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Lil Wayne Rushed To Hospital After In-Flight Medical Emergency [Updated]

Fri, Oct 26, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Rushed To Hospital After In-Flight Medical Emergency

According to TMZ, Lil Wayne‘s private jet had to make an emergency landing in Texas last night after Wayne had suffered “seizure-like symptoms” in mid-air. As soon as a the plane touched down, Weezy was quickly sent to a local hospital to get treatment. He was there for a few hours and then checked out at around 6PM.

They are all the details that are currently available right now, but the good news is that Tune is already “doing better”. Let’s hope this was nothing serious!

UPDATE: A rep for Wayne has just released a statement about this situation that you can read below:

“Lil Wayne was successfully released from the hospital after being treated for a severe migraine and dehydration. He is at home on doctor-mandated rest and will return to work soon. He appreciates all of his fans for their support and love.”

Tunechi has had to cancel his in-store appearance at Dillard’s store at Jefferson Mall in Louisville, Kentucky tomorrow (October 27th), but don’t worry, because he will be rescheduling a new date for when he is feeling better.

UPDATE 2: TMZ reports that Weezy has suffered from another seizure while flying on his private jet from Texas to Los Angeles Airport. His plane had to be diverted to Louisiana where he was then sent to a local hospital. Wayne is about to be released from the hospital any minute now.

Fingers crossed this is the last seizure for Lil Wayne.

UPDATE 3: Tunechi‘s rep has released another statement saying these reports by TMZ are exaggerated. The rep stated that Wayne has not suffered from any seizures and is currently at home in Louisiana resting after suffering from another migraine.

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  • casto

    Holy shit

  • casto

    I wish him best of luck

  • ym_corey

    Wow first… Get well tune

  • President Dada

    I Hope Wayne is good!

  • President Carter

    Hope he gets well soon, but maybe this put some sense into him and he’ll go back to rapping πŸ˜€

  • Dwebbie

    OH NO! imma pray for you Wayne get better!

  • robbbbbb

    Well he already said many times he was ill, so i quess he was right? xD

  • amospius

    get well soon f-baby

  • Reflexx Hussle

    Yo Weezy get at ya boi i’m a force 2not b played with!!…

  • Baby F Weezy

    This is all because he works too hard and he won’t get the right amount of sleep needed each night.

    Wayne cant work, be a father and skate all at the same damn time, OR HE WILL HAVE A SEIZURE.

    I guarantee this is the reason for why it happened.

    We appreciate you working hard for us Wayne, but please don’t kill yourself.

  • lil mouse

    who is the girl in the pic with wayne?? his new girlfriend???

  • James YM

    Too much cough syrup and weed…..

  • ray

    get well soon weezy

  • RomanEmpire

    The woman is probably a doctor or nurse at the hospital that wanted a picture with him after he checked out.

  • george g gates

    Wish u a speedy recovery TUNE

  • tom

    its just a scare

    wont be anything serious

    might make him slow down though

  • Mical Clairvoyant Kudaya

    speedy recovery,Lil Tunechi.

  • josh g

    hope you are okay lil wayne
    keep off those drugs please

  • Big Wayne

    “Had a couple seizures, call ’em minor setbacks
    Everybody praying for me, I respect that
    Woke up in the hospital, where my checks at?”

    Future Wayne rap in a verse ^

  • caked up

    kanye west or pusha t probably poisined waynes drink or some shit like that smfh

  • Mbminas

    recover soon weezy !

  • Fuck Haterz

    The same happened with Rick Ross earlier this year.

    I guess the Illuminati tryna kill these rap niggaz

  • Lehlohonolo

    Tune get well soon

  • Weezy > Tunechi

    One word:-


  • Vernail sanders

    Awwww my wayne;(
    Hope u feel better and please get some rest….love u love;”)

  • delicious destinee

    waaah, get well soon tune, I know ill hear about this incident in one of his upcoming songs c;

  • TeamDrizzy

    YOLO πŸ˜‰

  • pow

    dont care to be very honest

  • man of the year

    nooooo!!! dont die or retire on us just yet wayne πŸ™

  • Ritaa32

    Get well soon my nigga

  • Church

    Scary news πŸ™

    Fuck you Danny

  • BroskieYMCMB

    @BigWayne , Thats a Rick Ross verse dumbass ! smh.
    Weezy is okay though, watch he come back STRONG as EVER!

