French Montana – Marble Floors (Feat Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & 2 Chainz)

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French Montana Marble Floors Feat Lil Wayne, Rick Ross & 2 Chainz

French Montana links up with Lil Wayne and Rick Ross once again for a new single off his forthcoming album, Excuse My French, due to be released in early 2013. The song is called “Marble Floors” and also features a verse from 2 Chainz.

View the official artwork for “Marble Floors” above and hit the jump to stream the Mike Will-produced track.

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  • Clow


  • najeeb


  • Ray Ray

    Young Money B.M.G Ray Ray

  • Shijin

    First nigga

  • bruna


  • Stephen

    Wayne coulda did better but 2chainz murdered it

  • CMBym

    I feel like I’ve heard this song before….

  • siz jorj

    Guyz frm wer can i download thiz shit.

  • wtf wayne

    can not believe this

    french and 2 chainz verses were harder than waynes

    smfh wayne

  • Will there be a music video ? It would be cool to see a Pop That video Part 2 😛

  • Eshall

    Fuckin fantastic! Pig in a blanket great! I say that ish too! Hmm Tunechi Li.

  • ymcmb the fucking alpha & omega

    how you gonna make a song called marble floors and not put birdman on the record

  • Gaza

    Wack for a single

  • 2 chainz killed this shit.

  • alex

    wtf r u guys sayin wayne fuckin went in. no one can be happy with any of the shit this guy does smfh.

  • hello

    expected better

  • john

    wayne, chains, then french montana who’s verse was just average.

    But wayne and chains kill it

  • fuck you

    the artwork is illuminati

  • wayne and chains went in

  • With sucha great lineup, i was expecting more…

  • SIEGE @ g.u.funny

    obviously u dont know wizzle then. fuk niggers

  • Piqué

    Song is kinda weak
    Wayne verse couldn’t save it

  • SIEGE @ g.u.funny

    btw there is nothing great about this lineup… u got a fat bald fuck, a tiny nigger with aids, an idiot with dreads and who the fuck is french montana… only thing this song has is a catchy tune that they probably paid a couple grand for a white boy to make for them to say nigger things over… u can tell how scared wizzle is of getting caught again he constantly brings up the feds its like nothing he raps about is relatable to any sane person only whores and fuck niggers like it TUNECHI!

  • Keegan

    Was expecting better for a single. Still enjoy new music. Rick Ross kills the hook.


    this song is ok.


    This song shoulda been better altogether , im a huge Wayne fan but I expected better from him and 2chainz . french is gonna be french on every song except Mula lol

  • swift

    french montannas album is gonna flop so hard lol…every single this guy puts out has like 3 or more artist

  • @trumcbride on twitter

    thank god the carter V will be waynes last album


    btw did i call it or what?
    no worries video was weird as shit and came out months after the song did.
    50 cent is set to release his new single today under the wing of eminem of course and not only that the official video will be released with the song… just wanted to bring some light to this dark website and enlighten you on what real hiphop production is.


    i know that yall are gonna hate and i can already hear u saying that he’s irrelevant but before you do just realize that saying it doesnt make it true and he’s sold the same if not more records than the wizzle and he aint even the biggest name on the label unlike wizzle who singlehandedly introduced u whores to ghetto nigger muzik. not a good thing at all.

  • Patriots

    we say hes irrelevant cuz he is, its not hatin if its the truth he didnt make any headlines all year dumbass infamous and eminem is the biggest name on the labe u retard

  • Yoelzerbib

    Who have the lyrics please ?

  • 1st & 3rd

    Wayne’s flow >>

  • Willie

    Wayne could’ve done better, but it was dope though.
    2 Chainz killed it though #YoungMulaBaby + #TRURealigion

  • weezyfan4ever

    stop calling him wizzle. its wayne. or weezy. or tunechi. not wizzle. you cant just make up names and call him that. so lame.

  • kobewayne

    lebron always travels. so overrated. kobe best player ever. no arguing about it

  • patriots

    i meant to say label not labe

  • patriots

    i meant to say label not labe but the artwork is on that devil rocnation illuminati side a little bit

  • Slap stick trip

    Illuman*i is not a real society, it fell in the early 1900’s when they tried to join the mas*ns get your mind right, everything is Mas*nic, watch your mouths around a master mas*n.
    fall in line and carry on peasant’s.

