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Lil Wayne Explains Why Dedication 4 Was Pushed Back & Releases “No Lie” Remix [Video]

Thu, Aug 16, 2012 by

I don’t know what took so long, but here is the announcement from Lil Wayne that Mack Maine promised us fans yesterday. Weezy explains that he did not drop his Dedication 4 mixtape yesterday like he said he would, because 2 Chainz just dropped his Based On A T.R.U. Story album and he doesn’t want to steal his spotlight.

Tune says we will get D4 next week, but doesn’t give an exact date, so hopefully it’s on Monday and not Friday haha. You can also hear Wayne‘s remix over 2 Chainz and Drake‘s “No Lie” instrumental in the video above, enjoy!

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  • realshit


  • Aaron

    First @ Sikk_Fukk4

  • young tune

    First!!!!!!!!! Fuckin destroyed no lie. #D4 CAN’T WAIT

  • killed

  • Amzerr

    Fucking Killed That Shyt ;D

  • LC


  • WOW!

  • YO

    that shit was decent…and he says two reasons why it didnt drop 2 chainz album then he says he was skating too much…which one is it tho

  • dafuture64

    R.I.P No Lie Lmao I bet not ever hear nobody else on this shit #D4

  • Jonathan

    Damnn thats some dope ass shit!


    HYFR D4 LETS GET ID !!!!!!!

  • That Kid

    #D4 cant wait !

  • @TearDroppTune

    Yeah i was wondering why Wayne would drop his mixtape when 2chain album came out bc they r friends. So this makes sense!

    Wayne the greatest

    Follow me on twitter @TearDroppTune

  • wack

  • Dee

    Fuck 2 Chainz and his shitty album

  • huerta48

    Dope, mixtape weezy is back!

  • Suburbs

    OMG Lil Wayne destroyed this, WOW!!

  • DocCarter

    2 chainz gonna get death threats now haha….but weezy did kill this

  • Al_broseph

    we need moore.

  • swag_kingkong

    ehhhhh its o.k i guess

  • date

    how can you hate on this?? he killed it, just listen to the lyrics, nice work man 🙂

  • xBradathan

    So Hard!! D4 CAN’T WAIT.

  • Realone

    B4 the haters start coming……MAN!!!! D4 it’s gonna b the truth…I been Waiting soo long for this shit….the tracklist gon come out thin It’s done…I no he killed that I don’t like….shit he killed no lie….but that’s some g shit let 2 chainz get hot and d4 just gon fuck the rap game up niggas gon hav go back n the lab and come up with some new shit

  • Shame

    Mixtape Weezy Tha Best!

  • dopeboycoke


  • funny how he says he doesnt wanna take any attention off of 2 chainz…. then he destroys his beat ha.

  • somebody get the yellow tape out

  • No….

    I wasn’t feeling it. His high pitch voice is ruining his raps. Go back to autotune if your voice is going to be that high.

  • Decent

    It was decent. But that was cool of him to hold off for 2 Chainz. Even tho T.R.U. Story leaked like a week ago. But honestly, Tunechi needs to hop off the skateboard and hop into the rec studio as Weezy.

  • Ike

    Yea dat 2 chainz album is wack only lik 3 okay songz on der and wayne killed it d4 gone b fire……biatch say dattt

  • Young Money’s Next Member

    He killed it , but he can do better , thats why i can’t wait for that damn D4 , fuck 2chainz though , but he wasn’t even talking bout skating ! (:

  • Lil Wayne is like the best businessman ever, his not about competing but having a fair challenge. A other rapper would wanna steal 2Chainz shine but instead Weezy steps back, and allow the next to have the spotlight.

    I can say I’m proud to be a wayniac.

    #D4 Can’t Wait☺

  • ThaKing

    Can we please get a download link. I will be bumpin this all week long!

  • Realone

    Dj khaled or whatevr… album comes out on the 21 he is gonna push it back one more week lol…Naaa maybe or maybe not who knows

  • Jon

    The F.A.N. line was CRAZY!!!!!