  • Connoe

    You need some rest Weezy, love you big guy, big hugs, lil Connie, <3

  • Druberg

    O.m.G hope you alryt mahn, we still need you, biggest fan, Niva Hankede from zambia!!!!!

  • Get well soon the realest nigga

  • LoL

    Wow, sad news. R.I.P.

  • caskey

    maybe this will stop him skating?

    or maybe even rapping :/

  • daReal214

    He’ll be alright, i ain’t got No Worries…

  • Daddy pls Get well soon is ur son weezyana tunechi 4rm Nigeria,,,,pls you guyz should do something so he can get bak soon pls Y M. Dat’s why we are Y M C M B,,,,I love you daddy God be with you der!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandria

    Best of luck to a Weezy πŸ™‚

  • Daddy I know u ll b bak so I got No Worries I still need u daddy so Get well soon love u daddy tunechi baby,,,,pls Y M I want to get good^news on my email or BBM 2751722E or @weezytune365 pls am waiting,,,,,,Y M C M B



  • siege

    well shit. sounds like he might have had a tummy ache. weak shit tunechi. u the most selfish babytunechi gangster ive ever seen.

  • siege

    personally i call this karma for runnin around telling lies all day, but u bitches probably want to cuddle with the nigger to make him feel good.
    fuck tunechi niggers. go get ur black woman to slap some sense into ur druggy ass. if u wanna die at least kill urself and dont fuck up at it. DIE NIGGER

  • wish u z best u got no worries

  • God pls help my daddy lil wayne I love him so much β™₯ pls get well soon daddy & cum bak on ur work pls?

  • Wish you the best daddy,I love U dwayne,,.I wish I can see you now, but I got No worries.just like u Said because I know you ll be okay!!!!!!!!!!

  • Harim Martins

    You’re gonna get well faster than you think. God shall grant you quick recovery. Amen!

  • Tunechi

    Get well tune!!

  • Sirhc

    Half of y’all don’t know shit bout wayne. Smh

  • denilson

    DEUS Γ© mais ! Wayne vocΓͺ vai sair dessa logo ! E tambΓ©m espero que nao seja nada Grave !
    <3 <3

  • siege

    who gives a fuck if he’s epileptic, he’s a rapper and he starts the beef, we just want him to entertain us with his short life span honestly.

    top 5 guesses for what really happened..
    1 he got stabbed by one of his “friends” (nobody truly cares for the schemely weezle)
    2 he needed to find an excuse for some meds
    3 he took to much perscription medicine and needed a vacuum for his upper intestine
    4 he fell off his skateboard again
    5 he has some aids or something and really isnt hard at all.

  • mel

    beautiful photo of wayne and his friend πŸ™‚

    wayne please start taking more care of yourself πŸ™‚

  • DesiTunechi

    Get Well Soon Booo . Best Wishes From A FANNN <3

  • Why soo much hate man!!
    get well soon man

  • Aye look ‘ em i’m his face & you can see he ain’t got no worries he ain’t got no worries

  • Stretch

    I juss got 2 things 2 say feel better Wayne nd stfu siege.

  • Barbuh maynnee

    shut yal lame asses up he aint gonna say that in a song cuz hes not a fukin pussy, ud kno that if u didnt listen to that fagg shit. Me. Straight Weezy Baby

  • Best of Luck Tune, we love you<3

  • mina

    I hope he’s allright!!

  • tunechi biggest fan

    Damn god is with u tunechi never sale your soul i love you wayne your a part of me

  • Dessert

    This nigga ain’t pay his illuminati bills

  • mel

    yes thank the lord wayne has been released from hospital and is back home resting




  • ymcmb

    i wanted to meet wayne at dillards tomorrow πŸ™ glad he is healthy again though πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • tunechi u a murderer

    “treated for a severe migraine and dehydration”

    someone get this nigga some damn weed and water !!!!!

