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Lil Wayne & Big Boi Announced As Performers At EA Sports’ “Madden Bowl XIX” Party

Sun, Jan 27, 2013 by

Lil Wayne & Big Boi Announced As Performers At EA Sports Madden Bowl XIX Party

Before performing at GQ magazine’s 2013 Super Bowl party on February 2nd, Lil Wayne will also be performing live at Electronic Arts‘ “Madden Bowl XIX” party at the Bud Light Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana on January 31st.

Other music artists who will also be performing at the EA Sports event is Big Boi and Vintage Trouble, as well as Mick Boogie playing DJ for the night.

“Madden Bowl is a cool bookend to the Madden NFL 13 season,” said Anthony Stevenson, senior director of marketing for EA Sports. “What’s unique about Madden is that athletes want to be entertainers, and entertainers want to be athletes. Lil Wayne raps about Madden all the time, and he’s done stuff with the soundtrack. Madden Bowl allows these two groups get together and share a common interest of Madden and gaming. Last year, Drew Brees was on the railing going crazy for Snoop Dogg at Madden Bowl XVIII.”

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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  • Hunter


  • Rasta

    Wish I was going

  • Triggerman

    Lil’ Wayne – I Am Not A Human Being 2 (tracklist)

    1.Intro ( ft. Birdman)
    2.No Worries (ft. Detail)
    4.Lay It Down (ft. Nicki Minaj)
    5.Trippy Kid (ft. Flow)
    7.Bitches Love Me (ft. Future & Drake)
    8.Shit On Things
    9.My Homies Still (ft. Big Sean) Mabey He Might Take It Off The Album
    10.R.A.F (ft. 2 Chainz)
    11.Terrorist (ft. Cory Gunz)
    12.Me Against The World
    13.Stay Patient (ft. Tyga )
    14.Rising Up (ft Kendick Lamar & ASAP Rocky)
    15.I’m Still Here
    16.No Respect (ft. Tyler The Creator)
    17.All About Me
    18.Probation (ft Juelz Santana)
    19.Outro (ft. Young Money)

    1.I Ain’t Nervous (ft. Boo)
    2.Bottle’s Full (ft. Mack Maine & Gudda Gudda)
    3.Glory Days

    Itunes bonus
    1.I Don’t see how (ft. Drake & Tyga)

  • Deion

    cant wait for IANAHB2!!!


    U’ve got a wild imagination bro, use it somewhere it’s needed

  • bitches love me

    wayne got swag in the pic

    those red supras >>>>

  • Dougie

    That tracklist is faker than Kim Kardashian and Coco’s booties

  • trick

    wow ea sports!!!! mick boogie was the dj who did all them old wayne mixtapes

  • P.E.V

    Fuck off Triggerman & suck a sick dick

  • Danny, pls give me the names of the songs, I’ll get the lyrics, pls

  • @Tunechi Da Gangsta

    @Tunechi Da Gansta
    Wassup Homie!
    Do you want a list of every lil wayne song & feature he has done since getting out of jail?


  • FAKE


    That tracklist FAKE thats a FACT

  • philly c

    If Danny doesn’t post the the official tracklist the don’t pay it any mind….Cortez already said on Twitter that this tracklist is fake !

  • Nope, I want the list of all the songs Lil Wayne went hard on with Gangsta flows. But I’ll appreciate if u can get me all the tracks and features he has released since he came out from jail. Thanks home, I see you.

  • Lil Squintz

    U can easily tell that track list is fake. One Tez is probably going to release it. Two you don’t know what artist has features. Three if there was a track list, 2 Chainz is featured twice. Four we still got 3 weeks and one day until I Am Not a Human Being II is released. Five…well idk, Tunechi bitch.

  • fukin idiots dont put fake tracklist and covers wayne dont even release da oficial tracklist da 4 we gat is My Homies Still, R.A.F, No Worries and Love me dats official so dont put shit Wayne said he proboly put leftover tracks

  • Fake shit!

    LMAO that tracklist aint real! U needa get on somewhere with all that

  • LilOneSo504

    Wht it do ????? Dis mf gon 2 poppin nex week HTPNOE till da I die …,…say tune …..I c ya nigga ….bac st. Bluud all day…… 100….

  • Triggerman

    lol sorry guys i know it aint real thats my wish list tracklist thats what i want it to look like i didnt mean to make yall angry ok

  • MarcJ

    All I wanna no is where can I get a tkt for the show @ the Madden Bowl or get on da guest list??? Lemme no !

  • I’m waiting, homie.

  • @Tunechi Da Gansta

    @Tunechi Da Gangsta ***********

    It ain’t letting me post it for some reason 😮

    I’v posted it twice and it ain’t apearing in the comments, i could make a Thread in the forums with the list and post the link too the thread in the comments if you ? 🙂

    Oh also in the list i didnt put songs like
    Celebrate, Everywhere i go etc. Because they where made PRE JAIL 🙂

  • Where in the forum did u paste it, homie. I didn’t see it.

  • J.M.I (Aka @Tunechi Da Gansta)
  • Swag

    @ DANNY M

    Danny how do you get a profile pic in the forums?
    Also the bar above a profile pic on forums well mines says “First Class” how do i get a higher rank lol?

    • Look in your settings at the top of the page.

      Your rank title increases when you make more posts.

  • J.M.I (AKA Tunechi Da Gangsta)

    @Tunechi Da Gangsta

    Go To “Lil Wayne section” In the forums
    Then it will say “list of lil wayne songs after jail’
    You will see it says “@ Tunechi Da Gangsta”
    Above the list

  • sticki


  • Swag

    @Danny M


  • daReal214

    Even though that tracklist is fake, it looks like it would be a dope album..

  • Twap

    @DANNY M

    how do i upload a pciture to a new thread
    in the Forums?

  • Thanks a lot homie @ J.M.I. Tunechhiiii.

  • Just ordered my tickets for Lil Wayne In Amsterdam on the 27th of March. Gonna Be Amazing mane.. I live in the UK so dont get alot of chance to see anyone perform. Also I am not a human 2 looks alot better than the 1st. Febuary release cant wait

  • Y do yol faggots keep posting fake tracklist(-_-)

  • a

    everytime i open the page this is at the top and it makes me sad theres no new little wayne news :c

  • Lol, I feel the same thing also @ a

  • Andretti

    Wayne’s album comes out next month and it has ZERO buzz.

  • Swaggy


  • xxx

    @a … me too -___-

  • daReal214

    Lil Wayne just released tha album cover to “I Am Not A Human Being 2” view here:

  • Tunechiboynigga

    Lil wayne just released his new album artwork produced by kanye west and he said that teh album will be droped on 26 march -.- .. frist feb 13 then feb 19 now march 26 fuck that shit 2 more months