  • “I dont want to take 2 Chainz spotlight” *releases a remix of a 2 Chainz single*

  • riki tiki whomp

    That was just Alright nothing like 09 and past mixtape weeny,other than that Wayne only said he held off was bcuz he knew D4 would out shine 2chainz flop ass album amd there boys so Wayne was being Nice and trying to make his friend money,

  • khy

    @Realone naww he wont, because khlaed is on like his 3rd or 4th album, but this was 2 chainz first solo debut album

  • Weezy killed that shit!!!!

  • Eek

    i fucks with the song, he did kill it. but it is kinda annoying that he wont release it because of 2 chainz’ album. i mean, who cares? they have different fan bases really but still D4 bout to go hard. somethin to blaze to from wayne is ALWAYS nice. 😀

  • dank

    Whole verse was about him doing drugs for you fucks that think he’s been sober. It’s not hard to get fake piss from a smoke shop and be clean for probation. He’s been tellin you guys since sorry for the wait that he’s smokin, rollin and now tellin you he’s leanin. Yet you guys still gunna say he’s sober

    “I am sippin on that lean, don’t bring me no bottles ho”
    “Shout out to my weed man, shout out to my lean man”
    “Got pounds of that kush, watch me go on a diet”
    “I got them yellow xanax”
    “Blunt dipped in syrup, pass that weed around like some fuckin hors d’oeuvre’s”
    “And she high too” (meaning with him)

  • YungGod

    He killed the song. Damn now I really cant wait for Dedication 4! I do hope he drop it on monday lol.

  • Nick

    For 2 Chainz sake I think Wayne not releasing D4 was a good move because let’s be honest it would have made 2 Chainz album get no shine. That verse was tight. I think Wayne knows D4 gonna end shit for a long time so he just holding out. Too many good lines on that

  • This was nice, weezy did good though. i can’t wait for his whole mixtape though. lately he’s been killing shit like his verse in “bottles and bitches” that was the old weezy on that verse.

  • YungGod

    Lets see if he uses autotune because with wayne autotune aint bad. I would like it if he used it on a few tracks. Especially when saying “Dedication 4” Just saying..

  • Zakk

    I eat her pussy eye to eye? I’m lost…

  • D_twizzy

    It was aigh ,i look that pussy eye to eye then suck that muthafucka dry

  • MD

    Best rapper alive just silenced the critics with one song

  • NIna

    No Matter What Lil Wayne Is My Favorite Rapper Everr Idc If He’s Fallin Off Or What Ever The Case Is Even Tho He’s Not 🙂 People Say What If He Just Shuts You Down When You See Him , Mhmm Well Ill Be Upset But Just Move On, Im Planing To Have A Night Club Named (Planet Weezy) And Its Gunna Be About Him And Aha I DOnt Have an Obsession Im Just A Dedicated Fan 😀 ♥ -Thanks


  • weeeeez

    “i look that pussy eye to eye” is he playin on the word pussy? pussy like a cat lookin it eye to eye?



  • Jd

    Yo mad respect yo mad respect wayne and fuck everybody that commented on dis

  • Yelar

    hes definitely trying but hes running out of things to say

  • TheRealBanks

    I can dig it the reason and deff. Bang wit the no lie joint he did witch leads me to belive d4 gonna be fire. So make sure yaw go grab it next week lol

  • Nak Nak

    Fuck all you dick ridin wayne fans. if you think this was hard yall need to go back to SQ fucking 4. when he raped the shit out of that renegade beat. yall tellin me he murdered this? yall must be high as shit. why cant you guys wake the fuck up and see he fell the FUCK OFF! plus he called you all bitches in the video!? he dont give two shits bout his fans. all he cares about is skating and pussy. obviously.

  • quis

    Dat waz the shit

  • Meeso SA

    Lol. Haterssssss

  • Shuffle

    SICK AS FUK!!!

  • Next week hoe

  • Shuffle

    ^ The tune I mean… Not this nak nak twat.. If u think that then fuck off onto another site dikhed!

  • I totally believe this bullshit

    He doesn’t want to outshine 2 chains, THATS that’s why he Isn’t finished with the mixtrash yet. Makes perfect sense.

  • Yelar

    he mentions: youll get d4 in about a week OR SO “not even gonna lie havent much finished that motherfucker i been skatin..”

  • aeronj

    Was excited for this tape….already can tell its gonna b no where near the level of other mix tapes. True Wayne fans know when wayne go hard..