  • my nigga tune get well soon doe suuwuuu my nigga dont let that minor shit slow u down blood @ tunechi lee BOW! YMCMB!!!!!

  • good thing he feelin better thats crazy

  • Emily

    Oh my god i love him so much i hope he is doing fine !! I saw this and almost had a heart attack

  • Eshall

    I am praying for you Wayne. I am warrior not a worrier. Please get better soon I just sent you a letter.

  • Get well soon dwg,,,we still need u

  • Weezy gone b fine remember its tunechi bihh

  • nyambocuyery

    Get well soon lil tunechi,,,,,I aint got no worries,lv u wizzy.

  • 401falyfebitchez

    tun u will be ok jus get some rest n relaxe u’ll be aiight u cant ova ya self as fa siege shut tha fucc up ya siccen as fucc u pussy ass nigga really u cant grow tha fucc up honestly y cant u jus go kill ya self

  • WayneBrain

    Damn that’s crazy.. Glad your ok bud. Take this time to actually rest and rejuvenate your body, we’d be lost without you.

  • @iNani_Lisa

    Mannn He Works TOO Hard! He’s Involved In Everything!! He’s Working His Health Away To Put Out Music, Beats, Shoes, Mtn Dew, Clothing, Cigars, etc. & All People Do Is Negatively Talk About Him!! That’s Just WRONG. How Can You Hate On Someone That’s Giving You EVERYTHING?!?!!…..even if it’s taking everything out of him.


  • @iNani_Lisa

    What would the world do without WEEZY ?!!!???!
    I ain’t even tryna find out the answer to that question.

  • Melissa

    Get better Lil Wayne! We love you and STOP working so hard! You dont have to work at it your the shit and everyone knows it! πŸ™‚

  • Flocka

    OMG , help TUNECHI

  • kanye

    fuck nigga stop skating! what the fuck is wrong with u nigga?

  • Jhori Leonard

    Get better soon baby!!! I love you. I hopee all is well

  • Jhori Leonard

    I want Wayne to see this: I love you, and what you do, you are great at what you do. Please do me a favor and relax, rest your body for a little bit. I dont want you to be stresssed!!!!

  • Ohh shit again, Good luck Bro<3

  • ReezyStarChild

    My heart was set to break when I saw the news this morning … omg … so happy to hear you’re doing betterWeezy! πŸ™‚ I hope you read this and hear it from my heart as a true fan (AKA a nameless friend in my mind). Wayne you’re so precious and important to us, to this world in change right now. We love you because you reveal yourself to us, that’s openheartedness and you tell us bare truth in your art, that’s courage. We see how to BE ourselves, when we look at you. You’re the burning wayshower for people who are coming into a new relationship with personal power, sovereign and creating our lives on our terms. We need you homie & to know that you’re out there doing well but most importantly, doing it out of a place of your own WELL-BEING! It’s important to us fans that you’re ok. So please Tunechi, take care cause we really, do care. I mean like FOR REAL, nigga, I ain’t sweet talking B.Sing nothing here! lol Fan love can be soul-love too, so from one soul to another, rest well, heal well man! Much love and good vibes out to ya for all times baby boy. x ReezyStarChild


    Get well soon wayne. Love u.


    Ymcmb for life.


    Get well soon wayne. Love u.
    Sorry for my previous harsh statements. This guy is my hero. Wayne for president.

    Ymcmb for life.

  • msjones

    I hope you get better soon ….

  • Linda Lindsay

    Praying for you: ) Healthy Recovery…\ YMCMB 4 Life!

  • Aww I Hope He Feels Better ) :

  • get well tune, take a break from w.e your doing ! i know you have a busy life & you like to be hard on yourself though you need a break once in awhile. take it easy YMCM

  • Mary Graser

    Hope you are feeling better LiL Wayne you are so amazing in everything you do!! I really like you a lot!!! Hope all is well and Im so sorry you have them nasty migraines..:(

  • ddtsog

    I cant believe this is tragic. Forever weezy fan. Will cry if he diea. But we all no it be a holiday. Thats what he wants.

