Lil Wayne Interview With DJ Drama, Gives Dedication 4 Release Date & More

Wed, Aug 1, 2012 by

Lil Wayne just called into DJ Drama‘s Hot 107.9 radio show to talk about his upcoming mixtape, Dedication 4. Wayne said he will release the tape on August 15th and named three instrumentals that he has already rapped over, which are “Burn“, “Cashin’ Out” and “I Don’t Like“!

They also talked about Tune‘s own three favorite mixtapes (SQ6, Dedication 2 and No Ceilings), explained what “Mixtape Weezy” means to himself, the criticism Dedication 3 received, the success of his Young Money artists Drake, Nicki Minaj and Tyga, says he will be attending the 2012 MTV VMAs this year, 2 Chainz, the 2012 Olympics, skateboarding, B.G.’s jail sentence, says the rumors about J. Prince Jr. suing YM about Drake are false, and more.

“Shout out Nicki ass”

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  • tyler




  • cool

  • jay t

    yung mula d4 comin





  • KamZiro


  • DMC

    Skating 🙁

  • therealslimshady

    Tell a story nigga.actually try and make some since of yo punchlines. Fuckin fraud!!

  • twap team

    can’t believe he admitted he skates more than recording in a studio

  • LEakk!

    This shit is bumpin! mixtape weezy is back!!!

    Whats the instrumental tho????

  • Struggle

    Really looking forward to hearing Weezy over that Burn instrumental!

  • mix tape weezy

    wow!! wayne actually said he killed the cashing out record!!! can’t wait to hear that one


    shout out nick.. shout out nick ass hahaa DOPE

  • Mulaaa

    Interviewer: “Wayne, what are you going to do for your 30th birthday?”
    Lil Wayne: “Everyone.”

  • why my dick stand up its not D4 oh i see nicki minaj huge but

  • why i have to say dat i dont now d4 fire album lambo mercy i want se with tyga drake gudda gudda and lil wayne i think it will be like a chalenge the G.O.O.D music Vs. YOUNG MULA BABY

  • ymcmb74

    does anyone know if a new single will drop for i am not a human being 2

  • Wayne_Fan___101

    I’m putting that on my calendar!!!! August 15th!!!!

  • all them mixtapes are classics

  • Karl

    Hyped for D4

  • Dlop

    This is a good interview.
    I was hoping he would go in on I Don’t Like and Cashin Out…im really excited for this mixtape…like, I can’t see a reason why it shouldn’t be at least really good lol…Sorry 4 The Wait is better than people give it credit for, and as of late Wayne has been one point, so he’s poised for a super solid mixtape and then an super dope album.

  • Jaime

    I can’t believe Wayne still remembers the Sqad Up mixtapes, and there his FAVORITE ?

    Why doesn’t he rap like that then ???? this is crazy. Rap like you did on those tapes Wayne !!!

  • Weezy!~

    Lil wayne needs to stop this skatin shit ! Its so annoying , he need to get back on his rappin grind !

  • Stop hatin shyt yall just some haterz we the business ymcmb till my casket drop aint no nikka gona be better then the team

  • Jay1

    Oh hell yea,weezy gonna murder burn!

  • blackwax

    wayne da beast

  • weezy on d top,removs dick pissn and on oda nigas

  • B

    finally admits hes been skatin more than recording…knew that’s what’s been goin on…love the guy to death…but either retire or quite skating, cuz u sound like a hypocrite. if u aint puttin 100% in it, stop. it’s disappointing, hopefully once he can smoke, he’ll stop and be like “Oh fuck, what in the shit have I been doin” and go out like a boss on the Carter VI. Aint buyin none of this dudes shit til Carter VI. u quittin on us, i aint buyin nothin. i’ll give it a listen cuz he was once THE MOST DEDICATED + THE BEST…slackin now..thats some bullshit…WE AINT NEED NO REST WEEZY, COME BACK!

  • Fukfit

    sushi baby

  • real shit 243

    Ok you know why weezy does this because of.the haters hes like haters always have somthing to say im just gunna pursue somthing else we have to lure him back and start pushing him to make rap classics and kill the game once again

  • Zachg12

    Crazy verdict for BG. 14 years god damnnnn! That shit cray. No hot boyz reunion thenn! Anyway wayne gonna straight kill these bitches on their on tracks. d4 mixtape weezy!

