant who is currently ruining your site but you might have seen this, now act

  • siege

    pretty girl? hahah are u jealous. fuck niggrs u all got problems suck eachothers dicks and give handjobs to ur daddy’s like wizzle.

    im a boss. the only boss. i bet aids kills all u fuckboys.

  • siege

    but to the point of this bolgona blog… this video was on some weird shit. bugs on the wall in some scenes and a young female (of course a teenager wizzles fav victims) kissing a manicin. this shit was weaker than em’s weakest shit. i find it hilarious that wizzle is still skating. do a trick or just die


    I think its the best song/video of 2012
    Oh yea siege keep doing ur job b/c once u got haters u know u doing something


    Oh siege keep sucking this dick

  • I really really like this video it goes with that I Am Not a Human Being Theme….


    im biting his dick off are u kidding?
    haha once u got haters all that means is people hate what youre doing. u cant justify something with words that have no substance like “love”
    fuck niggers


    ,@siege gayest name ever made by humans gay-z is irrelevant

  • @JereLei_Lin

    The video fits the point of the album “I am Not a Human Being.” It’s just like the video for the song “I am Not Human Being” Wayne was on some weird shxt. Both videos are DOPE

  • Siege

    @tony Montana is fake fag!

  • Sssiiiieeegggeee

    Siege fake

  • BigBadWolf

    love it !!

  • @quinnshania

    I hate the fact that everyones music video looks the same nowadays, thank fuck for tunechi breaking the mold. TRUKDAWURL follow me @quinnshania

  • @quinnshania

    Also did anyone else see W3 The Future in the video at the end in the cinema?

  • arth

    People dont get disapointed. The fact of weezy didnt make this song go hard, doesnt mean all his IANAHB 2 is gonna be a piece of shit nor that he fell off. He said he took a lot of care to make his album “perfect”, and that he didnt rush this album like he did on IANAHB, well, i am sure this is gonna be EVEN BETTER, as with his lyrics as the dope beats and all that shit. All weezy did with this song was givin us a bad song to make us not expect something GOOD, and then give us another single with really great and heavy lyrics, so we can get surprised. I am sure the next single is gonne be a HIT, and will have really good lyrics, because he does it varietily. Remember how he did it on C4, he went from “i get pussy mouth and ass, call that bitch triple treath” to “how to love”, and he did it right. He can still make really good music, as hes been doing it before. I am sure the next album will be great, lyrically, with the beats, producers, features, and everything else. By watching the past of weezy’s music career, you can know and expect what hes dropping in the future, an I know hes making it good, and will go hard as he never did it before.

  • RAW

    i am not a human being II is gonna be a skate album all about trukfit and falling off his skate board and shit.

  • siege

    dont forget the drugs and TUNECHI!


    Siege keep playing yo roll……… lil bitch

  • Daniel

    awesome music video, keep it up lil wayne

  • carter


  • jc

    lol everybody on here in some religious debate, that shit is nonsense anyway. i swear people take religion so seriously and no one has a concrete answer. i am supposed to just believe?? smh get over yourselves

  • The real Tony Montana, fuck tony_montana the copycat

    Get lost jc we dont give a fuck about your beliefs

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  • tunechi123

    Yea my homie still…

  • Foolish siege


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  • Swaglikeyanni

    its not like his other videos but it was badass anyways, cant wait for that I Am Not A Human Being II

  • ????

    That cross is not a devil worship symbol it’s the saint peters cross dumbasses. That cross represents one of the saints that felt like he wasn’t worthy to be crucified like jesus.

  • mlk



    Yo Weezy Man I Fucks Wit You! Tha visuals crazy on this joint! Squad Up!


    Yo Weezy Man I Fucks Wit You! Tha visuals crazy on this joint! Squad Up! My Homie Still…

  • @thebasicmichael

    The video is super dope!!! Big would say bitch I love it love it love it I love it unconditional booooyyy 😀

    It’s so super crazy 😀 reminds me of the six foot seven foot video 😀
    I did love the crazy style back then and I love it now!
    Shit goes crazy hard! 😀
    I’m not a human 2 – bought!

  • Mdeezy

    Recently there was the Colorado massacre on the the movie of Batman and some days before that Lil Wayne dropped a music video called My Homies Still

    3:46 - 12 skeletons which is the number of dead people on the Colorado massacre.
    1:37 – The woman looks like she is suppose to be batman.
    2:31 – What’s Wrong with his eyes?
    There are also gas bombs in the video.
    What the heck!

    Do you think that this have something in common?

  • Tez


  • @mdeezy @tez you don’t make sense Wayne always portrayed his self to be a Martian , which explains the green eyes which he also did in I am not a human being video and there was way more the. 12 skeletons in the video , I’m not sure if you even watched it there was at least 20 in the movies theatre

  • Chase

    I love lil Wayne but I don’t like thi video Bc of the shooting in colarido and theirs 12 skeletons witch their were 12 dead and big Sean was wearing a 88 jersy 8 plus 8 equals 16 witch the theater was called centre 16 SMH

  • God’s child

    as you can see a little wayne don’t believe in god take notice of the video in the theater a couple days after the video came out the shooting happened in colorado all you see is skeleton in the theater. Very interesting. A upside down cross¿????????

  • Luis

    Illuminati this shit has to with the colorado shootin in the movie theater

  • Chris

    AROUND 3:04 Is That A COCKROACH!!!

  • illuminati
  • C2fresh

    You all are stupid as fuck 14 people died total. How could you shoot at 71 people and chose to only kill a certain number y’all are stupid no respect for the families that have gone threw this tragity. Realating shit where it don’t even go smh

  • Sir Samster

    I was a little scared

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  • kimisykes

    Im not a human being was release on wayne’s birthday. Im guessing the second one is gonna be release around that date 2!!!

  • Lil wanye is the best rapper… I will like if lil wanye can add me on facebook will…. Love you lil wanye…. @Nigeria fan club

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