  • kanye

    shit news people wayne just had a second seizure.
    please don’t die weezy, we need u!

  • JSPR

    Lets hope he recovers quickly without problems.
    And @ the people who think he’s almost dead: He won’t die of a seizure!!

  • ajibay4all

    weezy, we dont want to loose u nw. get well soon and take a rest……lol ur fans from Nigeria says weezy we still need u cuz u r d musik!…………. we love yah……

  • Nayla

    Exactly the same with Rick Ross. He has 2 siezures in 24 hours on a plane.

  • Danny Tanner

    well from what i can tell if hes telling the truth in his songs, he does xanax, coke, syrup. percocets and weed. im guessin hes not seizuring from weed

  • Eshall

    Still praying… Be well, be strong. Love you!! <3


    GET WELL SOON…i luv u so much…i wonder who else am goin to hate on if u die.nobody,jus gt well plsssss…if u die,i”ll die too…luv you and luv everytin abt you

  • Jessica Slavik

    Oh Lord his is the worst news I have gottten thus you Tune nd please eople dont post if yu are going to be hatefull

  • Brian

    Get better Wayne

  • Get well soon cause u are unstopable. All d best lol

  • SeanTastic4Life

    wow tune that,s pretty fucked up, i appreciate your great effort and motivation but keep a eye on your health my friend, i just did some research on the causes and risk factors of seizures and i found out that excessive use of alcohol and smoking are big risk factors of a seizure and that makes sense on wayne,s situation cause he do smoke a lot of marihuana and he gets involved with a lot of partying like hitting LIV nightclub in miami so drinking a lot of alcohol doesn’t surprise me neither also a big risk factor of seizures is stress and wayne works hard, he barely gets sleep cause he keeps his mind on skating, recording at the studio, hitting the club, making major deals with supra and don,t forget his whole trukfit business, now about the dehydration, the whole definition of this is the excessive loss of body fluid and this also makes a lot of sense cause a risk factor of this is also excessive use of alcohol so i guess my research on seizures and dehydration pretty much made sense now let,s just hope wayne gets better and pray for our dawg
    get your rest tune and keep up the good work, respect few fear none
    truk the wurl and truk ya girl, it,s trukfit by the trukload

  • Kaplun

    recover quickly weezy

  • he had a seizure earlier they said

  • YoungGod RigoRigo

    get well soon daddy~# best rapper alive

  • Le Tunechi

  • Barhom Basri

    Get well soon tune!
    that kinda rhymes lol ^_^

  • @SeanTastic4Life…. Yeah that all makes sense but weezy doesn’t drink alcohol saying as he is on probation and even of he did it would be excessive. Same with the weed he probably smokes it but nothin like he used to. I’m thinking his problems are coming from them shroomies he was talking about… Or the pills he been taking…

  • @BiggDaddyRice

    Wow… that’s terrible news, def in my prayers… get well tune.

  • me

    ice water

  • me

    take it easy

  • Big Daddy Maine


  • Lmfao

    @Danny u should block these idiots that keep sayin wayne is on probation so he cant do certain things..papers mean nothing retards. Like look at this dumbass ^ (wayne dont drink cuz hes on probation) do u have any idea how probation works? Only way ur gettin busted for alcohol on probation is if u get shitfaced the night before u have to blow. And ALOT of Felony probation officers dont even drop ppl.(not to mention wayne is loaded) U guys no nothing about the law so stfu….and btw HE HAS A FUCKIN HEADACHE HES NOT ON LIFE SUPPORT…omg my god ppl get off ur fuckin man periods..u guys r the reason other ppl hate lil wayne

  • reemixloveswayne

    i heard this on the radio this morning almost crashed my car! very glad its exaggerated and hope he is well soon

  • KiddStaxXs

    Tune you ight…all that weed man

  • Christopher Harris

    Wazzam Tunechi, mane you a god to me everysince i was little growing up please be Alright lil wayne is more then a icon and idol to black and white american television he is a MooR that gives I, me, and us hope to get to where we need to go beyond the horizon Oh yeah Bro. Polite

