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Lil Wayne Was Rushed To A Los Angeles Hospital After Suffering From Multiple Seizures

Thu, Mar 14, 2013 by

Lil Wayne Was Rushed To A Los Angeles Hospital After Suffering From Multiple Seizures

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Tuesday night after suffering from multiple seizures. Wayne had just got done shooting his parts for the “Tapout” music video.

The good news is that Weezy F Baby was released from the hospital a few hours after being took in and he is reportedly doing much better now.

This ain’t the first time that Tune has suffered from seizures as you may remember back in October, 2012 when his private jet had to make an emergency landing twice, because he had suffered from two seizures in the space of 24 hours.

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  • First hope he gets better soon!

  • ak-47

    first haha ???

  • Aaddaamm

    Again?! :O




  • I love Lil Wayne, but swear down man.. He’s gunna die soon if these Seizures keep hitting him.. cant wait for IANAHB2 though..

  • I Ain’t Nervous

    Slow down on those Molly’s Weezy…..

  • 7TH

  • bad decisions

    get better soon wayne

  • bad decisions

    on another note i am looking forward to the tapout video

  • nik_tune

    oh no 🙁 im worried

  • Tunechilionches

    .. Its from all the knocks he took to the head while skateboarding ..

  • mahya

    third – Persian bitch

  • Double U


  • Ted

    I blame the skateboarding.

  • Tune Man On The Moon

    get better wayne!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lil wayne n Seizures…….dis aint lukin Gud..!! #woried

  • me, lt

    when u r on pills all day then chances are u might be rushed to hospital at a certain point 🙁 … smoke weed and leave the meds alone wayne

  • Twap


  • Lemon

    First! I hope Wayne is doing better. And I hope the seizures stop. But i bet he aint got no worries!!!

  • anna

    Ohh wow. Again. Get well tunechi .luv ya

  • Danielle

    He ain’t go not worries !!!!!

  • Danielle

    He ain’t got no worries !!!!!

  • JustinBieber4Ever

    Lil Wayne a fag .

  • God Is With You Weezy F, So Shine On…

  • Mullah Jr.

    get wel soon TuneChi..

  • AlexSutton

    wayne will be fine i hope! but at least it means more publicity for him and the album,

  • bryce

    @justinbeieber4ever ……says a justin fan lmfao

  • he got them since he started skatin -.-! we need ya nigga!

  • asone3000

    Wayne get well….Hope another seizure don’t happen again!!!

  • ace!

    damn wayne need to get his health checked out . this is too often, shit sound serious af

  • weezy soon recuperate from Colombia ymcmb support you forever


    hold tf up this happend tuesday and we JUST finding out about it? mack and tez down bad for holding back on his fans . i mean i know wayne wasnt in any shape to tweet about it but mack couldve let us know something damn.

  • tha bay


  • arth

    @Lemon still thinks he’s first haha

  • paul diaz

    damn tapout just came out on radio and they shooting a video already? wtf ….
    anyway stay up weezy shake back right my g

  • lacey


  • omarion’s dance teacher

    why the hell are we just hearing about this? mack tez and birdman be hiding shit from us when it comes to weezy .just like last year we didnt find out until after he got out and we had to hear it from fucking tmz smh

  • crae


    Weezy has a fuckin seizure and you are think at least he has some publicity ? Thank God he’s alive !

  • Haaeman

    Tunechi you may watch youtself and you health!
    I love you but you shoukd still be alive until I get kids so they can love you as much as I do!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • katleho

    Come on wayne what’s wrong stop covering it up

  • wassup

    Cut down on the codeine man !

  • Loyal fan

    Dude stop skating and take care of ur self. We want that album on 26 march!!!!

  • lilb313

    Xanax withdraws

  • Bunz

    He needs weed

  • Koudin

    Get reed of Tunechi an seizure will get out weezy fuck Tunechi Love weezy F B.

  • Oscar Galvan

    He bee on all them drugs man

  • Mariana

    OMGGG againn?! fuckin skateboard, it only hurts him and distracts him from rap.. I swearr!!

