Fat Joe – Yellow Tape (Feat Lil Wayne, A$AP Rocky & French Montana)

Mon, Oct 29, 2012 by

Fat Joe Yellow Tape Feat Lil Wayne, French Montana & ASAP Rocky

Check out Fat Joe‘s new single called “Yellow Tape” featuring A$AP Rocky, French Montana and a chorus from Lil Wayne. A music video has already been shot for this track, which will appear on Joey‘s forthcoming untitled album that currently does not have a release date.

You can stream “Yellow Tape” after the jump below!

Props KYITL!

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  • Dayne


  • rob


  • Dayne

    Obviously I wish he did a verse instead of just a chorus

  • Johnson

    Awesome! (:

  • Stijnn




  • Tunechi Killed dis sh!t

  • benge

    french and weezy did their thing on this

    joe and asap were wack as fuck

    this that yellow tape shit

  • TUNE KILLED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • AD


  • no verse what hell nah

  • i aint got no worries

    3 updates on lilwaynehq already and the day aint over yet πŸ˜€ is this a world record danny? xD

  • Pill Poppin Animal

    This song average.

    How are you gonna get Wayne on your track but no verse? SMFH

  • Pill Poppin Animal

    Shit I just remembered about ‘My Life’ and ‘Duffle Bag Boy’.

    This song ain’t on that quality level though.

  • WORK!



  • Lee

    Replace Asap’s verse with a Wayne one and this song would be #1

  • emily hearts weezy

    2 weezy features in a day woooooooo =] =] =]

  • Swag

    The only good thing about this track was the hook from Lil Wayne.

    Those verses were sooooo wack 😐

  • Fre$h

    Is this the only collaboration between Weezy and ASAP Rocky ???

  • rockstar wasted

    you know when french says “i skate off like tony hawk”, i bet it will show wayne skating in the video lol πŸ˜›

  • B

    wayne needs to remix this asaaaaap…chorus banggss

  • Dwreck

    I feel this track i just dnt like Asap he suckz!?

  • Michael

    Weezy’s voice sounds like that dark shades song, and for some reason this song reminds me of “I Don’t Like”

  • Lmfao

    Thisssss shit iss so fuckkkin banging…quit bitchin bout no verse wayne does that all the time dumbfucks..and anybody sayin shit bout asap can blow me that nigga fresh as fuck bringin that 90s flow back…asap is a cold ass muhfucka hatin ass bitch..and the verses werent bad as fuck..”i shoot you then change clothes” that shit is raw. Waynes hook was tight his voice sounded dope..great song quit bitchin homos

  • Lmfao

    Got this shit on repeat..nobodys mentioned how fuckkkin hard the beat is!

  • Rodrigo

    I miss only tunechi and joey on a music, it was fiiiire

  • owen

    was that dj khaled on the intro???

  • Jays

    A$AP is normally the shit, but I didnt feel his verse on this track, so uninspired. Waynes effort was the same as it has been for the last couple of years. Forgettable. Who doesnt remember make it rain

  • This beat is chill

  • I bet in the music video theres a verse from wayne at the END…. Bcuz theres something missin… yulll seee

  • siege

    cute picture faggot
    if u died ur skin white like mj u might be a legend one day dwayne

  • wtf

    yall dumb asap murks the track

  • Lmfao

    @wtf thankyou muhfuckers dont get asap..hes a cold muhfucker. His shit is so fresh. He spits truth and 90s flow..way realer than wayne hahaa

  • What?

    If asap flow is 90s and you know that then he isn’t fresh.

  • Lmfao

    Its fresh dumbfuck..if biggie smalls started rappin right now it would b fresh..same style. Erybody in the game raps stupid money shit. asap is real and has a throwback flow so ya that makes it fresh..if everyones fake and hes one of the few thats real..then thats a breath of fresh air..A$VP Nigga FUCK SWAG!