  • Laughter is a monster

  • Wayne still remembers SQ. He is comin back ppl get ready.

  • tunechi

    Cashing out …Check it out ppl

  • FuckHaters

    Am i the only one that only hear wayne talkin. Sound like i gotta ask the question

  • wFF Drama, Weezy got it right. Check out when it is more fiction than fact.

  • Shit

    Yall should let wayne live shit he been doin it since forever let this nig chill and drop shits and skate whenever he wants yall can fuck off youll know when eerything drops

  • Kaplun

    you people need to realize only reason he is skateboarding is cause he isnt smoking now…once he starts smoking again he wont even look at the skateboard like that anymore….his passion will come back

  • Ibrotunechi

    August 15 ! Hey tez don’t disappoint us !!

  • Weezy Bouta Kill em Let’s get it!!!!

    Weezy Bouta Kill em Let’s get it!!!!

  • Weezy F


  • rozayy

    He sounds pretty high in this haha

  • Omar

    I just watched (the carter documentary), wayne was 25 and he said that by the time I’m 29 I want the fans to expect an album full of great songs and the best rap and the best music and he is 29 now and I am not a human being 2 is at the end of the year. Wish he grants us his promise

  • August 15 is to soon i will push this back sorry fans.

  • Julian

    Weezy rocks CRAP shades in Kelly Rowland f. Lil Wayne, “Motivation” – I just bought the same pair for $55 with free shipping!

  • Habilis

    I just wish wayne would dedicate himself to dedication..dedicate himself into making D4 a fuckin banger on each track. Like D.O.A – Racks – A Milli – Told Yall – yeahhh :////

  • Habilis

    And many more.. Skate fake trukfit shit wayne needs to r.i.p , O.G weezy from 05 needs ta be rebirthed.

  • Latray

    Weezy said rapping was getting boring to him before the Carters ever dropped…so I can only imagine how bored he is of it, of course he skates more then records now…but I still think he will put some heart into this one…he is going in with Drama afterall

  • On The Real

    Lets face it Wayne is bored and will never be the same I think d4 will be the worst mixtape of the collection so we gon hear him talkin bout truck fit and skatin he has nothing better to do just are hopes turn into disappointment.

  • Flya55kid

    Man how u muffucas hate coming to his fan site cuz yo fav rapper ain’t got enough fans for one bro he ain’t the best? This nigha been rappin over 20years been in the game for nearly 15 u still listen to every album he got way more albums n mixtapes than to favorite 3 rappers together don’t say yo meek mill or chrisbrown got hella songs cuz these niggas release everything they record if Wayne released everything he recorded he would be like the iPhone in the music industry come on. N don’t get me started on how he the riches rapper n never charged for a mixtape we ain’t the only muffucas buying it cux it’s hella haters so I like to say thank u to u muffucas for making my fav rapper a success

  • Jaime

    ^^^ You can’t just expect people to say good things about Wayne all day. Thats not how a fan site works.

    When his fans don’t like the shit he is doing they can hate it if they want. If he would go back to his old style from 04-08 then nobody would be hating.

  • SIEGE Lil brother

    Wizzle is a failure to hip hop faggot ass tunechi can kill himself now

  • Jaime

    ^^^ Now THAT is a hater.

    but don’t mind CJ, he is just a lonely faggot who is obsessed with Wayne.

  • SIEGE Lil brother

    @jaime stfu lil Wayne a bitch hole that eat ass like you he’s garbage now face it

  • Tune

    Love him, can’t wait

  • chris11ferret

    A belated birthday present i’m sure to enjoy

  • Wayne tha realest nigga alive, with swag on point I luv tha nigga no homo though and there’s more to come and wish wayne can diss pusha t with a 5mins track. Ymcmb Ill tel ma kids bout wayne and other crew members.

  • Tony Montana

    Havent you noticed already that Tuneshit is nowhere to be found in the last Rick Ross opus?

    He fell off bad, even his friends arent fuckin with him are they?