  • patriots

    @loyalfan da album already finish but i think hes having seizures not becuz hes skatin but cuz hes in the studio workin 2 hard when u ever hear a famous skater like tony hawk havin a seizure or sumthin if he still skates dat the only one i really know maybe its cuz hes doin both skatin hard and rappin hard at the same time well not the same time yall know what im tryin to say but get well tune

  • Koudin

    Get reed of Tunechi an seizure will get out weezy fuck Tunechi Love weezy F B 4 lyf

  • Yup !





  • When is the tap out video coming out danny

  • @Official_X_

    Yall concluding alredi
    Hw can yall be bad-mouthed abt weezys health,n u call urself fans,
    Molly dis,xanax dat.skatin dis skatin dat…wat if he aint on any..can’t he just say dat in songs?
    Damn..dis is disappointing

    U guyz r puttin too much pressure on this dude,and to me dat is d reason behind his seizures..he’s tryn to please yall by avin sleepless 9ts…n yall concluding

  • Dalton wayne pope

    All u people need to stop askin him for stuff the man went to the hospitel because of seizures y’all just need to let him recover get better LW

  • Just be ez

    Actually i can tell wayne dont sleep enough thats why he having seizures

  • DOPE

    Hopefully he’s better again!

  • Koudin

    If Weezy don’t get reed of Tunechi no seizure will come out fuck Tunechi love Weezy F B 4 lyf

  • AGA

    get well Tune…wish ya the best!

  • Woooow

    Woowthis guy is just 30 and allready this

    I guess this is a good indication that wayne is not going to be very old

    This was working nonstop for yours so a burnout depresiion and all the drugd let up to this shit

    This man should take it easy for a while cause seizures for 30year olds is not something average
    Takecare brother

  • Ondre

    Slow down weez we need you! Changed the game so much so don’t cut it short!

  • TunechiBiggestFan

    @Official_X_ stfu you fag ! Get off wayne dick hoe !!

  • cj

    Get well model,if y’all still hating then y’all need some pussy,She-bosh fucked up when he gave tune some pussy,get well quick model.

  • erick

    he was probably reading the comments from the snippets and got pissed at what he read haha

  • Danny please tell me when the album will be released on U.S. itunes please please please

  • @Official_X_

    @TuncechiBiggestFan..I neva bn a dick-rider
    I’m real n true to being a fan
    Get it or Forget it

    U need rest!!..ush d fuck up

  • gary.t

    I don’t know why but I get the feeling that Wayne is in a depressed stage..he seems like he’s in a rough place in his life…tune your my hero take it easy my dude get more rest and take some time off of recording and skating and just relax for a few months..

  • morriskalb

    stop skating wayne and get in the studio all day !

  • Eshall

    Praying for you Wayne. <3

  • truth

    SIMPLE ….



  • Young Teezy

    Get better soon big bro I know u goin be aight real shit

    TRUKFIT x Rich Gang x YMCMB

  • maria_latina_wayne

    i hope he is okay

  • fresh

    Glad to know Tune is fine ! because without him muZik wouldnt be dope ! ! u cant touch him get well tunchh . today i recieved of his trukfit boxers trukstar black now i got 6 pairs of boxers from him, and i know theres more to come !! trukfit trukfit keep it coming !!!!

  • FuckLil Wayne

    Finally this should happen more often. So this shitty bastard can go die.

  • volcomnukka

    Lil Wayne doing too much of that molly. He even said in Karate Chop “I got a love / hate relationship with molly.” Trust me he’s too small to be doing that shit

  • volcomnukka

    @tha bay @Loyal fan All you dumb asses saying Lil Wayne is having seizures from skating, your just fucking idiots I mean really? REALLY? Skating is the only healthy activity that Lil Wayne does. Go try it and break your necks please!

  • YM1992


  • Philly C

    i just looked up what causes seizures, and from what I read it’s either one of two things or possibly both. It’s either from hitting his head too much (skateboard accidents) or his body finally reacting to the withdrawl of drugs (marijauna). Personally I don’t think it’s any of the other causes. This might be a chance for him to start smoking weed again because they say medical marijauna helps some people with their seizures. Sorry for trying to play doctor, just thought I’d share this info !

