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Meek Mill Celebrates The Launch Of His “Dreams & Nightmares” Album With Lil Wayne At LIV

Thu, Nov 15, 2012 by

On November 4th, Meek Mill celebrated the launch of his debut album, Dreams & Nightmares, at LIV nightclub in Miami, Florida.

This day was on a Sunday, so of course Lil Wayne, Mack Maine and DJ Stevie J were in attendance for their usual “LIV on Sunday’s” set.

You can watch a recap from the party in the video above, enjoy!

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  • Deontretre

    First!! Like always

  • Cody


  • Cabby

    Dreams and nightmares was a wack debut album

  • Kamziro

    You All Fools, DannyM Is The First One To See That

  • no worries

    why is wayne and ymcmb here?

    shouldnt it be rick ross’s job to do that lol

  • Lee G

    On November 15, 2012 at 7:57 pm Kamziro responded with…
    You All Fools, DannyM Is The First One To See That
    Nope danny boy is 2nd
    the person who filmed the video is 1st

  • Sandria

    Love meek mill nd Weezy!!!! Dreams and nightmares gppd album

  • fuck pusha t

    ricky ross was not in attendance because he was too lazy to move off his couch

  • Truk Yo Gurlll

    If Wale and Rick Ross was not helping launch Meek’s album, but YMCM was….. this can only mean one thing

    Meek is coming over to YMCMB xD

  • JSPR

    I liked Dreams&Nightmares, but B.O.A.T.S. was a better debut album.



  • yolo

    wayne was even featured on this niggas album smfh

  • Weezy flying stealth!!

    Meek millz debut album was disappointing!!

    No were near his mix tape.


    meek milly is the first homosexual rapper to gain worldwide notice, mark my words…

  • Lmfao

    Yall r fucked. Dreams and nightmares was raw. Of course dreamchasers 2 was better but that tape was amazing. Polo and shell tops, in god we trust, tramuatized, young kings, lay up, that album was fire. And all of mmg was helpin him push his album months ago….and meek mill would never go to fag swag YMCMB. At least mmg has respect. God young money change ur gay fuckin style. Cash money > Young Money.

  • LilFlash

    Watch, comment, and like Cash Outs “Hold Up” ft Lil Flash.
    Share with friends!!

  • 100 truth

    Meek mill is garbage. He cant rap. Snoop dre and suge should get together and make a diss track for comparing himself to pac and when asked if he was he said no but he was the hottest in the city while he was locked up plzzz nigga plzzz you aint hot now. You wine when you rap you got emo voice boy. House party was the worst song i have ever heard in my life. If aliens do exsist the whole reason they would come to this planet is to wipe out all of man kind because meek mill made the song house party. And the idea that he has invented in his head that he could battle rap cassidy is ridicolous mathematically. Astronomically. Biologically. Sociologically. Demographically. Statistically . Historically inaccurate. Come to any rap battle thinking your gonna show off some nice clothes and a chain and then say luis v and ciroc and goose and patron and kush and sex and then you will get fried partner. I prayto god that cassidy agrees to battle this guy and when he looses ( he will) he will quit being cocky and realize his place amongst shorty lo and gucci and rocko and waka flocka and dfl and britney spears

  • kley

    Britney :/ mkpph X)

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