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2 Chainz Brings Out Lil Wayne During His Concert In Miami [Videos]

Tue, Nov 27, 2012 by

2 Chainz Brings Out Lil Wayne At His Concert In Miami

Last night, 2 Chainz brought out Lil Wayne during his show at the Jackie Gleason Theater in Miami, Florida. They both performed “Duffle Bag Boy” and “Bandz A Make Her Dance” live for the audience.

You can watch two full recaps of the show, as well as some footage of 2 Chainz and Weezy F Baby performing “Bandz A Make Her Dance” in the videos after the jump below.

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  • Julian

    first thsi is what we need to c go weezy carter 5

  • jazz boi

    wtf is wayne wearing on his head

  • pussy nigga

    Still can’t believe wayne put this overrated nigga 2 chainz on his IANAHB2 album twice

  • chill

    hahahaaa weezy be wearing a summer hat in the winter

  • I’m On One

    Is that hat made by TrukFit ??

  • truk da world

    … are these going to shoot a video for yuck or not?????????? i hope the next single off lil wayne album is the one with drake & future

  • Lil Weezy

    fuck yeah!!

  • Fuck New Tune

    All Yall dumb motherfuckers aint never seen a BUCKET HAT….?!?!?! WTF. Anyways wayne fell the fuck off, i hope tity boi knock some sense into him and tell him his new shit wack

  • Thank god weezy is gettin over trukfit
    He needs to find himself in music again
    I’m tired of pussypoopin bluntblowing I’m fuckinurgirlnext
    Song were them mr carter uptiwn look at me now
    Type songs at they better be comin

  • patriots

    i want dat R.A.F. (Rich As Fuck)ft. 2 chainz for his nxt single

  • Lmfao

    I just shake my head and laugh at ppl that diss 2 chainz and talk shit bout him. He knows his lyrics r silly and funny and dumb..there supposed to be. Tity Boi tha shit..playaz circle was cold…..Pink in my Cup im supporting Breast Cancer! Line of the year! Haha

  • Chris

    “Since day 1 that’s been my partner”

    Oh yaaaa someone cue duffle bag boy YEEEEE

  • Danny Tanner

    who the F*#% is 2 chains?

  • Blow Trees

    @Danny Tanner umm a rapper. Obviously. If you dont no who chainz is then getttttt outtttaaaaaa heeeeeeerrrrreeeee!

  • ineye gabriel

    firstly i wanna say that i love seeing wayne trying else diffrent not truckfit always . and secondly let him drop that fucking imahmb2 soon pls.

  • You dum fuks

    Yall are so lame. His sweatpants are trukfit, y dont u support ur favorite rapper an buy Trukfit you broke lames


    nigger trying to bring back his hood style saying truckfit is some fake polo u buy off a truck and trying to pretend that his fans are still gheto gangsters yet he sells clothes for 30 dollars a shirt and the shit looks retarded as fuck. hope he overdoses.

  • truk da world

    ay they also performed duffle bag boy

  • ToolMusik

    Wayne has on a TRUKFIT white-t & sweat pants yall really can’t see and by the way TRUKFIT has some dope shit.

  • Sky

    looks like weezys is wearing somthing eminem would wear

  • Weezy F

  • yes

    i starting to like trukfit and truck yo girl n1gga!

  • Goodkidmaddcity *JP* West coast

    Lil wayne look dumb ugly swag

  • siege

    should i put my girl in a truck or something? that makes no sense.

  • RomanEmpire

    2 chainz sucks

  • WeeZYFan

    cool PLz Post More songs Danny

  • Fuck siege n da persn hu birth u

    Siege go fuck eminem’s retarded dick n turn it red lyk he plcd it btwn a chain saw,n u shld stop hatin,nigga money tlkz so b4 u cn hate on weezy hw abt u get couple of mills b4 u cn say xit

  • yes

    weezy f for always f them hoes and f siege murder that bitch and dance at his f funeral f is for funeral yeah f right

  • Philly C

    I would love to see a Wayne and Chainz mixtape collabo, but that’s just me !

  • Tunechiracks


  • Fresh3st W1z

    anyone kno the song in the second video?

    • 2 Chainz – I’m Different.

  • Louisink

    That was all trukfit gear he had on it just has different ish he will wear what he will wear dude and only he knows if he will be back on that carter 2 and 3 buzz but U know what dude is having fun with his life thats solid

  • Danny M

    I lick tunechis BLACK DICK

  • Danny M

    I get big dicks up my tight ass

  • Danny M

    I watch gay porn everyday cause im different;)

  • People like him because he has good dress up sense

  • Ms.Carter

    lol , 2 chainz cracks me up when he dances lol . & Lil Tuenchi looking good as always .

  • Ms.Carter

    lol , 2 chainz cracks me up when he dances lol . & Lil Tunechi looking good as always .

  • Paul

    2chains looks funny while he dances while tunenchi loolookin awesome as always

  • Kells