  • Josh


    I hope you read this.

    Coming from a big and long time fan, chill out with drugs. And I don’t mean the weed (that’s a good drug).

    I mean the codeine and cocaine and whatever else you might be taking. You’re a multi-millionaire and I understand the stress you probably have, but chill the fuck out.

    You’re one of the greatest to ever do it, and I look up to you like crazy. Remember this the next time you want to sip lean or do a line. I understand you have access to whatever you want, but chill.

    Seriously, if this isn’t a wake up call then I don’t know what is. CHILL. You’ll be off probation soon and you’ll be able to smoke an ounce to the face if you want. Just CHILL.

    BTW, I Ain’t Nervous was crazy.

  • jesse

    Yo yo yo jist saw that birdman tweeted over 1hr ago sayin waybes ianahb 2 is realeased at midnight duno if he means tonight or orginal release date. chect it

  • Tru

    Shit weezy get str8

  • Yessy!

    @josh if u want wayne to read what you wrote him I suggest you post it on his twitter account, cause I don’t think he’ll come on this website and read it, just saying.

  • Atleast ua doing good Tunechily is dis mathufukers ,I knw u aint got no worries ,so fuck haters out there, u knw who ua bitch as niggas nor pussy ass niggas# do u feel me#

  • ashley

    get well soon…..weezy baby.!!!

  • Kaplun

    this is not good, he is not healthy

  • damn blood god less tunechi

  • iyke

    Wayne,not again…Nigga yhu berra slow it down before it slows yhu down#WORD

  • TunechiLeeWeezy

    the dudes the devil

  • Khosta

    Lil wayne should die so that he’ll be talked about just like 2pac and biggie, when I have kids I’ma tell em that we had the greatest rapper of all times when I was still in school, rapper called Lil it won’t be rest in peace pimp c, but rest in peace weezy

  • toooonn

    God is dealing with him he claims dat satan loves him so no nid to pray 4 I’m a fan but this illuminati shit is getting on ma nerves crusly now

  • olaitan

    Oh tank God u now feeling better bozz, so worried here and for the guy that said u gonna die soon I regect for u weezy is the fucken bitch that ganna die soon

  • If its rip tunechi it rip to me to I’m going out wit my brother


    damn wayne ass soon as i heard i freaked out trutly best rapper. ull make out bro u been through worse. with love MANNY

  • Damnnn That Sucks buh #IAintGotNoWorries

  • lol

    @tooon idiot

  • lil Tunechi

    Tew al yhu ha’inq on ma niqqa WEEZY…go suck a dick for some truckfit..ush!
    Btw..I got shocked when I read he had seizure once again, I guess the stress is gettinq much yhu or culd it be the skatinq ish…dude yhu need to get some kul rest yhu’re workinq too hard to please erbdy. Chill out yhu got some real guap and yhu’re already famous even ya haterz knw that. Get off tha studio and rest a bit

  • Khosta

    Have anybody listened to his scream and shout verse, damn it should be the verse of the year

  • Anthony aka Moe

    hope everything is gud wit u weezy stay up my dude!!!

  • i hope he is doing better and keep spitting fire : ) good lock

  • cashoo

    Get well soon pall…crying mode activated!

  • Q

    Damn Weezy, get well brah. Smoke a blunt or sum for your stress

  • hash ketchum

    that come from doing all of those shrooms, not sapose to take those that often

  • TunechiBiggestFan

    @cashoo tf you cryin for .?


    how can you wish a guys that you disliked the death??.weezy you are the best haterz can eat my dick.

  • Nkanyiso

    The snippets are dope wayne I can’t wait for the album to land in South africa, I’m your true fan weezy. No homo but I’ll cry if you die so take care of yourself. I say weezy over kendrick, kendrick can suck my dick cause I’m way doper than him myself, south african rapper khosta hala at your boy!

  • Splashhhhh

    does anybody know wtf is up with Wayne’s hair !?!?

