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Pre-Order Lil Wayne’s “I Am Not A Human Being II” Album

Sat, Mar 9, 2013 by

Pre-Order Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being 2 Album

Lil Wayne‘s upcoming album, I Am Not A Human Being II, has just been added to Amazon for pre-order. The standard edition will cost $13.99 and the deluxe edition will cost $18.98. I Am Not A Human Being II will be released in stores on March 26th.

If you missed the updated tracklist with new songs and features including Cory Gunz, Shane Heyl and Trina, you can view that here. Weezy F Baby‘s “Lay It Down” and “My Homies Still” records have been removed from the standard edition and added to the deluxe edition, so the two tracks replacing those on the standard edition are now “Wowzers” and “Hello“.

You can also pre-order Tune‘s I Am Not A Human Being II album in a bundle package that comes with a hoodie, bracelet, key chain, and more from his online store for $130!

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  • Young_Mulla


  • Mike Draijer

    Deluxe edition for sure

  • Ted

    I ain’t buying this.

    He supposed to be touring but instead skating at his house with Soulja Boy smfh.

  • Breezy

    Already! Let’s do it!

  • Ray-N

    Anyone who buys from the online store for $130 is dumb
    The fan club is probably run by Scoob Doo so everything would just be “coming soon”
    Or ran by Cortez so everything would be pushed back
    Imma download the album and buy from iTunes if I fucks with it

  • pusha l

    thank the lord they took my homies still off the normal album lmao

  • bad decisions

    they should include nino brown story 3 as a bonus with the deluxe…..

  • CUNT





  • bawse

    trina? really?? so many wack features on ianahb2

  • Jaz

    The deluxe edition is dope!!!, cant wait for tha carter V, #YMCMB

  • mence

    Yess It’s actually going to drop! I”m so excited. And glad they took my homies still off of the Standard version

  • 100

    Fuck no I ain’t support weezy anymore after he cancelled his tour. This dude is a complete joke now!!

  • Brix

    Danny you didn’t answer my facebook message. How did you know the new songs on the album? I want to know if you have already heard it and your opinion. Thanks.

  • I pack the fudge


  • lol

    def gonna cop this album

  • daryl

    Dis shit gonna flop…Wayne fell off he didn’t even make the hottest Mcs in the game list this year….dis album is gonna be an disappointment just like c4 and d4

  • Jesse Urena

    Everyone start pre ordering look weezy ain’t as good as before but after this its carter v and he’s done and its not like jay z after the black album he’s dead ass done with rapping this is the second to last real weezy album ever please everyone he’s gonna tour eventually don’t bitch buy the album!!!!!

  • Skyhigh

    @Danny M
    Can you get previews of the tracks.

  • Not ordering it. Its not worth just 4 solo tracks and all these features suck sooo bad. If there were more solo tracks i would but im not even sure this album is gonna be good with 14 weak ass features on them

  • Tahir

    Just ordered my copy online..Can’t wait to be one of the first to crank INAHB2

  • taiz

    Common everyone , shut the fuck up about the tour and actually start supporting weezy

    Think idiots

    If waynes album goes platinmum and eveyone buys it, wayne could win another grammy and become just like 2008

    And if that happens, think of how happs he’d get

    It remind him of how much he loves the fame and then his tunes hopefully would become a lot stronger again

  • @official_X_

    Dis punkass don’t reason d way u do
    Dey judge on instances..forgettin abt hw wayne killed everytin bak den,
    Dis fake ass fans r d reason wayne is who he is real support,u condemn his every move, he’s human too,think abt it, he’s disappointed in yall

  • :)

    yeah I agree with Taiz, but instead of platinum or multi platinum lets make it diamond

  • @official_X_

    In addition

    Wayne dint fall off

    He only went commercial

  • Bunz

    his music is not worth $18.95… he’s so boring that I only listen to his songs once, I never keep them in my iPhone… jus play on youtube, and that’s it!

  • jesse

    Does the delux edition still come with wowzers and hello?

  • cant belive wat im reading i thought this was wayne fans right smfh !!!

  • F-hating-niggas

    wtff is all these comments? ya niggas best go support lil wayne if thats yur favorite rapper and if its not then dont fucking visit this website! support that nigga and cop the album! more solo songs than the 1st ianahb .

  • ZipLiner

    Honestly…….. it will leak and if not it will be illegally uploaded on the 26th. So for those of you who wanna blindly throw you’re money out feel free but i recommend those who wanna buy it to try and hear most of it first.

  • wtf

    yes motherfucker dulexe has all the standard dont have only 2 tracks my homis still and lay it down so lets buy the album tell yo homies on facebook or twitter lets get this album to da top IANAHB2 March 26

  • In Here

    Ay Danny M, so watsup? This album gone bang!!??

  • johnny

    i like to hear a song wit tunechi an the weeknd that might b decent neva knw

  • macrosixfo

    If we preorder on Amazon will we get it the 26th?