  • WOW

    Lil Wayne 1998-2002
    Weezy 2003-2006
    Weezy F. Baby 2007-2010
    omg then we have . . . Tunechi . Yes people I know Wayne was called tunchiliumpcious by his grandmother , it was too long so he would shortened it . Blah blah blah . So don’t try too school me . But come on guys Wayne went harder on bitches and bottles . Best wayne verse in a long time . This sounds like it should’ve been on S4TW . But it was “ooooooook” , it wasn’t FIRE . Fire is “cut off a nigga head , make’em suck his own dick” NOW that’s fire . But it’s an opinion . Real Wayne fans KNOW where I’m coming from .

  • daknite

    oh shit d4 lets go

  • Supa

    Its cool but check this song out too…. This song called YOLO got the ATL going craaaaazy yo——–>

  • pguillory

    Wayneiacs enjoy!!!! Thank me later!!!!

  • GDMalitia

    LWHQ APP! Fire!

  • “I Make It Rain So Hard Flowers Grow”

  • Raaalfy

    Daam don’t think it was worth the wait. Huge Wayne fan. But if d4 ain’t as big as no ceilings, drought 3 or dedication 2 then ima turn my attention to meek milly!

  • Rozay

    he just called us bitches? fuck you tunechi

  • Lloyd

    Wayne just showed the hatred why he’s the best rapper alive nigga

  • k spears

    dont gay ass dj khaled drop his album next week too? he goin push it back again n say dj khaled his nigga

  • Weedmunchies

    Ppl lets b honest here this isnt me hatin just speakin the truth this shit is wack man if u think this is wayne goin hard then u never heard D1, D2, carter 1, carter 2, sq1-7, like come on he hasnt spit fire since like 09 he dnt give a fuck bout rap no more he dnt even make real rap music no more he’s gone straight mainstream his music is more like pop its just terrible all he wanna do is skate u can just tell he dnt put his all n the mic no more he dnt got that same passion he use 2 RIP 2 the real weezy man his old music will never die. I just listen 2 wooh da kid nd gucci now no1 else appeals 2 me these days they might not have the best lyrics but they spit real shit espeacially my nigga wooh king wooh whatever u wanna call him lol cant wait 4 that fullmetal jacket mixtape 2 drop

  • s hatton

    Did people here aswell he also said because he was skateboarding to much, I was watching his documentary again and he says something on the lines off “I will die rapping”, massive fan but since he got into skateboarding he has not given us fans what we love him for and that’s his rap songs, dedication 4 we can wait for just don’t dedicate to skateboarding over why you are here today and that’s being the best rapper alive, TRUK D WURL, WEEZY

  • Magicc

    but i dont undertand why people come on this site to hate it clearly for Wayne fans only…you nor i have his money so why hate? nd if its his music why u listening i think wayne has the most loyal fans….just saying

  • tywayne

    Lil Tunechi fuck any nigga dats sayin da can see him he’s da best can’t wait D4 ready 4 it. He said 4 baby moms

  • YoungWeezyFBaby

    have respect voor weezy, it’s a good reason.
    And I’m glad too hear that there is no auto tune in this song, dedication 3 was full of auto tune and was realy wackk

  • T.R.U.

    See what yall don’t get is that weezy don moved on he don’t wanna rap no more he feels he’s made his mark done what he could do now he wants to pass it on to someone *cough* *cough* 2 chainz he even said hes been skating more than in the studio so I mean Idk man hate to see the dude go but damn if he gonna keep rapping like he has been Idk I wish it was that 07 Wayne but whatever hopefully 2 chainz steps in to his shoes

  • Dedication 4 hoe !

    Sittin on millions like a beanbag !!!!




  • MichaelYMCMB

    Hate the way there’s so many haters on this website. Hope to god one day it’ll just be a site with real Wayne fans. I love passing an opinion and hearing other people’s opinion when it comes to Weezy but we can’t do that with haters in here. #FuckHaters don’t come claiming you a Wayne fan when D4 sends your favourite rapper into early retirement. #WeezyTheGreatest #YMCMB

  • Magicc

    forreal ^^^^^ theres always gonna be more but hey atleast we share the same opinion

  • ortiz97

    danm you guys were talking shit not to long ago saying he fell off and fuck lil wayne and now you are back riding his dick# bandwagon smh…. wayne killed this shit

  • ChicoFigueroa15

    Killed that shit

  • TrukIt

    He too a LONG ass pause in the song, Wayne doesn’t do that shit on mixtapes.

    thats how you know he’s falling off.

