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Lil Wayne’s “Love Me” Single Featuring Future & Drake Now On iTunes!

Fri, Jan 18, 2013 by

Lil Wayne Bitches Love Me Single Featuring Future & Drake Now On iTunes

The official third single from Lil Wayne‘s upcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album is now on iTunes. Weezy F Baby decided to go with “Bitches Love Me” aka “Good Kush & Alcohol” featuring Future and Drake to be the next single instead of “Rich As Fuck” featuring 2 Chainz.

Cortez Bryant confirmed on Twitter that a music video for “Bitches Love Me” would be coming soon, so we have that visual and a visual for “Rich As Fuck” to look forward to! Tunechi‘s I Am Not A Human Being II album will be released in stores next month on February 19th.

Click here to purchase Lil Wayne’s new single “Love Me” on iTunes!

Do you think Lil Wayne made the right decision to go with “Bitches Love Me” as the next single ❓

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  • mome ibrahim


  • nino

    already bought it this morning

  • molly

    cant wait to see what the video for this would look like xD

    weezy, drizzy and future all together

    birdman in the background haaaa

  • xxx

    such a great song




  • Hard-Body

    If How To Love took 2 years to go triple platinum, I wonder how long this song will take ?

  • Little Wayne

    Buy my new nigger music online!

  • pete

    can anyone please explain the artwork to me…..i do not understand it at all πŸ™

  • yea Love Me is one my best track from Weezy F baby, I am so much loving this Nigga.. YM πŸ˜›

  • chris wallace

    i downloaded it for free
    why would i buy it ?????


    Staring At The World > I Aint Nervous > Awkward > Love Me > No Worries > Rich As Fuck > My Homies Still

    Why Rich As Fuck is even going to be a single/video is beyond me LOL


  • flex

    cover sucks ass

  • Go Getta

    Has anyone even heard the clean version of this track? It’s horrible and you can’t even listen to it….it’s that bad!!

  • ya bish niggas

    i dont think this single will be enough to get wayne those 1 mill first week sales

  • truk da wurl

    has the video already been shot and will it premiere a good amount of time before IANAHB2 drops?

  • I Love Lil Weezy

    At least a good artwork.

    I don’t know whether the cover has some hidden meaning or not, nevertheless, moths always fly to the light.

  • Ashley N


  • tony_montana

    In my opinion the 1st single should have been “no worries” and the second single should have been “R.A.F” or “I aint nervous” or “staring at the world” & “bitches love me” should’ve been the 3rd. “My homies still” was said to be one of the worst hip hop songs of 2012 so he shouldn’t have put it in the album but it is what it is so whatever…

    as for the guy that said “awkward” is better than R.A.F,love me & no worries…Smh

  • Siege

    In my opinion if u fuck a nigger or support his music u deserve to live like a nigger. Tune chi!


    rich as fuck was better but love me gonna be a hit!



  • turn up!

    lil tunechi got that fire and these hoes love me like satan mayneee

  • Mitha

    I love this man Tunechi, he’s a musical genius! Great first single!

  • Res

    Yes i do think it was a good choice

  • Trizz

    I ain’t Nervous shoulda been a single. Love me will do well tho

  • Kash

    The cover is comparing moths to bitches and moths love light so they are attracted to it and bitches are attracted to lil wayne. At least thats what im getting from it.

  • this nigga is talanted, guy’s lets support him, Love Me is a good song, and no worries too, R.A.F like the 2 verse, and about the video for Bitches Love Me Lil Wayne better Show Satan on it ooo, cuz we love u like satan. Everybody knows satan love u and as.

  • this nigga is talanted, guy’s lets support him, Love Me is a good song, and no worries too, R.A.F like the 2 verse, and about the video for Bitches Love Me Lil Wayne better Show Satan on it ooo, cuz we love u like satan. Everybody knows satan love u and as.

  • AishThaks

    @Lil Pezzy THA FUCK

  • AishThaks


  • DOPE

    Wondering how the album-cover and tracklist will look like

  • Triggerman

    only 1 month left guys

  • yeah its perfect to be third single but da first suck my homies still he should put just him on a track wa yu tink nigga

  • Eazy

    People be sayin they dont lyk wayne and his music bt they be on his fan site sayin dat,if on this fan site dats means u a fan

  • Real fans buy even when they got it fo free. Support Music!