  • F.E.M

    The best trick he done since hes sk8ing was falling hard

  • swag

    fucking good

  • who cares if he skates my nigga he been rappin for damn near 20 years he wanna do something else get over it yall niggas act like bitches real talk “fuck trukfit” really means lets bash it tell he realizes he should quit skating and stay in the studio lmmfao you niggas are all transparent as fuck see right through you haters

  • Leeionez

    You guys have to understand before jail Waye lived and breathed music. Not that he doesn’t right now, but he’s gotten everything. 100 songs on billboard before 30. I’m glad he has a hobby or new “lifestyle” that has positivity to it. He prob still does some drugs, but to a certain extent. Nothing but love for him. Truk Da Wurl TT and for everyone hatinn

  • its funny wen pple say wayne is lazy.he is lazy nd yet he has bn on mre songs dan any rapper dis year.fuck haters. U hatin on a niga dat doesnt give a fuck.i guess lazy weezy is still mre hardwrkn dan oda rappers. I heard i fell off,yea head first- lilwayne

  • evrybody is on wizkhalifa,bigsean,meekmill nd all oda upcomn super stars nd dr fans r goin crasy.jst give dem 2yrs mre dos same fans will strt screamn my niga fell off. Dr is no rapper wu as not bn accused dat way b4,haters bn hatin since d beginin of time.nd if u r a fan talkn trash,u r jst an ungrateful idiot.u can go suck anoda rapper dick nd den jump on anoda,we dnt giv a fuck since u all dnt count. Wayne stil doin his shit,no matter d pressure.


    little wayne is bored of rapping yet he made his name thru rapping.
    little wayne skates all the time supposedly yet he cant do shit for tricks.
    little wayne said his favorite mixtapes are the ones that had no autotune, yet he made htl?
    aids out the ass cancer of the earth no morals dreads twisted with birdshit and a dependence on cocaine. FUCK U DWAYNE

  • SIEGE Lil Brother

    Gettin aduck up my ass

  • YMCMB News

    Back in February this year, we found out Tyga‘s “Rack City” single went platinum, now Tyga can add another plaque to his collection. According to HHNM, another single off his Careless World: Rise Of The Last Kings album, “Faded“, featuring Lil Wayne has just sold over 1 million digital copies. This track also reached #33 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. Congrats T-Raw and Tune.

  • kush

    Wtf did u even fuckin say lol

  • CEEJ

    blah blah blah a bunch of dumb fucks paid for a 3 minute digital file for their ipod that contains the words of a person who calls himself tyga and another that calls himself tunechi and the sounds of synthesized instruments that was created by a third party.

    congrats t-raw… now go rape an underage girl and snort some coke, we all know thats what ur gonna do anyway.


  • daknite

    no ceilings had autotune in it

  • HeSavedHipHop

    I Knew Wayne Would Run Out Of Things To Rap About One Day. 20 years Fucking With ‘Rap’ & He Decides To Cheat On And Leave It For A Bitch-Ass Skateboard.


  • Waynefan4lyfe

    Wayne best rapper alive and of couse hes running out wat to say he’s did it longer then any rapper out there and he spit more bars then any rapper out there like 10,000 bars that was the shit fuck the haters Wayne fan 4 lyfe. Niggas r just mad because their rappers gave out and Wayne didn’t. Like were is eminem who is jay z and kanye west nigga please he doesn’t even know how to rhyme. Suck a nigga dick for some truckfit.

  • MJ

    all of his dedication tapes were released just months after each carter album, but it took a whole full year after c4 to give us d4. and on top of that, the tape will probably be only like 10-13 tracks plus short skits and drops to make the tape like big.


    i know the tape will have more than 15 songs! fuck haters

  • MJ

    ^^^If there is more than 15 tracks than most of them will probably be less than 3 minutes

    if this tape is anywhere near no ceilings id be shocked

  • Broskie_YMCMB

    This Is Classic !!!
    Wayne Is Gon’ Take a Break From Rap and Make People Hungry For Him and He Gonna Come Back and Deliver ! Ima Miss Him Tho’, No Homo. But He Has Given Us MORE Than Enough Music To Pass The Time.

  • randomfakt

    love it

  • randomfakt

    great stuffm

  • sammyad

    wayne got other interests, i get it.

