Lil Wayne Collaborates With SUPRA To Release “Vice Pack” Shoe Collection

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Lil Wayne Collaborates With SUPRA To Release Vice Pack Shoe Collection

After Lil Wayne‘s red colorway SW1 shoe with Stevie Williams was so popular, SUPRA have decided to release 3 more sneakers with Tunechi before he will drop his Chimera line on May 1st.

SUPRA are calling these 3 shoes the “Vice Pack” collection and they will include: Vaider Light “Candy Paint” (cost $115), Skytop III “White Cup N Purple Stuff” (cost $125), and S1W “Real Tree Camo” (cost $105). You will be able to purchase these sneakers from SUPRA‘s website soon.

Weezy F Baby has already been spotted rocking the “Candy Paint” sneakers at the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards and the “Real Tree Camo” sneakers at Game 6 Of The National League Championship Series. But if you want to see a more close-up view of the footwear, then you can do so below!

Lil Wayne Collaborates With SUPRA To Release Vice Pack Shoe Collection

Lil Wayne Collaborates With SUPRA To Release Vice Pack Shoe Collection

Lil Wayne Collaborates With SUPRA To Release Vice Pack Shoe Collection

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  • Bruizer23


  • Drew

    These are fucking moist

  • dope af ,.,

  • T.Jay

    The skittles shoe is making me hungry right now lol.

  • zer0

    i like the “White Cup N Purple Stuff” the other 2 are not so good

  • drive

    they all suck

    i will not be buying these

    wayne dont even be on that syrup or weed anymore either


  • KidBoy

    Over $100 ?

  • streetz

    all the sneakers look cool as fuck wayne….

  • mac

    stop bitchin, all Supras cost more than 100

  • me, lt

    haze syrup and pills everthing wayne is on right now

  • Andretti

    They try to make the pills look like skittles and the rolling paper shoes look wack.

  • sticki

    @drive,lil wayne neva stopped drinkin n smokin he’s off that becos of probation n u can tell he’ll retire soon cuz he’s takin buzness serious he wants to make lots of money then retire makes sense to me!!

  • sticki

    i like the tree cambo!!


    i like all 3

  • tony_montana

    These shoes are ugly AF!

  • Nick Erdmann

    Candy paint im buying the day it comes out tunchie!

  • @tony_montana y u alwayz comment on dc website yet u claim 2 hate wayne y wuld u waste tym hating on wayne get a lyf

  • GreenRanger

    Yo @Danny, you said they’ll be on Supra’s site soon, you know the date?

    • I don’t know the exact date, I just got told “soon”.

  • NowUKnow

    For people who don’t know , most SUPRAS cost more than $100.

    They’re like Jordans in the skating world.

  • Tic Toc

    Camo ones look dope

  • Coozeville

    Epic! can’t w8 gettin d@ vice pack $300’s nuthin *No~Wørries*

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  • If you’re gonna use our pics, at least link us up. Preciate! http://www.complex.com/sneakers/2013/02/high-times-supra-lil-wayne-collabo

  • jg_wayneHeadfaLyfe

    For you folks that say they ugly…everything is dope its jus a matter wether you got the potential to put the outfit togetheror not. Jus sayin

  • Chris Martinez

    $$These shoes go hard!!$$

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  • Tunechi99

    Im getting the “skittle ones” there throwed.