L.E.P Bogus Boys – Commas (Feat Lil Wayne & Ma$e)

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LEP Bogus Boys Commas Feat Lil Wayne & Mase

L.E.P Bogus Boys release their new single called “Commas” featuring Lil Wayne and Ma$e. This track will appear on L.E.P‘s upcoming debut studio album, which currently has no title or release date.

You can stream the Southside and TM88-produced song after the jump below.

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  • Vedvik music


  • Aaron Tropf Idaho

    Real nigga this sucks

  • Ted

    Birdman let me hold a million bucks.

    Wayne killed it.

  • dudechi

    Damn niggaz first in this hoe

  • Straight up Wayne killed it period.

  • chick

    dope picture

  • juicy

    first weezy feature in a while

    what time is the birdman song tap out dropping danny ??

  • Vee

    Wack song.

    Good beat.

    I don’t think the Wayne verse could save it :/

  • pippies

    Didn’t start good but made it real at the end

  • Tru

    Fuckin dope

  • Orriize

    Wow! Wayne’s verse was so sickly dope! Need lyrics.

  • Tunechilionches

    Wayne killed it once again .. 😛

  • zack harrison

    whats up with his dreads!?!?!?!

  • KingZ

    Birdman, lemme hold a million Bucks! He gave it to me didn’t even ask for what! That’s how we do it #YMCMB! – @LilTunechi

  • Khosta

    I’m not surprised that wayne killed it I mean, what do you expect…and all the haters hatin on his shit aint fly because flies probably like his shit…But when is lil wayne doing a song like 6 foot 7 foot again?

  • Kidd

    Been a minute that wayne had a feature

  • weezy

    damn wayne killd it,&am not human being2 2 dope favourte track back to you damn weezy went in,album of da yr

  • me, lt

    birdman let me hold a million bucks he gave em to me didnt even ask for what xD thats tha shit

  • Swezy

    Overall nice song.

  • arth

    me and the broke niggas, we ain’t got nothing in common! hahahaha wayne’s still funny after all!

  • Eshall

    ILL not sick! Love that. All about tha commas, 1,000 on tha debit card. Young Money,

  • Dope

    Dope as hell I loved his flow and the lyrics but honestly wtf is up with the dreads…and let’s be honest with our selves ianahb sucked so much dick I’m hoping he show how weezy raps and not tunechi….wayne is my overall favorite rapper so I’m really looking forward for the 2nd

  • Ymcmb

    Have none of y’all heard the LMS lil wayne diss track?

  • Dope

    I have I love wayne but it’s really good

  • Ymcmb

    Yea I’m a huge wayne fan but its crazy

  • truth


  • Dope

    Fuck lms tho….fucking no name wayne is the best rapper alive and he’s got so much to show.pitbulls a poor excuse for a rapper and wayne should go hard as fuck to diss him

  • Ymcmb

    @ dope IMO Wayne needs to respond to lms or he’s gonna look real weak

  • Khosta

    Lil wayne mustn’t respond with a diss track. I mean come on, it’s pitbull and that = bullshit…anyway Lil wayne has lasted 15 years in the game and never fell off..damn the guys at school were right, he is the hip hop king

  • reaal

    Why wud wayne respond to.lms. Nobody knows his ass. your dumb haha

  • Ymcmb

    @ khosta he needs to respond to lms not pitbull

  • Ymcmb

    Don’t matter if no one knows him he destroyed wayne with one song you can’t just let it slide if your wayne

  • weezy f

    wayne did nothing wrong,he said fuck miami heat bosh,wade and lebron he apoligised to him cuz there friends, said he didnt diss the city guys who now sayin wow this is my moment imma diss this niqqa everybody on the diss wayne train, weezy stayed relevant from day 1 and 1 diss aint gonna change that he always did what he wanted said what he wanted and whoever hurt fuc em

  • Dope

    It would be better to diss lms cuz he came on strong plus pitbull has a lot of respect in pop music if wayne was to diss pitbull he would be given a really bad name by all the little pop cock manglers

  • Oscar Galvan

    This song is straight fire!

  • jeffrey2412

    Killed it nigga <3 cant wait for i am not a human being 2 gunna be dope 🙂

  • Oscar Galvan

    Weezy is back!

  • Njaye

    Who gives AF about LMS.. Lame monkey shit haha

  • dipset

    Lil wayne been balling since 98 and he $95 milli so haters stfu!!

  • Khosta

    @oscar gelven: don’t say weezy is back cause he never went anywhere. IANAHB2 will suck ass but c5 will be the best album in history. Lmao when he was here in South Africa em bitches actualy fainted when he said ‘young moola baby’ on stage, typical…because when he arrives, he-he brings the fire and make you come alive. forgot? He must now remind you let it rock, let it rock, let it rock…I miss the rebirth wayne now

  • Dope

    ^fuck that ianahb 2 will be epic he can’t just call himself PAC and have I shitty album…doesn’t work out

  • Weezy

    Khosta you are one stoopid mf u know nothing about my music and you’re making me look bad

  • Dope


  • What Up Doe

    Look at his dread spikes LOL

  • chad

    Not just who gives a fuck about LMS..WHO THE FUCK IS LMS? I hope Wayne has Marley cut this bitches head off, thats the only way anyone will know who the fuck LMS is.

  • @official_X_

    I hope yall av ur minds changed now..
    Cus IANAHB2 is hittin 1.5mil 1st week

    Get ur ass some IANAHB2

    #I believe much in that dude

  • labaski

    I love wayne..buh what has enterd his head dis days? he now raps about pussy and killing unlike he used to do before..mehn am still in love wit C4..where r tracks like meqaman,six foot feven foot,abortion,blunt blowing and all good non stop rap..can’t even find rickross on his feat list..he choose fabulous who is now a wack rappEr over rickky..WAYNE!!! 🙁 ..I still remain YMCMB

  • JThaMan

    Good flow, good lyrics. He’s on the right path. I just want him to go in to shut up the haters & make whack ass pusha t eat his words.

  • LuvTunechi


  • Loyal fan

    Listerning to game ft lil wayne- soo woo. Reminds me of the old wayne. Fuck i hate prison and skateboard!!!!

  • danther

    Wayne could have gone harder on this beat.

  • Young Teezy

    Yet again my big brother killed it again he always will be #1 the best rapper in ths world YMCMB x The Flamez x We The Best x L.A.T x B.W.A


  • Cornflake

    Wayne at Pgrevs

  • jfwhitby

    where can i get the jumper wayne is wearing???! i want one!!