  • diezel

    The Motto Freestyle ….better than any version out…

    check it out..

  • Tuna

    tuna baby

  • T@

    Man I used to skate and it was probably the most fun thing I’ve ever done so fuck y’all and you say that once he starts smoking he’s going to quit skating. Yeah right skaters are the biggest stoners alive and skating high is the shit

  • dark^martel


  • BR!@N

    Yessss, he did chief keef remix!

  • Death to Sushi

    fuck a tunechi baby


    we got mad smart people on the site now.






  • Kilt

    This shit would need like 15 track like nigga said and prolly have young money niggas Tatted on that bitch if Nicki not on here and Twist oh and Chuckee… Wait Mack Maine too then it’ll oh yeah Drake rapping then it’ll be good haha oh shit i almost forgot this shit hopefull doesn’t sound like a big ass Trukfit commercial

  • YCsep27


  • HELP !!!!!!


  • Fukfit

    why support an artist that isn’t 100% committed?

  • Bleezymula

    This shit will Murder albums foreal doe

  • Kaplun

    what are people going to say when wayne murders this mixtape ahahahahahha

  • Weezy > Tunechi

    tunechi doesnt have fans he has dickriders

  • Weezy_Fan_101

    I only watch the carter documentary a hundred times and when asked how is he going to retire lil wayne said “he’s going to retire a happy rich man where the game is begging for him to return” sadly I think the time is nearly upon us still hyped though 🙂

  • some wayne fans are ungrateful not a fan but i admire him.niga does mre dan my oda rappers,its only wayne dat u see evrywhr,shows hardwork on any issue e.g trukfit,rap,skatn,ymcmb……i respect nigas like dat no mata d volume of hatred. Dat niga is d mst hadworkin rapper ever.

  • Steedy

    This is DJ Steedy, I just uploaded the best Mercy Instrumental possible! Don’t Believe me? Click this.


  • ineye gabriel

    @ not a wayne fan i feel you. wayne has done whats needed to be done by a rapper.he reinvented the mixtape game, sold a million in one week , have over a thousand tracks be a fashion icon (except now, but back then)

  • weezy flystealth

  • Habilis

    On all seriousness. Dedication 4 will be like dedication 2, accept now he’s probably gonna spit about trukfit, eatin pussy, ymcmb, shootin his beef, drake, a line involving like father like son an probably shout a track involving eagle street or n.o, an I reckom he’ll do a lovey type track..but in dedication to his mom right, she married. Idunno maybe he wont share THAT ona mixtape..who knoooowws

  • tha siege

    dewayne works hard?
    haha if taking drugs and sitting in a studio/jail cell is hard work then yea wizzle works hard.
    however he admitted that he doesnt work hard on tha cartter 4, on the track i like the view.

    i swear some of yall are totally brainwashed into liking a nigger that would litterally screw ur moms and kill the rest of ur family.

    death to wizzle

  • LIL WAYNE HQ…. No more


    @DANNY M
    @DANNY M
    @DANNY M
    @DANNY M


  • tinaphoo

    real nigga wow!

  • Young Thib

    Tunechi need to go off on that 2 Chainz – Riot beat

  • ttaif

    wayne will murder this beat on dedication 4

    like my comment (name=ttaif) if you agree

  • Being released on my birthday ((:

  • twizzle

    Am I the only one who thinks @CEEJ has issues ?


    @twizzle the whole world knows he got

  • Wayne.

    Tez will push back date :/

  • weezyovermost

    1. “shoutout nicki ass” lmao 😛
    2. i can’t wait for august 15th!!! 🙂
    3. I DON’T WANT HIM 2 QUIT RAP!!! 🙁

  • Nick

    Can we expect a performance from Wayne at VMA’s??? He said he didn’t wanna give too much away about it. @DannyM can you confirm anything?

  • kellis

    Wayne can keep doin tht skatin shxt but only if he gets back on his grind wit rappin

  • Fuck siege N his crew make your own site, no one cares for your input .

