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PJ Morton – Lover (Feat Lil Wayne) [New Version]

Tue, Aug 7, 2012 by

PJ Morton Lover Feat Lil Wayne New Version

Back in March, we heard a PJ Morton song called “Lover” featuring Lil Wayne that appeared on PJ’s Following My First Mind EP. Since the record started doing really well on radio and online, they have decided to make “LoverPJ Morton’s debut single on Young Money.

In June, they shot a music video for the single in Miami, so we should be getting that this month. Weezy also recorded a new verse for “Lover”, which you can listen to after the jump below.

Click here to purchase PJ Morton’s “Lover” single featuring Lil Wayne on iTunes ❗

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  • Shyhiem Gilbert


  • Bendik Andersen


  • Ricky


  • Weezy

    Swag!! YMCMB for life!

  • lil wizzy

    omfg he killed it, wow


    His flow and lyrics are a lot better than the previous version, well done Wayne.

  • kenny

    i was wondering what ever happened to this video…..its beeeeennnn aggeeessss

  • ok now thats weezy f baby right there

  • Don’t sleep on PJ just cause he is a singer. He did his thing on this!

  • Weezy

    Weezy is coming back…. I can tell. Less talk about trukfit and skating.

  • Fighter, not a Lover ;)

    “I gotta cut my phone off like I’m on a flight cuz if I don’t she gon check it like a pair of Nikes”

    This is Weezy. The other verse was Tunechi.

  • vampiroazteka

    ahhhi I like it.

  • bart simpson

    yup…….wayne snapped on this version

  • big bro

    da past 2 weezy songs he aint rapped about trukshit or skating 😀 😀 😀

  • DA

    Previous version was better IMO

  • So Will He Do This Verse In The Video Or The Other One???

  • Kendrick Lamar Should Sign With Young Money


    another verse has been ‘KILLT’ suspect name: TUNECHI!

  • SWJR


  • Lewis

    This verse is fucking sick ! nice one wayne better than the original !!!!

  • Its About Time For Siege To Start Hatin On This Bad Ass Verse. I Swear That Dood Has No Life At All Who Argrees With Me!!!!

  • jajk


  • new version is way better than the first one…. Wayne stay killin every track as always

  • Leyande


  • @antiimalo

    The Fuckk… Wayne is Back!!! He Murked this new version!! Wayne and Weezy Back!

  • Lil Tune aka Truk Yo Gurl!!

    Weezy iz on his way backkkk… the past months wayne has been putting out brazy verses

  • da 40/40 on a special day
    n cheap niggaz ill stil slide 5 hunnit 2 desirae
    i talk shit n i dnt ever hate
    cuz i would forklift whoever face
    see i aint rich yet oh
    but im ballin now
    n dat getcha bitch wet
    we just tryna see how many dicks she can benchpress
    see ima bizzness dawgs ima bich nest
    i aint a rest haven
    i let the rest save em
    mack mane hit me wit the trap game
    now im having second thoughts about da fuckin rap game hol upp

    please get on my schedule

    let em kno dat im open

    pick a day wen im free
    n put beef cmon

    let em kno dat im hoping

    they trippin

    we can get it motion

    u get to know fishes

    sleeping here in the ocean
    pistols drippin with all these banana clips n we aint slippin

  • Chris

    Smooth verse, his re edit makes me excited for d4. He’s in his zone.


    lol really he said “U trippen like u stepped on a crack u wack”

  • mt pika *–* perfeita de mais ;$

  • Weezyforever

    Weeezy is baaaaaaack!!!!!! dope!

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  • Don


  • Siege motherfucka!!!

    Waynes verse sucks dick like I know yall agree

  • vodafon

    lyrics on this version?

  • Siege Lil brother

    he just wont quit this is trash better yet the whole young moeny is trash ima go listen to slaughterhouse

    fuck weezy

  • Siege Nation

    wow he is falling off more and more

  • body bag the beat toe tag the highs

  • dope verse weezy n tunechi the same person
    season of weezy n tunechi lil wayne

  • Sieg give it up your ass is stupid…. Wayne killed that shit slaughterhouse is up and coming Young Money have been at the top since forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rkd

    haha he’s been quoting drake on the last 2 verses he put out (hail mary and lover)
    hail mary: truth, you aint never told no lie
    lover: i wonder what you’d ever do if i went missin on yo ass

  • elio

    this one is nicer

  • ThisWayne

    We want this Wayne back.

    The 3 S’s

    Studio, Set, Stage

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  • Danny M

    Follow The Official TrukFit Fans Account @trukfitfans

  • Siege MOTHERfucker

    Niggers like wizzle need to learn their place. They where not put on this earth to fuck white girls and waste the governments money on drugs.
    You morons need to wake up! Stop supporting a nigger who sucks dick at everything he does. He is not multiple people. Tunechi and weezy are one in the same he makes crap music 90% of the time an then y’all get a remix and act like hell never make another shitty song. Bitches please. Give it a day or two and you’ll be hearing about trukshit again tho in not sure why that makes u less angry than his rhyme about FUCKING white girls.
    Death to wizzle and y’all stop hating on Ceej cuz I’m the one and only y’all are hating on other. Intelligent beings who have realized wizzle is not the best anything alive. By the way… Thanks y’all for supporting the siege.

  • Jc

    Hahahahaha dude said he was gonna go listen to SLAUGHTERHOUSE smh lol slaughterhouse and a Rick Ross fan yet you hate on Wayne? Lol all I can say is wow that’s embarrassing

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  • Jc

    Lol ^ siege is just mad Wayne is fuckin a bunch of girls and his little immature ass is finger bangin his lil bro


    @Jc haha good one !

  • brah said quoted drake lmao drake has taken so many lines from drought 3 it crazy

  • @TheRealTsar

    When will you release the new lyrics ?

  • Broskieee

    This Verse is …. Maneeeeee. #D4 Im Ready For You ! YM4L

  • Asdf

    Previous version was better!

  • fuck seige!!!

    U know evry fansite needs gud n bad comments well @fuckseige u doing ur job n**a!bet wen wayne readz dis he be thinking dis n**a seige really dig me coz he alwyz on ma fan site,listening 2 ma songz…seige wu u kidding…#YMCMB truk da wurl!

  • First time I heard this version. Still made me cry, I can say that cause I’m a lady.

  • Daniel

    Weeezy went ham!!!

  • YungGod

    Very good song, both versions are great

  • where can i download this for free

  • YMCMBbabyyoungmula

    this version is way better

  • YoungWeezyFBaby

    I like the first one better. The sin ‘Pj he’s Young Money’ was a nice sin:D

  • andrea805

    wayne killd his verse…made the song…n still the best!

  • HQMusic

    Where can i download this verse 4 free #WEEZY

  • Delisha

    Ahh, I love this track !!!

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  • Samuel

    Wayne is just the right nigga. Hating on him doesn’t change that fact. So haters get something better to do with your time.