  • Christopher Harris

    research the last words you give us so much great music that touches the souls and spirits of billions seen and unseen

  • Christopher Harris

    Bro polite bobby hemmitt phil valentine everyones dancing kelis LOL

  • Christopher Harris


  • megan mcfall

    Damn hope he’s okay . :S. Get well soon weezy <3 x

  • Tune Knowledge

    Haha this homo up here^^ @lmfao I don’t know how probation works? No shit wayne can drink/smoke whenever he wants but he is CONSTANTLY in the public eye and he can’t exactly be seen walkin around with a blunt and a bottle in his hand! I don’t see wayne as the type that would sit in his jet and get smashed… Alcohol isn’t the reason for his migrane that’s all I was saying dumbass!

  • get better wayne im cryin love you fuck da haters

  • Juan

    He stopped in San Angelo, TX was on are news!!

  • Siege Lil brother

    who ready for the third one

    die wizzle die

  • Sky

    Get Well Soon Tune

  • Wow..I couldnt imaging wayne dying if he did the rap game wouldnt be the same idc what anybody has too say,but let god be with you Tune..

  • Siege Lil brother

    lil wayne the reaper looking for you

  • siege

    what kind of game is rap? i look for music not games and the truth is weezy is a pop knock of so whatever his death does to u fags it wont change shit in real life.

  • Plz lilwayne take care of yourself

  • Dam tune get well soon. if Yu die then rap dies. Nd ill have to switch nd ill just listen to sum other shit like rock nd stuff. Rap won’t be the same without your genius lyrics.

  • @tune3chi

    Get well soon Weezy

  • Trizzy

    TMZ are bullshittin us nw… Itza gud thng Wayne’s got enough songs with Dre 4 abwt 7 mre albums

  • @w3ezyf

    Lil wayne as soon as i heard this shit i was already in tears i know u might not read this but please get well soon,i know it isn’t that bad of a health problem but who knows all I’m saying is please please please get well my heart aches just hearing that u are sick it means a lot to me when i hear u or see u rapping,i live lil wayne and breathe lil wayne i really love u bruh,much love from your number 1 fan)@w3ezyf(#ILOVETUNECHI

  • classic 100

    even the great have to chill sm time get well soon tune

  • olaitan

    thy lord will surly be your strength weezy, deep down in my heart u in my prayers………love from Nigerian .

  • OMG get well Lil Wayne tha best rapper alive please stop doing drugs only smoke Weed. If Lil Wayne was to die I would go hang myself in some jungle in Africa I’m sorry for every bad thing I ever said about u.


    shit if my nigguh weezy good wishes fuck you illuminati.

  • WayneWeezy

    We’re all whit u !!

  • siege

    well im not
    the real siege looks forward to the world without wizzle’s


    wayne a legend & legends never die.

  • siege

    jimi hendrix is a dead nigger
    so is Elvis and so is bob marley

  • Melhoras Lil wayne vc Merece meu velho

  • Fr33styl3e

    U gonna make it Tunechi, Aint got no worriez πŸ˜‰

  • mook

    Smh won’t he just get some sleep now & then remember what he said bread over bed but Wayne be doing to much things he’s to lil for all that but get well Jr

  • Get well soon Lil weezy, i Love you soo much and i can’t stand it if anything happens to you, i cried when i heard the news, i Love weezy f baby, you are the best rapper alive.

  • Derek derevenko

    I hope tune get better, but I do think the syrup needs to stop because its really bad for the human to abuse it and I’m a huge fan of ALL OF YOUNG MONEY so it just makes me a little sad when I see them kinda hurt them selves like that. I don’t ever wanna see their music stop so please be healthy and make healthy decisions, P.S water is key.

