Juelz Santana Chats About Lil Wayne’s Work Ethic & How He Thinks Their Songs Leaked

Tue, Feb 5, 2013 by

Above, Juelz Santana speaks to VladTV about why he chose Lil Wayne to executive produce his upcoming Born To Lose, Built To Win album, due to drop later this year. Juelz also talks about Weezy F Baby‘s crazy work ethic and why he thinks a lot of their music leaked a few years ago.

If you don’t quite know what Tunechi‘s role will be for Santana‘s forthcoming album – he will be choosing the beats that he thinks Juelz should rap over, picking which features to go on which tracks, and listening to the songs first to decide whether or not they should appear on the album.

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  • Uli


  • Trey

    I Cant Feel My Face album coming 32nd Nevuary….

  • bad decisions

    aint no other rapper got waynes work ethic

  • YMCM Bidne$$

    Weezy better be featured on this album too

  • Weezy and work ethic u gotta love it fuck seize and all the other haters I said it

  • Barclay

    Hahaha Danny u iite my dude….any new features with wayne coming up?….side question….that whole future “karate chop” thing, that was a misprint or is weezy really featured on like the remix?

  • Barclay

    And we all know siege is a butthurt adopted retard that his adopted mother breastfed until he was like 18, this kids best friends are his right and left hands, and he prolly living under some stairwell right now listening to fireman on repeat…..t(-_-t) fuck all the haters, THIS SITE IS AWESOME, Danny plz keep doing what u do brother

  • smile

    that aint the real danny

  • tony_montana

    @trey lmao Oh so its coming out the same day as Detox huh?! Haha

  • Yes that karate chop track is real. I have heard it, I have heard every Lil Wayne track… I have IANAHBII on my computer already. 🙂 it’s fire.

  • dadreamz

    Lol it’s fire danny

  • You heard me bitch -__-

  • Siege

    Niggas is a mess.

  • Danny M

    Didnt think it was this easy

  • Siege lame

    Danny was the best song on IANAHBII

  • how

    how have people already heard all the i am not a human being 2 tracks!?!? i’ve looked everywhere for a leak and i cant find one. someone please tell me how they are hearing all the tracks

  • My mother raised me a single parent so it’s
    That I got love for my mother, none of you other
    fuckers Are much important I’m getting angrier while recording
    I’m feeling like the bulls, I’ve got a gang of wolves
    Odd Future is children that’s fucked up in they
    Simple but probably not, fuck them

  • My favorite track on IANAHBII is a track featuring Twista and Busta Rhymes called “Speed Killz” I have never heard Weezy snap like this. 🙂 you all will enjoy it!

  • Bullshit

    If that’s the the real Danny M of this website, then fuck you.
    You hearing shit first, exclusively, is unfair.
    We have just as much as equalization to hear it as you do.

    And if that’s truly the case. Bragging you have it and telling us aswell is plain right cruel.
    Even if the world will hear in so so amount of time.

    Don’t fuckin tell us you have Wayne shit we can’t get fuckboy
    U.k wanker man. Pssh.

  • Yoh i cnt get dat joint( speed killz).. Hlp a brthr out

  • Batman

    Clearly this isnt Danny M guys somethings come up Just relax.

  • Barclay

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  • Fuck everyone!

  • t(._.t)

  • tony_montana

    Ey Danny the “she don’t put down like you” video just dropped,you should post it!

  • I am terribly sorry for the person that claims to be me above. There is no such track as “Speed Killz” I can assure you I have heard the album. The track does not exist. I am working right now on uploading the video for She Don’t Put it Down Like You.

  • I can’t trust you. I should go on there and be like, “This is the REAL Danny M mother fuckers! I’m shutting down this site cause you trolling little fucks are gay and like dick! I am also LIL Wayne at the same time!!!! I fucking morph bitch!


  • Kr Tha Wayniac

    i really cnt wait for IANAHB2 to drop….pushing it back this much feels like my lifespan is being shortened!

  • Rem111

    I dont know what he is sayin

  • Yohw weezy’s part shudnt have been like dat man, thumbs down to hu eva made da vid, the original song is way betta. Lil tunechi got dat fire thou, any boondocks fan in dis btch, wen is season 4 cumn out?

  • Weepy F. Baby

    Tuncheis back