  • Blow Trees

    Its so sad these muhfuckas with Millions of dollars have nothing better to do then promote the respect it if they were actually apart of it. Lil Wayne Jay z Kanye, Rozay none of these idiots r actually in that shit there just publicity puppets who think they are. Its so fuckin pathetic. They try so hard to be a part of something that most ppl dont even thinks exists haha really tho how bout u stop promoting loving the devil…go back and listen to the beginning of Faded….says “Be Nice to Satan” and pay sum ppl who just lost there community to a Hurricane. Oh ya thats right wayne isnt from there so he dont give a fuck..

  • Tywayne

    This da track of the year right now Tunechi killed that shit

  • siege

    aint that a bitch, carter 2
    “My shit beat in every jeep on every street this year
    Wizzle F Baby ya’ll niggaz can have the Weezy I’m the Birdman Jr. junior”

    he gives himself all these pointless fucking nicknames…

  • tru

    shits weak

  • tru

    @Blow trees is on some real shit

  • YunG based god

    @ siege
    aint that a bitch was on tha carter 1 smart one

  • YoungShroomz

    @BlowTrees is a dumbass.your name should be BlowDicks . you dont even know wtf youre talkin bout. Let these dudes do them.Dew you like tunechi says. Dumbass nigga.smh

  • Blow Trees

    @Yung Shrooms…nice response mental patient cuz erybody knows arguments are won by pointless name calling and stupidity hahahaah Lemme Guess. Birdman Fan? Haha lmao. Get a brain fool. Lets these dudes do them? Is that what youd say to gangbangers killin kids in tha street? Just do them. Just cuz theyre doing them wich there not cuz there puppets..doesnt mean its right. Get this through ur guys head. wayne dont have bricks. rozay dont have brick. None of these ppl tote pistols or anyting. They sit in VIP with bottle service and if anybody come close to making a move they have a team of security. Ya know what Pac did? He went to House partys by himself wit no Protection and ppl Loved him for it. You cant claim to tote choppers then drive around with Publicists and Designers in a motorcade of Leased Escalades. I wish rap fans would get there head out of there ass and realize real rap is dead and this fake phony Illumanati/swag bullshit is the unfortante future. Ppl need IQ levels before they open there mouth.

  • how is the cover [ iluminatii*¨¨ can anybody explain

  • Steedy


    You are retarded… Wayne has a song “My Name Is Wizzle” He has 100+ songs… If a person even makes one up, it most likely has already been stated and used by Wayne.

  • Steedy

    100+ Nicknames******

  • YoungShroomz

    @BlowTrees how the fuck did Pac & the lack of hiphop come in this conversation? We’re obviously talkin’ bout you being a dumbass & believing in the illluminati. Smh. How bout you get your headout your ass & get off. LIL’WAYNES fan site & stop talkinn that shit & suck a nigga dick 4 some TRUKFIT! & if you don’t like the rap game anymore don’t listen to it. Simple as that. Go listen to country music or something else.LIL BITCH(big sean voice)

  • Critic

    Wayne ended his verse gay af y he copyin Flow’s hustle all day
    Chainz went in and wayne did until last line


    oh wow like i give a shit which ong was on which album all his albums are retarded and the fact that i know these things makes me sick. why wont he fucking die?
    however i will continue to call the nigger wizzle.


    when he does die i will rejoice. the nigger is the worst.

  • TunechiWifee

    This Song Is Too LIVEEE <3.<3

  • Lmfao

    @Yung Shroomz…wow dude seriously? U r a product of new age swag fags and should go bury urself. Stop talking. @Blow Trees these kids dont understand how good rap was they just think its cool to promote fake gay bullshit and everybody that isnt with it is somehow less then them..there just confused kids. REAL WAYNE FANS are still Bumpin Cannons and Back on my Grizzy cuz we KNOW wayne fell off. Theres no arguing or persuading these kids they still believe wayne is the best rapper alive because they dick rode the fuck outta him after the carter 3 and missed out on unbelievable mixtapes. Its ok they will wisen up eventually.