  • fuckeminem is retarded

    finally getting good lyrics this is the wayne i like to here hope d4 doesnt talk bout truck fit or skateboarding then it will be a master piece

  • Loco

    IT’S TOO SHORT! Only two minutes? This is gonna be another sorry 4 the wait: mediocre… He was doing 4 5 min freestyles on no ceilings.. Ugh weezy is disappointing again.

  • TrukIt

    ^^^ exactly.

    This is gonna be nothing like Dedication 2, Drought 3 and No Ceilings.

    on those tapes he will just spit non stop for 3-4 minutes straight. Dedication 4 is gonna be like Sorry For The Wait, a few good songs but the rest short garbage.

  • molly

    so next week wayne is going to push the album back because he doesnt want to steal dj khaleds spotlight lol


    wayne demolished the beat R.I.P.

  • Ken

    Never once hopped off the Wayne train. You’ll people disgrace me. One day your on him, one day your not. “he fell off” “weezys back” “were tired of tunechi” “this is Wayne’s best verse in awhile” just stfu. No one in the game is touching Wayne…and no one has in years. Pick a side and stay there…real Wayne fans don’t need you anyways. There could be 10 of us real fans for all I care. Tunechi, weezy, Wayne, birdman jr for life. Same man, still controlling the mic.

  • ….

    @ Ken

    No one cares that you’re his #1 groupie. You sound like a female, shut up lol.


    @…. he can say what he was…. haters need to shut up and suck his fav rappers dick fuck eminem and gay-z

  • NewYorkSwagCity

    Smh if he released this 1st then that means D4 will be a dissapointment. I’m from the D2/Drought 3 days and this shit is wack considering to what I’m used to hearing from the “Mixtape Weezy”. It’s time for retirement.


    lil wayne needs to come make it rain hard on my front lawn, my grass and flowers are all dried up!

  • NewYorkSwagCity

    All you 12 and 13 y.o. kids can say that he killed it but trust me anyone born before 1995 will tell you this nigga’s done.


    stop complaining you pussy cunt bitch, its ONE fucking song. outta like 12. not every songs gnna be perfect. u dick in the booty loving ass niqqa.YOUNG WAYNE FOR PRESIDENT

  • Dungas

    compared to his recent shit that actually was pretty good… didn’t notice many Carter 4 lines on it. But still, no reason to make us wait all day to find out you were never planning on dropping it in the first place so that we could listen to 2chainz crap album

  • Jay-z

    Whats up y’all! This is your boy Jay-Z. Wayne really killed this track. He would totally murk me in the booth. He is the best rapper alive. Kayne and I had our beef with him because he nailed both our girls, but that’s whatever. He is a boss so I don’t blame him. his dick is just so much bigger than mine. Oh and I’m gay I’ll admit. Im down with Kaynes small cock. And last but not least…the reason we named our album watch the throne is because every time I turn around that nigga weezy steal the throne. That’s all. Tunechi for president ✌

  • rico420

    #rip #nolie #d4bitch

  • WayneFanToTheHeart

    Wayne killed this joint regardless of what you non-Wayne fans think…bet your favorite rapper want do any better lol…but real talk, D4 will be dope…will it be as good as D1 or D2?, probably not. Weezy was hungry and only focused on his music during those days of classic greatness…Wayne is bored with rap nowadays, skates 24/7, and yet, can still go in on any beat because Mixtape Weezy is a legend lol..hate on though


    wayne aint focused on rapping and he still murder faggot ass haters eat a elephant dick and listen.

  • tez

    Wow this nigga fell off so hard
    G A R B A G E ! Tf is this weak ass shit I was actually gone buy D4 Fuckk datt

  • Swag

    @Jay-Z hahahaa


    @Jay-z you went in hard haha.

  • Weezy F Maybe

    I hope he does that weezy laugh on one of these tracks for D4. You can always tell a nigga is on his shit when he does that “Did I really just say that” laugh.