  • Hi! My name is Tunechi

    I still like i ain’t nervous better than both RAF and love me
    It goes like this
    First:I aint nervous
    Second: Love Me
    Third: RAF

  • Excuse my charisma.. Swagger be a nigger

    Don’t support litte Dwayne
    Eshall doesn’t know hWat Muzic be to da niggas on DA sTR33Ts

  • HipHopDons

    Lil’ Wayne – I Am Not A Human Being 2 (tracklist)

    2.No Worries (ft. Detail)
    4.Lay It Down (ft. Nicki Minaj)
    5.Trippy Kid (ft. Flow)
    7.Bitches Love Me (ft. Future & Drake)
    8.Shit On Things
    9.My Homies Still (ft. Big Sean)
    10.R.A.F (ft. 2 Chainz)
    11.Terrorist (ft. Cory Gunz)
    12.Me Against The World
    13.Stay Patient (ft. Drake)
    14.Do It Big (ft Meek Mill & Rick Ross)
    15.Before You Go
    16.Talk To The Hand (ft. Tyler The Creator)
    17.My Legacy

    1.I Ain’t Nervous (ft. Boo)
    2.Bottle’s Full (ft. Mack Maine & Gudda Gudda)

    Itunes bonus
    1.I don’t Know (ft. Drake & Tyga)


    @HipHopDons my homies still is not on the album just a promo for the album.

  • Wolf


    How do you know “my homies still” is just a promo?

  • I am not a human being 2 is getting delayed u stupid motherfuckers

  • tunex

    I dont see tune doing a track with meek mills

  • arth

    Tez and Wayne should be more careful on picking the songs for the album, “Bitches Love Me” and “R.A.F.” should be the only singles to be on IANAHB2, however this songs ain’t got nothing on “Staring At The World”
    Either Tez is doing wrong on chosing songs, or Wayne is rapping bad now-a-days and “My Homies Still” is the best he can do (I don’t think so, Wayne is a genius)
    And I got to say that I am not a hater, I’m really a big Weezy’s fan, I know he the Best Rapper Alive, and when you’re the best you have a lot of responsibilities, you got to give the best from you, and I know he’s not rapping from the heart just as he used to do on C3 or No Ceilngs… I hope this 3 singles be the worst songs from IANAHB2, because if not, I’m gonna be very disapponted in him, after 9 Golden albums for my taste

  • Tunehater

    R.I.P Lil Wayne

  • R.I.P.Tune

    R.I.P. Tuenchi gone but never forgotten.

  • vontae

    If IANAHB2 Is Bad(ITS NOT) Than Carter V Will Be The Best Album Because He Will He Even More Ppl Doubting Him Nd It Will Be His Last Album Can’t Wait 4 Both 2 Release YMCMB

  • Deion

    Love Me go harda than hard go!!! what yall talkn bot

  • Listen and Share – Good Kush and Alcohol (Bitches Love Me) Remix – TheSean:

  • dwayne

    Smh im tired of yall stupidity when he said these hoes love me like satan man it was a dbz refrence. There is a character named hercule aka satan man that the hoes loved look it up. And for all those who doubt he would refer to a dbz character its not the first time.

  • real talk

    album gonna be trash T.I trouble man still gonna blow it out real music real talk im not hating ima wayne fan but just listen to these singles man smfh he could do WAY better then that

  • bish

    Lil wayne dizzy ft wiz khalifa leaking thursday

  • bish

    29 days left
    I’m putting a picture of my breast if it leaks

  • Lil Squintz

    Tyler, The Creator aka Wolf Haley and OFWGKTA is way better than this piece of shit gay ass rapper. Lil Wayne is faggot queer bastard dick sucking slut hoe bitch. ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG KILL THEM ALL!!

  • mroutspoken_716

    Don’t need to buy it already got it

  • smoke louds

    Seriously im at a loss for words its funny how wayne fans say hes garbage but when he gives u great songs like Bitches love Me where he has god like flow u guys say “staring at the world” is better. A horrible auto tuned no lyrical song. Is that what u real wayne fans want is no good lyrics and just gay autotune. the reason ppl like new wayne is because his lyrics are unbelivable. Fuck auto tuned weezy. Seriously his songs without it are always better

  • wayne got famous cuz his gangster rap and sick ass mixtapes. not from auto tune. the old wayne is who most real fans like but just cuz hes different doesnt mean i dont like him smoke louds straight up said it we love wayne cuz he is a lyricist. he is insane on any track. i love waynes music but i like his auto tune music less than his gangster rap

  • bricks music

    Lil’ Wayne – I Am Not A Human Being 2 download here