  • Pill Poppin Animal


  • dope track…could have left wayne off it tho…he sound bored

  • patriots

    see weezyfreak black and white checkered floors like that are masonic plus that upside down triangle plus blowtrees dumb talkn bout they think they’re illuminati nigga dey rich n famous plus u said they tryin to be in sumthin ppl dont believe exists nigga dont the illuminati want ppl to believe they dont exists fucking dickhead and u damn right he giving dem niggas money that aint his city nor people plus he dont like new york u most have got affected by it im so sorry for calling u a dickhead and slap slip trick u dumb 2 nigga u gon say the illuminati isnt a real society but then say it fell in the 1900s

  • Lmfao

    Dude ur an idiot u cant call anybody stupid for believing or not believing in the illumanati cuz nobody truely knows if they exist…u know a nigga that works at Illumanati Enterprise with a Nametag hahaha get off it NOBODY should talk bout the illumanati being real or fake cuz none of u fuckheads have any idea. And prolly didnt even know what it was till Wayne stopped throwin B’s over his Eye and started doin tha Pyramid…..side note none of these rappers rapped bout illumanati before they got rich…THERE WANNABES! Holy shit. Its just a trending topic now.

  • YoungShroomz

    @Lmfao REAL WAYNE FANS keep supporting his music.even if he did fall cuz one thing I know for sure is that Wayne wass the last person to do it big like that & ain’t no one did it like him after. Wayne was the last breath of hip hop. Fuckin’ fag,tryne telll me bout being a true wayne fan.



  • Murda Mitt

    @Yung Shrooms So ur supporting a shitty rapper that fell off just to ride his cock even longer?? Wat a thing to bragg about!! Haha wayne fell off..get off a grown mans dick and get a life. Suck a dick for ur own outfit cock riding bum.

  • YunG based god

    im excited to hear ianahb2. i cant wait to hear wat direction weezy will go with his new music and it drops on my bday thats 2 trill. hopefully it doesnt get pushed back because that could end up being one of my best bdays ever

  • YoungShroomz

    No. But you name a rapper that’ was as big as waynee after wayne? Why would I waste myy time on listeniing to deez wack ass rappers that haven’t done whatt wayne has? Murda Mitt chamge yo dumbass name you ain’t ever killed faker than mmost these rappperss now uh. Days. Dumbass. Why don’t you get off my dick & yo daddys lil ass dick & put a dick I’m ur mouth & stfu.

  • a

    lil wayne so bored that he need to change the game. not keep doing these whack feats

  • ff

    Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

  • scotty_mofo

    Wayne gonna have a killer year 2013. Killed this shit we need a body bag.

  • like the song everybody did there thing wayne went in like always its a banger nice hook i ike how it start off but anyway great job by all the artist on this

  • $andria

    Half of u people don’t kno what u be talking about. Wayne he went hard on this one! 4 real like u guys could do any better.#quit hating 🙂 nd so did 2chainz.. loved itt..

  • M.G

    Fuck all you madafuckin’ haters gettin into this blog to hate. What Tha Fuck!!? This nigga be chilling skarting and stacking couple of millions while your mouth’s open. What you say or think won’t affect this nigga He Doesn’t Give A Fuck!!! But any way Suck A Nigga Dick For Some T.FIT.

  • Jays

    Im not a wayne fan cuz he be “chilling, skating or gettin paid”,.. I DONT CARE. im here for the music, and as long as his music sucks he doesnt get any love from me

  • Jays

    But, that said, i do understand him being tired by the game, and therefore not putting in any effort. hes been here for a while, and has been a genius for years

  • B

    uhh houston…we got a banger.