  • Loyal fan

    To all who r disloyal to Tunech!. FUCK U ALL. Wayne once said ‘dn’t judge a book by its cover’ you n!ggas r talking bullshit abt the tracklist bt u haven’t heard all the tracks. FAKE FANS

  • Weed & Syrup

    Yall are some fake ass fan, I tell ya. To think that this nigga has given yall more meterial dn any other rap artist, in da industry… And yall aint tryna support him. This is the time all Wayne fans to show love n support. Hell, half the US is hating on this nigga, and yall (his fans) are turning ur backs on him. Bitching about the Tour as if he aint given yall enough tours, plus the shits pushed back till October(ryt?) And ur salty ass can still use the tickets… So wat are yall bitchin bou???? Features?? Really?, IT IS A LIL WAYNE ALBUM! It don’t matter who’s featured, as long as the main culprit(Weezy) delivers. Yall some first grade, disloyal bitch assez for turnin ur back on a nigga dats dun sooo much for the industry & HIP HOP. FUCK YALL!!.. To the real fans, let’s buy this album!!

  • Tuneshit

    He is the diloyal one, think about all the people who invested to see him touring in Europe and how he screwed them… well if u can think by urself mofo. BTW that was another calculated move to make the buzz, it may h been Cortex idea once again, so fuck them, no motherfuck them and I ll download the album for freeee mofo tuneshit

  • BillieBoy

    If you preorder the platinum bundle, you get it the 22nd. Cop dat shit!

  • Loyal fan

    FUCK U ‘TUNESHIT’ u think we care whether u buy or download the album. WE DON’T coz tunechi has fans who adorez hm. So fuck u and anyone like u!!

  • Ted

    Why would I buy it after he cancelled his tour last minute and made me lose a lot of money.

    I still come to this site to check his music cause I like it, but it don’t mean I gotta buy it.

  • Csj

    Hey ted and siege, u muthafuckers can suck my dick…

  • Loyal fan

    ‘TED & TUNESHIT’ Go suck eminem’s cock. Pussy ass niggas!!!!# FAKE FANS!


    im gonna buy this !!!

  • LSDandDMTandMDMA

    Danny put Bow Wow – Eat The Cake (feat. Lil Wayne) [Greenlight 5]

  • Damnnn!!

    We Already Heard Eat The Cake man

    @DANNY M
    We aint had a song feat wayne in a minute damnn

  • Y’all bitches ya heard. Tunchi is comin in October so calm your stupid asses down. And of the album don’t cranck, the album don’t cranck. He does what he wants and not many people can say that shit. That’s respect right there. FUCK THE PUBLIC I WANT THE REAL FANS IN THIS BITCH

  • Rick

    I just pure ordered the deluxe last night. Hopefully it will not be a mistake,but i got free two day shipping, so “I ain’t got now worries”.lol

  • Rick


  • Lil_Taz

    Pre-Ordered… $16 shipping fees.. DAYUM

  • Loyal fan

    I stay at South Africa i am willing to pay R300.00 rand for that album. Fuck TED AND TUNESHIT!!!

  • Thomas


  • Weezy No.1

    I’m buying the deluxe!!!
    I was mad at Weezy for canceling his Europe tour! Especially because I’m not in Europe in October when the concert is supposed to take place…
    I just wanted to meet him, see him preform live! See I myself am a musician comming up (just local). But I would have never even started rapping if it wasen’t for Weezy! He’s inspired me in so many ways… He’s a legend to me! And I could hardly belive he was comming to my town so I went and just got the first tickets! I was like the first one to have them 🙂 It was a dream come true… and now… well it’s not anymore…
    But he is the musician that inspired me!!!
    And I just want to show him love for that!!!

  • Caleb

    Why are you all getting mad at the number of solo tracks? He had the same amount on the first I am not a human being, so why should he change his style for this one? Tha Carter V will be the one with more solo tracks.

  • fuck the haters.if you tell me that tunechi is not the best than i’ll surely defend him.fuck the mtv hottest mc coz lil wayne has five appearances which makes him second under kanye who has 6.weezy is the best and if you struggeling to get it through your thick skull then fuck you!lil wayne made kendrick what he is.tunechi is the best in this motherfucker.i even made a speech about him about how good he is at school.

  • KingTG

    Aftr wat i heard, i simply conclude: If u hate de nigga dnt even try to download his stuff 4 free dat wil mean u still wnt actually u still cry like a baby for his stuff bt wnt say it, n if u love de nigga try to support him as much as u can , forget bout dem critics n follow ur heart. CASE CLOSED

  • F.E.M

    I think the guy above is right we should stop listening to that faggot

  • arth

    damm man, it is supposed that the deluxe edition is worth it, and My Homies Still is gonna be on it????? I’m feeling dissapointed bout Wayne, I think this album won’t even go gold, and I’m not a kiss-ass-hater, I really was a big big big wayne’s fan, yes I said WAS, I agree with Kanye West, Lil Wayne is the best rapper, but the new Wayne (Tunechi) isn’t at all, and Tunechi is all he is!

  • Lil wayne is the best rapper alive and he is a legend, even if he officially retires, he is still the best, he’s the alpha and omega in the hiphop industry, haters, hate is a weak emotion, Tunechi earns a lot of money and you hates sit your bum, hating on a man that doesn’t give a shit, smh at fake fans, you got nothing on tunechi.

  • Bunz

    This album wont go GOLD!

  • le ron

    I just hope this album makes up for all the shit his been rapping drizzy the only real thing young money has

  • LuvTunechi