  • The pic makes it look like he’s saying “It wasn’t me!” Lol but, seriously Wayne take it easy. Don’t rush back on the skateboard. Give it time, get better.


    @splashhhhh nothing, he got treads as alwayz

  • Randy

    “pop a lotta pain pills”not good for him. he needs to slow down an stay sober an just skate for his inspiration

  • taorie

    God please make wayne ok. I love him so much! Slow down man we still need you around for a very long time.

  • Josh

    Buy Wayne’s single “Rich As Fuck” on iTunes featuring 2 Chainz !!!! It’s in the pre order of the album

  • Malene

    Im worried, I hope he get well

  • Yessiree!!

    Here’s the I Am Not a Human Being II Pre-Order Link for the Deluxe Edition, and plus you can buy the new version of Rich As Fuck!:

  • Yessiree!!

    That link is for the U.S. iTunes Store.

  • Yessiree!!

    Here is the Pre-Order Link for I Am Not a Human Being II Regular Version. For the U.S. iTunes Store!:

  • Kaplun

    I heard the snippets 5 time already, first 2 times i was like wtf is this….now they sound amazing!

  • Weezy.big dog.we kno itx bred ova bed.but we
    need you healthy my nig.loves the music and look forward to the tour.stay up tune!!!!!!!

  • LegitPerson

    tunechi ain’t got no worries and that,s the biggest problem, he should be more worried bout his health, he got too many things to loose, first of a beautiful daughter and sons plus his fans and life of course so just cut down on the syrup tune and please lilwaynehq stop calling him weezy f baby which year we in ??? 2004 common it,s 2013 now there ain’t no weezy f baby it’s lil tunechi seems i,m one of the few persons accepting the new dwayne michael carter

    sincerely fucking yours, greatest lil wayne fan

  • Beatrix

    te admiro lil tunechi , amo tu voz , mucha salud para ti, besos

  • @ Beatrix,i’ve alwayz repped da potnaz,who spoke dat foreign lang,i plan on using it for my women,they digs it,see it all the time,damn i need rosetta stone!!!

  • tony_montana

    @Nkanyiso don’t come on here & embarress your country like that dawg,like WTF does Kendrick sucking your dick have to do with anything??! Smh uyislima son!

  • TUnechi Fan

    Weezy in critical condition after suffering yet another seizure TMZ reported. Im prayin for my nigga

  • get better baby im praying for you,iloveyouuuu♥

  • Weezy baby

    Wayne in a coma according to tmz?

  • Banned 4rm TV

    Bad news about Wayne guys …its really bad. He’s in a coma.

  • ofiqe

    Wayne’s done. He’s in a coma..

  • they say he in a coma

  • They say he’s not gonna make it 🙁

  • wayne need to sue tmz brah for real

  • Devontae

    @Danny M is wayne in a coma???????? Write back asap

  • mag-b

    lay off the molly

  • really

    really he just a loser you have time and money and he waste it and all the loser fans act like its because of skateboarding really he a loser druggie a waste of time he did not relize he made it out of the woods of life and what he made song about really nothing real listen to the shit he said ( nothing ) fuck him if he dies so be it what the fuck he get y’all for being big homo fans of his for x-mas nothing go to your mom and dad and tell them thank you not a druggie loser wake the fuck people dumbasses!!!!!!!

  • really

    really he just a loser you have time and money and he waste it and all the loser fans act like its because of skateboarding really he a loser druggie a waste of time he did not relize he made it out of the woods of life and what he made song about really nothing real listen to the shit he said ( nothing ) fuck him if he dies so be it what the fuck he get y’all for being big homo fans of his for x-mas nothing go to your mom and dad and tell them thank you not a druggie loser wake the fuck up people dumbasses!!!!!!!

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  • S3xy31


  • young

    yall dont understand about lean, you cant just use it all the time like weed

  • libramom

    God bless u&ur family praying ur well ur a true success story luv urself ur loved by us in Camden plz get well I’m a grand mom & a fan of ur success just live son plz& send a message 2 our young men about life they listen2 u
    I luv u!!!