  • lil khalifa

    I think wezzy’ verse is best verse in this song

  • arth

    man all these beats sound the same, they should make something different, 2 chainz & lil wayne killed that shit, but french montana sucks, wayne shouldn’t collaborate on these crappy songs

  • patriots

    @jays its ironic cuz im a wayne for the same reasons ur not, im a fan cuz his music not because hes chillin gettin paid i aint a fan of nobody chillin gettin paid nt makin music dats y i dont like eminem nor jayz (which both aint have a solo album n 2 years its been 3 for jayz) or other rich ass niggas sittin on they ass but weezy still the most hard workin man in hiphop dats y i fuck wit him he skatin his ass off but we still gettin bout 2 or 3 features a month from him see eminem or jay cant say dat he prolly got more ft. Dis year than jay and em got in the past 2 or 3 years also he doin wat they doin but still makin music see now he startn to make money outside of hiphop with his trukfit the deweezy campaign also his tunechi beats plus his shoes so now i respect him even more. he laughing at yall niggas who be hatin and its crazy how some of yall think yall opinion really matters like yall his level yall niggas need to gone head find something to do better with ya life then just hate on a rich ass nigga

  • JDaKingman

    f*ckin’ Freemasons. Fuck that shit.

  • Jays

    @patriots, i know he doesnt care about my opinion, because he doesnt care about his fans anymore (except those who love radio pop music). And what do you know about Eminem and Jay-z working habits? Everytime they put out something, it is quality! Jay put out the best album of the 2011! Em has been the king of hip hop since 98, and just finished producing Slaughterhouse’s album, how much more impressive isnt that then having a wack clothing line which sales are entirely based on dumb fans buying it because of your name?

    Maybe i should find something better to do then criticize wayne, but he used to be my favourite rapper, no doubt, and know he annoys the fuck out of me

  • miyo


  • Dre

    i find it pretty weird that people who aren’t weezy fans are on this website

  • Dre

    and also why are people arguing about music? yes obviously some people will like lil wayne and others wont. Its the same for all artists. Theres not 2 people in the world who like the exact same the people talking shit are just wasting there time because we dont have the same music style as you. thats why some people listen to country, dubstep or rock BECAUSE THEY LIKE IT!

  • rian

    2 chainz was terrible…

  • patriots

    @Jays “Everytime they put out something, it is quality! Jay put out the best album of the 2011! Em has been the king of hip hop since 98” you fuckin fool kanye west had that whole watch the throne on his back how you got yo wife on a song and didnt go in had bout 6 bars. but i respect that Watch the Throne Broke the itunes record but a few weeks later C4 broke the record in 4 days giving it 3 days more to make the record bigger. now on emienem i aint here nobody talkin bout non of dat slaughterhouse shit in school but the beginnig of my junior year at high school errbody now the words to sorry 4 the wait and c4 beginning of my senior year errbody now the words to D4, bandz a make her dance, pop that, turn on the lights remix,celebration,60 racks,bitches and bottles,enough of no love,ice,hail mary,picture perfect. i can go on and on jays NOBODY FUCKING WITH WEEZY dude you lost im sorry but the numbers dont lie

  • Cha boi clem

    Man fuck all u stupid ass mu fukkers yall really dont kno shit obviously only dude i seen tlkin bout sum tru shit is patriots. Everyone one else on a wayne website hatin? N u dont think ur fake? Fuckin dumbasses fir real need to just shut the fuck up if ya dont like him. Go listen to who u do like n shut the fuck up. Not tht hard ya fucks

  • Jays

    @Cha boi clem, calm down dawg, i am not a Wayne fan, so stop fuckin around sayin im fake. i USED to be a huge wayne fan, thats why im still checking him out, and that shows a hell of a more loyalty then u suckers kissing his ass no matter what he does.. hes almost admitting that he doesnt give a shit anymore about his music, and yall couldnt care less, what kind of fans are u then?

  • Weezy

    dope, nice verse from wayne,

  • Retardead swag

    SIEGE… I fucking hate d fact u come on here n chat shit, if u a weezy hatter y d fuck u on he’s blog bitch! Nigga u need 2 get robbed, shot, and beating up.. By hungry african gangsters.. Fucking homoerotic weezy hating sick dick weak ass mutherfucker, I pray u get anally rapped by a mentally derailed madman with a sick pimpled covered dick! PAUSE…
    Moving on.. The song was ait (:

    1 more fin… Siege, fuck you and ur fucking internet service, I hope a projectile from space crashes into ur house and kill u BITCH!!!!!!!! X (:

  • J t F

    Y’all so stupid wayne can’t “fall off” once you made it to the top, someone just has to climb higher and no one has. This nigga is still out selling all of y’all favourite rappers.

    “Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t” – Jay-z