  • volcomnukka

    Remember Rick Ross had a seizure on a plane? Now Wayne? Twice???? Wayne was definately on some ecstacy on that plane! Real talk! Happens all the time when people take too much ecstacy which normally happens when someome takes one and doesn’t feel the effects right away and takes another. Lil Wayne’s a small dude he should be fucking with that shit!




    true that^ but id really rather see him die at this point than try to help anymore. niggers are hopeless black monsters that wonder the earth and selfishly fuck anything they can get to. only out of fear do they respect us, they know nothing of divinity.


    siege you just afuckin racist. hang yourself.

  • Jhori Leonard

    My prayers were, and still are with you
    baby, get well soon!! Love ya

  • Princess Gina

    Hey Bestie,

    I heard the news yesterday and crazy thing is I woke up and prayed for you before I even found this out. I think it was God who had u on my heart. Anywho, I hope your doing better now love, I only hope that you slow down for a little bit and relax honey. We know your a hard worker but take it easy love work will always be there. Try to remember we love you and need u around boo. πŸ™‚

    Well I’m at work & I need to get back to it but I thought about u so I put it on hold, to write this to you. So, I’m going to get started again but like I said babe take it easy and if you won’t do it for yourself because I know how you are, you like me are a workaholic… Do it for me n the kids love. Your so handsome and I would love to see that face for many more years to come LOL πŸ™‚

    From the Heart yours Truly,

    Love You Hun n be safe; you know, I'm always praying for you OK, Captain Carter.

    Bless You. πŸ™‚

  • THA

    “bitch u tryin to be funny, suck dick for truckfit”
    ur lover just wants u to shut up and suck on penis idk why you are here telling him to get better he’s probably on drugs fucking (or loving if thats what u think that is) someone else.

  • Tun3chi 13

    Well First Of All Get Well Soon Bro πŸ™‚ Hope You Feel Better Nd Make That Appereance Although I Cant Be There At Dillard’s. . .

    Second Of All For Yall Haters Talking Shit Like A Couple Of Comments Here Ndd There ” Biiiiitch Stop Talking That Shit Nd Suck A Nigga Dick For Some Trukfit” No Lie Kuz I Aint Got No Worries Nor Mercy Straight Up Shut The Fuck Upp. Nuff Said . Z
    Ohh Nd For That Racist Motherfucker That Black Monster In That Photo Up There Is Waaaay Richer Than You Nd Wtf Have You Won A Perfect Attendance Award Well Guess How Many That Martian Got xD Sooo Stfu Real Talk

  • Chino Rivera on facebook


    glad he is i guess ok,

    as rick ross suffer same,odd indeed,might be a SIGN as his krazy way of livin,not cute or smart,so the more he is diagnosis,etc.suffer wit things we do not HEAR bout,is all having a meaning to what is yet to come.

    NON-RAPPER lil wayne, is not a hip hop REAL artist no more,and hopefully now in his 30S he will be a great father,as MONEY do not make a good parent,but love and attention,BEING A ROLE MODEL DO

    money sure,help a parent raise/take care of what is needed i.e. roof over the head
    clothing,food but it do NOT make a parent,love affection,being a role model do.
    SOMETHING wayne carter is not,with his ‘let us date white chick,like they are better than my latino blk women hell NO.

    tired of him.

    but glad he did not die,but then again i dont see him for some reason living too long
    the way he live.Time will tell.

    peace outttttttttttt




  • yooo

    everyone in this world loves wayne, dont give this kid attention thats hating on weezy its the same kid that got no life for a couple years now..

  • Swa

    So you have to land the Plane because of a migraine? Ahaha wtf


    best rapper alive
    biggest pussy nigger or i guesss i should say smallest nigger with alot of money who is a pussy.. yea thats a good description of tunechi baby.


    really dwayne michael carter is not the best rapper tho
    he’s a shitty rapper a small nigger and a druggy. thats all.
    oh yea and a nempho apparently… but most niggers are fuckboys so maybe he’s just a fuckboy



  • LOL

    @SIEGE shut the fuck up white boy

  • siege WILL kill a nigger(aka get my name out of ur mouth nigger)

    blah blah blah, i honestly love being white and i love my life i love this whole world minus niggers, i love mexicans hell i even love mexicants, i love the spanish culture i love italians and i love the navajo, but i hate u black fucks.