    Siege n his kkk crew again,or well I say also half of his crew is him lol you guys love to jerk off on here really( you make my theory very real everytime your on here lol) siege . N his crew: Hate, hate hate nuthin else to do but hate on a fansite of who I most dont like in the music industry cuz I have no life and havent made my own hatin site for me and the crew yet cuz im so lazy and dont wanna do shit with my life but bust nuts on this shit cuz I cant get enough of weezy.. Nope, enjoying jackin off to this fansite, I get my only action on here!!…what a team eh Lmao!!!

  • Fuck siege N his crew make your own site, no one cares for your input .

    Yea siege mother fucker your more than half of the people that are hatin on here under different names and the rest of them are your lame ass crew(or just you lol) that can’t help you out with your own hatin weezy site cuz they are just as lazy n jerkin off to this site as you.. Very lame… Get a life siege n his crew or your own site, as stated before- do yourselves a favor and stop lookin pathetic on here, your words n opinions are definitely not valued on a fan site.. Idiots .. lmao n smh to y’all hataz!!

  • daReal214

    This is tha tracklist im hoping to hear on D4:

    1. Trust Issues

    2. Ring Ring

    3. No Lie

    4. Stay Schemin

    5. Wild Boy

    6. Supafreak

    7. Niggas In Paris

    8. Riot

    9. No Hands

    10. Dr. Dre’s Kush

  • Jessica420

    LMMFO y’all some fools on dis shit..Wezzie u da shit u know it…they jus motivating u more so continue on so he’ll have some hatttas to rap ya wezzie

  • jared7722

    Mixtape weezy is back!

  • wayne should bring out a preview of one song from da D4 mixtape just to let everybody know how da mixtape would be when it does come out or just wait next week, i would like to hear da i don’t like remix track YMCMB!!!!!

  • WheresTheRealWeezy

    I’d love to hear Wayne rap over that Mercy instrumental, from the Good Music compilation, but Wayne’s rapping has been so dissapointing lately, it would prolly be a better idea if he steered clear of it.

  • i dont think this will be a very good mixtape,but thinking of wayne on that cashing out…well lets face it,its wayne

  • f

    IS Dedication 4 coming out August 15th ??????????

  • Don

    This bet not get pushed back man 4 real i just got that feeling that Tez is goin to do it man i mean if he do im sure he just tryin to make sure its top quality but im just tired of waiting

  • f

    when is the track list going to come in ?

  • Willie

    hurry up and be Wednesday already 😀 I forgot today was the 13th and not the 14th, I was tellin’ everybody it was coming out tomorrow. lol

  • Dungas

    don’t hold your breath willy this is YMCMB we’re talking about. I don’t think they’ve released anything when they said they would for years lol

  • f

    i heard it getting DELAYED -_-_-_-

  • sadsfdf

    wow, no fuckin way dude..

  • F

    Naw ahlie it’s not getting delayed its coming out at midnight I think

  • Jd

    Is there a delay or not

  • F

    NOO there isn’t but is it coming out tomorrow

  • fdsdf

    what time will it bereleased

  • f

    i dont fucking know

  • jd

    Hurry up and drop and da dude name f, it stand for fuck uuu haha

  • jd

    Pussy nugga

  • jd

    Real nigga status, there a nigga name f stand for fagot, muthafucking maggot, nigga imma beast, young j ham nigga got killas n da streets, dedication 4 we ready for u to drop, if i see f n da streets u getting drop, wash u bitch like a mop, u is softer then a mutha fucking sock ewww

  • fdsdf

    if this bitch dopat midnight then where is it?
    its midnight

  • wtf, wea da fuk dhat shit at..

  • iz dhat shit gettin pushed bak.?????????????

  • sumbody sayd ” August 15 is to soon i will push this back sorry fans” iz dhat tru.????

  • fdfdadfdsafds

    Its not gonna come ou til later in the day probably

  • YoungNunnz

    This don’t come out til.september 15th. It was a typo

  • spdaghost

    i need this in my life right now!! yo Danny, DROP THAT! DROP THAAAT!

  • Lazog209


    Dedication 4 will no drop today. Mack Maine just tweetd that the new drop date will be revealed soon.

  • Dungas

    its probably garbage anyway

  • Can’t believe D4 isnt dropping today! Hurry up and give us a final release date Tune!! Cannot wait to hear thissss. YOUNG MULAAAAA