  • yall need to relax wayne got this rap shit no matter wat he come out with its gone be hot and better then anything anybody got out

  • LilWeezyAna

    This track is plain GARBAGE,if the rest of the tape is like that, I’d rather not hear it at all, he’s gonna screw up the Dedication series. Ima stick to his old mixtapes.
    Weezy >>>>> Tunechi

  • drek8

    Waynes my favorite rapper, but wow has he been falling off hard…This whole Trukfit/skateboard weird phase needs to end soon before he has no True fans left..he could of made this song wayyy better

  • sick

    FAN FUCK ALL NIGHT, dope track

  • s.g. ymcmb til death

    I know someone gonna hate, but I aint hatin on weezy, but he can do wayyyyy better, I been listenin to this dude forever, he barely compete these day. drake doin it for they team reak talk. I mean think of his energy and lines word play flow from c2 c3 d2 drought 3 no ceilings, that wayne would end tunes career. ima cop me d4 tho and,try to get feelin it, I mean I defend this dude daily and for what? fans and rap to take a back seat? to wood on wheels?! but if this shit and ianahb2 shit im goin back em, that dude hungry and,highest sellin rapper everrrr.#stepitthefuckupweezy

  • @ supa & @noooo…

    @supa, nobody wants to hear the song of a broke ass nigga in atlanta wearing the same fukin shoes every day gtfoh.

    @noooo… , shut yo faggit ass up wit that high pitch voice bullshit weezy go hard as fuck even when he singin his hardest wit drake

  • chickmagnet

    @tez lmao U just make yourself look like an imbacile,, how U gonna buy a mixtape?? Just shows you don’t even know what you R talking bout nd just come in here to hate. Fix ur life up bra

  • Redd

    Only tru wayne fans will admit dis guy fell off…comin from a former huge fan of,wayne…his musik disgusts me now…all it is is pussy…murder. Drugs..and eating pussy….he has no clever wordplay anymore ..he doesnt give a fuk abput fans anymore….no more weezy…no more fireman…no more bm jr…all we got is faggot ass tunechi wit his gay ass colorful clothes…and stickin his tongue out on pics n shit….fuckliltunechi…..and fuck all his mainstream bullshit now…and most of all fuck his dickridin ass mind controlled ass fans

  • Fuck gin. I drink wizzle blood

    I hope u fuckboys all have ur wives fucked by little Wayne. U fag boys will probably still suck his dick. Y’all ain’t got an authentic bone in ur body saying “aw shit wizzle baby killed this” man he is on that shit where he writes a bar then switches one or two words cuz his drugged up black brain is full of pussy secretions and thc. Is his money a beanbag or a whoopee cushion? And is he aware that slaughterhouse is about to make his record look like a bunch of short bus nighers, this will be the second time a rap group has gone at his neck cuz the throne shat on him last year.
    You fuckboys and girls stop hating on jay cuz he’s a good example of what a nig can be when he doesn’t twist his hair up and instead focuses on family values.
    U fuck noggers and tiny white boys are screwed take it to the head.



  • Trizz

    haha Wayne has respect for his best friend, can’t argue too much with that I suppose. It is kinda funny that he killed his beat lol but it’s promotion for 2Chainz so it’s love. D4!!!!!!!
    Can’t WAAIT to hear I Don’t Like!!!

  • daknite

    seige a bitch

  • maxx33

    I blended lil wayne and drakes no lie to make a great mix!! check it out!!!

  • truuu

    Not smokin puts his voice under

  • Tha (the) siege

    I’ll -bitch- slap you. This ain’t no freestyle u know wizzle has never ever freestyles anything. The closest thing to a wizzle freestyle is reciting 4 bars he wrote down from nightmares. He cannot compete with other mc so he hides on his little plane and talks to a camera rather than maning up to the fact that it’s taken him a whole year to come up with material and still 30 days after the announcement he still is piecing his bs together.

