Paris Hilton – Last Night (Feat Lil Wayne)

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Paris Hilton Last Night I Wanna Bang You Feat Lil Wayne

Remember last year when Lil Wayne said he would love to work with Paris Hilton on a song for her forthcoming album ❓ Well this collaboration has been recorded and TMZ have managed to get their hands on an unfinished version of the track.

The record is called “Last Night” and was produced by Afrojack. I’m not exactly sure when it was recorded, but it must of been this year because Weezy mentions TRUKFIT in his verse.

You can listen to “Last Night” after the jump below.

Do you like this Paris and Tunechi collabo ❓ Once this song is mastered, I think it will be a massive hit in the clubs!

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  • nickmazz


  • JSPR

    Wow, Paris Hilton has so many talents!! Her album will be great.

    Wait, no.

    Lil Wayne verse was ok.

  • 1st legggggo

  • there is no link to download

  • i was 1st

  • Tune is ever busy..shit after shit..Salute Tune

  • sad

    wayne verse was dope as fuck

  • Sippin Lean

    @DannyM yup this will be a hit in the nightclubs for sure

    Afrojack >>>

  • Weezy

    Last night was awesome super fuckin awesome

  • JayEemCee

    Lil Wayne went hard. *autotune* Young mullah baby *autotune*

  • Bank

    I can not believe this is a real song and not a joke

    Who even says to Paris that she can sing??

    Wayne wasted this verse

  • lol little type-o tunchi might want to fix that “Lil Wayne said she would love to work with Paris Hilton on a song”

  • ym baby

    i dont give a fuck how bad paris hilton is on this song cus wayne verse was dope

    he saved the whole song

    young mula babbbyyyyyyyy

  • Hell&Back


  • lil mouse

    i love when lil wayne referenced her sextape called 1 night in paris loooool

    “fuck the cameras, i wanna spend a night in paris”





  • YMB!!

    This was back when he’d yell “YOUNG MULA BABY!!!” after his verses.

  • never say never

    when the CDQ drops
    that joint will be a serious problem

  • It actually good. think it can be a real club banger @Danny. need a finished version. sound like a rave Song to me.

  • chad

    “…and it’s been world peace since I metta”

    Fucking awesome

  • Weezy

    stop hatein on Paris Hilton if u don’t like her verse don’t listen to it and fast forward it to my verse

  • benge

    wayne has so many quotables in his verse….

  • song lyrics

    Last night was awesome
    Too fucking awesome
    It was me, myself and I with her
    We had ourself a foursome
    And I didn’t want the night to end
    Purchasing me ..?
    Now I’m gone, like the wind
    And if you’re the .. I’ll bite the pen
    Whatever, I can
    (missing words – correction in progress)
    Last night I had fun with her
    I got 99 problems, not one with her
    And excuse my French, but f**k the cameras
    I wanna spend a night in Paris,

  • 007

    I guess this is a sign the world is ending this year if Paris Hilton has made a song with Lil Wayne :/

  • Seff

    Weezy would of either got lots of money or a blowjob for doing this verse haha

  • Weezy and paris loooool its crazy man!

    Weezy still Flyin Stealth!

  • daReal214

    You see i told yall i wasn’t bullshitin

  • Lil tunechi girl

    The best rapper alive looks soo handsome, The Legend of rap music, lil wayne is soo awesome.

  • daReal214

    Lol its kinda funny that tha name of tha song is called last night, cuz i had mentioned this song had leaked last night, i never knew that tha name of tha song was titled “Last Night” lol its weird

  • abdul

    this song is on Pitbull’s new album featuring Havana Brown and Pitbull verses but with the same beat produced by Afrojack and Havana singing the same chorus (Pitbull ft. Havana Brown – Last Night)



  • now she’s just a nigger whore

    “man i love HITTING youre BITCH like a lucky 7”
    nigger dwayne is a racist bastard.

  • vodafon

    who knows a lil wayne song with the voice like the first “young mulla baby”’s awesome.please

  • Jays

    those who say that this song is good; you are the proof that lil wayne has turned pop. NO fan in 2005 would have said that a track like this was good, never!

  • classic 100

    weezy and miss paris…i wanna have my night in paris…2night

  • yes

    this song is to me a number one banger.. just make a clip at look it reach top 5 charts

  • How can I download this can someone help me please

  • Q

    C’mon man yall think this is rap? this is the best rapper alive? Lilwaynehq is crazy yo

  • donMATheo

    Come one this is trash guys ! Btw this song belong to Pitbull check his new album Global Warming .

    What a shame !

  • damn they talked about doin a song but i didnt believe it lmao

  • ana
  • yes

    luv to weezz

  • No matter that lil wayne rappin’ with he’s the best hip hop artist in the world and always be one he’s so talanted like messi in football

  • wiz the dream

    why sudden

  • YungGod

    This sounds alright, cant wait for the CDQ version though and just wayne’s verse. Especially love that autotune “young mula baby” reminds me of Weezy F Baby now as tunechi he screams it lol . What I couldnt believe was Wayne with Paris on a song. The money must be that good lol

  • tony_montana

    I’m done!

  • DOPE

    Super Fucking Awesome!!!

  • ineye Gabriel

    firstly I love to say weezy looks cool on this
    pic. it make me hungry for some truckfit. and secondly I thought weezy and Paris ain’t cool. cus I remembered that shit on her birthday . and thirdly , SERIOUSLY weezy and Hilton on a song . hmm there must be an ulterior motive
    behind this.


    Why is there a tag called “I wanna bang you”?

  • addicted to mula

    Better to have post in love than not at all

  • young

    tunes verse is good, but he shouldn’t even be on this song in the first place

  • YoungMulaBaby

    His verse is amazing!! & hey here part wasn’t terrible 😉 lol i like it

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