    if ur calling me a racists that must mean u never listen to rap and dont know who tupac is

  • Eshall

    I will continue to pray for your well being. Glad you are good. Keep me in your heart you are in mine Always.


    the thing is.
    wizzle is a nigger.
    i am so mad that this nigger has said what he said. if i could i would murder him
    fuck niggers. that is final.
    fuck u and anyone thta likes them. i wish america had never incoporated negros into this scheme of people. i really hope nigger dwayne carter dies soon. and i hope all other niggers die too. i hope white people see what i see. NIGGERS DONT LOVE. I AM NOT SURE ABOUT THE BROWN ONES (MUSLIMS) I WILL FILL U IN ASAP IM PRETTY SURE IT COMES DOWN TO JEWS AND MUSLIMS





  • that’s from doing too much. I know people say “i’ll sleep when im dead” but shit you dont lay yo ass down sometime or you might be dead sooner than you think! best of luck tho.

  • siege

    are you a nigger? i think so.
    u make no sense.
    fuck niggers fuck wizzle fuck barrack fuckkk niggers

  • brenners

    get well soon weezy.chin up and think possitive

  • theafrikahnpoet

    Lol did someone just see Knaye tried to poison him, HA! But seriously, I nearly had a heartattack when I thought of Wayne dying……. Yoh

  • Dele

    Looked in the face of death and took his mask off!

  • siege

    look me in the face i aint got no wories.
    i raped i woman and took her skin foor _
    im a nigger and i like to eat pussy
    if you are a hater hit me on my phone and ill eat ur pussy
    if ur mexican and u are a devil ill eat ur pussy
    my name is nigger carter i will eat ur pussy
    look me in the face i aint got no nothing

  • siege

    die lil wayne!

  • F.T.W.P.T.P.

    Siege guy : What if its a male mexican,muslim,nigger..etc, You gonna suck the dick?
    You just look like a faggot to me.Go and watch your little gay porn and hear justin bieber song. πŸ˜›

  • siege

    to you idont care what i look like .u r a nigger. for all i care i could be a dinorsaur lying to you all day. fuck you.
    your response doesnt make sense anyhow. nigs are desperate go ahead and fuck a hood rat. i am still me and u are still ……. black nigger. fuck u

  • siege

    btq j biebeer has more talent in his penis than the biggest niger/ best cotton picker has in his whole black nigger vehicle

  • siege

    and the blue eyed biebs kill those niggers. NIGGERS black people u see…. pick some cooton niggers
    we run this mother

  • siege loves lil wayne

    you have more comments then anyone on this post. you stupid fat redneck hillbilly, go hang yourself

  • Cracker

    Hope that Wayne gets better soon. Take the rest you need befoore you start working again! And I don’t know from which madhouse you escaped siege, but saying you will kill people and want total races dead can’t come from a normal person.

  • fuck seige

    fuck you you stupid redneck bitch ill fucking shove yu threw a noose and shove that shotgun up your us and dumbass hill billy go get in ur mine stupid lil bitch


    smh siege is retarded you know that what a pussy is bitch ass cunt.

  • @liltunechiymcmb

    Yo dis iz tunechi nd since I’m relaxin I have time 2 be on dis website so anything ya wanna ask I’ll answer u nd so on nd so on Ight…..

  • Stretch

    Niggas don’t want beef cuz dey can’t deal wit da heat. I’ll murder siege den drag him 2 my mufuckin street. Let homies get a shot at em. Let all dem nigga pop at em. I don’t got time 4 u so I throw my watch at em. Dis nigga can get blasted. Fukin wit me den u fukin wit da ratchet. I told a nigga if u disrespect u get put in da casket. Siege tell me were u live den ur ass Wuld savaged.

  • Money

    Man that’s det MOJO.

  • T-Neer

    Think That Lady N The Pic Is C.D. The ESPN Reportr, Wayne Always Mention Her Been Fukn Wit Her

  • yooo


  • yooo


  • Weezyfankyleswinson

    He probably is coming off all that xanax hes been doing. thats the one consistent symptom is seizures. and i know hes been taking a lot of them since he quit the syrup.