  • Albert Samuels

    Let doctors try to work on that seizure once n for all cuz if my superstar continue with seizure attack it will end out bad for him n all of his fans

  • Slow down weezy we need yoou, <3
    Get better baby I pray for you ! My strongest soldier !
    When I heard about what had happened, I cried. I love you so much, hope you get better soon. I love you and I hope to see you in Copenhagen 26 October.
    My looove !! Without you, there is no rap.

  • Antione

    Don’t feel sorry for someone who spreads such hate. Hopefully survives but ends career.

  • Arquisha Carter

    U will live fOrever, never mind the nasty cOmments that these bitch ass niggas pOst tunechi U be the best in the game and i lOve. Get well sOon my hubby..!

  • Philip ray

    Music never dies,it goes the same 4 weezy,get wel soon nd let the music flow,get well soon

  • Tunechi is getting better, thank God, as for you haters, you’ve got no conscience.

  • erica

    Get well , Wayne I love u..

  • LuvTunechi


  • sweetbaby

    The guy is a freaking IDIOT!!!! Taking that Sizzurp crap when he is a father? Total fail and a waste of humanity. He deserves what he gets!!!!!

  • Your on my prayers Wayne plz stop using so many drugs love you Wayne take care man I can’t wait for your next album 🙂

  • Tunechi96

    Weezy is my FAVORITE RAPPER….. I Really Cant hear Him Sufferin bcuz Weezy Is My Role Model n If GOD FORBID He Is gone Idk Who i would Look up 2…..Biggest Fan…XOXOXO LOVE U TUNECHI…Follow Me On twitter @XxTunechi

  • Jhori Leonard

    Wayne, ur in my thoughts and prayers. Hoping that all is well, and that you will have a speedy recovery. Take it easy. I LOVE you so much babe!!

  • cwar

    damn man i was crushed when i heard the first bs report he was on deaths door. this sh** is real and scary though i got hooked on the oxys for like 6 yrs and ended up on 400 mg a day to get by. I had a seizure and kidneys were about to shut down on me. thank god i was rushed to the er and made it out. hope he learns from this and starts the long road back from recovery to rehab like eminem and myself…. 4 years later im finally getting my life back together after years of no memories. Get better Tunechi and stick with the program and get clean. its the toughest thing I ever did and still dealing with. Much love man but time to straighten up live the regular life and just make music… easier said then done trust me i know but tons of us have made it thru. either that or end up like ledger or DJ AM or any of the thousands of celebrities that died way too young. such a sad part of the industry but some of his close friends need to stop being yes men and just let him run way out of control like he wants and stand up to him and tell him to get his act together. in the end the people that stand up and confront him will be the ones that are true friends and not just the ones along for the ride on his coattails. sorry such a long post but this really hit me hard when i heard it and i would be devastated if Weezy died. heres hoping u surround urself with the right people from now on tunechi its the hard thing to do now but if you dont want to save urself, do it for ur daughter and three sons who need thier father with them to guide them and keep them away from the same sh** eventually. Much love Wayne get better dont worry about the music now just do the rehab and recovery ull get there one day
    –recovering addict

  • cwar

    and for all of u saying wayne ur stupid why are u doing this ur a father blah blah blah, u have no idea what ur talking about so shut up. addiction is a disease that people have to deal with every day. ask any addict if they could be normal and not have to struggle with this sh** but never take another drug or drink again i bet they would do it in a second. its the hardest thing to deal with and dont need people saying quit cuz u love ur kids or whatever. it doesnt work like that in an addicts mind. unless u walked a mile in his shoes and know the sh** he deals with on a daily basis dont try to pretend like u know how he feels. Use eminem or any of the other celebs that have dealt with their addiction as a sponsor friend or a role model and just stick with it. if u can make the best rap music ever i know u can deal with this too tunechi!!!!!!! get better my thoughts and prayers are with you and your fam!!!!!



  • @mmisfit_RMG

    Get well soon tune! I’m keeping u in the prayers

  • Ravi

    album leaked…….