  • joker

    Asap rap abot weed,money,and girl so what the fuck you talking about……………………lmfao u a dickhead

  • siege

    asap n wayne are nmy for life if yall dont know wht that means they kill eachother or die.
    fuck wizzle

  • tony_montana

    ASAP is like the wack version of kendrick lamar haha he’s gona be big though,mark my words.I don’t really like Asap that much,I think he’s overrated and shit,but I actualy like his verse on this song!and there’s nothing special about waynes hook,its average…just sayin

  • Smoke Trees

    Seriously? did this muhfucka say asap is a wack version of fuckboy kendrick lamar? Hahaha dude asap rocky is one of the coldest mofos in the game. Kendrick lamars album was called amazing and shit its 10 minute songs soundin like wale when u dont understand half the shit hes sayin..umm hands on the wheele, brand new guy, palace, goldie,pretty flocka, back to the future listen to those then get back to me. live long asap is way colder than kendricks bs..his flow and beats smash kendricks. You guys prolly dont even listen to his good shit..You can call me Billy Gates, gotta Crib in every state, man on the Moon gotta condo out in @lmfao said FUCK SWAG NIGGA!

  • @tonymontana

    Nigga wtf u smokin asap cold..and he already is big..hes finna get big? Hes already raw af

  • siege

    fuck yall both.
    screw nigger wizzle until he is left with noting but organic matter and a nigger brain. fuck him
    i am all that yall wish u was and niggers want my bitch i will kill wizzle anytime any place anywhere anyday

  • siege

    this song is some gay shit wizzle, is on fake shit, hope he drinks more pank shit &
    ods on the toy lit
    i will kill shit
    anyday of the week
    wake up like a brick
    u r fall off like chimp
    i will follow u on twitter
    i am not on that glitter
    i am on that hittler
    more like i am a stiffler
    dont come near me like drifter because nigger im on that hittler
    i will kill u ur bitch and big bird
    im on that shoot them candy turds
    i ride like i am big burd
    im forreal like this earth

  • siege

    m&m till the end
    and then its snicker cuz im happy
    and u gay
    like a tunech

  • siege

    drop that next d4 hoe. u a bitch nigger wake up and sing to me bitch nigger.
    i want it for free or im killing ur momz and cutting ur hair nig


    wayne killed the hook

  • siege is an attention whore

    Don’t even pay attention to that faggot siege. He’s trying to become a famous hater. Look up spudbud on YouTube and you’ll get what I’m saying. As a true Wayne fan, I would never disrespect him jus to get some recognition. Siege, yous a bitch nigga.

  • Banned 4rm TV

    damn, the hook brazy. should have had a verse if he was feeling gangster.

  • B.Jeff

    Did Fat Joe really steal A$AP’s flow? I’m fucking done

  • Banned 4rm TV

    tired of this bitch ass whiteboy siege polluting this site with his weird ass comments. he never makes sense in his posts.

  • great hook it just missing a wayne verse that all
    and truk did a freestyle to no worries it okay

  • tony_montana

    The “pretty motherfucker’s” colder than king kendrick???!! Sit your ass down nigga!!

  • Bigfan

    Omg best song!!! Awesome lil wayne! πŸ™‚

  • Bigfan

    Part from lil wayne best <3


  • Siege

    because I suck dick boi

  • Ed!

    N0.1 Wayne NO.2 Joeeeeeee

  • 401falyfebitchez

    i honestly wish i could jump through this computer screen and beat the fucc outta that bitch ass nigga siege i wont stop until i see more than a pool of blood honestly i cant stand stupid pple an u is one stup ass motha fucca that needs to die ur a waste of lyfe .

  • siege says

    do it then

  • everyone forget about siege,@danny how is wayne now?

  • Ityoupor

    Is asap claiming blood now cuz i know i heard him say su woo

  • Fr33styl3r

    Tune & french Montana killd dat sh*t

  • Dee Breezy

    knowin Tune, he gon release his own version with jus him…. chorus and verses like he did *Turn on the Lghts! and is gonna be boss, if he didnt already do it


  • bilqna

    HE GOT IT ! <3

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  • emcee909

    Game lil wezzy nas fuk this wack shit

  • Destiny

    wtf all of them killed it. this song and all the verses were fye as fuck.

  • beautiful

    Asap killed the track!!! best verse on it!!! Wayne did his thing as usual…joe n Montana were average…once again asap killed it..I always skip joe’s verse n go str8 into “call me Joey imma badass” !!!

  • dipset

    Weezy got the chorus he even said it..”I got it”!