    #one u go black nobody will take u back drake and once u go Dwayne ur a bitch ass fake

  • That NiGGa

    Yall Say He Fell Off ; But He Grabs Yall Attention You Came To The Site Right ? Yall Gonna Download Dedication 4 Right ? DONT LIE NOW & After Yall Download The Shit Yall Gon’ Comment On LWHQ & Youtube Talkin Shit THATS THAT SHIT I DONT LIKE ! BITCH

    P.S. Im A Kid ; So If Your ” GROWN ” Stop Hatin & GO GET SOME PUSSY ! YA DIGG ?

  • WTF

    This shit was alright .. But this mf called us bitches yo

  • dank

    Anyone sayin wayne killed this go to and listen to gunz newest verse on fred the godsons track… he killed it. Waynes verse is just better than his previous attempts.. its aight. Any track from gunna off his apprentice tapes when he was 14-16 absolutely kills this song and anyother wayne song since 09.

    Alll you people that think people on here are haters and you guys are the real fans GOT IT TWISTED.

    His real fans that been down when sq 1-7, carter 1 and 2 or even drought 2,3 when they actually came out knows that this is flat wack compared how raw he used to be and are the real fans cuz they recognize that he aint the same and lyrically and his flow is straight wack compared to how he used to be.

    He started using his name tunechi to the public because of comin outta jail and wanted to be like pac with makaveli except that makaveli came outta jail and went hard with 250+ tracks in a year with every one being fired……

    And the real wayne fans that saw him go raw and progress from day one appear to be haters on this site of 12-15 year olds cuz their too young to recognize that he isn’t rappin good like he used to. We are still fans not haters…

  • KentuckyBoy

    This little nagger had all plained and he still play tough and insult his fans, fuck you bitch, bukkake all over your naggerish face

  • I Would Call Yall Bitches Too If Yall Hated On Me Every Fuckin Day I See Where He Coming From

  • Ty


  • I aint even smell it yet & I KNOW its #DOPE

  • EEm Dollaz$

    WAYNE is that nigga fuck what anybody say

  • DAMNIT DUDE, those two little soundbites in the beginning I know they’re songs I just cant fiure them out.

    I wanna say Weatherpopleby RJD2 but thts not it.
    But uhm yeah stillwaiing on that Burn “Remix” to see if it’s any good

  • EEm Dollaz$

    wayne can do what the fuck he wanna do stop givin tht man advice to live his life

  • Youngtune

    Murder dat shit rappers beware!!!

  • raalfy

    thats funny! he pushed it back because of 2 chainz album? so were supposedly getting it next week? wait i smell another push back his label-mate dj khaled is releasing kiss the ring on the 21st…. ha good 1 wayne….

  • vampiroazteka

    No Lie is dope, but a lil too short. Can’t complain though, after all he’s giving us free music.

  • dank

    all the shit you guys talk and none of you little kids can respond to my post a few above?

  • droptheD

    @@ Dank, you’re right,

    I like Wayne, and I think he give a nice mixtape because he feel the fans, but the last time he drops too much videos like, my homies still, and, mirror ft bobbo V that are not going in the top 10 of the billboard. The last good song I heard of Wayne was I think lover or celebrate but he can do much better. I respect Wayne bro. Ain’t hate on that post from cause he’s a fan too.

    Loves, JR

  • Young Meck

    @dank so true ma nigga, weezy retired mayne this is all tunechi lol… anyway mayb he does this to catch new type a fans I dont know but!!!!!… check out my nigga FLOW he goes hard newest Young Money member!!!

    Wolf mixtape
    Heroic Vol 1
    check Young money Hq for more on him (like the old wayne mayb better)

  • c’mon man

    C’mon man. if y’all think he killed this shit y’all crazy as fuck. and i can’t stand a hater. but foreal tho… what about that shit went hard? him talking bout truck fit and shit cmon. How bout all you lil fuckin dumb <16 year old skateboard pussies go listen to the squad up series, drought series, block is hot, 500 degrees, the carter 1 2 and 3 fuck even no ceilings he went off on… but this shit cuz… cmon son. WAYNE. GET. OFF. THE. SKATEBOARD… with that being said hopefully hell have a track or two on this mixtape that i won't be embarrassed to listen to and can cram in the whip

  • BA

    Dj Khaled cd drops on the 21st so does that mean D4 gon get pushed back again.This ain’t no rip track.MMG as a group would have merk this muthafuckin track.#BA

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