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Hilarious Video Of Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj From “The Re-Up” Album Bonus DVD

Thu, Nov 22, 2012 by

Above, you can watch the full clip of Lil Wayne‘s appearance in the 90 minute DVD that was included with Nicki Minaj‘s Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up album.

In this hilarious video, Weezy F Baby and Nicki can be seen chilling and having fun outside of The Hit Factory studio in Miami, Florida. The Barbie is wondering why Wayne wasn’t going to ask her to record a verse for his Dedication 4 mixtape (this was before they recorded “Mercy“) while Wayne is wondering why she doesn’t wear any TRUKFIT clothing.

One of my favorite parts from this clip is when Tune is talking about why he doesn’t sit Nicki and Drake down anymore and give them lectures: “That’s because y’all got too big, *looks at her behind*, no pun intended” πŸ˜† Another one of my favorite parts is at the end of the clip when Minaj is explaining how Weezy showed every rapper in the game today how to do it, but then he goes: “I don’t want to take no credit for that, because you niggas ain’t doing it right”… and walks away!

It’s always good when we get behind the scenes videos of Tune and I’m sure you will all agree with me when I say we need another documentary on him. You can watch the full DVD when you buy Nicki Minaj‘s album from Amazon or your local music store.

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  • kush

    Stuntin on these bitches

  • lil saint


  • Remix baby

    Lol wayne a fool

  • eww

    you can tell weezy and nicki have fucked before….

  • Eshall

    Love it LOL when Wayne put Nikki in her place ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • da g.o.a.t.

    damn weezy kept embarrassing S.B. xD

    i guess that confirms S.B. and nicki are dating ?

  • Samn Damn Tune

    I totally agree with you Danny. I love watching videos like this one of Wayne. I still can’t believe that Nino Brown 3 ain’t out, do you have any info on it?

  • macknupid

    tuneche be str8 clowing haaaaa

  • Guest

    How S Beezy just gonna let Wayne talk to his girl like that though

  • *Je5us Piece* dec 11!!

    Ohyea He hit that

  • bill gates

    weezy really is a humble person

  • maroeeee

    omg nicki confirmed it ‘i know you fiance is around so i wouldnt wanna ofend her’

  • Poor Drake

    Shout Out Wayne
    I know He Smashed

  • a milli

    On November 22, 2012 at 5:19 pm maroeeee responded with…
    omg nicki confirmed it β€˜i know you fiance is around so i wouldnt wanna ofend her’


    did nicki say i know “beyonce is around” or “i know your financee” is around ??

    if she said fiancee then we all know who that is = dhea

  • beast

    tune really has the best answer for every question he’s asked


    “Why you took your booty of my car”


  • lucky 7

    if weezy is the king and nicki is the queen then of course wayne should be smashing her

    but it was jokes when weezy was mouthing to the camera “i should be hitting that”

  • Cleo

    Dhea? Fiance?

  • Matthew P.

    Weezy did say he will be happily married with a giant smile on his face in last nights interview

  • fre$h

    “i thought you was on tour”


  • RED


  • Ya Bish

    My fav part was when he said:-

    You can get on anything you want, pause…. what? I paused it

    He a joker

  • wale

    if this wasnt flirting then i dont know what is

    by the way scaff beezy aka s.b. lost and stays failing

  • Weezy been fuckin wid it!!

    Who is wayne talking about at the end? looool

    Weezy flystealth!

  • you can tell he smashed lamo he funny as fuck

  • AGA

    i thought he isn’t with dhea ….well i was wrong. i love this video


    what a dramatic little bitch. please where my clothes and please dont touch my car…
    he is the exact opposite of a business man and i kinda feel bad for the whore minaj.

  • Tysheika,

    I love, Wayne

  • LaFonda

    who the fuck are they talking to? you didnt show jay z how to be the blueprint, you didnt show kanye how to decapitate himself you didnt show tyler the creator and game to be hatefull nigger creatures though that is what you are, and you damn sure didnt show eminem how to be the best who ever did what he did. as far as your label you didnt show them how to compete with slaughterhouse and many nigger prefer g.o.o.d. to young money and you never signed anyone with as much explosive and hidden potential as yelawolf.
    so unless ur talking to the dead niggers pac and biggy small or the gay niggers meek mill and kendrick idk wtf you are talking about and who you are schooling…. nigger u are a 5th grader on ur album cover.

  • Je5us Piece dec 11!!

    Lafonda go suck a dick bitch

  • miyo

    Doubt wayne will be funny when he on drugs again… Wayne on drugs is like a turtle talking..

  • Caitlin Ann Carter

    AwW I thought Lil Wayne & Dhea broke up?
    Now Nicki talking b0ut his fiance`_s0o now the ingaged #whaAt!!
    Danny the video’s of Lil Waynes interviews and this 1 with Nicki aren’t playin in South Africa.. :'(

  • Caitlin Ann Carter

    AwW I thought Lil Wayne & Dhea broke up?
    Now Nicki talking b0ut his fiance`_s0o now they’re engaged #whaAt!!
    Danny the video’s of Lil Waynes interviews and this 1 with Nicki aren’t playin in South Africa.. :'(

  • tunechi

    Lil Wayne – Rich As Fuck ft. 2 Chainz new song

  • Its is Clear that they have fucked and I think its unlady to have some nigga speak to you while your boyfriend is there …
    And for S.B to stand there and say shit about it proves that one Nicki has no respect for him and that he doesn’t know how to set a bitch straight…..

    Nicki minaj is a hoe , clearly she fucked her way up to her fame and doesn’t to admit it smh

  • Jithu james

    U da be$t niGga UNdeR da sun…hoe!!!

  • Emily

    Lil wayne…. WILL YOU MARRY ME?(; <333

  • weezys right, they aint doing it right.

  • That guy she is always with is not her boyfriend.You guys always go by what you see and not by thinking. I wished him and that other girl had broken up. It doesn’t take rocket science to see him and her are in love.I wished Wayne and Nicki got married. It’s obvious they’re in love. Just look at all the videos where they talk about each other. The songs they together and The song she wrote for him. Letter to Lil Wayne. Listen to it.

  • patriots

    lafonda wat is ur point all u said was a whole bunch of nothin sounding like seige always talkin bout these white rappers no offense but stii eminems label at da very bottom of the rap food chain but guess who at the top dat $RICHGANG$ YMCMB dey winning right now man just accept it

  • TheWayniac

    For those hating on Weezy you can fall back. You hating on him but you looking at his videos, i mean this is a fan site, like Nicki said & i quote “Suck a nigga dick for some trukfit” plain & simple..
    Also i love you Lilwayne im supporting you in everything you do, but im not supporting you about Dhea, lol but if your happy im happy. But tbt id rather have you and Nicki go out, but we know about Drizzy. Keep doing you & ima miss you when you retire , but ima rep you & Trukfit. love you & i am the OFFICIAL MS. CARTER TILL THE DEATH OF ME . I SPEAK THE TRUTH BUT I GUESS THATS A FOREIGN LANGUAGE TO YALL…β™₯

  • Wayne 4 Life

    What the hell is wayne eating lol at the beginning

  • tootsie

    They Are So Sily , Love Wayne ,! Suck Aa Nigga Dick For Some TrukFit

  • JUJU

    You can tell wayne really loves nicki and nicki loves him perfect couple