  • siege

    M so sorry guys. Sometimes I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

    Excuses. Had too much sex with my hoe mommy.

    She told me to hate Black peeps while I rode her.

    Forgive me. M a victim.

  • katy

    There will never be a group like the fuckin hot boyz

  • Jhori Leonard

    Still praying for u love:) Sending my love & prayers frm northern Louisiana

  • Jhori Leonard

    From a young, true, 14 yr old girl fan

  • siege

    still praying u stop….. from a true fan of hiphop you sincerely suck at it.

  • Fleeze

    WEEZY Loves CRAP -

  • tinaphooo

    I’m very sad about you haveing migraine I get them to some time just half to have pice and quiet in a dark room and drink plenty of water and take pain med you need to rest but hope you fill better we miss you already!

  • Rudy



    Fuck Siege

  • ym_babe

    get well soon n recover quickly bcoz i dont want to lose my fav male rapper LIL WAYNE. i love you n may GOD guide n help u thru ur recovery from ur biggest number 1 fan OLGA

  • ym_babe

    seige shut tha fuck up u low life muthafucker. if u dont lk weezy wat u doing here go fuck ur mum u poor fake bastard

  • WayneInsider

    You know Waynes gonna be like “DEES NIGGAS WON’T HOLD ME BACK!!” but anyway, illuminati tryna kill Wayne. Wayne turned them down so they tryna kill a nigga

  • siege

    I was just kidding guys, I love Wayne. I was just being fake

  • brown

    siege i undrstand men but it doesnt sound nice 2 be always hatin on wayne.. we all in dis site 4 a reason n
    lil wayne so lets drop all dis hatin n spread love..

  • siege

    i dont give a fuck. if it where up to me all niggers would either be in gas chambers or bent over under my feet as foot rests.
    fuck little wayne and his gay ass music u bitches just keep l oving him tho and see how a nigger does yall.

  • siege

    i refuse to love this devil and i am doing yall a favor by stabbing u in the eyes with this emotion that i bring to this site. you are doing no better than me if u think “loving” and supporting someone so horrible is better than hating the group of people that are actually wrong.

    i could understand u bitches trying to stop me if i was hating on the biebs or if i was jealous of nigger dwayne but the reality is he is wrong and i am exposing it.

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  • Hey wayne hope you get better soon, love randaaa !

  • Hey wayne I hope you recover soon I love you number one fan randaaa!

  • Thomas B.

    I bet he will make a whole song about this and maybe even a mixtape. #BestRapperAlive

    He is the best to ever do this. (rap) And will always be.

  • siege

    hahaah im sorry if im wrong but i could not give a fuck less about a song about almost dying because of seizure that was caused by drug use. that shit is weak as fuck and not only that dwayne carter cant rap unless its about pussy or the words ryme with tunechy
    fuck him let him die and i hope he does

  • wesley simz chiro

    gt wel soon tune

  • CΓ©line

    I pray for you.

  • AGA

    Take Care of urself Weezy…We dont want to lose YOu, we want U in this game! Take a lil ResT, we,re gonna wait 4 u to recovery. WISH YOU THE BEST!

  • Eric Stoutamire

    All my prayers go out to Lil Wayne Hope you get BETTER

  • MzCotton

    Wtf upside down boot ole Louisiana born and bread wody i tell u lets get it together sir we salute u down here in the boot uh no sir lets take of yourself now..oh and when will u and your new artists will touch down in the flats again for another show its been since 2004 ya know hoe lol

  • warren

    im going to kill blanc weezy and clodia

  • warren

    hey blanca talk about me again ill burn your sista houze dwn iallldfwa

  • warren

    fuck all you wanna be white ass niggas

  • warren

    mississippi 7414 bictch suck a dick u fuckin homo

  • warren

    tell your girl her pussy smells like a rotten fish

  • Lil Blev

    Lil Wayne u r my roll model . I’m prayin you’ll get better . Ur the best lil Wayne !